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    Fun Ideas For Creating Holiday Coastal Crafts And Adornments

    in Design

    Hello Folks and welcome back this week for our exciting segment of Coastal Holiday Decorations as we're in holiday swing and what a great time to prepare for it festively! 

    Ok we can do that by starting in with our beautifully decorated wreaths and garland just to kind of bring our spirits out alittle more, and then the closer it becomes we can add those gorgeous adornments we've been saving all year to add sparkle and help spruce up our holiday season. And, what better way of giving and sharing with our loved ones, family and friends than celebrating!  Perfecto for the season, so come join us tonight as we share and brainstorm ideas with holiday decoration..

    See Ya There!

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    The Cheapskate Way To a Fun Holiday

    in Finance

    Hello Family. Happy Holidays. Today we are talking about doing the Holidays the Cheapskate Way. We all know the holidays with the gifts, food, traveling, decorations and all that stuff can get expensive. But it reallydosen't have to be if you do it the cheapskate way. I will show you how to do this today on the show. So if you have any money saving ways that you do your holidays by all means share them right here with us on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show™

    also visit our Facebook page at

    FB. The Cheap Cheetah Money Show

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    10 tips of how to stay sober and have fun this holiday season!

    in Self Help

    We will talk next week holiday sober fun!

    Yes you can have fun AND be sober for the holidays!  Call in to the show and share your holiday thoughts with me! 646 716 5901 at 8 PM PST.   ( PSSSTTTTT when you call in, you become family!!)

    You can purchase Building Blocks of Recovery on Amazon.com

    Also you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest! You can also purchase essential oils and food storage to give as gifts for your loved ones!

    Check out this Kickstarter and support helping to bring healing meditation music to veterans, addicts and those with PTSD!

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    Holiday Traditions Old and New

    in Radio

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!!! What are your Holiday Traditions?  Are you starting a Holiday Tradition?  What is a Holiday Tradition?  What is your favorite song for the Holidays and why?  Favorite food; those must haves.  Now what will you do with all those left overs?  What was your favorite gift you received?  How do you say Thank You to a gift that isn't what you want?  When do you take your tree down?  Plus we will announce our Holiday Traditions winner and hear their Holiday Tradition.

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    Food Fun Nation Super Bowl Party Bonus LIVE Pre Show

    in Food

    Food Fun Nation Superbowl Party Bonus LIVE Show

    brought to you by www.foodfunnation.com

    Food Fun Nation Ep # 56 Superbowl Bonus LIVE Show.. What can I say we haven't went LIVE for a while and it's food fun time. Talking a little about the game and more about of food menu and some cooking shenanigans. The Chef's home is party food central. Come find out what kind of game day grub we have on the go while washing it down with a few brews. A laid back nont so scripted show.

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    Food Fun Nation Ep #48 Christmas/New Years part 1

    in Food

    Christmas/New Years part 1

    brought to you by www.foodfunnation.com

    On  this episode.... Part 1 of our Christmas and New Years, radio show. Food Fun Nation's Chef has been busy like a little elf, whipping up and finding some of his very own best Christmas recipes, which are some of his faourite childhood memories. We can't wait to share some of this special, magical time with all of you. RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES..... We Celebrate Food With You! Stay tuned! Oh and as a bonus he shares some of the best of the best of his infamous holiday drink recipes.....

    For all those that like to entertain during the holidays, you won't want to miss this one!

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    Food Fun Nation Ep #53 Fast Food

    in Food

    Food Fun Nation Ep #53 Fast Food

    brought to you by www.foodfunnation.com

    Fast food is always on our news feeds on social media and in the news one way or another on a daily basis. We celebrate the fun food fast food talk with you. The Chef will even talk about www.foodfunnation.com and what fast food menu items have been reviewed on the website on The Top Of The Food Chain Page.

    On this show!!!

    Rob 1. Burger King heats up the fast food cheap deal war with McDonald's, Wendy's

    Shawn 2. McDonald's reveals its future restaurant and it has posh burgers, phone chargers and a salad bar

    Rob & Shawn 3. 6 Not-So-Subtle Ways Fast Food Joints Make You Want To Eat At Their Restaurants

    Shawn 4. Chick-fil-A Says Goodbye to Its Beloved Cole Slaw AND THE ACTUAL RECIPE Release by the company!

    Stay tuned... Food Fun Nation Radio "We Celebrate Food With You"

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    Food Fun Nation Ep # 55 Pizza Pie That's Amore

    in Food

    Food Fun Nation Ep # 56 Pizza Pie That's Amore

    brought to you www.foodfunnation.com

    .... Pizza makes the world a better place and brings us to happiness food nirvana. Come join us for pizza talk and news..  The Chef & Tech are firing up the pizza oven talk to 600 F to bring the heat and enjoy one of our favourite foods, pizza. We will see you all soon and celebrate food with all of our listeners once again. Food passion and love in the form of a big slice of warm, gooey, cheesey, crispy, saucy yumminess.

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    Food Fun Nation Fun Ep #51 Football Super Bowl Food

    in Food

    This is our football food special. What makes it special.?...Food fun served up by us your Laurel & Hardy of the food world, joined by the Tech's son Randy. When football food the big Superbowl show and football talk all come together, you know it will be worth the listen. Tech Rob wrote, produced, and hosted this one. Food Fun Nation We Celebrate Food With You... brought to you by www.foodfunnation.com ........ Grab a cold one, your favorite football gear and and maybe a wing or two and sit back and listen.. you never know where our food talk will take us. As always it's part scripted and part going with the flow......

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    Have a Happy and Fun Holiday - Beverly Nadler

    in Christianity

    This is a fabulous time of the year when many people around the world, including non-Christians, enjoy festivities, fun and food with family and friends.  Join our Christmas celebration with the our very special guest, Beverly Nadler.  We will share jokes, quotes, trivia and more.  Let's make this the happiest time of year by expressing gratitude,  giving generously, and doing what you can to end the year with a bang!


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    Plan Ahead for a Sober AND Fun Holiday Season!

    in Lifestyle

    The holiday season is upon us once again, starting (for those of us in the US) with Thanksgiving this week. In light of this, we thought it was timely to revisit tips and strategies for not just surviving the holiday season, but also reaping the gifts, choices and freedoms we enjoy as people in recovery!

    If you are newly sober, there is no doubt this can be a challenging time.  On tonight's show we will share tips, tools and advice and our own personal stories of what worked for us - and some things that didn't - when we were newly sober, as well as what we do today.