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    Beauty Talk introduces The Glam Squad Diaries

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    Join us tommorow night for another edition of Beauty Talk as we introuce a new video series that we are producing called, "The Glam Squad Diaries". Stay tuned, great things ahead!!!     www.BlogTalkRadio.com/BeautyTalkwithIllusions

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    Lets talk about the trendy and glam way to dress India way-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi

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    Lets talk about the trendy and glam way to dress India way-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi


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    I will be talking about my new bookThe Modern Mughal Mentality

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    Dear Friends

    . I will be talking about my soon to be launched new book:

      "The Modern Mughal Mentality:

    New Strategies to Succeed in India and the Global Marketplace"



    Dr.Afshan Hashmi


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    Womanly Word: Money Can't Buy Me.

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    Today's society is so focused on the "green eyed monster" that it's pathetic. It seems everyone is trying to get rich and or famous. But, why? Can money solve our problems? Sure enough, it would clear up our financial mishaps, but at what cost? We've seen many of the rich and famous snap, withdraw, and even commit suicide. One would think if you had everything you wanted you should be happy. But, the truth of the matter is that behind all the luxury and glam, life gets harder. Men try to buy our love but neglect us emotionally. The money monster is deadly. Tune in tonight to hear the truth about it!

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    FFUniversity Presents Financially GlamU & ft. guest Speaker Nesha The Hair Diva

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    Happy to announce #FinancialFreedomUniversity new branch #FinanciallyGlamU where we allow women to look financially glam on an inexpensive budget . From clothing , waist trainers , detox teas, and even glaming up that credit ??. Wanted to make a one stop shop coming this summer 2015 . Here are a few pieces from my collection . Will also be the official production boutique for the  @msnikkirich network . Feels great starting my very OWN business , from the ground up I am overly excited. We have lots of amazing updates, you don't want to miss out.

    Also will have guest speaker  Nesha the Hair Diva! Overall she is a beauty entrepreneur who has been self sufficient for the past 15 years. She started as a criminal justice major, but finished her degree in business . She went to beauty school to fund for her pursuit in becoming a Lawyer . Her love of beauty and hair grew, she eventually opened up her own salon at the age of 25 . From there Nesha expanded her hair business , coined as the Pretty Hair Diva, an

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    Good moring, good morning, GOOD morning!!!  Well, it's Thursday, AGAIN, and some of us are almost to the end of the work week. We are well on our way, to making the video show, a lovely edition to the radio show.  This is more than I ever dreamed of, and am happy to say, that with two ways of interacting with, the world at large, I know I can make a huge impact, on those who will be led to my Nest door, via the video and radio show.  Well anywho, gotta go get cam glam, but looking so forward to logging on at, http://www.ivlog.tv/user/redhawk.  Make sure if you're liking what you see, and want to support the efforts of the Morning Talk with Red Hawk Show, that you do so, by donating over at, http://www.paypal.com, using the email address, redhawk1967@hotmail.com.  Thank you for your kind gestures, in advance.

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    Taylor Swift,Bruce Jenner,Chinx Drugz, Clippers, Mad Men

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    Taylor Swift,an American singer-songwriter and actress. Bruce Jenner, Kim Kardashian once jokingly worried that stepdad Bruce Jenner may steal her glam squad. Chinx Drugz was shot and killed early Sunday morning in a drive-by.Clippers , The  collapse was bad.  Mad Men,Don receives a reward for his work.

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    Verses In Motion: Guest Adamski

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    Since his 1990 international No. 1 single “Killer”, Adam Tinley a.k.a. ADAMSKI has been a household name synonymous with UK electronic dance music.“After 25 years in the nightspots of the world providing sci-fi beats for hedonists, and even longer as a consumer of all the best scenes from glam rock to grime, I am now spurting all my creative juice into what I call FUTUREWALTZ or 3STEP,” he says. “I realized just how sexy and groovy the Waltz rhythm can be after hearing its influence in the folk music of Venezuela. While researching its origins, I became fascinated and inspired by the history of the Waltz and its social and cultural significance.”Working in the ¾ time signature has re-energised Adamski, “I'd love to see people dancing together in couples — if only because I'm bored of watching them dance alone.” Join hosts Laura LME and E as we re introduce Verses In Motion with this exciting new episode and special guest Adamski.

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    The Fabulous, RHOA Alum, Miss. Marlo Hampton!

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    We have the FABULOUS, RHOA ALUM, Fashionista, Miss. Marlo Hampton!!! (The ONLY woman to run Mrs. NeNe Leakes off!)

    More on Marlo:

    Marlo Hampton a native of St. Petersburg, Florida, defied a childhood spent in and out of the foster care system and a life destined to be just another statistic, and forged a prosperous career in the fashion industry. While earning a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Interdisciplinary Science, Marlo developed a love for fashion and a sense of style that has made her one of the most sought after stylist on the fashion scene today.  By 2008, she opened her first high-end fashion boutique which catered to Atlanta's elite. Taking what could have destroyed her and using the experiences as a platform to raise awareness to issues affecting young women, Marlo formed the Glam It UP!Organization dedicated to encouraging young girls, 13-17 in the foster care system, to excel. Meanwhile, each holiday season Marlo spearheads her "Simply Giving" initiative, which provides Thanksgiving meals and Christmas presents to families in need. For more informtion on Marlo Hampton, please visit her at: www.MarloHampton.com

    Interested in guesting on Living Large Radio? Contact P.K. Spearman today at BeAGuest@LivingLargeLive.net

    Interview inquiries for Marlo Hampton, please contact, Jacqueline Rhinehart today at: (917)-554-2851

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    Grown Love And Money: Why You Need to Guard Your Heart—AND Your Wallet!

    in Relationships

    When you are reaching out for love, is she reaching for your wallet? Do you really love your boo—or is it really about what he can buy for you? And why can't you talk about money without going to war with your partner? Today's Grown Zone Show is a sneak preview of our Grown Love and Money: Creating Wealthy Love 1-Day Intensive on Romance and Finance, set to kick off next Saturday, May 16, at the Cobb Galleria Convention Center in Atlanta,Ga.! We're talking about the three biggest threats to both financial security and healthy relationships: Financial Secrets, Financial Infidelity and Financial Violence! If you're not sure what they are—or worse, you've fallen victim to these destructive money issues—you MUST NOT MISS THIS SHOW.

    Go to GrownLoveandMoney.com to join us LIVE for our Grown Love and Money 1-Day Intensive in Atlanta on May 16!

    GIFT: Get this FREE ebook NOW --> 9 keys To Finding Healthy Love Even If You Have No Idea Where To Look!

    New Book: LovingInTheGrownZone.com

    Official Site: GrownZone.com 

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    “Switch On” with Nick Jankel

    in Self Help


     Welcome to the very latest neuroscience and physics with priceless wisdom and change technologies blended together by Nick Seneca Jankel to provide powerful tools to ensure we all thrive no matter what.

    Nick is a Cambridge-educated wisdom teacher, practical philosopher, social-change champion and author of the new book “Switch On: Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive.” He is a world-renowned innovation and leadership expert that The Sunday Times called a ‘glam spiritual activist’.  Find him at www.nickjankel.com.

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