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    Bodybag & Forehead LIVE!!! John Dowd, Blake Wharton

    in Sports

    Tonight on MXTalkRadio.com – John Dowd, Blake Wharton, MotoXDream Fantasy Racing Speculation for Southwick

    Right off the bat we've got John Dowd who races Southwick every year representing the Geritol crowd. Dowd did pretty killer for a guy in his upper 60's at Southwick in 2009, and we expect no less from the MX338 local for 2010. We'll talk with John about his preparation for the 'wick and how long he plans to keep this annual ritual up.

    Next up we’ve got Geico Powersports Honda’s Blake Wharton checking in to chat about his season. Blake was on a travel day last week when we originally had him scheduled and we couldn't make it happen, but he has assured us that this will be the night. Anyway, Blake has been getting progressively faster as the season wears on, and his first moto podium at Unadilla is proof that Blake is a serious player. We’ll talk to Blake about his team and his strategy for the rest of the short AMA Motocross series.

    Check in for Bodybag & Forehead LIVE!!! @ 7:00pm Pacific, this Tuesday, and every Tuesday on MXTalkRadio.com. As always, we encourage listeners to join our chat room during the show.

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    Uncut: Session C for Episode 3

    in Comedy

    Geritol "for the final chapter of your life"
    Death is creeping up on them in a wheel chair
    They're cool with death
    Mad respect from the folks
    I think your ageist tendencies are creeping out
    Ask them if they fear death?
    Toothless wonders
    Hanging at the horse track
    Maggie's first bet
    She bet on Eternal Sunshine to Show
    She did it at 22-1 odds
    Bring up the vegans baby
    Ted Nugent and his ribs of freedom
    Next song of Freedom, Baby, Yeah