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    Let's talk DIY pallet projects with HGTV host & 'Pallet King' Matt Blashaw

    in Design

    Also joining Mark & Theresa on this episode is Celeste from Instructables.com. She's sharing some of the pallet inspiration and how-to from the site's recent pallet contest, and their archive of hundreds of DIY pallet projects.DIY pallet projects can be amazing additions to your landscape, but there are a few things you might want to know before you get started. Let's talk.

    We've proclaimed HGTV host Matt Blashaw as the 'Pallet King' for his creative DIY pallet projects featured on DIY Network's 'Yard Crashers.' Not only has he designed and shared the how-to for his famous pallet into a chair project with Men's Health and USA Today, he also did an entire Las Vegas background in pallets for a showgirl. We believe that Matt has successfully created the current and trendy DIY love for DIY pallet projects.

    So whether you are curious about DIYing with pallets or if you've gotten started on a pallet project and are looking for a few tips from the 'Pallet King' Matt Blashaw, you'll want to tune into this episode. (Oh, and when you watch the YouTube show, you'll get to take a peek at Matt in his kitchen, too.)

    Matt is a licensed contractor and a licensed Realtor. His on-camera career started in 2006 when he participated in DIY Network's 'Stud Finder.' Since then he has hosted Yard Crashers, Deconstruction, Project Xtreme, Money Hunters, Blog Cabin and Professional Grade, and specials such as Cool Tools Builders Show, Stud Finder 2009, HGTV's Rose Parade coverage and Worst Kitchen In America. Currently you'll find him on HGTV's "Vacation House for Free' that airs Sunday afternoons.

    We hope you enjoy this episode of MyFixitUpLife. If you have any questions or comments along the way to your DIY dreams with pallets, MyFixitUpLife's Mark & Theresa are always just a FB post or Tweet away from helping out.

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    HGTV hosts on a mission for healthy homes

    in Design

    MyFixitUpLife talk show hosts are talking healthy homes with HGTV and DIY Network stars at the National Healthy Homes Conference in Nashville.

    Step into the world of healthier homes on this episode of MyFixitUpLife at the National Healthy Homes Conference with Rebuilding Together and a dream team of HGTV and DIY Network home improvement all-stars.

    Cool Tools and Blog Cabin boy-wonder Grundy slap shots from the blue line and faces off with us on unhealthy homes and talks Rebuilding Together's Tradesperson of the Year, where they honor tradespeople who give back.

    DIY Network’s 'Bath Crashers' host Matt Muenster barrels in to talk bustin’ out bad bathrooms, and why Grundy had to do a Google Hangout in his underwear.

    And the first couple of yard improvement Chris and Peyton Lambton take a break from HGTV's 'Going Yard,' 'Smart Home,' and DIY Network's 'Yard Crashers' to run in and run hard to help homes get healthier, happier and a whole lot better. 

    Eric Hornbuckle from the United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) shares the reasons why healthier homes and communities are just an important mission in our country. Rebuilding Together's CEO Charley Shimanski talks about helping homeowners live in healthier homes.

    And Cindy McConkey from Scripps Networks talks about why getting HGTV and DIY Network involved in Rebuilding Together and the National Healthy Homes Conference is so important.

    So drop and give me 20. Why wait? Let’s start right now because the race is on to build a healthier America. So get inspired, enjoy the live music by Nashville musician Greg Burroughs, and plant your flag right now on MyFixitUpLife.

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    HGTV Star-Jerabai Tascoe

    in Entertainment

    Today on the BeachLifestyle Radio Show, Host Neil Haley will interview HGTV Star-Jerabai Tascoe!


    Jerabai has worked with some of the World's Largest Companies, including: HGTV, Nike Swim, Yamaha Motor, Ageia Technologies, Ironstone Vineyards, Flutist Sara Andon, Call To Freedom, Author & Trainer Dani Johnson, Music Artist Isa Couvertier, Music Artist Nina Landis, Bear Valley Ski Resort, RedOctane(Activision), Composer Joseph Curiale, Composer Shawn Clement of Clemistry Music, Phantom Entertainment, Sparks Communications, Fabra USA Manufacturing, TechWear USA, UV Skinz and Dutton Football.


    Being creative is a natural expression for Jeribai. As a designer Jeribai brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every project he works on. He started computer aided drawing at the age of 14 and by 17 was proficiently using a computer and software to produce professional commercial artwork. He began studying architecture in his first year of college, but left school to start a graphic and web design business. The design business slowly grew and in-between jobs Jeribai worked in other fields which have all contributed to his proficiencies and professionalism.



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    HGTV Design Star Winner Kim Myles talks Home Decorating for less

    in Lifestyle

    Wednesday, September, 24, with HGTV Design Star Winner Kim Myles.  Kim has been on numerous HGTV shows, and is now the Designer for “Home Made Simple” on the Oprah Winfrey Network.   Kim has some great style tips and ideas to modernize and update any home décor this fall or in time for the holidays.    Hear how the internet is changing the way designer and the average person decorates their home.


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    Home improvement & muscles? Geek out on DIY fitness with us.

    in Design

    Setting up tools, building a project, and cleaning up can lead to some serious DIY fitness.

    Mark & Theresa know first-hand how a DIY lifestyle keeps us healthy and trim. While Theresa keeps the piles of wood, paint cans, buckets, and hammers just to DIYing, Mark on-the-way-other-hand is DIY fitness extreme. Mark actually uses his hatchet, sledgehammer, buckets of rocks, pallets, wood as part of his morning fitness ritual. It’s how he gets ready for a Spartan Race.

    Our guests are ready to share their DIY fitness tips.

    This week we are blabbing with Jason Cameron, Matt Blashaw,  Sara Bendrick, John Colaneri, and Justin DiPego.

    How do you do DIY fitness?

  • Community Garden tidbits of information

    in Gardening


    Welcome to the show.....lets talk about various tidbits of Community Garden Information.


    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  communitygardenrevolution@gmail.com

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    www.tropiflora.com  Go to the website and receive your 5% OFF your first ONLINE order.

    www.metalgardenbeds.com  A Great product to check out, folks.

    Books and AudioBooks:  Community Garden Revolution and Community Garden Revoluton Notes! at AMAZON.

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    HGTV Experts talk 2014 Design Trends

    in Design

    MyFixitUpLife radio show hosts are talking to HGTV experts about 2014 Design Trends

    What are the 2014 design trends? We're finding out on this episode of MyFixitUpLife talk show.

    HGTV 'Design Star' Jennifer Bertrand is sharing her picks for interior design trends, 'Million Dollar Contractor' Stephen Fanuka is sharing his picks for the materials and textures that will be popular in 2014, and 'Going Yard' host Chris Lambton talks about what will be trending in outdoor spaces during 2014.

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    What's the HGTV effect? with guest John Colaneri from HGTV's Cousins Undercover

    in Design

    MyFixitUpLife's hosts Mark & Theresa are talking 'The HGTV Effect' with HGTV's 'Cousins Undercover' co-host John Colaneri.

    How has HGTV changed homeowners' expectations? How has HGTV changing the way contractors do business?

    John and his co-host cousin Anthony Carrino were discovered by HGTV in early 2011 and were asked to shoot a television series called 'Kitchen Cousins.' The show launched to great success and The Cousins brand was born. Now on their third series Anthony & John have been the driving creative force behind Kitchen Cousins, Cousins On Call and Cousins Undercover. Their shows can be seen both on HGTV and the DIY Network.

    Find out more about John's TV projects on HGTV or visit Bruncon.com to check out the construction work he does with his family off-camera.

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    Community Garden Magazine, Grants, USDA news feeds, other info

    in Gardening


    There is a lot to talk about during this Fall Harvest time.  Grab some paper and pencils and you will be able to find out about some Grants available that your Group may be able to use if you Qualify.  I love giving you information how you may possibly find some Grant money to use to grow your Community Garden.  Plus, there is the usual USDA news feeds of information and then I will run down some more information for you that your Group may be able to use.  

    Hope you have a GREAT Fall Harvest this year! and get ready to turn that dirt over so that next year you can do another FUN!!! year.  Now, some of you may be extending your Growing season with Hoop Houses.  Keep at it and hope this late Fall and coming Winter you will be able to harvest a LOT of FRESH items.  


    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  communitygardenradioshow@gmail.com

    New Magazine:  "Community Garden" and the linkc to look at it is http:  joom.ag/TuTp 

    Hope you Enjoy!  Send us information about what your Group is doing, any Video, or news articles.

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    www.tropiflora.com  Get 5% off your First order.......look at the website how to do that.


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    Ireland Design 2015 & The Destiny of Humanity

    in Lifestyle

    Join Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith – publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, for Big Blend Radio’s Happy Hour variety show, airing live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona, the headquarters for the Big Blend Spirit of America Tour of all 408 National Park units.
    On This Episode:
    - Lisa Johnson Mandell, longtime West Coast Correspondent for HGTV and founder of AtHomeInHollywood.com discusses the Ireland Design 2015 Showcase and her experiences at the new luxury design trip known as "The Retreat."
    - Jonathan Bannon Maher discusses his book ‘The Destiny of Humanity.’ Endorsed and implemented by world leaders, it covers topics including economic development, education, space, war, poverty, transportation, and energy. Jonathan is also the author of ‘Building a Successful Organization’ and hit song ‘The Fallout of Love.'

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    DIY Gift ideas with HGTV experts

    in Design

    Are you looking for DIY gift ideas? Tune in and check out fun ideas from HGTV experts.

    We're getting ready for the holidays and sharing our favorite DIY gift ideas on this episode of MyFixitUpLife.

    For DIYers, giving gifts is not only about sneaking out to the mall or shopping online, but it's about heading into the workshop or craft room to create something special.

    From holiday parties to homemade gifts that just say ‘I love you’ to holiday time, it’s fun to share a little of ourselves.

    The masters of upcycle, Junk Gypsy sisters Amie and Jolie Sikes talk workshop wonders and favorite DIY gift ideas they've given family and friends.

    And HGTV Design Star Winner Jennifer Bertrand creates cool, gift-gi

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