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    The Tufts Get Going!

    in Entertainment

    9 am Eastern, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts

    People who are making their dreams come true . . . hear them here!


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    Martice Sutton: Girls Going Global

    in Travel

    If anyone could travel the world in 80 days without breaking a sweat, it would be Spelman alumna Martice Sutton. The 25-year-old globetrotter’s passion for all things international has taken her from Johannesburg to Istanbul to Paris and back. 

    Sutton has worked in Hyderabad, India as a social enterprise consultant for Hyderabad's Affordable Private School’s where she worked with education entrepreneurs to develop a blueprint for change. Her greatest accomplishments in India include a TOMS shoes giving event in which 700 students of Grace Model School were given a pair of school shoes as well as championing the first place Design for Change International Education Competition.

    It was while working to create better experiences for young girls in India, that Sutton realized young African-American girls in America, needed someone to champion their causes too. Sutton's fierce desire to explore every inch of the planet also serves as the catalyst for her new venture -- Girls Going Global, a growing social enterprise designed to expose African-American girls to the cultures of the world. To date the organization has hosted a Passport To the World global engagement summer camp in Philadelphia, sponsored first time passports for girls 10-16, and have created two educational travel experiences to Toronto, Canada and Turrialba, Costa Rica. In July 2015 GGG will be embarking on it's third international travel experience to Belize!

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    The Mars Dream Team

    in Current Events

    Going MAD drafts their Mars 1 Dream Team--highlights include Dennis Rodman, Chuck Norris, and more!  The crew touches on UFOs and science--all in all, a great show! Tune in!

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    Giving In To Keep Going On

    in Religion

    Normal human response to adverse circumstances is to resist them, no matter their cause. Indeed, those who fight and overcome adversity usually garner much praise.

    However, not all fights are ones a man can win and, in many cases, they are not even ones in which he should contest. In truth, it is not even always about "letting the Lord fight my battles." Sometimes, and more often than not, it is about offering up what matters not so that things of value might be unharmed, or even strengthened.

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    Going Shamanic: Interspecies Communication

    in Spirituality

    Join us on today for "Going Shamanic" radio with Jennifer Engracio.

    This episode, we explore Interspecies Communication with Val Majeau from Sacred Paws.

    How can we learn to communicate with animals?

    What can they teach us about living?

    How can they help us heal? 

    This conversation will bring up some age old questions about the 'feelings' and sensitivities of animals.  Val Majeau is the owner of Sacred Paws, a business she runs from the Calgary, Alberta area of the world.  Sacred Paws is a mobile service, devoted to all animals. Animals suffer from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues just as we do. They are sensitive to human moods and changes in their environment.  Val also helps humans to understand their animals’ needs better.

    Learn more about Val and her amazing work at www.sacred-paws.com

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    Mandala Art Meditation: Going Within

    in Self Help

    For the first 70+ shows of the Mandala Art Meditations, I pick a different card from the Tarot as the basis of our meditation.


    The Hermit: Going Within


    welcoming message

    brief instructions

    guided meditation

    closing message


    If you want to participate in the meditation and create a mandala, prior to the show

    set up a quiet space for the meditation and to do create the mandala

    have a piece of paper ready and draw a circle on it

    have your coloring/drawing tools ready (color pencils, crayons, pens, markers, etc.)

    If you want to do the meditation only, then just set up a quiet space for yourself


    After the show, if you plan to create a mandala of your experience

    allow yourself to be in the meditative state for a few moments, recapturing any images, thoughts, sensations, feelings, etc.

    when you're ready, go to your paper and coloring tools and create the essence of what you experienced. let go of feeling like you have to draw or color it perfectly.

    allow yourself to just go with the flow of it, the essence of it. when we allow ourselves to fully embrace our creative spirit, the insights come.

    feel free to draw/color outside the circle, whatever feels appropriate.

    when done, write down any insights in a journal or directly on the mandala

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    Night of Deliverance -Binding and Loosing

    in Religion

    You are invited to join in our show...Friday at 7:00 pm "What's Really Going on Around here"...Apostle Desmon Dobbins will be our speaker. You are invited to come receive your "Breakthrough" In Person at 7:00 pm  Today Friday February 27, 2015. 
    We are located at :
    2538 West Washington St. Indianapolis, In 46222, (on the lower level)

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    what is going on in Pittsburgh PA today

    in News

    I'm going to be telling you what it's going on in Pittsburgh PA today and what be going on more and more come along and have fun

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    dc going back to classic

    in Books

    there been word lately that dc comics drop the 52's and going stop making them. so this means that dc want go back to classic looks. cause so far the tv shows gotham,arrow,and the flash staying true to the stories and looks. but what about the movies like new superman,batman,wonder woman and may others. and now with supergirl tv shows coming what going happen with that one. even with the outfit. but call in and give us your thoughts on what they want do with dc comics drop the 52's and where they going with the supergirl tv show.

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    The Tufts Get Going!

    in Entertainment

    9 am Wednesdays (Eastern), "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts

    "The Face of the Doctor." Doctor Who? Exactly. One of my most popular guests, Rose Rosetree, is back to talk about her new book, "The New Power of Face Reading." I challenge her to interpret the meaning of the facial features of one of the most interesting faces in the pop culture zeitgeist right now -- the one and only Peter Capaldi, currently ruling the BBC airwaves as the 13th Doctor Who!  

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    No Time For Compromising

    in Religion

    You are invited to join in our show...Sunday at 3:30 pm "What's Really Going on Around here"...Apostle Desmon Dobbins will be our speaker. You are invited to come receive your "Breakthrough" In Person at 3:00 pm  Today Sunday February 22, 2015. 
    We are located at :
    2538 West Washington St. Indianapolis, In 46222, (on the lower level)


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