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    "Getting Rid of Church Hurt" with Pastor Monica Lloyd

    in Christianity

    What is this I hear that you have CHURCH HURT? Who hurt you? Tune in with Pastor Monica for your 30 Minutes of Empowerment that will change your Life on Purpose. Allow her to help you get rid of your church hurt. God is mindful of you and want you healed.

    Go tell someone to tune in and hear what will bless their soul. Bring your Bible, Pen, and Paper so you can write what has settled in your heart down for your rememberance. Getting Rid of Church Hurt, forever

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    Will hurt people hurt you just because they can?

    in Romance

    Tonight we are talking about how hurt people affect us in our daily lives. Some people love drama that's a fact and they say misery loves company. So how do you avoid people who want to hurt you just because they have no way of dealing with their own pain? There are so many stories of men and women who go out of their way to make an ex partner hurt. Why? What do we gain from inflicting pain? Why do hurt poeple hurt people?

    Call in and join the conversation on 3479457556 or comment in the chatroom




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    Routine Hurt ... rehearsing getting better

    in Entertainment

    Have you ever repeated things in your life that are uncomfortable. .. undesirable. .my even hurtful.. why ?

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    HEALing THrough Hurt Welcomes Lisa Marie Jenkins

    in Women

    When her father died, and her mother scrambled to find a "replacement" husband, Lisa Marie Jenkins received one message loud and clear by proxy-that she was "not as good as other people without a boyfriend, partner or husband." Raised in a traditional American household in the 1970s, the pinnacle of a woman's achievement was to be loved by a man. And so she married and lived the American dream-great house, two kids, accelerating career-and oh yes-a handsome husband. But when all was said and done, it wasn't enough. It didn't make her happy. And so she endured misery for years, until leaving and leaping into the arms of another man, and then another, and then another. Where was happily-ever-after? Why was life with a "prince" not at all the fairy tale? Why was being loved not enough?

    Lisa Marie Jenkins ultimate discovered that it wasn't being loved by a man that created a happy and fulfilling life-it was being loved by oneself and made foremost above all others that led to the fairy tale life of dreams!

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    When Your Church Lets You Down: Healing from Church Hurt

    in Christianity

    What do you do when your church lets you down? Today, we will explore something known as "church hurt."  This is the disappointment you feel when either your expectations for the church aren't met or your pastor or fellow church members hurt you. There are so many people who have left their churches AND Christianity as a whole because of pains experienced within the church.

    We'll examine why this happens, share our personal experiences with church hurt, and share solutions on how to heal and continue to walk with the Lord?  Join us live.

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    The Young &The Butt Hurt

    in Pets

    As drama goes on from one damn thing to another. Again we are faced with the bullshit of the butt hurt. So if anyone that is butt hurt at me . Feel fuckin free to call in and I can tell you myself. How much I don't care.

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    Love Doesn't Hurt

    in Family

    Join My Rays of Light Radio, with hosts LM Young and Nadiyah, Tuesday at 10pm est


    Or call in live at
    (646) 564-9708
    Our panel will be discussing the epidemic of child abuse. Everyday in the United States alone, 4-7 children die, due to child abuse and neglect. Let's rise above this, together.
    Join the conversation

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    Love Isn't Suppose to Hurt & Answering Psychic Questions

    in Spirituality

    There are different phases of a love relationship.  There is that honeymoon phase when all you can think about is the person you are with.  It's a natural high.  Your body is releasing endorphins.  Nothing else in the world matters.  It might be hard to focus on your career or job at this time.  You are just having a wonderful time in your life.  You are in love!

    After a few months or a year at best the relationship changes.  It's the dynamics of the relationship that change.  Some people want to stay in this honeyoon phase forever but it just doesn't work that way.  Love should still be there and it should actually be a deeper love at this phase. Some people feel that their relationship has fizzled out.  No, it's just changing.  

    This is when respnsibilities start coming back and reality hits home.  The right relationship is going to get stronger even though you are more comfortable with your partner.  The love doesn't die.  However, for some relationships thiis is when your partner starts acting differently.  They may take you for granted. They may become emotionally abusive.  This is when love hurts and it's not supposed to at any phase. 

    This is when you should leave if the signs are there but we often stay thinking abou the good times we had when we first met in the honeymoon phase. I'll discuss in greater detail and why things go wrong. 

    I will take your psychic questions as well. 

    Love and Light, 


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    A Holistic Approach To Getting Things Done

    in Business

    When I ask entrepreneurs what they wish they had more of, the number one answer is almost always, "time". Most are looking for time to get things done in addition to time with loved ones and time to themselves, which they almost never seem to get. The challenge is real for many women entrepreneurs; something they struggle with every day.

    When looking for a "fix" most try to resolve it by applying the solutions that are typical, or what I call part of the one-size fits all boxed solutions. Those things may even work, but only for a limited time due to the fact that they don't address what's beneath and the nature of the overall approach.  Simply put, you cannot solve a problem with the same approach or philosophy from which it stems. It just doesn't work. You have to have a totally different approach.

    What's necessary is a holistic approach when it comes to getting things done. You have to look at things from a different perspective and apply a more effective approach. During this broadcast we're going to talk about my holistic approach to getting things done. We'll dive into the different perspective and approach as well as what it means to have a holistic approach to getting things done.

    Please come join me live as I delve into solving your problems when it comes to getting things done.

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    Celebrating 5 years of HEALing THrough Hurt i-Talk Radio!

    in Women

    it was February 19, 2010 that HEALing THrough Hurt i-Talk Radio was born.  I took a risk starting my show before the demond I called my husband left my home for the last time.  I wanted to let the world know the great icon who was known to be the "come to" lady was now a a member of the system; I became a statistic, I was victimized by domestic violence and abuse.  

    This ignited something within my soul; I lost everything so I had nowhere to go but forward.  I knew it was my calling to help others through this storm so my calling became very clear.  We are still standing 5 years later and enjoying the journey.

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    Behavioral Selling: Getting the Buy In

    in Business

    Is your goal to get someone to listen to your sales pitch?  How many sales pitches do you want to listen to?  What if there was a more effective way to get the prospect to Buy-In to what you are selling?

    Join us for a mind-opening interview with Tim Davis who is a certified Behavioral Analyst, has a teaching certificate from UCLA Extension Studies, a sales’ trainer/ researcher,coaches CEOs in business and show business. He is a national speaker on Behavioral Communications, Socratic Questioning and How to make an Argument. Tim will share his ideas on getting Buy-In from our prospects and clients.

    His background in Stand Up Comedy makes him an in demand speaker and interviewee.

    Please feel free to contact Tim at Tim@TimDavisNetwork.com or (347)266-9080