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    Graced To Do It

    in Religion

    God has graced (loved,called,and empowered)  you to do something meaningful...what is it?

    Join Host Darrell Hykes as he takes you through the journey of his life. While tuned in, maybe you'll discover exactly what it is you're Graced to do.

    Enjoy the program...

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    Graced To Live The Victorious Life

    in The Bible

    When God created Adam and Eve, His desire was to have the most passionate relationship possible. Deception and bad choices created a gap in the relationship. Jesus Christ of Nazareth filled the gap. God is ready to enter into a new Graced filled relationship with all those that desire to be a part of His family. He's given us the authority to be His children and the privilege of using all that is His to carry out everything He has asked us to do. (KC Personal Notes Edition Bible) 

    Join Host Darrell Hykes as he continues his biblical exploration on the subject of Grace.

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    Live Interview With Jerry Parisi:

    in Self Help

    This show will be a fun- filled interview with Jerry Parisi:BIO:
    Jerry Parisi started his acting career as a child. Jerry got his SAG card in 198. His earliest commercial was for DHL.
    He was background TV and movies. A featured extra in Dreams Don’t die and extra in King Kong, or Fort Apache
    The Bronx. He is visible in Deathtrap and can be seen in many other crowd scenes. Jerry was on the famed Prize
    Patrol, at Publishers Clearing House. He has appeared on 2 covers on the Long Island Newspaper “Newsday”
    Once as Ebenezer Scrooge, a character he recreates every year and got a chance to work with the world famous
    Rockettes. His second cover was for a haunted boat ride as Captain Jack. Jerry held a position for a year on the
    Smith Sabatino Radio Show, hosted by Roland Smith and Carl Sabatino. Jerry has played a thief on TruTV’s
    “Caught Red Handed” and has graced the TV screen with close to a dozen commercials, advertising Industries. As
    of late, he hosts the Long island Filmmakers show a show on MadHouseTV.com That same show is aired
    on Long Island Cable 20.

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    Minister Kimberly Smith, Prophetic Writer

    in Motivation

    Ministers Michael and Kimberly Smith are a dedicated couple full of God’s Word, love, and His power. Currently residing in Florida, both Michael and Kimberly are graduates of Wilberforce University in Ohio. Minister Kimberly also studied at Kent State University earning a M.Ed. For more than thirty years, they have lifted up the name of Jesus with great affection and unconditional worship. Keenly sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit, the two function in flow with integrity and righteousness. They creatively joined together and made the powerful Spoken Word CD titled “The Pastor’s Journey.”

    Minister Kimberly, a woman who radiates the love and compassion of Christ emanates God’s great hope for people. The Lord uses her mightily in areas of intercession, teaching, counsel, and encouragement. She is also a prolific prophetic writer, watchfully scribing the whispers of God. God graced her with gifts that have brought inner healing and hope to many. Minister Kimberly is the founder and facilitator of With Open Arms Women’s Ministries.

    Minister Michael, a profound teacher of the Word of God also arranges and composes music. An anointed Psalmist, he melodiously enters the presence of the Lord and prepares the way for the King. Often singing prophetically as the Spirit of the Lord leads, he seasons the atmosphere for the all-encompassing Presence of the Lord. Audiences are captivated while God faithfully imparts into them. Many have attested to the fact that “surely the presence of the Lord was in this place.”

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    Deepertruth: Confirmation This Is My Vow, I will Be Faithful

    in Religion

    Pope Gregory the Great (604 A. D.) explained it by pointing out that such charismatic signs were “necessary in the first days of faith, but not in later years”(Homiliae in Evanfelia, Hom 29.4).

    The Holy Spirit is poured out upon the recipient through the invocation of the Bishop. During the Easter Vigil the Priest is authorized to Confirm by proxy for the Bishop.

    What a great blessing and honor it was to participate in this process while serving in Iraq.  

    In Iraq I was graced to be one of the
    leading Catechists is Baghdad as we Confirmed all of the Candidates and Catechumens.

    The miracle is that all those receiving this great Sacrament receive the Holy Spirit with all the blessings, as those from the beginning.

    Pope Pius states in his encyclical, Mediator Dei, 11/20/47, “…that we learn of confirmation through its liturgy is significant. This highlights the importance of liturgy as a means of knowing and transmitting religious teaching.” As water is used in baptism, olive oil, perfumed with balsam is used in Confirmation, the Sacrament of the Holy Spirit. It is Pentecost extended throughout the world, perpetuated and made ever present in the church. It is a call to spread the Kingdom of Christ, to spread the message of salvation.



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    Deepertruth: Sister Briege McKenna’s Witness of A Eucharistic Miracle (7:00 PM)

    in Religion

    Today Sister Briege McKenna’s healing ministry is totally centered on the Eucharist.  During a special retreat for sisters a few years ago, she shared a remarkable story of how Jesus led her to this Eucharistic centering.

    Sr. McKenna writes, “I had a big problem. After my own dramatic healing and then receiving the gift of healing many others, I was worried because so many people, were coming to me.  In less than one year, so many headings were taking place, that the people wanted to make a saint out of me, even asking for relics…cloth from an old habit, my hair trimmings, etc. I was astounded and disturbed by it… and then there was the way that some people wanted to touch me, as if they would be healed or graced by doing so.”

    (Editors note:  Acts 19:11-12 states, “ And God did extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, so that handkerchiefs or aprons were carried away from his body to the sick, and diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them.”)

    “I loved the people, but I did not like what was happening. There was a danger that, instead of directing people to the Lord or to the Mass, they had come just to see me.  I certainly knew that, of myself, I had absolutely no power, and that it was Jesus Who was doing the healing; that I was only His chosen instrument. However, even to be chosen by Him was itself an extraordinary gift. Pride could step in, and one could begin to believe that one is better than other people.  In a certain way, I felt that I was becoming a celebrity, and I knew that it was neither true, nor good for my soul.


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    in Entertainment

    Chef Elliott is honored to share his technical skills and culinary wisdom of his friend and colleague: THE DISTINGUISHED AND PHENOMENAL, EXECUTIVE CHEF OF The Lifestyle Collective, New York - Atlanta - Seattle - Las Vegas - Sag Harbor, AND FOUNDER OF THE BLACK CULINARY HISTORY, CHEF THERESE NELSON!!!!

    She is a suma cume laude graduate of Johnson and Wales University where she holds degrees in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts.  Her culinary talents were used as recipe consultant for the company's 2 branded cookbooks The Get Em' Girl's Guide to the Power of Cuisine and The Get Em Girl's Guide to the Perfect Get Together.  Her food has graced the tables of global brands such as Black Enterprise, Carol's Daughter, BET, MTV, WEEN, Verizon and RocNation.


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    Success Secrets on How to make it in Hollywood with Grace Fraga

    in Entertainment

    Join us as we broadcast live on the air at 11:11 am Pacific Time 1:11 pm Central 2:11 pm Eastern Time  

    Do You Ever wonder How do I...

    Make it into Hollywood?

    What's the secret to getting started in comedy?

    How do I get noticed to make it on to a TV show?

    How do I get my sitcom idea on TV?

    How do I manage my ex and my show biz career?

    Well, today is your lucky day because you've been praying and God does answer prayers BECAUSE, today, you are going to be graced  with the answers to those questions all wrapped up in bundle of laughter and insights that are sure to brighten your day and future.

    Learn to attract, convert, leverage and retain the Secrets and Strategies to success in entertainment with our Comedienne, writer, producer and award winning actress 


    Owner of Juan-ah-Laff Productions, Producer of several cable TV Shows, one woman plays. Actiing credits highlights include: A&E, VH1, Discovery Channel, Court TV, Univision, Telemundo,The Steve Harvey Show with Club appearances at The Comedy Store, The Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Ice House,The Comedy Zone and Harrah's. Her DVD Full of Grace is available on Itunes and Amazon.com.



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    Guest:Pierce Austin/Hair Stylist/Selma/Focus/Captain Amercia

    in Movies

    Pierce Austin has created unforgettable looks during his years in the industry. He as graced the pages-and covers-of magazines including GQ, People, Vanity Fair, Essence, Newsweek and Premiere. His styling's can be seen on the big screen in feature films such as "Hitch," "I, Robot," "Men In Black" and "Ali," as well as television shows such as "Family Matters," "Melrose Place" and HBO's original movie "Laurel Avenue." Inspired by each client's uniqueness, Austin personalizes any given character look to compliment individual style. With a background in graphic design, he improves the efficiency of pre-production on movie and television sets by creating images of the project's characters to present to directors and producers without ever having to pick up his clippers. Mr. Will Smith's personal barber. They have remained a team after thirteen movies, six albums and numerous print shoots. You can also see his work on Selma and Captain America: Winter Soldier. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film


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    Vinny Balzano gets a Buddah Special on Turnbuckle Turmoil

    in Sports

    Turnbuckle Turmoil hits a special day and time so we may bring to you "The High Flying Italian" Vinny Balzano. He is an exicting cruiserweight wrestler that has competed all over the midwest. He's graced the rings of several different companies already in his young career with many more new companies on his schedule. Join us and learn more about this young star.

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    Elder Melvin Taylor and The Prodigal Sunz

    in Women


    Elder Melvin Taylor (Melvin Taylor, who used to sing with the Blind Boys of Mississippi, will sing with the awe-inspiring a capella group) and The Prodigal Sunz (Louis Gordon, Michael Key, Ronnie Arrington, LaGarrette Heath, and Tony Pate), brought together to minister God's Gospel through music and to glorify and praise the name of Jesus Christ through whom all their blessings flow. Elder Taylor and The Prodigal Sunz formed their powerful union in 2002.


    In 2010 and in 2013, the group was named 1st runner-up in the quartet division at The Gospel Music Workshop of America's Convention in beautiful downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2010, the group was invited to come back on the following night, after placing as 1st runner-up, to give a salute to Shirley Caesar and Albertina Walker. Elder Melvin Taylor has graced the stage by opening for such nationally renowned acts as The Rance Allen Group and The Gospel Keynotes.


    Elder Melvin Taylor and The Prodigal Sunz are the spiritual and musical staples for several events including: Coalition for a Drug Free America Concert on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati which was presented by Drug-Free Action Alliance. The group has also performed in the City of Cincinnati Gospel and Blues Fest, The annual City of Cincinnati Juneteenth Celebration, The Cincinnati Herald’s 15th Annual Nefertiti Awards, and The American Cancer Society fundraising events. 



    Elder Melvin Taylor at 513-251-3410

    Gail Russell, Gospel Artist Manager at 678-551-7070 ext 3417

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