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    Real Talk ALL The Time Presents; THE AUTHORS!

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    Join us Tuesday February 24th @7:30PM as Real Talk All The Time brings you the Authors. This is a don’t miss event. We will have with us some Extremely Gifted and Talented writers join us for a discussion about their craft and much more.  Hang out with Teresa Browning author of A Black Man’s Pain,  Laquiesha Malone author of A Walk in my shoes, Pamela Wright author of A Second Chance at Love, Maurice Bishop and more. This is sure to be a great show. Be sure you don’t miss it. Also as usual we will discuss sports, news and entertainment with the edgey and raw delivery that only Real Talk All The Time can Bring You. www.realtalkallthetime.com. 100% Real Unpolished, Unrehearsed and Unapologetic, Real Talk For Real People. HJ Morgan, DS Rivers, and Rob Hall are you Hosts Every Tuesday Night. The Call in is 347-637-3010.

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    Progressive Conversation with Rio Tazwell

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    Hosts Rev. Terence Dicks and Mike Hersh talk with Rio Tazewell about the Democracy for All Amendment and how it will get money out of politics.

    Rio Tazewell is the Government by the People campaign coordinator at People For the American Way (PFAW). In his role he coordinates with other organizations to raise awareness about the importance of getting big money out of politics.

    PDA and PFAW supports a range of policy solutions to address this problem, including a constitutional amendment to overturn Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens United v FEC. His position of campaign coordinator consists of coalition organizing, legislative advocacy and strategic communication. PFAW is a progressive advocacy group based in Washington, DC.

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    The Women's Room

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    The Women's Room @ 9pm EST

    Special Guest is Helene Swanson, who is walking across the United States for the ERA. Helene is stopping in each of the unratified states and meeting with local activists, state legislators and Congressional Members.

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    The Hybrid Jazz Birthday Show - with Jere B and Vel Lewis!

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    All right now - it's HERE!  Yours Truly turns 62 on 10/16 and is proud to have survived these years!  Getting older is a luxury not afforded to everyone, so gratitude is overflowing.  Believe it.

    How will we celebrate on the next "Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey?"  By making sure that YOU get the gifts!  Vel Lewis, our wonderful Hammond Master and Keyboard Wizard, is bringing autographed copies of his EP, "Colors of Soul!"  That how we do in Philly, where Vel calls home.  He lives in Texas now - but you cannot take "The City of Brotherly Love" outta the piano player ;)  Vel will discuss the many fabulous changes in his life since his project dropped - and he'll get a chance to meet our other guest - which will delight BOTH of them!

    Jere B has been a friend for a LONG time - since the WSMJ Sunday Brunches.  His background is phenomenal.  From Ohio, Jere is a superb drummer, bandleader of SounDoctrine (one of the original HYBRID groups!), and the CEO of his own company.  OH - and he's also an ordained minister!  It has been a while since B came to hang on "Hybrid Jazz" and we'd like to fix that on 10/16.  Can't imagine having virtual cake and ice cream with anyone better!

    We'll play some great songs and take some phone calls if the atmosphere calls for more company.  HJ has always been an organic show that flows the way it's supposed to go.  So, any cool surprises that should happen?  WILL!  

    Some of the music, of course, will focus on the unbelievably breathtaking offerings of SounDoctrine - any album that you hear is a revelation - and we'll hear tunes from Vel, too.  All of us in The Chat Room guarantee that you'll be UP and moving for at least part of our three-hour show!

    Let's get this rolling!  CELEBRATE good times!


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    Public Service Announcement And What Grinds Your Gears!

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    Real Talk All The Time Presents, Public Service Announcements, and What Grinds your gears. Join us for a combine light hearted discussion about things that ABSOLUTELY get under our skin as well as advice on every day occurrences.  Join us HJ Morgan, DS Rivers and Rob Hall as we have some fun and chop it up with our guests and panelists. As usual join us for Sports Talk, Entertainment and Politics. TUESDAY night @7:30PM EST. 347-637-3010. Call in and join our Monthly RANT!!!! PSA’s and What Grinds your Gears. Real Talk all the Time. 100% Real Unpolished and Unrehearsed real Talk for Real People! HOLLA!

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    HJ - w/Amy Kreisle Bormet, Ellen Seeling & Arnold Strickland!

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    Whew!  What a show - that's why it's on a special day!  It has to be stated that this particular edition of "Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey" was designed especially for Arnold Strickland's schedule.  Arnold is a busy guitarist, composer and teacher who had a Friday that was "Do-able."  So, we arranged it!  THEN, I heard about the efforts by The Washington Woman in Jazz.  Amy Kreisle Bormet (pianist/vocalist/composer/arranger) and company wanted to find supporters who would make sure that WWIJ was fully functional when it rolls around - and that's SOON!  So, we had to place that as another priority.  FINALLY, I heard about Ellen Seeling via a former guest on the show - Ellen has a rally that will be held in San Francisco that requires focus.  This is a BIG effort to protest the Jazz at Lincoln Center Band - which has no female members. Ellen, Jazz Trumpet Instructor at UC Berkeley and CEO at Montclair Womens' Big Band, is spearheading the campaign and wants to spread the word.  We are more than happy to do that!

    You'll be fascinated by what you hear in the first hour (Amy and Ellen) - and enchanted by the music in the second.  Then, Arnold drops by in hour three and it's a whole 'nother story!  This is an adventurous and seasoned musician who has influences that run the gamut from Hendrix to Jazz greats and beyond.  He and his band, Strick-9, have created quite the buzz with their creativity and courage in The Big Apple - and you're going to hear why :-D  

    Washington, San Francisco and New York - we've got Hybrid Radar from multiple cities - one of the most interesting shows that we'll ever have. Certainly, one of the most important.  Join us in the Chat Room - you're bound to have company!  And thank you for your support: we're 105,000 strong!


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    Join us one and all as we CELEBRATE our 1 year anniversary broadcast of real talk all the time. This year has simply flown by and many of you have spent the last 52 Tuesdays listening to us discuss all your favorite topics to date. Join us and lets take a look back at all your favorite show moments, favorite guests and favorite topics. HJ Morgan, Darrin Rivers, and Robert Hall will talk to all of you about this exciting one year mark. Also where we intend to go in the future. Real Talk All The Time is here to stay. Join us as we celebrate one year of Phenominal Broadcasts. July 22nd @7:30PM EST. The call in is  347-637-3010. www.realtalkalltime.com. 100% Real unpolished and unrehearsed real talk for real people.

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    Real Talk All The Time: The Week In Review

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    Join us tonight as we cover all the weeks provocative and contraversial stories in media, sports, and politics. The week in review from the raw and uncut voices of the Hosts of Real Talk All The Time. Gritty, Comical yet always truthful and in your face. Robert Hall, Darrin Rivers and HJ Morgan give you Latest as only they can do. Also for our loyal listners and new comers as well. July is our 1 Year anniversary month of broadcasting Real Talk All the time on blogtalk radio. Call in and give us a shout out and share some of your views on today's issues. No subject is taboo. Real Talk All The Time. 100% real unpolished and unrehearsed real talk for real people. The call in is 347-637-3010. 7:30PM EST Join us!!!! www.realtalkallthetime.com

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    Radio Ahmyo: Hvad vælger du at spise? / Jonna Skuldbøl Andersen

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    OBS! Denne udsendelse er en genudsendelse fra januar 2013. Atmosfæriske forstyrrelser forstyrrede optagelsen med Lotte Juul Lauesen: Mød børn og unge i øjenhøjde. Vi laver i stedet en ny udsendelse med Lotte den 1. okt.

    Vi er vist alle klar over hvilken kost, der er godt for kroppen. Alligevel spiser mange af os en kost, der mere belaster vores krop end bygger den op og hjælper den til at holde sig vital.

    Vores gæst, Jonna Skuldbøl Andersen, arbejder i Ren Kost, en helsekost i Århus, og vil ud fra sin store erfaring med kost give nogle gode råd og forslag til, hvordan du kan lægge din kost om. Det behøver ikke betyde ensformig eller kedelig mad - tvært imod!

    Jonna har fingeren på pulsen med de nye trends indenfor sund kost og vil fortælle om disse. For, som hun siger, det der passer til den ene, er slet ikke sagen for den anden!

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    Tänk om livet är WOW! med Tommy Olausson

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    Tomas Lydahl intervjuar Tommy Olausson, en av Sveriges(världens) mest och bäst utbildade terapeuter. Han har 16 års erfarenhet av kliniskt arbete och har med sina unika utbildningar inspirerat, motiverat och hjälpt tusentals idrottare, motionärer, föreningar och företag både mentalt och fysiskt världen över.

    Tommy är grundare av folkrörelsen Running feeling där han utbildar människor att lära sig springa. Han utvecklar spelare och ledare att få ut mer av sin potential i träning, match och vardagliga livet genom att förstå hur vi är byggda både mentalt och fysiskt.

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    In Dahomey,” the first full-length musical written and performed by African Amer

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    In Dahomey marked an important milestone in the evolution of the American musical comedy. Its composer Will Marion Cook combined the "high operetta style" he had studied with the relatively new form of ragtime in the finale "The Czar of Dixie." According to John Graziano, author of Black Theatre USA, it was "the first African American show.The score made use of the "high operetta style" studied by hj that synthesized successfully the various genres of American musical theatre popular at the beginning of the twentieth century—minstrelsy, vaudeville, comic opera, and musical comedy."


    Significantly, the New York Theater production of In Dahomey marked the first full-length African American musical to be staged in an indoor venue on Broadway (following the earlier success of Clorindy in a rooftop setting). During its four-year tour, In Dahomey proved one of the most successful musical comedies of its era. The show helped make its composer, lyricist and leading performers household names. In Dahomey was the first black musical to have its score published (albeit in the UK, not the US).