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    Rock Hudson's Physician, Dr. Michael Gottlieb, Honored by Desert AIDS Project

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    The 2015 Science and Medicine Award was presented to Dr. Michael Gottlieb, a physician and immunologist best known for his identification of AIDS as a new disease with the first diagnoses in June 1981. Gottlieb was famously Rock Hudson’s doctor, following the actor’s AIDS diagnosis until his death in 1985, as well as physician to the namesake of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, which shares with Desert AIDS Project the distinction of being named a “Top 20 HIV/AIDS Charity” for both 2013 and 2014.

    Nicholas Snow (with guest co-host Kristin Johnson) is thrilled to present a seven-part comprehensive series documenting the 2015 Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards held February 9th at the Palm Springs Convention Center, raising $1.3 million for direct client services at Desert AIDS Project. Special thanks to the gala producer Momentous Events for helping us secure the audio.

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    Special Guest: Dr. Daniel Gottlieb

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         We were all born with the ability to experience joy, love, compassion, and trust--and the ability to experience awe in every new encounter. How did we lose that precious wisdom, the wisdom we were born with? Well, life tends to get in the way. We then develop habitual ways of looking at the world, which (let's face it!) may not be the most upbeat. What would you do, for example, if "life" sent you one heck of a lesson--like getting into a car accident that left you paralyzed from the neck down? Would you ever be able to tap into that source of wisdom again?

         Tonight Jennifer will be talking to Dr. Daniel Gottlieb, a practicing psychologist and family therapist who is also the host of "Voices in the Family" on WHYY, Philadelphia's NPR affiliate. Thirty years ago, he was involved in an accident which left him a quadripalegic for life. Between his own personal struggles and those of his patients, Dr. Gottlieb truly understands how life "gets in the way" of the wisdom we're born with, which happens to be the title of his latest book. His words offer a perspective, a path back to that gentle and wise place. You'll enjoy this interview.


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    Financial Advisor Brett Gottlieb Protects Your Money

    in Finance

    Brett Gottlieb, financial advisor and founder of Comprehensive Advisor, joins Heather Wagenhals, Executive Producer and host of UnlockYourWealthRadio.com to Season 19 Running with Scissors. Through a holistic approach, Brett builds strong relationships with his clients offering financial advice and assistance. Brett's areas of expertise include retirement planning, estate planning, investment portfolio construction, individual investment selection and life & health insurance planning. Tune in to find out how you can protect your assets and grow value yourself as an estate planner.

    "It's the pre-retired & post-retired individual or family that is trying to either save more, grow more or protect their assets but don't have the time to do so themselves. They want to know that the advisor they work with will pay attention to their portfolios, so they can focus on work or enjoying retirement.” ~ Brett Gottlieb

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    Debbie Papadakis: A fresh look at ancient wisdom with Dr Gottlieb

    in Self Help

    Join Debbie Papadakis and Daniel Gottlieb where they will discuss his new book The Wisdom We’re Born With – Restoring Our Faith in Ourselves.  Dr. Gottlieb reminds us that we were all born with the ability to experience joy, love, compassion, trust – and the ability to experience awe with every new encounter.  The Wisdom You’re Born With will restore hope and faith, and inspire gratitude for the gift of life. 

    Debbie Papadakis, BCH, CI of Hypno Healing Institute, is a Toronto based Board Certified Hypnotist, featured in Oprah’s O Magazine & O’s Big Book of Happiness, Oprah.com & CNN.com, www.hypno-healing.com , debbie@hypno-healing.com , 416-760-8996,

    Daniel Gottlieb, a practicing psychologist and family therapist, columnist and radio host of “Voices in the Family” on WHYY, Philadelphia’s National Public Radio affiliate.  He is the author of five books, including the bestselling Letters to Sam and Learning from the Heart (winner of the “Books for  a Better Life” Award), royalties from sales of this book will be donated to the Khulani Special School, Mduku Community, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. www.DrDanGottlieb.com

    Join us on this week’s show and contribute to this vital discussion. Call in with your questions.

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    Coming Soon: How to read without glasses

    in Self Help


    (30 minute show@ 3 PM)

    On this show we will discuss our upcoming interview with Dr. Ray Gottlieb.  As founder of “The Read Without Glasses Method”,  Dr. Gottlieb will explain how this easy to learn, simple to practice process helps keep our eyes young and sharp; both of which  support  our ability to read without glasses. If you would like to know more about this product, go to our website @ www.lfw2.net and click on “Affiliates”.  If you have questions, our guest will be happy to answer them during the show..Thank you for joinng us..  

    E-mail:  livingfromwithin2@yahoo.com 

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    Karen Gottlieb

    in Paranormal

    A Channelist, Artist, & GhostDuster! Meditation, Archetypal & Creativity Coaching also available. Learn new techniques for inner exploration, self discovery, and joyful expression.Crossing the Channel and Enlightening Hope are 2 of the great pages on facebook Karen has going on with her work. She is working with individuals and the paranormal world in helping souls be uplifted in places of haunts. Her class The Compassionate Heart/Witness helps ghost hunts learn what it is our souls want and the stories the souls have when they move one. So please join her pages to learn more on classes and the soul realm. Also listen to her with Jim Heater as they talk of souls and she channels callers.

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    Wild Wild Left Radio #202 M.A. Gottlieb, Syria, Fukushima

    in Politics Progressive

    Michael Gottlieb, former co-conspirator and ally in all things wildly subversive steps out of Political retirement to re-join Wild Wild Left radio tonight! Now a published author, I will have a chance to pick his brain about his awesome novel, The Fourth Wall, the process of writing, and the art of living on the stage.
    Of course, we will sink our teeth into the News, as always.  Syria is looming like a hair trigger brandished by madmen bent on world domination.. or destruction.  Fukushima may make that point moot, as the ocean boils and the possibility of uncontrollable meltdown becomes more likely.
    Oil is still spilling, rigs are burning and the Gulf is still a toxic stew

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    in Health

    3/16/2015 —In this episode, we talk with Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, s Founder and President of Gaynor Integrative Oncology and Gaynor Wellness in New York City about his latest book, "The Gene Therapy Plan – Taking Control of your Genetic Destiny Through Diet and Lifestyle". Survivor Spotlight on founder of Life Coaching Matters Heidi Gottlieb.

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    The Michael Dresser Show

    in Books

    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Jason Jennings: Author of "The High-Speed Company: Creating Urgency and Growth in a Nanosecond Culture," http://www.Jason-Jennings.com http://twitter.com/#!/jasonjennings

    Eddie Fatakhov, MD, MBA: Co-author of "The Doctors' Clinic-30 Program: A Healthy & Exciting Weight-Loss Program That Allows You to Eat Plenty of Nutritious Food...Without the Frustration of Dieting," http://eddiefatakhovmd.com

    Margaret Cahill: Author of "Under Cover of Darkness: How I Blogged My Way Through Mantle Cell Lymphoma," http://www.margaretcahill.wordpress.com

    Steven Gottlieb: Author of "Flush: Celebrating Bathrooms Past and Present," http://www.gottliebphoto.com http://twitter.com/#!/SteveGottliebVM

    Princess Romay: Author of "Memories of the Heart: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work," http://www.princessromay.com

    Henry A. Walter: Author or "Heaven's Better: A Jolly Look at Miracles & Entrepreneurship," http://observationsofanoldnewsman.com


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    How To Ruin a Business Without Really Trying by @MJGottlieb w/ @VickensMoscova

    in Education

    MJ Gottlieb’s How To Ruin a Business Without Really Trying (Morgan James, October 2014) takes a humbling approach to helping entrepreneurs by telling them what NOT to do. Saturated by a market that provides lists of to-do’s, this book goes against the grain by recounting 55 painstaking, yet hysterical fails throughout Gottlieb’s journey as an entrepreneur. It highlights some of the most prevalent and destructive mistakes entrepreneurs make when running a business today.

    Section One contains 39 short stories starting with the top five “Do Not and Never Ever Evers” when starting a business. Examples include: “Do Not Spend What You Do Not Have”; “Don’t Be Confused Between Working Hard and Working Smart”; and “Don’t Sign a Contract with a Foreign Corporation Unless You Plan to Live There.” Section Two includes 16 more stories focusing on the subject of pursuing capital. Examples include: “The Jack of All Trades… Is A Jackass”; “Don’t Go to an Investor Who Is Looking for an Investor”; and “Entrepreneurship for recent college grads—things to consider before taking the leap.” Click here for more on MJ Gottlieb and the book.


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    A Conscious Heart Connection

    in Lifestyle

    You can have a conscious heart connection which will foster a life of inner peace and joy. My guest Ilene Gottlieb and I will be talking about how to be consciously connected to your Heart of Love in who you are being in our relationship with yourself, your Source as you believe it to be, in your relationship with others and your life experiences. We are also going to be talking about how she was awakened to her soul's connection, how that changed her life, and why she's so passionate about sharing her gifts and tools with others.