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    Special Heart Secrets Celebrating International Women's Day

    in Women

    Join Angela Carr Patterson and friends for a special edition of Heart Secrets Radio Show, Sunday, March 8th as we celebrate International Women’s Day. Gather all the women and tune into this most important discussion on “Women Rising.”

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    The Kabbalistic Secrets of Prayer

    in Spirituality

    Knowing and understanding the key words from ancient times can bring about the desired manifestation in prayer that the prophets of old understood.  If you have ever felt that you have unanswered prayers, maybe the key is the ancient secrets for effective prayer.  Hear what the Kabbalah has to say about prayer.

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    Anger Effectiveness Secrets with David Gruder

    in Relationships

    Do you push down your anger or blow up? Do you direct it toward yourself or toward others?

    There are 4 shades of anger. Three aren’t merely ineffective: they’re harmful. One is very helpful. Each needs to be dealt with differently.

    Now YOU can learn how, during a FREE webinar David Gruder is  giving this coming Thursday, June 18, 2015 (or watch via the recording!).

    David Gruder is a 9-award-winning psychologist who developed the world's first & only Full Spectrum Anger Effectiveness Secrets™ system. You probably didn't know that did you?

    This webinar is for you if you want to get the upper hand on your own anger with other people's anger. It's for you whether the anger you're dealing with anger is in your personal life, your work life, or your community.

    The Full Spectrum Anger Effectiveness Secrets™ system is acclaimed across cultures around the world because of its universal usefulness:
    ** “One of the best theories of anger (and how to use it wisely) I've read.” ~ Beth Spencer, Australia.
    ** "Terrific. Original. Very well articulated. Even helps people answer their own questions.” ~ Iwowarri Berian James, Nigeria.
    ** “Without this system, it would have taken me a lifetime to develop my ability to resolve conflict without anger or force.” ~ Craig Collins, USA.

    Don't be left out. Register now: www.DrGruder.com/angerwebinar! And remember to spread the word by forwarding this email to your colleagues and friends, and posting the link on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and so forth.


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    Money Day Thursdays: Money Secrets

    in Spirituality

    We are broadcasting a bit late today becayse of work obligations.  Todays is all about "Money Secrets". Should couples share financial information? Should your spouse know how much money is in your personal bank account?  There are always two sides to every coin family.  To tell or not to tell, that IS the question.  Does your man put his wallet way when he knows you have money?  Does your woman have her hand out every time you turn around, needing something trivial while contributing very little to the upliftment of the relationship?  Lets take a closer look...

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    Heart Secrets Talks w/ Belinda Farrell

    in Women

    As a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Huna Practitioner, and Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Belinda is effective at getting results and enhancing performance in people’s lives.  Dealing with the lost of her son from suicide and losing all her money from a Ponzi scheme, Belinda knew she had to do something to change her life. She writes about it in her book, "Find Your Friggin Joy." Join us as we talk with Belinda about how she pieced her life back together.

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    Care Break: Secrets

    in Caregiving

    We all carry secrets--some as fresh as this morning and some as old as our childhood.

    In this Care Break, Bruce McIntyre, who cares for his wife, and I will share secrets.

    About Bruce, our show's co-host:
    Bruce lives to encourage and inspire as many people as possible, especially caregivers and those living with a chronic condition. He is the author of Resilient Life and Graceful Transitions. He has served as a non-profit, church, and business leader. You can purchase Graceful Transitions at caregiving.com and read more from Bruce at brucemcintyre.com.

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    Stoosh Style Secrets: An Interview with Patrice DaCosta

    in Books

    Tune in and listen to an interview with author, Patrice DaCosta, as she discusses her new style manual:"Stoosh Style Secrets" on Monday, June 8, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. Learn the 10 Tips to Develop Your Personal and Professional Image!


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    The iCAN (Caribbean Author's Network) Radio Show is hosted by Lena Joy Rose, Executive Editor and Publisher at Minna Press.-  a one-stop resource to assist authors in writing, editing, publishing and marketing their books. 

    Print books  .  eBooks  . Ghostwriting . Distribution . Book Marketing                                                    www.minnapress.com

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    Secrets & Lies

    in Romance

    #Life #Love & #Relationships
    Monday 9 p.m pst
    Hosts: Simply D & Jules
    Call in talk Live 347-857-1344

    On tonight's show we're talking secrets and lies.  is there ever really a good reason to lie to the one you're with? What about when it comes to keeping secrets when is the right time to break confidence? Does loyalty to a friend overshadow everything else? we will also be talking about current events and Yahoo questions Innermix answers

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    Top Beauty Secrets

    in Blogs

    Women are paying top dollars on esthetician's to help improve their skin. But, with all the beauty secrets makeup artist - Shun has for us today, you will learn skin care tips. For more beauty insiders follow her beauty blogs, links will be posted below.






  • Anger Effectiveness Secrets with David Gruder Discovery Journey to Integrity

    in Spirituality

    Are you on a journey to become whole? 
    Are you looking for more balance, peace and harmony in your life? 
    Are you searching for ways to raise your vibrational frequency?
    Are you deciding to make changes in your life to improve your outcomes? Do you want more personal Integrity?

    If you have said yes to one of these questions, then this show is for you! YOU have by the Law Of Attraction, brought this show into your experience whereby your eyeballs are reading this and you know This just MIGHT be the answer you are looking for!

    So recognize the serendipity, coincidence, God-incidence or miracle that the universe has delivered to you and tune in, tap in and turn on to our show as we peel back the secrets to success in Anger Effectiveness. Because you don't know, WHAT you don't know, UNTIL you know it. AND THEN....you have the power of free will, and choice to decide what you want and take action to get the results you only dreamed of. Learn and Identify what kind of anger styles you grew up with and how to harness the power of you by becoming aware of the Secrets to Anger Effectiveness. 

    FREE webinar for our listeners! TO LEARN MORE TUNE IN  Thursday, June 18, 2015 (recorded)
    David Gruder is a  9-award-winning psychologist who developed the world's first & only Full Spectrum Anger Effectiveness Secrets™ system. 
    This webinar is for you if you want to get the upper hand on your own anger with other people's anger. 

    Register now: www.DrGruder.com/angerwebinar! YES Share with friends, and on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter 


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    Jun 15 ~Charlotte View: The Gina Spriggs Show, 3 Secrets Learned from My Mentor

    in Spirituality

    Charlotte View proudly presents The Gina Spriggs Show. On the premiere of her monthly shows (Second Friday of Every Month) 

    Did you ever wonder why some Intuitives are well known for their work and others …not so much?

    Join Gina Spriggs as she shares 3 Secrets She Learned from Her Mentor and how they made a profound difference in her work and her life.

    The moment Gina Spriggs started doing readings professionally, the flood gates opened up and she realized that her intuitive style featured all of “The Clairs” (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognisence… and a few gifts I never even had heard of before). Her clients are from all around the globe and her readings are known for their accuracy.  

    Even though Gina was naturally psychic, she was drawn to books and workshops geared toward further developing her gifts. Gina has studied with a variety of Masters: Marcus Katz, a Tarot Scholar and author based out of the UK; Debra Lynn Katz, world renowned Clairvoyant and author; Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, Medical Intuitive, physician and author; and Cyndi Dale Holistic Intuitive and author. It is her personal experiences over the years combined with studying with Masters that makes Gina a Master Mentor!

    www.GinaSpriggs.guru    /   gina6262@gmail.com

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