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    Shelly NunChucks w Grandmaster Eric Lee

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    Once again I am blessed to have Grandmaster Eric Lee on my show. There will be much to catch up with.

    Born in Canton, China, Grand Master Lee was inspired at the early age of three by watching his father. He later began his formal martial arts training under Chung Ball and ultimately with Grandmaster Al Dacascos. Included among his teachers are:

    Grandmaster Al Dacascos – Founder/Grandmaster of Wun Hop Kuen Do
    Grandmaster Share K. Lew – Chi Gung
    Master Wen Mei Yu – Tai Chi & Chi Gung
    Successor of Dr. Hua Huang – Medical Chi Gung
    James Lee – Oakland, California

    Master Lee also trained in Northern and Southern Shaolin Kungfu. He went on to excel in the field of martial arts and is credited with winning more national and international awards than any other martial artist in the United States. He has been featured in a multitude of martial arts magazines throughout the world.

    Since retiring from competition, Grand Master Lee continues to distinguish himself in the field of martial arts instruction and the entertainment industry. In what is in the family tradition of Master Lee’s 91-year-old father, Master Lee still currently teaches Chinese Health exercises.

    Grand Master Lee continuously distinguishes himself in the world of martial arts in both his experience and accomplishments. 

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    John Carver Show - Stay to the Right

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    Today's Show is about laziness from a Biblical perspective.  It's a recording of a sermon I shared recently that has received quite a bit of attention. 

    Hardworking, capable, prove yourself; diligent

    Faithfulness results in promotion and greater responsibilities.


    Told by Supreme Master Ching Hai at the Tien Shan Center in Hong Kong (Originally in Chinese)

    Who Is The Laziest?

    There is a funny story about laziness. Three young men were lying by the roadside doing nothing. A person passed by and asked curiously, "Ah! What are you three doing here?"

    They said,"Oh! We are very lazy, so we are lying here. We do not want to work."

    The person said, "Well, if this is so, you tell me how you are lazy. I shall give one dollar to the laziest person."

    If one wants to be lazy, one might as well be completely lazy so that others have nothing to say.

    One of the lazy ones said, "I am very thirsty. I am both hungry and thirsty. I have a pear in my pocket, but I am so lazy that I cannot take it out." 

    Are you any better than he is?

    The next one said, "Well! That is nothing. The sun keeps shining in my eyes. It hurts my eyes, but I am too lazy to turn my head around." 

    The third person said, "Well, the two of them are not so bad. I am the laziest." He continued, "I want to go to sleep very badly. I am exhausted! But I am too lazy to close my eyes." 

    One of the biggest stories I share is about a boss who asks three people to invest his money.  One of the guys didn't do so well.

    I am the Pastor at:

    Faith Outreach Chapel

    1713 Rittenhouse Ave

    Baltimore MD 21227


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    Episode 18 - War Room with The "Warrior Fox"

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    Robert Jay Arnold also known as the Warrior Fox is coming back on the show today to discuss his latest developments. Robert Jay Arnold is well known in the Martial Arts community for his practical application and training methods of Bagua Zhang. Listen in as we discuss the "Warfox Training Room, a collection training methods freely accessible online, blog entries, and his thoughts on the bagua treastise. 

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    In Touch Interviews with HAI Global

    in Spirituality

    In Touch Interviews with HAI Global, discussing topics such as their mission, what they are all about, workshops, love, intimacy, sexuality and more! Call in to ask questions or to listen 646-378-0378

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    In Touch Interviews with HAI Global

    in Spirituality

    In Touch Interviews 7-8 p.m. with HAI Global, discussing topics such as their mission, what they are all about, workshops, love, intimacy, sexuality and more! Call in to ask questions or to listen 646-378-0378

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    Dec 29 Maiyah-Ala Kulli Hai, Life Enrichment Radio, Al Islam Based Conversation

    in Religion

    1st HOUR: Maiyah - Ala Kulli Hal (Togetherness - Under All Circumstances) with Host Imam Abdul Azeez and Mustafa Mujahid. An indepth discussion on reviving our unity Faith: Excellence, Community, Family, Business...

    2nd HOUR: Life Enrichment Radio with Imam Wazir Ali brings you inside the teaching of Imam WD Mohammed in relationship to the scholars of the past.

    3rd HOUR: Al Islam Based Conversation with Imam  Nazim Pasha

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    Episode 12 - Dao of David Wei

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    David Wei is a 16th generation lineage holder of Wudang Zhang San Feng Pai, and a global instructor of Wudang Taoist wellness arts and traditional Chinese acupressure massage.

       As a direct pupil of Daoist Priest Master Yuan Xui Gang, David has more than 11,000 hours of formal training in Wudang, China. His studies encompass traditional Daoist internal martial arts, medical qigong and meditation. David also trained under Master Du Yi Jun, a highly-esteemed blind master of tui-na medical massage. David was accepted as a disciple of Master Yuan in 2007, and spends part of each year in China upholding his responsibilities as senior disciple at the Wudang Mountain Traditional Taoist Martial Arts Academy.

        In addition to his Wudang training, David is also certified in Wat Po Traditional Thai yoga-massage, along with various therapeutic bodywork modalities, such as Tui-Na, Zen Shiatsu, Acu-oil, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California. David also trained in traditional Shaolin kung fu and classical Chinese brush painting with renowned Master Y.C. Chiang at Wen Wu School in El Cerrito, California.

    Currently, David offers Qigong classes, massage work, is a regular contributor to Kung Fu magazine, and is the founder of Wudang West Cultural Heritage Center in Oakland, CA.

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    New Music Inferno w/ Reggie Lee(Sgt. Wu on NBC's Grimm)!!!

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    Reggie Lee - Reggie Lee stars in NBC's new drama series "Grimm" as Sgt. Wu, officer in the Portland Police Department.

    Lee is well known for his role as Secret Service Agent Bill Kim on "Prison Break" as well as for playing Chow Yun Fat's villainous right hand man, Tai Huang, in "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End." More recently, he starred in "The Dark Knight Rises" with Christina Bale, "Safe" opposite Jason Statham, "Here Comes the Boom" with Kevin James and Salma Hayek and "Life As We Know It" with Katherine Heigl.

    Check him out & the rest of the cast in tonights' new episode of Grimm entitled "Chupacabra" airing @ 9pm est/8pm cst only NBC...


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    Born into a noble medical family, Dr. Jian-Dong Zhang has continued his family traditions and earned two medial degrees from China’s medical universities, one in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the other in Western Medicine. In addition to these two medical degrees, Dr. Zhang has also had the unique opportunity to study the branch of ancient Chinese medicine known as Qigong under the renowned master, Dr. Liu Zi-Hua. These extensive trainings combined with his magic skills have made Dr. Zhang a world-renowned master in Qigong therapy.

    Dr. Zhang moved to the US for the purpose of cultural exchange and has transitioned from practicing medicine to performing magic shows on the international stages. His performances in "changing face" have been enthusiastically received by the thousands of viewers from all walks of life, including the world elite at the Bohemian Club.

    Please visit www.QigongMasters.com to watch the video interviews with other awesome Qigong masters.

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    The Back Nine Report presented by eDraft.com

    in Sports

    Join co-hosts Fred Altvater and Carlos Torres as they check in to bring you the latest news, insights, analysis, interviews and much more from the world of golf.

    Patrick Reed’s comments at the WGC-HSBC, Rory McIlroy’s effortless Race-to-Dubai win, Mike Keiser’s real estate dealings, Darren Clarke’s possible Ryder Cup captaincy and Zhang Xin-Jun Web.com possibilities will be the subjects on The Par-5 News.

    On the Practice Range, Fred and Carlos will talk about, how the PGA Tour’s wrap around schedule and the European Tour’s Race to Dubai are sparking the interest (if any) of the golfers.

    The Very Important Guest of the Week (VIG) will be Bob Ford, Head Professional at Oakmont Country Club and the Seminole Golf Club

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