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    Coaching Scenarios: Executive Coaching

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    Frankie and Terri continue their series on your coaching scenarios, asking the important question: WHAT IF. “What happens when…” “How should you handle…” Today, the subject is executive coaching, and our guest coaching expert is Karen Cappello. What are the important things to remember when coaching the business executive?

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    Have you ever heard of a Health Coach?  You've heard of Life Coaches & Wealth Coaches, right?  Well tonigt @ 8 pm EST, it's all about losing weight faster, toning up easier, eating right for YOUR type, getting a handle on your diabetes, your blood sugar, and your cholesterol levels ALL AT THE SAME TIME  with the assistance of a HEALTH COACH!!!

    REMEMBER, "Health is the REWARD that the totality of oru cells bestows upon a person who aligns the desires of their minds with the needs of their cells."

    Change you life by changing your attitude and practices toward health. And YES, we will be doing some coaching LIVE ON THE AIR tonight, so call in early to get you free mini session.  TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING ON!!!

    Coach Khayr and his friends over at the American School Of Symptometry, Dr Maxwell Nartey and Dr Charlie Abbott, are going to introduce you to Health Coaching SYMPTOMETRY STYLE!!!  And we're taking it to a CELLULAR LEVEL, so come find out how you can JUMP ON THE PATH OF WELLNESS THE RIGHT WAY TODAY!!! 

    347.205.9089 is the call in number and you can bring as many friends as you can invite.  We've got plenty of room and plenty of gifts to share. 

    Be well. 

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    Successful Coaching Business Checklist

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    To be successful at coaching does not translate to being a successful coach. The soloprenuer must not only be able to coach people, but advertise, build business relationships, take care of the bookeeping and more. Today, Terri provides a helpful discussion of the nuts and bolts of your business.


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    Coaching The NEXT Marriage

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    Couples Coaching: It's not just for new couples. What happens AFTER the first marriage? Today, couples are often on their second (or third!) go-around - Coach Susan Ortolano talks with Terri about this growing Coaching niche - as well as a few other great topics for Coaches, like, who's YOUR coach, coach?

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    Take Action Get Profits Radio - Health, Healing and Coaching

    in Business

    Take Action Get Profits with Michele Scism with her guest Marc Mawhinney & Dr Karen Jacobson:

    I am a lifelong entrepreneur who began my coaching business after starting several other companies, including one that grew to 100 employees. My passion and specialty is helping other coaches build successful businesses by defining their target markets, implementing systems to better manage their time and make more sales. I launched the “Natural Born Coaches” podcast - a daily podcast where I interview successful coaches - to help support the worldwide coaching community. The show became an immediate hit – making it into iTunes “New & Noteworthy” category in its first week of release and greatly exceeding the average downloads for new podcasts. The show can be found at www.NaturalBornCoaches.com.

    Dr. Karen Jacobson, affectionately known as “Dr. J” has been serving the community since 1992, sharing a message of Health and Healing through a variety of print, radio and television media. She was the official Wellness Adviser for Healthy U TV Show. Dr. Jacobson is honored to share her stories with the world as a multi-published author in 4 books: “Change Your World” “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles Happen” and International bestsellers “Ready, Aim, Inspire!” and “Success in Beauty – The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness” Dr. Jacobson served as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Israeli Army and held leadership roles in professional organizations, serving the profession for over 12 years as Board Member and District Director of NY Chiropractic Council and Arizona State Representative to the International Chiropractors Association Assembly, integrating business and legislation.


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    in Health

    Tune in for another broadcast this week as we address the issues affecting health and wellness and disparities in the minority community 

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Bonnie Muller of New Era Health Coaching

    in Health

    Clarinda, IA – Are you feeling overwhelmed? Can't sleep? Are you playing tug of war with your body and your life? How do you find balance? Where can you turn when you feel like you've got one foot on the gas pedal and the other stomping on the brake?

    Bonnie Muller is a clinical health coach is the founder of New Era Health Coaching, where she specializes in helping clients create their optimal health and wellness.

    “I am a true believer that every day is a second chance,” says Bonnie. "I take you from where you are at that point and time, we move forward from there. Let me help you put your life and your health into perspective."

    Bonnie had been a healthcare provider for 17 years in family practice. Last year she decided to "break up" with traditional medicine when she realized medicine had become more about making money and less about patient care.

    Today, Bonnie promotes health and wellness instead of treating illness and disease. As a health coach, Bonnie says she finds great satisfaction in the collaborative and creative relationships she is able to form with her clients. She is currently working toward adding EFT to her practice. She’s found it to be extremely helpful for everything from physical pain and insomnia to anxiety and food issues.

    “Patient-centered care is really where the focus needs to be,” says Bonnie. “Recognizing that the client is the one true expert on their health and helping them to trust their inner healing mechanisms is as important to my job description as my knowledge of traditional medicine."

    For more information on New Era Health Coaching, visit www.newerahealthcoaching.com

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    Seeds of the Word!(Biblical Coaching)

    in The Bible

    Coaching the Saints into the Harvest Field!  Praying the Lord to send out workers!

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    Coaching Children In A New Frontier: Ireland

    in Education

    Tucked away in beautiful Ireland, Terri has found Coach Conor Hogan. His specialty: Coaching children. We will look not only at the needs of reaching out to our youth here and around the world, but the state of coaching in Ireland - where coaching is just starting to come into the mainstream.

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    Juice Yourself to Optimum Health

    in Health

    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon as she shares the fastest way to optimal health, "Juicing".

    Did you know that...Raw fresh juice not only provides hydration through the water in the vegetables and fruits, but fresh veggie juice also supplies vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals, which have amazing overall health properties.  Unlike dehydrating beverages like coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol, raw fresh juices hydrate you and supply your body with the fluids it needs from daily activities and exercise.

    Tune in and learn how you can lose weight, fight inflammation, get clearer skin and beautiful hair, and much much more, all from the benefits of juicing. 347-945-7433.

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    Innovative Coaching From Around The World: Mexico

    in Education

    Coach Elena Espinal is acknowledged as one of Latin America's most experienced coaches. She has recently spoke at TED in Mexico, and has coached business leaders in Latin America, Europe and the United States. She continues to break barriers for her clients, as well as coaches: Currently she is coordinating coach training for the blind.

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