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    Opening to Meditation: A Gentle, Guided Approach

    in Spirituality

    Can you imagine feeling good and natural and full of life? Imagine what it would feel like to feel calm and centered no matter what your circumstances might be. Imagine having more energy while engaging in everything you do, and feeling ever more connected in your life, day by day, breath by breath.

    While the many benefits of meditation on the mind and body are becoming more widely known, it can still be perceived as an abstract and mystifying practice. Opening to Meditation bypasses myths and mysteries to demonstrate that meditation can – and should be – as simple as breathing.

    Opening to Meditation is for meditators of all levels of experience. Diana wrote most of the book with her eyes closed and in meditation, and in this way she has avoided the “analytical theory, or intellectual razzmatazz” that often intimidate would-be practitioners. “I wanted this book to be the real thing,” says Diana, “without any fixed rules or indoctrination, with no commandments or incantations, just the real experience of meditation.”

    Diana’s pleasant, straightforward guidance makes meditation available to all. Originally published as a book-and-CD set, this revised paperback edition includes downloadable audio-guided meditations.

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    Universal Journeys Radio: The Secrets of Guided Meditation (with Bevani)

    in Spirituality

    Join Dr. Brenda L. Bates and Donny Winter this Sunday, October 25th at 7pm for Universal Journeys Radio. They will be discussing "The Secrets of Guided Meditation" with musical guest Bevani, a YouTube flutist who recently released her meditation-album titled Sacred Sounds.

    Phone lines will be open for questions or to discuss the topic at hand. Each call is limited to five minutes in order to assist as many people as we can within the two hour show time period. Call in at (347) 850-8292 with a question or just to listen to the show.

    "Follow Your Heart for Only You Know Which Path is Right for YOU!" ♥

    Universal Journeys Radio is about how:

    Spirituality intersects with nearly every other aspect of our lives, even when we do not see it or realize it.

    Creativity and expression are our connections to the spiritual energy many seek to understand and our identity is forged through this process. Universal Journeys seeks to help illuminate the different intersections between creativity, spirituality and identity in order to empower and enlighten.




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    in Self Help

    Angels in consideration of what has occurred in the World over the last week BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO has changed its Script.

    We are dedicating the next 20 min. to focusing on positive, loving, kind, uplifting, energy and placing that into th World.  Everyone's participation is important because we ALL make up the whole!

    Join us for a positive 30 minutes of peace and a wonderful Guided Meditation by Dr. Kristin Neff of Self Compassion .org 

    Tuesday Nov. 17th 3:30pmPAC/6:30pmEST right here at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/buzzardskorner-of-love


    bringing people back to themselves

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    Healing Hurt Hearts with NHA

    in Education

    Our hosts,Howard, Catherine have invited Tammy, and Laurie to discuss the journey of healing hearts using the Nurtured Heart Approach®.  Laurie's personal story is one that you won't want to miss as she and Tammy (her therapist) share more about how a "heart" devastated by abuse and hurt can be "healed" and Inner Wealth™ can emerge and thrive again. 

    Tammy Jacobs is a Licensed clinical social worker, currently working in private practice. Tammy has over 20 years experience working with challenging children/families in crisis centers, group home, residential treatment, as well as, outpatient and community mental health. Tammy has been an advance trainer in the nurtured heart approach since 2007 and enjoys teaching this to children/teens, adults/parents, group home staff and educators. Although Tammy has extensive training in a variety of interventions/strategies geared towards helping children and families, the nurtured heart approach has proven to be the most effective and therefore is the foundation of her work. Not only does Tammy utilize the approach in her private practice she uses it on a daily basis in raising her two daughters, ages 11 and 13, and in her marriage of 17 years.

    Laurie Lee graduated from Arizona State University in 1999 with a degree in Sociology. She has worked for a major corporation for over 16 years and raised two daughters ages 18 and 19 as a single parent. Introduced to the Nurtured Heart Approach in December 2011, her life was revolutionized as she discovered how to live from her heart. Overcoming the odds of being a child of abuse, she now owns that she has created a life she considers successful and she shares regularly with others how finding your greatness can change life in all areas.

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    Freedom from Anxiety: A deeper approach to healing.

    in Entertainment

    Harry Kroner the author of "Freedom from Anxiety: A deeper approach to healing." will talk to us about how to free ourselves from anxiety. His book is based on his experience helping hundreds of people heal from anxiety. In the program today he will discuss his unique method of healing. He will share the common challenges people who suffer from anxiety face. And bring insight on the four phases of healing from anxiety.

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    The Lisa Bousson Show: Divinely Guided Spiritual Events That Change Our Lives

    in Spirituality

    Join me as I open the phone lines for you to share your story. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind…

    Explain how spirit has divinely guided you to change your life.

    Keep it under two minutes.

    Keep your story concise and to the point.


  • Spiritually Guided Truths - Lisa - Lets get reaquainted

    in Spirituality

    First show back on the air.  I will have a guest with me.  We can catch up on how everyone has been and whats new.  We will also be discussing the energies of today and how they are affecting us on so many levels.

    Advice on how to clear and block some of the struggling energy you are getting from others as well as how to be guided down your path more clearly.

    I will be taking callers time permitting.

    Look forward to talking with you all again, excited but nervous.




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    A Healthier Approach On Relationships

    in Spirituality

    Let's discuss how can we create and maintain healthy relationships. Join me and the School Of Thought round table as we discussion, "A Healthier Approach On Relationships".

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    Pose, Wobble, Flow: A Culturally Proactive Approach to Literacy Instruction

    in Education

    How can we promote personal reflection and growth in our professional practice, collaboration with colleagues, and in our classrooms with students?

    Join us for a talk about the Pose, Wobble, Flow Framework and how it can be used to address educational challenges and to meet the needs of all students. We will be in conversation with the Cindy O'Donnell-Allen and Antero Garcia, authors of Pose, Wobble, Flow: A Culturally Proactive Approach to Literacy Instruction, along with students from Cindy's graduate class on Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age.

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    NHA in the Principal's Office & Beyond

    in Education

    This month's podcast features guest school principals, Rosemary Hardie and Barbara Gaskin-Houghton.  Each brings their story of implmentation of the Nurtured Heart Approach® to their schools from the top down.  Howard Glasser and Catherine Stafford will be our hosts leading this discussion.

    Rosemary a Certified Advanced NHA trainer has served students in the field of education for 20 years as a teacher, principal and directo of special services.  She has been using NHA for the past four years throughout both the regular education and special educational systems in Wahpeton ND.

    Barbara, also a Certified Advanced NHA trainer is principal at Metteer Elemntary School in Red Bluff CA.  NHA was implemented 3 years ago with 9 staff members now being certified and additional staff familiarized the approach through onsite courses.  Barbara has been an administrator for 15+ years and in education for 20+ years. 

    For full bios on both of our guests, please click here to visit our podcast page. 

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    Show #133: A Coach Approach to Employee Engagement

    in Business

    Special Guest: Bob Hughes of The Forton Group

    Bob is a successful leadership consultant who has worked at senior levels in large organisations. With a track record in people motivation and project delivery, he has transformed corporate cultures to be more inclusive, engaging and coach-like. As well as being a director of the Engage for Success Foundation, he co-chairs the Guru Group. Bob is an acknowledged expert in the fields of leadership, talent management and employee engagement. He continues to coach leaders 1-1 – from graduates to the C-Suite – and has had particular success working with high potential leaders.

    Bob talks about why a leader who adopts a coach approach to leadership will be more engaging – directly addressing one of the 4 pillars of engagement.

    Host: Jo Dodds