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    Slasher Studios Horror Podcast: Tales From the Crypt

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    On a brand new episode of Slasher Studios Horror Podcast, our hosts Kevin Sommerfield and Andrew will be discussing their favorite (and least favorite) Tales From the Crypt episodes as well as doing a mini review of Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood. The crypt begins tonight at 10PM central so don't miss it!!

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    Hal Bodner joins Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

    in Books

    Hal Bodner is the author of the best selling gay vampire novel, Bite Club and the lupine sequel, The Trouble With Hairy. He tells people he was born in East Philadelphia because so few people know where Cherry Hill, New Jersey is located.  The first person he saw ever saw was the doctor who delivered him, C. Everet Coop, the future US Surgeon General.  Thus, Hal was ironically destined to become a heavy smoker.

    He moved to West Hollywood in the 1980s and has rarely left the city limits during the past several decades.  Hal is so WeHo-centric that he cannot find his way around Beverly Hills, the next town over. Hal has been an entertainment lawyer, a scheduler for a 976 sex telephone line, a theater reviewer and the personal assistant to a television star.  He once owned Heavy Petting, a pet boutique where all the movie stars shopped for their Pomeranians. He also owned an exotic bird shop.

    Hal has also written a few erotic paranormal romances -- which he refers to as “supernatural smut” -- most notably In Flesh and Stone and  For Love of the Dead.   His comic gay super hero trilogy will debut in 2015 with Fabulous in Tights to be followed soon thereafter by A Study in Spandex.  He has recently agreed to write a series of  mystery novellas featuring a gay detective and his sidekick, the madam of a bordello.

    Hal recently married a man roughly half his age who had no idea that Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland were related.  He believes that the use of hair dye is rarely an adequate substitute for .

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.

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    The Cast of the film "Happy Ending"

    in Pop Culture

    Described as a hot and hilarious romp of a scifi-horror comedy feature that chronicles what happens when an alien predator invades a remote desert bordello, forcing the Working Girls and their Johns to fight for their lives...and humanity's survival, this indie gem is directed by Phil Condit and has one hell of a cast! Maria Olsen, Victoria De Mare, &  Dawna Lee Heising all play outragous characters that you have to see to believe! With a crazy science fiction vibe, we'll be playing music that will set the tone for this alien erotic horror adventure while the cast of the film joins us to tell the twisted tale of what a Happy Ending really means! ;) 




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    The Unique Theatrical Music of The Crux - Science Fiction Author Massimo Marino

    in Entertainment

    The Crux was founded by Santa Rosa based songwriter and performer Josh Windmiller in early 2007.  Their rowdy and danceable songs are theatrical in nature, often springing from interesting team-ups with other artists.  Their most recent album, The Ratcatcher, consists of songs from a play that Windmiller co-wrote with North Bay theatre troupe The Imaginists.

    The music of The Crux has been called "Doc Watson by way of Joe Strummer" as well as "pirate cabaret."  They combine the texture of Tom Waits with the rhythm and lyricism of the Devil Makes Three and the wild abandon of Gogol Bordello. Visit their web site @ http://thecruxmusic.com

    Massimo Marino worked for many years at CERN, an international lab for particle physics research near Geneva, Switzerland and then in the US at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. In 2005 he moved to the private sector, worked with Apple Inc. and then for the World Economic Forum.

    As a child, he wrote short stories and novellas but never had anyone read them; it was a personal thing. Work and life took their toll and the writing stopped. Until 2012, when Marino sensed a burning need inside his soul to, once again, take up writing. His debut novel saw the light and received the prestigious 2012 PRG Reviewer's Choice Award in Science Fiction for his book, Daimones, part of a trilogy. Quite an accomplishment when competing against established authors.  

    Born in Palermo, Italy, Massimo left the country in 1986, lived abroad and now resides in France with his wife Mara. You may see all of Massimo’s books @ http://massimomarinoauthor.com




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    Happy Ending w/Maria Olsen & Phil Condit

    in Entertainment


    With Maria Olsen and Phil Condit. An alien predator invades a remote, desert bordello forcing the working girls and their Johns to fight for their lives - and humanity’s survival.   http://www.happyendingmovie.com/

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    The Color of Funny, or, "Huggin' Ain't Whorin'"

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    Tonight, on a completely biased edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, we return from our one day hiatus to tackle a serious issue in the world of comedy. As it enters it's 39th season, longtime NBC sketch show Saturday Night Live has had issues hiring black comedians, particularly women. Current SNL player Kenan Thompson is taking heat for comments made in a recent interview where he says that the black women who have auditioned "weren't ready" as an excuse. We'll discuss this and why it may not be as big a deal as we might want it to be.Next, we're gonna get you choco-high as researchers at Connecticut College have found evidence that proves that Oreo cookies—at least for lab rats—are as addictive as cocaine. Well, that pretty much explains every lonely night we've ever had. Will cookie rehab be the next step?Later, a Wisconsin business that plans to offer its clients private rooms with beds where they can snuggle with female staff members in exchange for cash is having trouble getting a permit from the city because officials aren't so sure it isn't a whore house. The Snuggle House was supposed to launch this week, but the Grand Opening has been postponed until the city can ensure that no funny business will take place there.And finally, a Pennsylvania mother who volunteered to chaperone a local junior/senior high school dance was arrested this week for assaulting a student after becoming enraged by the abundance of rap music at the event. Looks like Bangerz was just taken to a whole new level. Word.All this and more, tonight on the Never Daunted Radio Network!

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    Nocturnal Addictions w/ Alt Mod Emily Snow -Sex Talk /Advice

    in Romance

    Nocturnal Addictions hosted by Alt Model Emily Snow Fet. Guest Host Soma Snakeoil! (Sex & Kink Talk/Advice) This show is all about being yourself. I want to encourage others to open about what turns them on. I have been a phone sex operator for 4 years and have learned the ins and outs of just about any fetish you can think of. I take calls live on air and callers are always anonymous. Let us answer any kinky questions you may have. Not to mention my advice is golden. 
    Guest Host Alt Model, Dominatrix, Film Maker, Kink Superstar: Soma Snakeoil
    Soma will be talking about her film Rubber Bordello which was nominated for 8 AVN awards! http://rubberbordello.com
    And Musically we will be playing a brand new Track by the UK's Jet Noir!http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jet-Noir/135385613147282 *Nocturnal Addictions is a NSFW/Mature Show, so know what you're getting into.
    **Directly after the Nocturnal Addictions Show, we will be playing an Echo Broadcast of last weeks Night Fusion show.  Our all music show. ***Both Nocturnal Addictions & Night Fusion are produced by www.SissyP.com 
    ***** All music played is unlicensed, and permission forms are on file by the music's writer and performer and are available upon request to qualified parties. 

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Gypsy Party Sexy Time

    in Culture

    Tonight we celebrate the spirit of the Romani gypsies with music, sex and dancing! Open lines.

    Callers include: Xnite, hammurabis code, Developmentelly Disabled Chris, Xu0ut, ShadowDXS, and Mercedes.





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    Guest, Film Star, Dominatrix, Producer Soma Snakeoil !!!

    in Paranormal

    Tonight's featured guest is the One and Only Soma Snakeoil!
    Dominatrix, Film Star & Producer and NOFX's lead Singer Fat Mike's Better Half! We will have open lines and among our evening discussions will be talking about her and Fat Mikes latest film Rubber Bordello!!!
    We will be getting into the workings of that business
    Soma's current tour and adventures
    her relationship of course
    The Kink community at large and her Film.

                And here are some exciting press reviews of it:


    Juxtapoz Magazine

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    Dungeon Crawlers Radio - Matt Hill Interview

    in Hobbies

    The Dungeon Crawlers Radio  team wants to welcome to the show once again the funny, talented, and maybe a little insane? Actor and Voice actor, Matt Hill.

    For the last 25 years Matt has been the voice behind and actor on some of the world's most popular Animated, Anime and Film characters. His voice career was launched landing the original character, "Kevin" on the 80's cartoon; Captain Nintendo. Using his love of athletics Matt jumped into the role (and suit) as everyone’s favorite turtle, "Raphael" in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 111. The voice that "Loves Chickens & Buttered Toast", "ED" on Ed Edd & Eddy, the worlds biggest hearted bear "Tender Heart" on Care Bears and a memorable role playing Jackie Chan's Deputy in Shanghai Knights. Matt even had his heart ripped out after kissing Angie Everhart in "Tales From the Crypt; Bordello of Blood".

    Matt is currently recording the newest PACMAN series set to air in 2013, as well as, Rekkit the Rabbit and Shezow.

    Additional Note:
    Hello everyone we apologize about the technical difficulties we experienced during tonight's show with special guest Matt Hill. We experienced some unfortunate technical issues with the Internet stream tonight.

    However we should be back to normal next week and we're working on options so this won't happen in the future.

    Revan, Guy Named Joe, Flagoon, and Firebird

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    Milling About with The Women of Savannah Inns

    in Entertainment

    Milling About host Robin Milling meets with the women of Savannah Inns in Savannah, Georgia. This feisty foursome of innkeepers banded together, each offering their own personal style and hospitality to their historic B&Bs.
    Meet Teresa of Azalea Inn & Gardens whose tiny terrier Joey greets you with a lick from his lopsided tongue. Dating back to 1885, the inn has 8 rooms, 10 chimneys, a carriage house, and grotto pool.
    Meet Shannon of Dresser Palmer House, whose 16 room house is the largest of the four. Dating back to 1876, it was the home of Samuel Palmer & Henry Dresser, whose precocious little girl ghost named Madeline, leaves shiny pennies on your carpet.
    Meet Jackie of the Ziegler House Inn, the home of Solomon Ziegler dating back to 1856. Her 7 room inn was once a bordello with suites only. 
    Meet Diane of Green Palm Inn in the colonial fort district, notorious for sea captains causing a raucous in the local taverns. Dating back to1897, it is the smallest with only 4 rooms, and a fireplace in the bathroom.
    These lovely ladies tell Robin ghost stories, and stories of guests who were not so welcomed. But they share the love of making their guests feel at home.
    For more information visit: