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    #16 The Amazing: Nina Hartley

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    After a few guest-less weeks, we've come back with a bang! The anticipation has been building and Raw Sex has been trying a million different formats to please all of it's listeners. We released a new logo, had two weeks without our main man, had lots of wonderful call ins and our favorite is the live tweets during the show! 

    I figured this episode didn't need a big title, the name speaks for itself! Our guest this week is an adult film star, sex positive advocate, educator, speaker, and gorgeous! Nina Hartley isn't new to the adult film scene, having her first video debut in 1984, so we decided to take this interview on a different path. Instead of asking the same ol questions like "what's your favorite position" or "who would you love to work with" Raw Sex wants to know the intimate vanilla side of Nina, what's her favorite color? Tea or Coffee? Obama or Clinton? McDonalds or BurgerKing? Tune in Thursday night to find out the answers to these questions and so many more, right here ONLY on Raw Sex! 

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    Jennie Dean 1852- 1913 ~Founded Manassas Technical School w/ Dr. P.J. Merrill!

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    Jennie Dean (1852-1913)
    Undaunted Faith~ Manassas Industrial School & Jennie Dean Memorial

    The most significant person in the founding of the school was Jane Serepta Dean. Dean was born into slavery in western Prince William County, Virginia around 1852. . Dean was a deeply religious woman
    Manassas Industrial School & Jennie Dean Memorial

    Tonight learn more about the school as  Dr. Phillip Merrill lectures on the Manassas School!


    Tonight learn more about the school as  Dr. Phillip Merrill lectures on the Manassas School!

    Join Dr. Merrill September 19, 2014. 6:00 pm
    @ An Artifactual Journey of Nanny Jack & Co.in NYC 



    On the site of the Manassas Industrial School for Colored Youth, this five-acre park is now a park of remembrance for the school’s founder, former slave Jennie Dean. The outlines of the foundations of the original building are marked, and there is a model of the school and a kiosk with an audio program that provides information about Dean and the school’s founding. Dean raised money for the school for almost 10 years before Manassas Industrial was chartered in 1893. The dedication ceremonies were led by orator Frederick Douglass.

    The History

    This five-acre archaeological site, dedicated in 1995, is located on the original site of the Manassas Industrial School for Colored Youth. The school was founded largely through the efforts of a former enslaved woman,  Jennie Dean who, after almost a decade of charismatic fundraising, chartered the school on October 7, 1893. The school was designed as a private residential institution providing both academic and vocational training within a Christian setting.


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    Ascension Center ~ 10/22/14 ~ Carrie-Anne Hartley-Janet Lessin & TJ Morris

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    Join us on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 from 6 to 8 PM Pacific time on the Ascension Center with hosts Janet Kira Lessin & guests Carrie-Anne Hartley (www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio simulcast with www.blogtalkradio.com/tjmorrisetradio).

    Call in to our show at 646-649-0893 or 347-945-7207

    Carrie-Anne Hartley is a Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant. Carrie-Anne is  able to connect you with loved ones who have passed on. Carrie-Anne has had this ability, which she considers a gift since she was a child.  As a child Carrie became aware of her extraordinary paranormal skills, which left her feeling confused.

    At age 14, Carrie-Anne was shopping with her mother, when mysterious woman suddenly approached her and whispered "I know you have the gift of clairvoyance, don't be afraid of it, and use it will".  Carrie-Anne now understands, she has definitely accepted this gift, and has used it to help many people over the years.

    Carrie-Anne and her guardians help people focus,  gain clarity and provide closure.  The guardians are able to connect with loved ones who have passed away. They also have the ability to locate missing persons.

    Carrie-Anne has four Guardians that supply the information and help for clients needs. Carrie-Anne is simply a portal, intuitive, clairvoyant, clair audit and psychic medium, that relays message and guidance.

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    Take Action Get Profits - The Art of Communication & Running a Tight Ship

    in Business

    Take Action Get Profits with Michele Scism with her guest Laurie Burton & Lisa Hall:

    Laurie Burton is internationally recognized as an innovator helping thousands of people improve their ability to communicate. Whether working with individuals in seminars and in one-on-one coaching, or with groups in the corporate world, Laurie’s techniques generate dramatic results in an amazingly short time. Individuals at all levels learn to break through communication barriers and develop the skills needed to become effective leaders of groups, teams and businesses. A 30-year veteran performer of film, television and theater, Laurie brings the breadth of her experience to teach people the “art of communication.” Laurie Burton Training’s clients include Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Mattel Toys, Digital Equipment, Merrill Lynch, ITT and Twentieth Century Fox. Laurie also served on the faculty at the University of Southern California School of Cinema/Television teaching filmmakers and directors, in both graduate and undergraduate programs, to develop their communication skills for great impact and effectiveness.

    Lisa Hall helps businesses get over the challenge of dealing with growth, expansion, or just not being able to cope with the flood of things that hits every business owner every day. Coaching helps owners and managers be more effective. Training helps employees be more productive and committed.   One-on-one coaching.  Team training.  Remote webinars and phone coaching.  Value-added lessons in running your business.  Speaking to your groups or offices.  Helping you navigate the choppy waters to profit and contentment.


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    LA KINGS ROAD TALK RADIO - Les Habitants, Poutine & Roger Maxwell

    in Sports

    Hipcheck opens the show talking about the outcome of the Kings/Canadians game and how a hot goalie can steal a game no matter what the opposing team throws at him. Next, we have a chat with legendary Minor League Enforcer Roger Maxwell who talks about his journey in Professional Hockey, the tutelage of former Bob Hartley & Bruce Boudreau, why he preferred to fight crazy fighters, what is what like going toe to toe with Jon Mirasty, hockey and race relations in the deep south and more. 

    LA Kings Road Talk Radio will be here each and every night on this Road Trip to discuss and debate the evenings events on the trip as they unfold with special guests, fan calls, commentary, NHL news, and oh so very much more. When you want live uncensored talk for the only NHL team that matters.....LA KINGS ROAD TALK RADIO! Brought to you by Letsgokings.com, B&B Premiere Insurance Solutions & Lexus-the December to Remember Sales Event.


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    Sharyn Sheldon on Content Marketing | Traffic Masters

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    Sharyn Sheldon is a master at designing and developing business content and training programs that lead to real action and results for learners. For over 20 years she was an instructional designer and learning consultant for major corporations like MetLife, Merrill Lynch, and UBS Paine Weber. Now she develops the same type of professional quality content for people who help small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals for success.  

    The big difference between what Sharyn created for large companies and now is that her current content is customizable and rebrandable. That means that her customers can edit it and adapt it to thier niche, put their own name on it then use it to build their business. Discover it at  BusinessContentPLR.com.

    Join us for "Traffic Masters with Gina Gaudio-Graves and Jack Humphrey" as guests share their secrets for building relationship capital, relationship marketing and internet marketing strategies, & business systems that have created thriving businesses.

    Airing weekly on Tuesdays at noon eastern and in permanent replay, come learn how you can apply these secrets to succeed in your own business as well! In between episodes, you can get help any time you need it through the FREE Directions University's "Amazing Traffic Vortex" walks you through applying the internet marketing strategies and online business systems.  It shows you how to apply what you learn about on the show to YOUR business, step by step!

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    I Am A Success Story Radio Show "Money Matters"

    in Spirituality

    Have Tea with Me Blase and my Guest Travis Peter, Thursday night at 6:30 pm on a journey to becoming our AUTHENTIC Self.

    Our new Monthly Segment  The first Thursday of every month"Money Matters"

    Join us this Thursday as we discuss "MONEY MATTERS"

    Topic: Using The Barter Exchange System

    Travis obtained his financial industry Series 7 and 66, registrations held through LPL Financial, along with Life, Accident and Health Insurance licenses in 2007. Travis’ education is in Economics, in which he obtained an undergraduate degree from Kansas State University. From having gained industry knowledge from Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, Travis is well trained to provide professional financial services. Travis actively serves on several not for profit boards of directors, and has experience in financing, banking, agriculture, and construction. Travis currently resides in Tribune, Kansas with his wife, Zoe and daughter, Finley.

    Call in to speak to host and guest live on the air: 347-324-5185 

    I Am A  Success Story, is a Powerful Network where you will learn to embrace your success, discover key techniques to releasing stress, learn proper nutrition, and discover proven methods to self-healing for Mind, Body and Spirit.

    Our Mission Statement:  To Empower each other, to accept our self in a world, that is constantly trying to make us something we are not.


    Contact Blase at Successstory@verizon.net for more information about I Am A Success Story Radio Show.


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    An Educational Guide to Healthy Hair_Melva Williams

    in Christianity

    After being in the beauty industry for 24 years I felt compelled to give my clients more than a beautiful head of hair. I have come into to contact with many of women with issues due to medical problems, dieting, exercise, medication, stress, hormones, metabolism and hydration. So over 10 years ago I began to research how I can help these women with their hair. I realized that every woman is not going to come into the salon with a beautiful healthy head of hair.

    As my life seemed to unravel and research progressed it seems as though I had begun need this information for me and that made my research even more intense. I could have never imagined that how much all these things that effects our everyday lives also affect our hair. ‘

    As I began to share with my clients and counsel them about their hair, they had never heard these things before. They stated they had never been asked these things by a stylist. Some even asked me what that has to do with my hair. They follow the instructions and saw major results in their hair.

    Women who had bald spots for years, hair grew back. Women, who said their hair would never grow, now have hair. Women who said their hair grow to a certain length and break off is the longest it’s ever been before.

    I knew that I had to share this information with the world because it was too important to keep it to myself.

    A woman is only as beautiful as she feels from the inside out, but sometimes she recognizes an attribute from the outside. Her hair is one of those attributes. A woman’s hair is an extension of the very essence of sensuality. It makes her feel a certain way. When her hair is sick she is too. She’s just not feeling quite herself and then she gets her hair done and now she is a new person.

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    England: Community Gardens and Hartley Botanic, Inc. with pride since 1938

    in Gardening

    Some Special Guests this Week!  Someone from over the pond....yes, from England.  And, a company that is from England, but, does Business here in the USA with Greenhouses.  It is going to be a lovely morning.....gather round.....bring your FRESH brewed Tea and join us! Thursday, September 18, 2014, at 11:30am, CST time zone.  Cheers!  

    Our First Guest will tell us what it is like to have a Community Garden in England.  

    We end the Radio Show with Hartley Botanic, Inc. "with pride since 1938".  They will tell us about Personal Greenhouses and other product lines for Great Greenhouses.  Hartley Botanic, Inc., is partnering with the Prince's Foundation, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, to help foster more connections of nature and people and sustaining a good basic lifestyle living in 'the green'.  I'm pleased to have this High Quality Group aboard who has a stunningly Gorgeous catalog that you can order for your next Greenhouse.  You will love what they have to offer.  Great designs, crisp look, and Quality.  These Greenhouses are manufactured in England, but, there is Distribution in North America.  


    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Purchase "Community Garden Revolution" at AMAZON.com or at your Favorite local Bookstore.

    Read my Blog "Community Garden Revolution" and on Facebook at "Community Garden Revolution".  

    Nate's All American Store ONLINE Retailer is offering 10% OFF your next ONLINE Order in the Garden Section.  At the Checkout for Garden Equipment and Tools add in the Code Box "comgar14" and receive 10% OFF your next ONLINE order.  THANKS! to Nate's.

    Email:  communitygardenrevolution@gmail.com

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    Amateur Fighter Carissa Merrill

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    After winning in her MMA debut, Carissa Merrill is looking for her second win April 19th at Steel Fist Fight Night in Farmington, UT.

    We will tak to the Utah native about her next forray into the cage and her livfe as a fight and mother.

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    Financial Fitness

    in Motivation


    Live This Wednesday November 19, 2014
    9:00pm- 10:00pm EST

    Topic: Financial Fitness


    Patricia M. Barksdale, CRPC®

    Vice President
    Wealth Management Advisor

    Call in number (646) 787-1680
    To ask questions or make a comment

    To Listen to the show visit:



    "Checking in with Joetta” is an interactive show that will provide informative conversations about topics such as health, education, finances, fitness, empowerment, sports, relationships, and motivational tactics. These topics will be discussed with business & financial leaders, educators, sports legends, entrepreneurs, health & wellness advocates and historical icons.

    "Checking in with Joetta" will serve as a useful, informative and thought provoking resource for ALL adults, teens & children.


    (646) 787-1680 to participate in the show.

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