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    When Keeping it Post-Racial and Ratchet Goes Wrong

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    For those of us interested in freedom, justice, and equality, the past week has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. With landmark Supreme Court decisions handed down on Affirmative Action, the Voting Rights Act, and Marriage EqualityAdd to said exhaustion the fascination that has been the first week of testimony in the George Zimmerman murder trial, and what we've seen this week has been nothing short of a firestorm that would make a certain pointy-horned person jealous.Joining us tonight to break it all down are several leading voices from the blogospherei Mr. Gates aka Dark Hater, the host of the ever popular Haterazzi Radio Show,  Jay Anderson the guiding force behind AverageBro, and Yesha Callahan Editor and writer at Clutch Magazine onlineTonight on

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    The Voyeuristic Fetish of Angry Black Women

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    Are Black women angry? The running racial stereotype suggests that they are. But, we know that racial stereotypes -- for the most part -- do not exist or serve to be a source of empowerment. That said, as it relates to Black women, there seems to be a recent trend of television shows, YouTube videos, and many stories in media to reinforce this stereotype.   So, is this problematic? If so, what can we do to dispel, dismiss, or redefine the myth? More importantly, what would you say is the driving force behind the stereotype of the angry black woman? And, are some women unconsciously reinforcing that stereotype with what some deem as inappropriate behavior?   Join us on yet another episode of Madness & Reality Radio as Team Madness chops it up with esteemed scholar of American & Africana Studies, playwright, and social activist, Dr. Kimberly Ellis PhD aka Dr. Goddess; as well as Mr. Gates aka Dark Hater, the host of the popular podcast Haterazzi Radio Show and creator of the "Die Hoodrat Die" campaign. We will explore this phenomenon and its consumption, in the new age of social media. Trust me, this one will be a hot one, folks -- don't miss it!

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    Die Hood Rat DIE!!!

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    the revolution of the mind continues...

    This week, the MadMen welcome controversial radio host HATERAZZI to get to to the bottom the message in his most popular & controversial podcast "DIE HOOD RAT DIE!"

    "Die Hoodrat DIE!!!" analyzes the condition, the history and the solution for Hood rats that unwittingly assist in the destruction the African American community. We confront some very uncomfortable questions: Why are 70% of African American children raised in single parent homes? Why are hood rats being confused with "strong Back women"? Are women the main perpetrators of the hood-rat syndrome, being that they are raising the men single-handedly - churning out a legion of hood-wolves? How much of all of this the result of hoodrat parenting? and most importantly - how do we stop the "Hood-Rat/Hood Wolf" mentality?

    Call in and weigh in at 917-889-2924. Or Stream LIVE from our site atwww.whyyoumadson.com

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    Comedic satirist and YOUTUBE phenomenon THE DARK HATER will be the guest cohost.

    Dark hater of the Haterazzi brand is a comedian who uses dark comedy and taboo subject matter as front for social commentary.

    The YouTube channel was designed with the intent to poke fun at pop culture and celebrity worship using the visuals of popular film and television clips and redubbing the sound with dialogue better understood by pop culture youth.

    He is also the host of the Dark Hater Show comedy podcast (soon to be the "Haterazzi Radio Show) which is an audio extension of his comedy and commentary.

    Although crude and very controversial the show has been able to reach a regular audience of 11,000 worldwide since it's beginning in December of 09.

    His philosophy is simple: There are 2 groups of people on the planet. Good people and raggedy people.

    Good people being the majority and the raggedy being the primates that walk amongst us and affect us all. He encourages the good to completely separate, discriminate and segregate from the raggedy.

    We will discuss a variety of topics ranging from politics, entertainment, religion, relationships and current affairs.