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    NY SAFE Act, Herkimer shooting with Claudia Tenney

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    "The Message of Christmas"

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    Have Tea with Me, every Thursday night at 6:30 pm on a journey to becoming our AUTHENTIC Self.

    This weeks guest: Pastor Villa Powell, Author of Thirty Day Journey Toward Transformaton and Rev. Dr. Tenolian Bell. Pastor at First Baptist Church of Herkimer.

    This weeks Topic: The Message of Christmas.
    Villa J. Powell has been inspiring, motivating and empowering people for the last 25 years. She is the CEO of Powell Opulence Group, and Speaking Opulence. Additionally she has served as Executive Director of several Non-Profit Organizations, Senior Pastor of Bethel A. M. E. Church, and an Associate Professor at Arizona Western College and West Angeles Bible College.
    Her goal as an inspirational speaker and author is to be an agent of transformation. http://thirtydayjourneytowardtransformation.com

    Rev. Dr. Tenolian Bell has taught courses on Diversity, Social Work and Spirituality, Families in a Cultural Context, Community Organizing and Community Development, Human Behavior in an Environmental Context, and Social Work Practice, to graduate and undergraduate students, for the past 11 years. He is an ordained Baptist minister, a published author, and continues his ministry as social worker and pastor with 35+ years of service to diverse communities.

    First Baptist Church 135 N. Washington St. Herkimer, NY 315-866-4984 or vist their FaceBook Page First Baptist Church.

    Call in to speak to us: 347-324-5185 

    Tea provided by: Salada Tea

    Our Mission Statement:  To Empower each other, to accept our self in a world, that is constantly trying to make us something we are not.


    Contact: Blase at Successstory@verizon.net


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    Joy meditation: Blossoming Sun vs. a Red sunset: recharging yourself

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    Mediatations and affirmations

    Herbs that reinvigorate: Red Ginseng & White Ginseng

    Attunment for harmony: Herkimer diamond



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    Are you connected to the infinite wisdom of The Universe?

    in Spirituality

    On this weeks episode of Soulistic, Mindy and Rene will be discussing the Crown Chakra (Sahasrana Chakra), also known as the 7th Chakra ~ this is the Chakra that connects you to the Universal Life Energy, Source and Higher Conscious. It is through the Crown Chakra that you receive infinite wisdom, spiritual connection and the mystical oneness with everyone and everything.

    When your Crown Chakra is in balance you will feel connected to everyone and everthing, to all that is. You'll be more open minded and have greater understanding and compassion for all nature and mankind, a greater sense of Oneness.  You will have more flow in your life, things will be easier and you will see the wisdom in your past experiences and in your present life. 

    You will be connected to the source of all life and will be able to store more of this Universal Energy in all your Chakras. You may develop Clair-cognizance skills when this Chakra is opened.

    "Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquillity and happiness we all seek." ~ Dalai Lama

    Join us this Thursday at 8:30pm Eastern!  Call in with questions or comments, we'd love to have you join in the discussion!!! 

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    Keep it Real, Keep it Rural

    in Environment

    Lorraine Lewandrowski

    Lorraine Lewandrowski is a lawyer and a dairy farmer in Herkimer County, New York. She has lots to say about dairy farms, the small farmer, and is happy to share some of her thoughts on why organic might not always be what it's cracked up to be. Here's a quote from an article she wrote called Small Dairies and the Big Apple: "I urge farmers and ranchers not to rely totally on traditional farm organizations to speak for them. Take a few friends and a day to go into the heart of your nearest Big City to speak to 'food movement" groups. Be yourself, talk to people with respect, and find out what is on people's minds. Engage in social media that is fast and easy, like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and others." How did I find Lorraine one might ask? She called me out on Twitter. This show sponsored by Chapman Tucson.

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    I Am A Success Story Radio Show

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    Communication is the key to good lasting Relationships

    Have Tea with Me, every Thursday night at 6:30 pm on a journey to becoming our AUTHENTIC Self.

    JoAnn Salamone was born and raised in Little Falls, New York where she met her husband of thirty-six love-filled years and raised their five wonderful children.   She received her degree in education and communication from the State University of New York at Oneonta and is currently self-employed as an Independent Consultant specializing in conflict resolution and communication.

    JoAnn has worked in the nonprofit sector for over twenty years, first with Catholic Charities of Herkimer County where she authored a school–based conflict resolution/ bully prevention program for rural youth known as the TREATY Program, as well as serve as the Program Director for the Herkimer County Prevention Council.  After nineteen years of developing programming for youth, she decided it was time to take her knowledge and experience in human relations to the business sector. In 2010, she was given the opportunity to work with the Panera Foundation, the nonprofit arm of Panera Bread, in their Cares Cafes of Shared Responsibility.  Over the past 3 years, she has developed programming for their cafes dealing with dignity, shared responsibility, food insecurity, and de-escalation.

    Aside from her work with Panera Cares, JoAnn has begun development on a new program for youth.  The EYES Program (Engaging Youth Encouraging Service) takes a shared responsibility approach to education and is an interdisciplinary education model that connects students to the environment, their community and the role of service in the community.  It promotes accountability, stewardship, and the value of meaningful work.

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    Money Making Mondays

    in Entertainment

    Gordon Bushell started his career as a copywriter and quickly climbed the ladder of success becoming a real life “Mad Men” as the top executive and chairman of a major New York Advertising Agency. Gordon lives in Boca Raton, Florida, and continues using his talents writing a humorous, weekly newspaper column. He is he author of Humor is a Funny Thing and Panic and Punctuation Land!

    Cody and Kyle Mead A.K.A. "TwoOuTOfThree" are Twin Brother R n B/Soul/Pop/ artists in a set of TRIPLETS, Born and raised in Herkimer NY. We are both Singers/Songwriters. and have been singing since we were old enough to pick up the microphone. Our passion is to make history with the Inspiration of what we love to do. We get the strength and dedication from God, family, friends, and fans. Ever since it was just take off from there, We love to sing and perform for everyone. We have been from talent show to talent show placing with many first place prizes. State fairs, weddings, funerals, etc. We have always been there for you and always will be, so let's stay together and accomplish what we all love to do. 

    Alice Crespo is Author of the book "Never be discouraged". It is a book about her life and how she started a non-profit organization for the disabled although Alice iscompletely blind herself.

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    Excellence without excuse

    in Spirituality

    Join me as we have another intimate moment in Prophetic Chatter! This week we will hear from Apostle Jill Mattocks of GGG Regenerated Ministries in Brooklyn, New York 1110 Herkimer street. at 8am MORNING GLORY!
    Excellence without excuse! I won't give a topic here because she flows in the Spirit and as He downloads it she releases it. Please join us you DON"T want to miss it. Call a friend. We are doing this one EARLY!

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    Citizens v. Ibredrola and The Deal in Denmark

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    Citizens v. Iberdrola Hardscrabble Wind Farm   Sixty-three Herkimer County residents have come together to fight the wind turbines in their neighborhood. Many families have experienced severe, debilitating health effects and their property values have decreased.   We will hear from Melody Scalfone and Jeff DeFrancisco --the attorneys suing Iberdrola and the wind industry's acoustician.   This complaint filed in the New York Supreme Court details the specific impacts claimed by each plaintiff in regard to Iberdrola's Hardscrabble wind energy facility, a 74 megawatt power project that went on line in early 2011. The complaint includes a loss of enjoyment of outside activities on their land, and inability to open windows due to noise; some include loss of income due to noise (including as a voice teacher), and some note behavior changes in domestic and wild animals.   Lisa and Harley interviewed Peter Skeel Hjorth about the situation in Denmark.  Denmark is the home of Vestas and often the windies cite Denmark as being a prime example of the perfection of wind power.  ”No one ever complains of problems there…” Peter Hjorth helped us to understand the reality of the situation there and we hope you will learn a lot by tuning in and listening to the interview.   Peter is a journalist and the author of OCCUPIED BY WIND: The drawbacks of a green industry.  He serves as the official Scandinavian spokesperson for European Platform Against Wind (EPAW)  

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    Using the Energy of Crystals to Heighten Awareness

    in Energy

    Please join me on Monday, February 18 (President's Day) for a one hour discussion about crystals and gems.
    Through the generosity of the universe, and due to the passing of a partner, crystal healer and dear friend, we inherited a beautiful and powerful crystal, mineral and gem collection, and the energy in our home has not been the same since.  I have spent countless hours trying to identify what each stone is and what it means energetically.  What I've come to understand is that although each stone holds a particular frequency, how that frequency resonates with each of us is different.  One person may love Tourmaline, but another person may find it too grounding.  Or someone may lose all their grounding with a Herkimer diamond, while it may help someone else connect with their higher self.  Everyone has a different experience.
    My intention for this show is to share what I've learned about the energy of stones, as well as open the phone lines to those who want to call in to ether ask a question, or share their own knowledge.  Learning about the stone and mineral kingdom is a lifelong adventure, and no matter how much one studies, there is ALWAYS something more to learn.
    The call in number is 347-884-8943.

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    Creatively Speaking (TM) On Air 2.1.13

    in Culture

    The Divas of Culture:
    Michelle Materre and Aisha Karefa-Smart
    Will Interview Director and producer Neema Barnette works in both television and film, Barnette has earned the respect of peers and critics alike by winning countless accolades, including an Emmy Award for her after school special, "To Be A Man." She has realized the need to expand her audience beyond the young urban crowd and attract all people to her work. Born and raised in Harlem, Barnette made her first foray into entertainment as an actor while a student at New York's High School for the Performing Arts. She later attended NYU and moved on to directing at the insistence of theatrical producer Joseph Papp, who saw in her a unique visual style. She directed "The Blue Journey", by playwright OyamO (a.k.a. Charles Gordon), for Papp's Public Theater. She has since gone on to direct some of our favorite television shows such as ‘The Cosbys” and “Frank’s Place."
    Also, Ann Bennett is a producer, director and writer for documentary films and multimedia projects with over twenty years of experience. Michele Stephenson and Joe Brewster are a husband and wife filmmaker team based in Brooklyn, NY. Shaka King is a writer, director, and producer whose short films Cocoa Loco and Herkimer