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    Ready, Set, Go! Fostering Gross Motor Skills in Toddlers & Preschoolers

    in Family

    Running, jumping, climbing, and more. Dr. Maureen Suhr joins us to talk about fostering physical development in children from that first to that fifth birthday so children can really thrive.

    We’ll review the skills we should see emerge in children at different ages and talk about great toys and activities to help children develop great motor (physical) skills.

    Listen live on BlogTalkRadio and visit our website www.KidsAtoZ.com for more episodes and to visit our SMART Toy Store with info on what games and toys are great for overall child development.

    Learn more about Dr. Maureen Suhr and the programs and services at Hospital for Special Surgery where she works through the links below.

    Hospital for Special Surgery              On the Move Blog

    As always, send you questions, comments, and suggestions for future episodes to info@kidsatoz.com


    Dr. T and the Kids AtoZ Team

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    10 Gross Things YOU Are Eating

    in Health

    In today's Standard American Diet, gross food has become the norm. And, unfortunately, gross ingredidents are not always on the label.

    Tune in to get help on avoiding the grossest foods on the market.


    About Your Host:

    Jessie Blair-Myrie, CHHC, AADP




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    The Cherry Spot with the Cherry Bomb and the Amazing Zo-Alonzo Gross!

    in Poetry

    Rosalind Cherry and The Cherry Spot introduce you to the wonderfully amazing world and talent of Poet/Writer/Musician Zo-Alonzo Gross! His poetic style is unique and original and his music is positive and thought provoking. He, along with a rising few, are taking the marriage of spoken word and music to an entirely new dimension and being a part of this poetically musical movement is exciting and phenomenal!

    So make sure to tune in as Zo chats with Cherry Bomb, does a bit of reciting and allows us to experience his truly gifted music and talent!!!

    This is a feature, not an Open Mic show. Call in #773-897-6297

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    Meet Writer and Single Dad of Three; Dominic Gross

    in Self Help

    Talk about making sweet lemonade out of bitter lemons; that's what this author and  full-time single dad has done! Join the conversation and be inspired, moved and energized to live your life OUT LOUD with Dominic Gross and the fabulous hosts of The Single Connection! 

    Wanna stay in touch with Single Dad Dominic? Here's how you connect with him: 

    Singledadx3.blogspot.com  Facebook.com/singledadx3  Twitter.com/singledadx3

    Connect with us the voices behind The Single Connection. Host Danielle Rogers aka MamaD Rogers Facebook: Mama D's Words of life or Twitter:@mamadrogers and email: danielle@thesingleconnection.net

    Our co-hosts: Michelle Traylor: http://sashamichellescraftymom.blogspot.com, Autumn M. Ritchie: Twitter @MsGeekGoddess and Montess aka Moni B: Instragram monie_be


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    Joshua Graham interviews Andrew Gross

    in Books

    An interview with NY Times bestselling author Andrew Gross

  • 00:32

    Astrologist and Feng Shui Master Nadine Gross on 'We Are All Gifted Healers'

    in Spirituality

    This Thursday, October  23, at 7:pm, Nadine Gross who has at least 20 years’ experience in the wisdom of the ancient technology of Astrology.will be live on 'We Are All Gifted Healerd. Nadine has' her Certifications as an Astrologist and authorized Feng Shui Master, AFA, IFSG, ASID, Certified BTB Feng Shui.   As a Certified Western & Eastern Astrologer, Nadine blends her knowledge of the East and West in a technology known as 9 Star Key, which determines a person’s energy, so that she can synchronize the Chi or life force of their space to the life force of the person. This manifests harmony for growth and prosperity. Nadine teaches, privately, beginning and advanced Astrology, she has been a member of the American Federation of Astrologers for many years and Nadine's lectures introduce Astrology, its benefits as a road map for life, and how to find the “perfect” mate. Nadine has Advised and assisted client’s in FL, NY, CA, and Europe, where she consults for both residential and commercial clients. You may ask Nadine questions on how the balance of Astrology /Feng Shui may assist you in healing your life. Contact Nadine at fengshuing.ngross@gmail.com cell: 516-965-0144 tel: 954-974-9911. This is not fortune telling. The three 'Wise Men' that reportedly follow the North Star did not use a GPS, they used Astrology and the gift discernment which pursued in remember their 'Soul' work, was more important than material distractions. Nadine Gross is a 'Wise Woman' and through her discernment she offers to share her knowledge. We will have one hour with Nadine; she will try to do a mini Astrological chart as time permits. The number to call 646-478-5120 and online       Come join us, remember you are a Spiritual being, having a human experience, Namast'e

    Rev. Sharon

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    "Chewing The Fat" With Big And BeefY featuring BBQ Pitmaster Chef Glenn Gross

    in Cooking

    On this episode of "CHEWING THE FAT" with Big and Beefy, Chef Rob Burmeister and Chef Clemenza Caserta Jr. will be rapping with BBQ Pitmaster and Owner of Fat Jack's BBQ , Chef Glen Gross. We will be talking about his appearances on BBQ Pitmasters, "FRANKENFOOD" and all of his upcoming TV stuff.

    We will also be taking questions about BBQ and grilling to help out those puzzled by the whole art of the Barbeque.

    Chef Glenn will also be joining us in our FOOD NEWS, FOOD FIGHT and TOP FIVE LIST.

    We also would like to thank Wacko Bob, Kat, Rich, Chcuk, Sonny, and Raven of THE WACKO NETWORK for getting CHEWING THE FAT with BIG & BEEFY on the map. They gave us our first shot in the poidcast world and we will forever be in their debt.

    Big & Beefy will be "CHEWING THE FAT" on a new network starting Monday JUNE 16th at 8PM on beatsandeats.net

    Thank you all and thank you Wacko Network.

    VISIT AND LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE....facebook.com/ctfwithbigandbeefy

    CALL US 646-478-5337

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    Maggie Shipstead, Gabrielle Zevin, Jenny Milchman, Andrew Gross

    in Books

    Tune in for not just great book and author talk, but a chance to win each of these titles! Join us for conversations with:

    Maggie Shipstead on Astonish Me
    Gabrielle Zevin on The Storied Life of AJ Fikry
    Jenny Milchman on Ruin Falls
    Andrew Gross on Everything to Lose

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    Dr Gross in Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador & US-Latin America stories of the week

    in Politics


    Fausta Wertz, editor of Fausta's Blog.  We will look at the major stories of the week, from Dr Gross on a "hunger strike" in Cuba, to President Correa in the US, to the continuing violence in Venezuela, the upcoming World Cup in Brazil and other front page stories in Latin America newspapers.

    We will also hear from Gloria M. Strassburger, the author of "Palm trees in the snow", a book about her Cuban American experience.

    Check out my book: 


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    Women & Relationships With Linda "DT" Gross

    in Entertainment

    The New Woman & How To Respond To Her

    Linda "DT" Gross

    She interviewed over 20,000 men in finalizing the research for her book and has a degree in Psychology from UCLA. Ms. Gross has hosted a weekly cable TV show, has been a co-host and guest on dozens of radio shows, and was a top 10 blogger for several years. She offers one-on-one coaching as well as seminars.

    Website: http://www.themensadvocate.com/

    Twitter: @dt4m

    Book: "Mastering Women"

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    in Entertainment

    Wednesday, July 16, 3 pm ET, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is pleased to welcome to The Halli Casser-Jayne Show the author named Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America and the rare winner of two Edgar Awards, American treasure James Lee Burke, and New York Times and international bestseller thriller writer Andrew Gross. 

    James Lee Burke is the author of thirty-four novel and two collections of short stories, including New York Times bestsellers Light of the World and The Tin Roof Blowdown. Three of his novels have been made into motion pictures. His latest book, Wayfaring Stranger is James Lee Burke at his best, the story of a young boy’s chance encounter with Bonnie and Clyde that would shape his family’s fate for decades to come – a sprawling thriller that crosses continents and decades of American history.

    Andrew Gross is the author of the New York Times and international bestsellers No Way Back, 15 Seconds, Eyes Wide Open, and many more. He is also coauthor of five number one bestsellers with James Patterson, including Judge & Jury and Lifeguard. His latest blockbuster is Everything to Lose, the story of a determined mother who becomes entangled in a murderous conspiracy to keep a twenty-year-old secret buried. A blistering thriller, Everything to Lose is a book only the talented Andrew Gross could write.

    A conversation with two of the great mystery writers of our day, the incomparable James Lee Burke and the gifted Andrew Gross on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, July 16, 3 pm ET. Tune in live online at Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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