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    How To Be Deliver From Oppression With Stan Johnson from Glad Tidings Ministry

    in Religion

    Will are so honor and please to have on show tonight truly a man of God Brother Stan Johnson.A deliverance minister and bible teacher as well as a book writer.His books title are "Can you lose your salvatio" and "Lost keys to the kingdom' They are available at his ministry website link here  http://gladtidingsministry.org/  Please if God leads you give a generous donation to his ministryon his web page for him continue fighting the enemy our adversary the devil which he has done now over 30 years. Call your friends you won't want to miss this show. Be set free in Jesus Name.............Shalom

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    The Lord Reigns, Let the Earth Be Glad-Special Prayer

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    Psalm 97:1- " The Lord reigns let the earth be glad, let the distant shores rejoice."

    Let us rejoice because God is ruling the earth and He hears our prayers.    We come in to His courts with thanksgiving and praise, and we worship Him at His feet.  We humble bring our petitions to Him, as we wait for  to see His glory appear. 


    We are called to share one anothers burdens.

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    Understanding The Loss of Your Pet

    in Pets

    What happens to you when your pet dies?

    The death of a beloved pet can mean saying goodby to a best friend.  Not only do you miss the companionship but this may have been your one source of unconditional and nonjudgemental love.

    Our pets come to symbolize many things to each of us.  To Judy Cameron, co-host, her dogs represented her children.  To Judy Helm Wright, co-host, her dog filled an empty nest. Imagine how a pet may reflect the ideal mate or parent or companion--ever faithful, loyal and welcoming us daily. Can you see in your mind's eye how strong this bond may be?

    We know how you feel, because we have felt the same way.  We understand your pain and acknowledge your sorrow.

    Give Yourself time to grieve

    As coaches, authors and pet parents, we truly do understand your grief. We recognize that you do not need anyone else's approval to mourn the loss of your pet, nor do you need to justify your feelings to others.  But, we offer a "Safe Place" to share your stories and be able to be open about your feelings right now.

    Join us on our weekly broadcasts as well as on our Facebook page--  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dealing-with-the-loss-of-a-pet/716509988445040  Return often to this Facebook page and find out exciting news about a pet loss support group and tele-classes.  You will be so glad you did.

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    Dr. Sam Mugzzi Paradime Shift with Ray Kosulandich!

    in Paranormal

    Tonight's Special Guest:  Ray Kosulandich!

    You can grab his videos off of YouTube.  My favorite is the show he did with Alfred Webre.  Ray shares his drawings of the 28 friendly Star People he has meet and the 4 regressives.  He has a fabulous 4 group that he works with regularly and sees every other month. 

    The other interesting thing is Ray's story started with his Grandfather, bringing a present to the Star People.  This began with sandwhiches and visits with the tiny people.  Now Ray carries this gantlet of meeting with various Star People and takes loaves of bread.  A offering and many indegiouness races speak of this "offering".  Glad Ray's just want bread...=)

    Ray is the 3rd generation contactee for his family and bloodline.  These messages where handed down through the family tree in order to help humanity grow intellicutaully and become more "responsible".  WE are moving into a higher frequency domain for Gaia.  We choose to stay and help her, or leave and return to another 3rd dimensional reality. 

    My guest, warm loving and informative, wants us all to have the messages from the Stars.  This is important for the Star People and also for the humans waiting patiently for the messages.  Furthermore, if you are a contactee; you will find solice knowing you are not alone.  You can listen to these messages and compare them to what you know.  This is occuring around the world right now...even if you are not a contactee, you still might be picking up on psychic information.  You might be guided or getting dreams relating to our new world.  Many options available for us at this time.

    This is a very exciting for all of us and why we are here.  I am happy to be apart of this and honoured you will allow us to tell our stories.  Happy Holidays!


    Dr. Sam Mugzzi

  • Hebrew Culture Is Life

    in Spirituality

    Hebrew Culture is Life

    Comparing Cultures with the culture of the Hebrews. Discussions of law, contracts, and covenants.
    Your path to righteousness is a change in lifestyles, of mind, and of heart.
    From filthy rags to righteousness 
    Heathen to Children of Israel
    Stiffneck to Circumcised Heart
    Self to Charity
    Uncleanness to Holiness
    American to Hebrew

    The trumpet is being blown and we are revealing the snares and traps of the wicked. REPENT THE KINGDOM IS AT HAND.

    2 cor 10:4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) 5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obediance of Christ; and having in readiness to revenge all disobedience, WHEN YOUR OBEDIENCE IS FULFILLED.

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    Everything w/Kathy B Indie Soul Saturdays Luni Imfamous Michael Todd Conchessa

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation! Join us this afternoon for a dynamic show in the studio.

    At 2:15 we have Producer, Songwriter & Indie Hip Hop Artist, Luni Imfamous. Luni  has had a passion for music since around middle school when he use to bang beats on lockers and freestyling just playing around by the age 18. Luni continued with it and started producing making beats as well as writing for a few people later moved to michigan where he started a small label called CMD that he brought back to Lexington and started a joint venture with a friend from Cali Cancertarius Ent. His friend ended up moving back to Cali and he started Redroom Business where he linked up with J-Rags and started the Redroom/Slapmobb movement which later landed them a deal with Top Shotta Recordz. They are currently a part of PMP Music group and Team O.B.E.Z  together they are a force to be reckoned with. Their hard work and determination shows work with us or get out worked is the motto

    At 3:15, Gospel Saxophonist, Michael Todd stops by the studio to share his journeyand upcoming projects. Saxophonist Michael Todd is a gifted musical artist whose soulful performances touch the very soul of listeners. He has many years of professional experience touring and performing around the world. Look for his latest release on ARC.

    At 4:15, we're topping it off with Indie Artist, Conchessa Rochelle. ConChessa Rochelle has been singing since she was around 5 years old with her own sound is truly something new for the people.With her soulful gritty sound is sure to touch and reach people around the world. She is currently an artist under Redroom Business which is with her brother Luni Imfamous.

    Three fabulous guests, One fabulous Host.  We're LIVE at 2 and you've heard it here from your favorite radio station, Source Radio Network.

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    Let's Talk About Spirit

    in Spirituality

     For now this is only a 30 min show so really not much time for readings. Unless they are 5 mins...so we can maybe do mini readings with one question...or we can just chit chat about spirit and such and get reaquainted. Sorry I have been away...been on kind of a break...Glad to be back and look forward to chatting with all of you again and having some laughs



    Wolf Spiritfoot is  an Ordained Minister and also a shaman..learning the shaman way.. Not long ago she realized that Spirit  called her or reminded her that this her path..its always been inside of her..She has had many native lifetimes so the native spirit flows from her soul....She recognized her gifts fully after she lost her twin flame husband about 2 1/2 yrs ago and opened a grief group which she continues to host... She is a Clairvoyant who works with all the clairs and can communicate with passed loved ones and read glimpses into the future.... She offers Mediumship readings, tarot/psychic readings, astrology charts, past life readings ( if possible) and is working on healing so much more.  You can see what she offers at her website http://wolfspiritfootsgentleheartreadings.yolasite.com/ and find her on facebook to book a full reading at  https://www.facebook.com/wolf.spiritfoot.9... To keep track of the shows she has a facebook page called Let's Talk About Spirit


    Readings are for Entertainment purposes only


    Dontations are needed and greatly apprecaited to keep the show going otherwise it will be down to 30 mins again. $1 per person for 1 eposide pays for the month...just a thought =)

    paypal- gentleheartreadings@hotmail.com


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    Modern Day Tent Making. A Pastor Finds Income in Interesting Places.

    in Finance

    Pastor Tony Davis is a husband, father of four, pastor and entrepreneur; so people are sometimes confused about what he does.

    With a small, but growing congregation with Glad Tidings Church of God in Christ, the church is unable to pay Pastor Davis a salary allowing him to dedicate full-time to the church, yet, even so, the church still has full-time demands. Dedicated to the gospel, yet still needing to meet the needs of his family, Tony knew another j-o-b would only pull him further away from his family, the needs of his church, and time to prepare for Sunday's message. 

    Tent making is a more common than we know, and Pastor Tony supplements his income with his entrepreneurial adventures.  Join me as I chat with Tony

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    w/TRUTH! oh humanity hear/heed the call by Bilal - Safar 20,1436 Jumah mubarak

    in Religion

    Jumah-Safar 20, 1436 - Friday, December 12, 2014 -Read Surah or chapter 18 - Kahf. This is the day in which THE LORD has made, so rejoice and be glad in it!  When we see ones entering the way of humbleness and humility seeking the way of their LORD, celebrate giving praises to THE ONE G-D! Oh you who believe the truth has been made clear, stand firmly on what is fair and right, even if it is against your own self!  Now these words are from the context of the Bible and The Qur'an but I have chosen to write it now to prayerfully let us all know that we all have a way of understanding what has been written.  This is my understanding. This is the way what I read has been translated in my mind. How is it in your mind?  My actions, I pray will concur with the best of my understanding!

    We all may have a mode of physical prayer rituals that we perform routinely, but are we practically applying what we pray for?  Where in the world of humanity can we see our works?  Food on the physical level - agriculture; on the mental level - words; spiritual level - feelings from the inspired words

    Clothing on the physical level - agriculture; on the mental level - words;  spiritual level - feelings from the inspired words

    Shelter on the physical level - agriculture;  on the mental level - words;  spiritual level - feelings from the inspired words.

    What are you eating?  Are you providing or are you being fed?

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    Does Maturity Change Your "Best Friend" Status??..Give us Your Input!!

    in Music

    Join Us TONIGHT @ 8:00pm Eastern Time!!!  (646) 716 6674..With Out Special Guest Tonight Ms. Sanicqua Smalls (Entrepreneur)  With our hot topic for tonight..."Does Maturity Change Your "Best Friend" status??.......Give us Your Input!!...... We would love to have your input on this hott topic tonight!!   ...Call In at (646) 716 6674 or Click the link to In!! Also Join My Team & I...Ms. Island Gyrl, Ms. Keenya Noel, & Me...Ms. KandyKisses!!  So Much coming at cha... We got Keenya Noel's Segment "Oh No They Didnt" (ONTD), She will be discussing the weirdest & craziest new/ gossip thats going on in today's society.  I will be doing my segement "Kandy's Secrets", which I will be giving helpful hints on ways to save & improve your lifestyle, with home-remedies, and great advice from love, to fitness, & savings!!  & Also we have a new segment "Keepin It Real" Hosted by the one & only...Ms. Island Gyrl...She will be giving everyone her opinion on different topics.   Join Us You will be glad that you did!!  The only place poppin with Great Music,Entertainment, Laughs, and Real Talk..Crunktown Radio...ya know!

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