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    Gossiping Divas Bringin Da Juice on Celebrity News and More

    in Entertainment

    Celebrity gossip blogging sisters Gossiping Divas discusses, debates and gives good gossip about all the hottest people and topics around the world to date.

    Today's show wil be feature new music from Day 26,

    Gossip on Kim Kardashian and sex tape

    George Zimmerman re-enacting of Trayvon killing Video

    Disney & Nickelodeon casting black "Ethnic" actors

    and more scoop on VH1 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

    Join us live for a daily dose from 3:30pm - 4pm Est.

    Visit our website at www.gossipingdivas.com

    "It's a Gossiping World and we're all just  in it!"

    If you have any gossip you'd like to share call us 24/7 and leave a message on our tipline at: (347) 746-7747

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    Interviewing The Divas talking with Aprille Janes

    in Women

    Join Diva Candace Gish today as she speaks with fellow Diva, Aprille Janes. They will create a conversation around her topic: "Survive and Thrive When Life Gets Weird", by Aprille Janes

    Aprille Janes BIO -

    In 2003, after 20 years as a successful business consultant, I threw away that tight "corporate suit" to work with creative entrepreneurs. Today I have a lot more fun helping clients "Tell a Bigger Story". Story cuts through the hype, creates real, human connection and builds authentic, successful businesses.  My clients achieve by doing what they love AND they make a great living. I'm a small business mentor, speaker, author and podcast host of The Bolder Business Podcast.www.BolderBiz.com

    Warm regards,


    Be Bold.

    Canada 905-985-6454

    US        614-356-7727


  • Interviewing The Divas Welcomes Back Dorothy Briggs

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    Join Diva Candace Gish, founder of "Interviewing The Divas", each week as she speaks with other entrepreneurial women. Women who have chosen to be a Woman of Business, all while managing households, families and community.

    Today Candace's guest is Dorothy Briggs from Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Dorothy Briggs is the founder and publisher of Womanition® and Vavasaur® Magazines,profiling men and women in business, entrepreneurs with products and services to sell, along with Divorce Magazine Canada which is a resource for people going through a separation or divorce. 

    The “Womanition BizBrigade – Leadership Conference" was created by Dorothy as a one day conference with a specific format held twice per year in Edmonton, reaching hundreds of people to educate, inspire and motivate. 

    Dorothy operates SIX NETWORKING GROUPS throughout Alberta encouraging connections throughout their community.  She has become a connector extraordinaire for small business people.

    Ms. Briggs has made it official and initiated a Womanition Mentorship Program as she has been mentoring women for years.  The 6 month program focuses on many areas of business.

    The Womanition SuPEARLative Awards was created to honor women in Alberta in 6 categories

    Dorothy Briggs, Womanition won the 2013 Marcom Award, PLATINUM – highest honor and THREE GOLD Awards for Special Edition Magazine in Design. 2012, 2013 & 2014

    Dorothy Briggs


    780-761-3000 office

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    Interviewing the Divas ... with Founder and Diva, Candace Gish

    in Women

    Welcome to Interviewing the Divas.  My name is Candace Gish, the host of this particular weekly call. My vision of this call is to provide a platform for women to share with others.  These women talk about their particular businesses and share tips for success.  Other Divas talk about their journeys and how they are now helping many people in similar situations.  

    Over the past couple years I have talked with Authors, Network Marketers, Health practitioners, Massage therapists, Holistic doctors, Personal trainers and Nutritionists.  I have had the opportunity to talk with many stay at home mothers that are making a difference in their homes and communities.  To say thank you to these gracious divas I started a website to showcase them more.  I want to develop a community of divas, a central place where you can find and perhaps connect with others.  This new diva page will have a picture and a brief write-up to highlight the call and then link the call so that you can listen to it and share with your peeps. 

    I am very excited about this and can't wait for all of you to see it.  

    One last thing..... are you a Diva? If this is you or someone you know, please contact us.  We want to feature you.

    Kindest Regards,

    Candace Gish




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    Interviewing The Divas ... with Guest Zandra Bell

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    Join Diva Candace Gish today as she speaks with her guest, fellow Diva .... the dynamic and very funny, Zandra Bell

    Zandra Bell minds YOUR business! Yes, as a successful motivational humorist, corporate speaker, and professional wordsmith, this savvy marketing mentor has learned a thing or two about how best to effectively wield the power of the spoken and written word to your entrepreneurial advantage.

    An expert in what she describes as “the art of creative business revitalization”, Zandra acts as an objective advisor looking in at everything from your current sales practices, right on through to the wording in your voice mail greeting, aligning, fine tuning, monetizing, and sharing surprising insights that owners are often too close to their business to realize.

    Says Zandra, “What I do for entrepreneurs is difficult to say succinctly because it’s so all encompassing and specific to their needs but, in essence, it’s all about creating your niche, your business “empire”, if you will, and then effectively utilizing the right words in the right way to compel your potential clients to choose YOU, your products, your services. Your passion and my imagination together…the possibilities are endless!!!”

    Zandra Bell ?

    at wit's end, 

    Inspirational Hilarity to Enhance Human Potential


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    Ultima Lucha! Divas Revolution! Open Lines!

    in Wrestling

    On this edition of Champion Talk we are takin a page from Extreme, Host of the Random Radio Revolution, and going random. We open the lines as we discuss many things. Like the Season one Finale of Lucha Underground, Ultima Lucha. Did the finale live up to expectations? The Divas Revolution seems to be in full swing but is the WWE really invested in restoring the glory of the Divas division or is WWE riding a social media wave? The Swiss Superman, Cesaro has really stepped up the past month and after Raw, the fans seem behind him but is the WWE? Dana White backtracked after his comments last weekend, should we believe his apology? All this and more! TUNE IN! SPEAK OUT!

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    WWE 2K16 Release WWE Divas Jay Lethal And Roddy Piper

    in Wrestling

    Talking about the Divas division of the WWE and how it is doing in my opinion. Jay Lethal the new ROH World Champ And WWE 2K16 Giveaway. Sasha Banks and Becky from NXT. Bella Twins coming to an end.

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    Interviewing the Divas ... with Guest Dianna Bowes

    in Women

    Join Diva Candace Gish as she speaks with fellow Diva, Dianna Bowes.

    Dianna's Topic today is, "The Media and Why Women Over 40 Don't Wear Bathing Suits in Public."

    Dianna Bowes is the Founder of Fabulous@50 and Editor of Be Fabulous! Magazine. She is an entrepreneur who models integrity and creativity, a philanthropist who gives to many causes and is a champion for others. In 2008 Dianna recognized that baby boomer women were missing something: the opportunity to connect, have fun, learn and be inspired, so she took the bull by the horns and created a community dedicated to supporting women who are in the transition of mid-age.

    Dianna was the winner of the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Turning Point Category and was awarded the 2014 Leader of Tomorrow by Edmonton Business Magazine. Her motto is "If not now, when?"

    Dianna Bowes
    Fabulous@50 Founder - CEO, Creative Director
    • 2014 Business Leaders of Tomorrow Award
    • 2011 YWCA Women with Distinction - Turning Point Category
    • 2014 Winner of Stevie Award  - Gold - Best Event - Bronze - Women Helping Women




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    Interviewing The Divas ... "Are You Hunting or Farming?" ....with Aprille Janes

    in Women

    Join Diva Candace Gish on Thursday, June 10th at 12 NOON CST as she speaks with fellow Diva, Aprille Janes. Their topic will be: 

    "Are you hunting or farming?" 

    In 2003, after 20 years as a successful business consultant, Aprille threw away her tight "corporate suit" – that robot personality that Big Business values – to work with people creating success on their own terms –  entrepreneurs. Today she has a lot more fun helping her clients "Tell a Bigger Story" while building connection-based, successful businesses.  Her clients do what they love AND they make a great living. Aprille is a small business mentor, speaker, author and podcast host of The Bolder Business Podcast.

    Aprille's Website is: 

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    Dirty Divas: Vacation All I Ever Wanted

    in Wrestling

    We're 72 hours until Summerslam, and 48 hours into NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, and the ladies are uber excited.  They'll give their predictions on who will win, and Michelle will give you a recap of her meeting Kevin Owens.  Plus, RAW, Total Divas, and Tough Enough reviews.  We encourage everyone's participation.  Please feel free to call in:  323-870-4022

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    Interviewing the Divas ... with Guest, Sophia Zoe

    in Women

    "Interviewing the Divas" .... Join Diva Candace Gish as she speaks with her guest, Sophia Zoe. 

    Sophia Zoe believes in the glorious potential of every woman - each born blessed with talents and the capacity to thrive. As an Energy Therapist, Sophia addresses energetic imbalances within the body. She also deletes negative programming in the sub-conscious mind that keep one stuck and afraid. By clearing trauma and stress, the client then has the clearance to move forward in her life, making wise decisions with clarity and ease.

    Besides using leading-edge energy healing techniques, Sophia passionately shares her favourite short-cut to quick results: the use of therapeutic essential oils. In her quest to find the purest, most effective essential oils in the world, Sophia spent thousands of dollars and many years experimenting with over forty brands of oils. Happily, there is a company whose product standards and business integrity continually impress and surpass Sophia’s expectations. This company is Young Living Essential Oils. These oils very often have an immediate effect.

    By combining energy healing with essential oils, Sophia’s clients quickly and gently transcend their former selves and come into their wiser and empowered selves. 

    Sophia Zoe