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    How to Get the One You Want&Psychic Questions

    in Spirituality

    How to get th how to get the one you wante one you want and Psychic questions answered today.  This episode is going to help you get the relationship going.  I feel this is  needed as I've seen people I've read for who sabotaged a relationship which should have happened.  So, this might be on a subconsciousl level, or you might be acting differently when you are around the one you want to be with. 

    We are spiritually awakening but at the same time you must realize that the person you want to be with may not be at that level yet.  So, you mmust take this inot account.  They can't read your mind.  Remember you still are in a physical body and there still has to be a physical attraction by the way you dress and the way you act.  Your conversations may be too deep and you have to back off with this. This probably hurts many psychics as we often have problems in relationships. 

    So, we need to be grounded.  We need to be fun and it's okay to be. It's okay to flirt, act charming. It's okay to be attractive.  So, we should still look our best for ourself and for the person you want.  We still live on the physical plane and I will explain indepth. 

    I will take your psychic questions. 

    For a detailed reading contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com.


    Love and Light,





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    How to Partner with Love to Get What You Want

    in Legal

    Most people have grown up with distorted perspectives about what it means to feel loved. This conditioning has made it harder and more stressful for people to receive what they really want in their relationships, career, health and business. In this interview, we'll discuss (1) the reasons why the lack of true love perpetuates stress and unfulfillment; (2) the steps to partner with love to get what you really want; and, (3) what to do with resistance and how to not slip into old patterns. 


    Self-Love Coach and Energy Practitioner, Nat Couropmitree, (pronounced Ca-ROPE-ma-tree) specializes in empowering people to partner with love to create deeply fulfilling lives. He hosts the 'Nat Couropmitree Show', a podcast about how self-love contributes to ease in life. Download your Free Self-Love Alignment Meditation at http://AllowLoveIn.com.

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    How to Get the Love You Want with Arjuna Ardagh and Sandie Sedgbeer

    in Self Help

    Best-selling author Arjuna Ardagh rejoins Sandie Sedgbeer to continue exploring his book Better Than Sex. Whether you’ve sworn off love after a painful break-up, want to reignite love in an existing relationship, or are reexamining what you put up with in the name of love, Arjuna explains how Taking a Stand for Love can get you the love you want. 

    Arjuna Ardagh is an Awakening Coach, writer, speaker, and member of the Transformational Leadership Council. He has trained hundreds of facilitators of awakening, and teaches people how to integrate awakening consciousness into intimate relationship. His bestselling books include The Translucent Revolution and Better than Sex. www.arjunaardagh.com. 

    Sandie Sedgbeer combines her love of broadcasting with her pioneering work as a consultant advising authors, teachers, speakers, and individuals how to apply the science of resonance for personal and business success. www.sedgbeer.com

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    Know Who you are to Get What You Want!

    in Motivation

    Man is the lord and master of thought.  He is the maker of himself, the shaper and author of his environment. Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are. “As a man thinketh, so is he.”  It is up to us whether we accomplish our ambitions because it is up to us what we desire deep within our hearts.  There are ways of thinking/a mindset that causes us to be where we are and where are able to go.

    Join us as we take a journey to find out what you are attracting, what you blind spots are, how others see you, and how you see yourself, and that side that not even you are aware of. Renewing the mind is replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, thoughts that lead to your destiny/dreams for the future.  There is a higher design/plan for living waiting for you!

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    Overcoming Procrastination and Resistance to Get the Life You Want

    in Current Events

    Are you comfortable with the life you have but dream of something different?  Is your bucket list growing by the day and time ticking off by the second?  What or who has control of your life?  When did you give it up?  Do you need a guru to dig you out of the slump you are in or can you learn to listen to the voice inside you?  Is it that hard or that easy?

    Bill Cortright, international speaker and author of Truth The Ten Minute Life Plan:  ending procrastination and creating the life you want will be sharing his plan.  Bill speaks about the challenges we all have in life and how to get through them, break them down and create a new story for your life.  It is an ever changing path and important to recognize where you are in the moment.

    For more information visit:  www.BillCortright.com

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  • How To Love Yourself As You Age with Lori Hart

    in Fashion

    People are so confused about the difference between Sunblock and Sunscreen.  You will hear the best solutions to protect your skin and prevent future sun damage.  Learn which ingredients not only protect your skin in the sun as well as how you can still get a tan in the sun

    CONTACT: lorihart.com   424-249-3809 for your complimentary skin care assessment

    Lori Hart is a well-known Hollywood beauty artist specializing in healthy alternatives to plastic surgery. Her nurturing and very private healing rejuvenation spa, Lori Hart About Face And Beyond, is conveniently tucked away for your privacy and comfort. As you enter this exclusive wonderland of comfort and bliss, you immediately feel relaxed. Recognized as an anti-aging expert, her clientele reads like the Who’s Who of Hollywood, Mariel Hemingway, Martha Stewart, Uma Thurman, Charlize Theron, Laura Dern, Diane Ladd, Pamela Anderson, Linda Gray, Donald Sutherland, Eddie Murphy, Timothy Dalton, Peter Coyote and many others. Lori is featured regularly in magazines such as Glamour, Self, LA Times, Ms Fitness, Women’s Health & Fitness, Entrepreneur, LA Business Journal and has appeared on TV’s Fox News, Good Day L.A., Eye On L.A., ABC, NBC, CBS, KCAL to name a few. She has worked on photo shoots for Playboy, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Forbes and worked on shows for HBO and Showtime. Lori was also selected for the exclusive Haven Beauty annual event for the Oscars

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    'Get Where You Want in Life' Make No Excuses!

    in Entertainment

    Is there a place you want to get in life? Do you have goals you want to accomplish? Listen to Alisa Nicole as she discusses and gives tips on what it takes to get to where you need to get in life making no excuses.  




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    Why You Did NOT Get The Job?

    in Jobs

    You are doing everything possible to get hired in the field that you have either gone to school for OR the field that you know that you will be sucessful in. You have curtailed your resume to fit the job description, you've sent the cover letter, and you've even followed up with an e-mail or phone call. So the question remains...why didn't you get the job? 

    Here's why...Listen in. 

    Sponsor Information:

    JNF Enterprises: http://www.jnfenterprises.com/

    Lonjack Events: http://lonjackevents.com/

    Atypical Journey: http://www.amazon.com/Atypical-Journey-Mrs-Meloni-Harris-Barber/dp/148198392X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1444264802&sr=8-1&keywords=Atypical+journey

  • Make Money Doing What You Love - An Interview with Maggie Barnes

    in Entrepreneur

    Wine & Design Franchise Owner Maggie Barnes joins Harriet MIlls for a lively discussion about the keys to successful franchise ownership.   Listen in as Barnes shares important insights that will help other aspiring entrepreneurs make money doing what they love!

    About the Get Your Art Buzz On with Harriet Podcast:

    Wine & Design CEO Harriet Mills hosts the twice monthly Get Your Art Buzz On podcast within which she interviews passionate franchisees and industry leaders who share key insights on what it takes to run a successful franchise location.  Since co-founding and launching Wine & Design, a Raleigh, NC-based paint and sip franchise, in 2011, MIlls has helped grow the system to 62 studio locations from coast to coast.   She launched the franchise with the intention to create a fun, exciting atmosphere where customers can come and enjoy a night out designing with wine, meeting new people and creating art...and she’s thrilled to connect with passionate business owners interested in joining the franchise family!   For more information about the Wine & Design franchise opportunity, please check out Wine & Design's:


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    One Love, One Connection, One Us presents...Relationships that Honor You

    in Relationships

    During the times of unrequited love, of relationships that you would like to be stronger, or associations that you may desire to be different people fall into a state of longing and lack.  The question that should be asked when you find yourself in this state is, "Does this relationship honor you?"

    Rev. Arlene Kahet, and Rev. Harvey L. Bailey about relationships that don't meet your expectations, and needs.  They will also discuss how to create relationships that do honor you; how to break away from relationships that don't honor you; and find out if love on your terms can be met, and how to develop deeper, and divine understanding of what love can be.  Also if the relationship that your seeking, is serving a higher purpose and showing up in another way in your life.