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    The Captain's Very Special Guest: Shannon Baskin

    in Politics

    One Of The Most Bizarre Cases Of Injustice You Will Ever Hear:   Shannon Baskin An Abused Mother - Has Filed A Law Suit Against The Judge Who Presided Over Her Custody Case

    Judge Roper Gave Custody Of Her Daughter To An Ex-Boyfriend Who Has No Biological Or Legal Ties To The Daughter Whatsoever

    The Ex-Boyfriend Has Had A History Of Domestic Violence - He even slammed the very daughter who he has custody of against a door - Paralyzing her her face for several months - But Judge Roper Claims That Shannon Baskin Made It All Up.

    The Pictures Are Real - The Bruises Are Real - The Pain Is Real - What Isnt Real -  Is The Justice Far Too Many Parents And Children Are Not Receiving From The Hands Of Our Corrupt Family Court

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          Pass the poppin' - join in stompin and sloppin, cause their ain't no stoppin!  Here the flavor is like Baskin & Robbins, you know 5 million burgers sold - I mean 40, or whatever - VARIETY - Baby!  Where is Ben & Jerry when you need a cool treat?  Slice the cold cuts, and put them out in a blend - THIS IS - THE FUNKY RHYTHM CONNECTION, concept created by Donald Grammer.  These presentations are great to listen to LIVE, and download, then do a back to back to have hours of total entertainment.  Wrap your hands around your favorite BREWSKI, whether it be loaded, like a cocktail - or unleaded like lemonade.  Relax your stress and enjoy the FRC on the JK

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    Obedience & On Fire To Inspire

    in Motivation

    Tune in to "On Fire To Inspire" with your host, Ms.OnFireToInspire as we speak about the topic of "Obedience and On Fire To Inspire." Are you being obedient in living a life of purpose? What are you on fire for? We have a powerful guest-Motivational Speaker, Lori Vallot-Baskin. She is "On Fire 2 Inspire" and helping motivate, educate, and empower you so that you will walk in obedience too. Your obedience will open many doors for you.

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    12/28/2015 Shannon  speaks "The Court Took my daughter who is turning 13 soon she was given away full custody over to my ex boyfriend who IS NOT HER FATHER but he is the father to my 2 sons he hadn't seen my daughter in 4 years & before April 6, 2015 I had FULL custody and have had a stable home and raised my daughter in a drug free environment since I had her at 17 there was no real reason to take my baby from me when DFACS said she should remain with me and her brothers as well but the courts made a different decision."

     Judges paycheck is cut out of the same checkbook as the prosecutor

    Judge Roper published an article on Ms. Baskin then issued a Gag order on the case! Then he  awarded custody of all three 2-sons and 1 daughter to an ex boyfriend that actually admitted to beating Shannon while she carried the youngest son. Judge Roper knew all of this, and Shannon Baskin was not found unfit yet the children one with absolutely no previous relationship save what was court ordered was given to this man.By this I mean he was not the father nor was he a step father. Attorneys and Guardian Ad Litems, and Judge Roper made a fine mess of this family.





    This show does not give Legal Advice 


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    YGY Radio Show: Minor League Talk/Holiday Episode

    in Baseball

    On tonight's episode of the Yanks Go Yard Radio Show, host and senior staff writer Ricky Keeler has a special holiday episode in store for you. 

    At 9:05 PM ET, Ricky will be joined by Gershon Rabinowitz of Baseball Essential and Pinstriped Prospects to react to the Yankees' top 10 prospect lists that were posted by Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus lists. Which players stood out Ricky and Gershon on the list and which players deserve more consideration for the top 10? Plus, they will talk about some of the minor league signings the Yankees made today. 

    Then, at 9:35 PM ET, we will have our holiday segment. With tomorrow being Christmas Eve, which Yankees made the naughty/nice list this year and what is on the holiday wish list for the Bronx Bombers and their fans? 

    As always, you can interact with the show at anytime by tweeting us: @YGYRadioShow or calling us at (347)-324-5455



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    MLB Hot Stove: Yankees Report

    in Sports

    Tonight Michael Cohen invites Gershon Rabinowitz of Baseball Essential onto the program to discuss the Yankees offseason plans, and what moves they will make in order to improve in the wild AL East. We will also go around the league and talk about impact moves (the Giants acquiring two big starting pitchers) and non-moves from the baseball winter meetings. Join the discussion at 5:30 p.m. ET. 

  • Yankees-Astros Recap, MLB Postseason Preview

    in Sports

    I will recap the Yankees-Astros game with Gershon Rabinowitz of Baseball Essential to get his take on the Wild Card game. Was the 2015 season a disapointment for the Yankees? Can the Yankees get out of any bad contracts this offseason? We will also preivew the rest of the Divisional Series' that begin on Thursday. 

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    Get Busy Make Money with Ian Seamus Finn

    in Women

    The good news is that making money and getting rich has never been easier, faster or more efficient. With the use of computer technology and the Internet, it’s become possible to make a fortune in months and years, instead of decades and lifetimes.

    Ian Seamus Finn began studying computing and business solutions at the age of fourteen. He majored in the newly developing field of information systems management at the renowned Jack Baskin School of Engineering at the University of California – Santa Cruz. He approached the new major with an emphasis in real-world business strategies and business solutions. 

    Finn started his career as a business strategist, helping his clients grow their companies using cutting-edge solutions that work across different industries and business sizes. Finn specialized in business growth, online customer retrieval and marketing, and the newest ways to drive growth and prosperity.

    Finn now owns and operates a successful courier business, servicing Chevron, T-Mobile and Google. His company has increased its revenue by over 25%. The experience gained from his ‘trial & error’ methods contribute to making this the most essential business tool for any current or future business owners and their employees and affiliates. He is available for guest lectures and short term consulting projects. 

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    Alabama Flaggers Union Springs Update

    in Politics

    The Flagging of Union Springs, Alabama, Preserving Our Heritage

    Confederate’s Most Wanted!

    We are going to Union Springs on the 20th instead of the 19th. There is only one hotel, and for safety reasons, I feel the 20th would be better. We will meet one block from City Hall behind the Union Springs Nutrition Center, at 204 Baskin Street North. We will first have pray, and Tim Kent, a great speaker will speak. Others whom wish to speak can, but I ask that we keep it clean and ...show these people we have class. The media will be there so we need to look good, and Union Springs look bad, which Mr. Penn has already accomplished. We will make our demands and see where we get, since you cannot predict what will go on. We will sing “Dixie”. I hope this is a success a lot of people will be watching us. This is our chance to make a Stand and show others we are tired of being walked on. God Bless the South, and God Bless all of you who care and come to support your Heritage. Justin Burton.

    June 20, 2015 11:00

    “ We will fight till hell freezes over, then we will fight on the ice”

    Gadsden, Alabama 35904


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    A Week in Major League Ball, Open Mike Program

    in Sports

    In this episode of Open Mike, Michael Cohen welcomes Gershon Rabinowicz, editor of Baseball Essential to talk about the events around the Major Leagues, and look ahead to the week that will be. 

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    The Sports Cypher with Faruq ad Maya (5-10-2015 Show)

    in Radio

    Check out the latest episode of the The Sports Cypher? with Faruq and Maya. The show kicks off with Blackhawks talk with Tracey Myers ( @TramyersCSN ), Comcast SportsNet Chicago and Andy Baskin ( @andy_baskin ) Sports Director, WEWS, Newschannel 5, Cleveland,OH joins the show to talk Bulls vs Cavs series and  a pivotal--- Game 4 . All this and more!!!!

    Be sure to tune into the show EVERY Sunday 9p-11p CST CST 1690AM WVON Chicago?? (@WVON1690 ) and streaming worldwide WVON.com and via iHeartradio.com !!!

    FOLLOW THE SHOW: @TheSportsCypher @TheSportsChica @FaruqBasir