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    The Glam Squad

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    It's all about the Glam on this episode of Nail Talk Radio!

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    Malfunkshun's Kevin Wood (Rock/Glam)

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     Tonight Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx, welcome's Kevin Wood, guitarist of Malfunkshun (Rock/Glam) from Seattle. 


    Malfunkshun, founded by Kevin Wood, and his late brother Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone), laid the foundation for the Seattle music scene that changed rock ‘n’ roll history. 

    A new EP, including a remake of the classic Mother Love Bone tune Shangrila, plus new Malfunkshun songs, are due out late 2014.


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    Ms. Toi Leonnah CEO Of I Wear Glam

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    Make sure you tune into Simply The Dime Radio , we will be havimg Ms. Toi Leonnah the CEO Of I WEAR GLAM on our show tonight. Find out what inpsired her to start her own business, how she juggles being recently married and running a business, the pros and cons to having a hair company and so ,much more. 

  • Your Promise Is Not Dead Pt.5

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    Don't let a counterfeit process cause you to produce an illegitimate promise.
    Many are delivering fraudulent births in the spirit realm. These births look like the promise, echo the promise, are shaped like the promise, but they don't carry the DNA nor the SOUND of GOD. 
    They look alive but they're impotent of producing life!
    We must not allow the weight of a wait season cause us to present a surrogate womb to conceive what we were created to carry and deliver. 
    Abram and Sari, (Abraham and Sarah) had a prophetic promise and they found themselves in a "weight wait" season. Though they had a problem, the promise yet remained. Sarah's womb was barren, but the prophetic word was alive. So many times we want to deliver "by products" of the flesh and want God to forge His signature on the birth certificate. It's time out for substitutes! The authentic birthings of anointings, mandates and mantels must come forth!
    This is the time, the hour, that you must stay in your place of obedience and your posture of prayer and faith. Others may laugh at you, talk about you, and speak all manners of evil against you, but you hold fast to the promise. Even when your womb becomes a tomb and it looks like nothing shall come forth, you must know that GOD is able to cause a dead tomb to become a living womb to produce life! 
    Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90 when they produced the promise. What looks late to man is right on time with God, when it's ordained and orchestrated by Him. Don't doubt God, trust Him. Your promise is not dead.
    And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb: He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God. He who promised is faithful.


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    Your Promise Is Not Dead Pt 4

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    Abraham and Sarah had a prophetic promise  but because the weight of their wait season looked "barren" they decided to counterfeit the process. A counterfeit process will produce an illegitimate promise. How many of us are delivering fraudulent births and get upset because God doesn't forge His signature on it? Don't allow the weight of the process to induce you out of our wait season, the promise is not dead! This is not the time to self induce or produce a surrogate womb to reproduce what you were created to carry. Substituting products for promises isn't what we were created to produce. We must wait on God. The prophetic promise is for set time and season and we must birth in the rhythm and timing of grace. Birthing out of the flesh produces fraudulent births. It's illegitimate, it bastardrizes the promise because it corrupts the process. Now is the time we must wait in the midst of the weightGod is expanding you! The uncomfortableness, the pain, feeling as though nothing fits, God is stretching you. What you're carrying in your spiritual womb has outgrown your last level of familiarity. You can't birth a new thing in an outdated mindset/system. Your delivery room has changed and your delivery table has turned in a new dimension. Go through the process of expansion!Everyone can't walk with you in your season of birthing/delivery. A woman giving birth may have hundreds of family and friends, but not everyone can go into the delivery room with her. She selects only a few because hospital protocol and procedures are in place. She chooses those she knows will be a help and not a hindrance to her birthing. It's imperative in this hour to stay with the plans, protocol and procedures GOD has ordained for your promise. Know those who labor among you and who is in your circle. Choose wisely! Your promise is not dead.

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    Aileen Mand - Producer - The Festival of Chocolate

    in Business

     The Miami Auto Museum at The Dezer Collection revs up for a sweet 2015 as they host The Festival of Chocolate the weekend on January 17-18, 2015.

    The Festival of Chocolate, Florida’s largest all-chocolate themed event, which has been featured in Southern Living Magazine and on ABC's The Chew, boasts amazing chocolate indulgences, the Cocoa Couture Fashion Show and a live cake decorating competition.

    The event presents the area's best chocolate and confection companies selling tastes and treats of everything chocolate from truffles, cake pops and cupcakes to cookies, brownies, ice creams and even a smores buffet all peppered through a mind-blowing micro car display. Chocolate savory items, including chocolate BBQ sauce, meat rubs, wines, vinegars and even chocolate spa products will return for those looking for an alternative to the super sweet.

    Set in one of the largest and most eclectic automotive collections in the world, award-winning pastry chefs and chocolatiers will host interactive demonstrations, sharing techniques and tricks of the trade. On January 17th, The Cocoa Couture Fashion Show featuring chocolate-inspired fashion hits the “Yumway” amongst the glitz and glam of the largest James Bond collection of its kind. And on Sunday, January 18th, a live cake decorating competition will give breathtaking artistic creations a tasty twist.

     Chocoholics of all ages will love making chocolate lip balm, chocolate roses, sandy candy and the more adventurous can try armpit fudge. Chocolate Foodies can indulge in Chocolate and Wine Pairings. Chocolate History Makers will attempt to beat world record challenge times.  


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    Episode 3: With special guest Sister Morphine

    in Entertainment

    The Kregg Sanders Show Featuring Don Fellman, It's the rest of Episode 2 with special guest Glam Rocker Sister Morphine, plus David Letterman, Larry Bud Melman, and much more. Tune in tonight for another unscripted show with Don and Kregg. 

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    Voice for the Voiceless - Brenda Bailey

    in Motivation

    Brenda Bailey is a woman of God, Evangelist Team Leader, wife (married 35 years) a mother, daughter, sister, a glam ma, an aunt, Creative Arts Ministry Step Team Coach,a great cook, she takes acting classes, an entrepreneur, and a volunteer at a homeless, shelter, where she mentors to young women/adults. Although she has a lot on her plate she still found the time to Go Get Her Stuff!


    My faith walk is part of my journey to my destiny. The sky is the limit it doesn't matter your age or circumstances. I know personally that life throw curve balls, but you got to keep the faith. No matter what DON’T QUIT! The devil is a liar. Gurl you can still Go Get Your Stuff.

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


    God gives us blessings in portions so we can build our faith up. Your testimony is a test of circumstances that you go through to testify to others, so that God can be revealed and show that he is real. We have to be patient and wait on God’s instructions. You can’t do it by yourself, I tried but until I surrendered all and put God first, I always failed.


    I know now that what I went through was not for me, but for someone else. As I mentor to young and adult women all over the world. I have found that nothing is too hard for God.See the devil thought he had me, but God. Everybody didn't make it through their storm. But God, saved me to deliver this message to you. Gurl Go Get Your Stuff.

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    Royal News With Mandy Littlefield | RoyaltyNow!

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    December 13, 2014

    RoyaltyNow! News. Let's review the week:

    Let's face it, Kate and William's visit to NYC this week has dominated headlines everywhere. I was invited to appear on Sky News as well as BBC 5 Live on Monday morning to discuss aspects of the visit. It was incredibly exciting, incredibly early, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

    If we can just look past the flash and glam of the Cambridges for a moment - Belgium's dowager Queen Fabiola died Dec. 4th. She was devoutly Catholic and quite a personality within the Belgian royal family. 

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    Your Promise Is Not Dead Pt 3

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    The word God spoke concerning you is not dead! Often times we're in a wait season that brings about the weight of carrying the promise. A "wait" season is not a time of doing nothing. It's a time of preparation, a time of "active" labor. When a woman is expecting a baby she doesn't wait until she's on the delivery table to start making preparations for her baby's arrival. No, between the pregnancy and the delivery of the promise, there's a process that she goes through. There's weight gain, appointments to the doctor, exercise, getting the nursery ready, etc. She's actively preparing to accommodate the arrival of her baby. In the spirit realm, being pregnant with purpose is not for us to just sit and not prepare ourselves for what's to come. Stop despising your "waiting room" season and actively go through the labor of preparation and meet those requirements that God has scheduled for you. It's imperative to grow as you go to ensure a safe delivery. Can you handle the weight of your wait?  Can you go through the process to get to your promise?Sometimes when we're in this midst of our "waiting room" experience, the "weight" we're carrying can become so heavy because we're ready to see the manifestation of our promise. Don't allow the weight of the wait cause you to push out the promise before it's time. It is imperative that we discern between our "due and do season".  Abraham and Sarah had a prophetic promise  but because the weight of their wait season looked "barren" they decided to countefeit the process. A countereit process will produce an illegitimate promise. How many of us are delivering fradulent births and get upset because God doesn't forge His signature on it? Don't allow the weight of the process to induce you out of our wait season, the promise is not dead! 

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    Your Promise Is Not Dead Pt. 2

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    The word God spoke concerning you is not dead! Often times we're in a wait season that brings about the weight of carrying the promise. I remember a few years ago hearing the  Holy Spirit say to me, "Can you handle the weight of your wait?"Having a waiting room experience is not always easy but it's often required when you're expecting something from God. When I was pregnant I had to wait for my due time to give birth. Through the process of my waiting season I gained weight, a lot of weight actually, I was pregnant with twins. Weight carries a heaviness, a growth, and as my babies were growing and developing inside of me, I was expanding and growing to accommodate their arrival. So many of you are pregnant with purpose, you're expecting your promise to be delivered. You're in a weight/wait season, waiting for your promise to manifest and carrying the weight of expectancy. You're growing tired, impatient and wondering, " When will my promise be delivered?" God wants you to know, in it's due season. He's stretching you, growing you up, maturing you, expanding you and causing you to increase greater in Him. Though you're weighty, He wants you to wait on Him. Don't ever despise your wait season because it's a time of preparation that's readying you to be able to not only receive your promise, but to be mature enough to handle the responsibility of it as well.  A delayed promise is not a denied promise.Mary received a prophetic promise from the angel Gabriel saying that she would birth forth a Son and His name would be called Jesus, Emannuel, Savior of the world. Mary didn't believe it could happen since she wasn't intimate with a man, So her flesh spoke and said, "How can this be seeing I know not a man? What is your flesh saying about your promise? Don't allow your wait season to weiigh you down with doubt! May your prophetic seed LIVE!


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