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    George Washington Miracles and Visions

    in Politics Conservative

    Here we will take the opportunity to discuss and examine a variety of occasions where it might be said George Washington had Gods hand upon him. He being either a direct/indirect beneficiary of countless miraculous events prevailing against odds no one could hope to survive. The example of the Military Academy of WestPoint being saved by a serious of remarkable events is worth the telling. We even get the renowned Benedict Arnold in the mix in this story.

    These against all odds occasions happened to such an extent that miracles from God may well be the best explanation.  We will discuss the distinct possibility that miracles from God happened throughout George Washington’s storied life for his and the world’s benefit. I maintain when we are done here any fair minded believer as well as non-believer will admit miracles occurred.

     Then again we will look at the possible miracles associated with his many victories. Either winning or running George Washington it would appear had supernatural help.

    While we’re on this supernatural journey we’ll spend some time examining and discussing the possibility of George Washing having occasional visions. These alleged visions are somewhat harder to prove but I think are worth discussing. One question is did an angelic figure actually tell George Washington about three great perils that will come upon the Republic?

    Then there are the occasions where General Washington traversed the woods and upon his return mentioned “Green Faced Ones”.  These green faced ones were never actually identified as any of the known tribes. This may have been for security reasons or it may be that the General did not know who they were. We do know that he reportedly said they provided crucial intelligence to him about the British Army. Some have speculated they may have been “Extra Terrestrials”.




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    EGUA - Marketplace: Kwame Afrani (George Washington Carver) - Akan Perspective

    in Education

    In this special episode of our blogtalkradio broadcast EGUA - Marketplace, we acknowledge the work of George Washington Carver. George Washington Carver's birthday is unknown. However, because of his nature and his work, he manifests the spiritual disposition of one born on Memeneda (saturday) and would have thus had the kradin (soul-name) Kwame. The kradin Kwame designates him as a child of and thus governed by the Obosom (Deity) Amen-Men. The Obosom Amen-Men is called Amen or Amen Men (Min or Amun Min) in ancient Kamit and Khanit, Orisha Oko in Yoruba and Azaka in Vodoun. He is the Divine Force operating as the Divine Central Nervous System (Axis) in Creation. He is an Obosom of fertility inclusive of the fertility of the land and also maintains Ancestral protocol. He is the Great Elder. 

    We examine the nature of the character of George Washington Carver, whom we refer to as Kwame Afrani as it relates to his spiritual disposition - a disposition encoded within his sunsum (spirit) by Nyamewaa-Nyame (Amenet-Amen) the Supreme Being pre-incarnation and thus the spiritual disposition he came into the world with.

    We also highlight the business of the week for our OKOM Economic Development Model: 

    Elements 4 Nature - Distributor of George Washington Carver Products (hair and body products, lotions, soaps, etc.)


    We examine our publication:

    Amen Men - The Obosom of Amen-Men and Menmeneda ('saturn' and 'saturday')


    OKOM - Economic Development Model



    Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan 
    Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu 
    Akwamu Nation in North America 

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    Inside Track with George Najjar

    in Business

    George Najjar, Founder and CEO of Boresha International hosts this monthly show. George interviews the top performers from Boresha’s Customer and Distributor Referral Programs. On this show, these top producers share how they're building their businesses and insights that will help you grow YOUR Boresha business. Boresha is about sharing, caring and growing. Join us here the second Tuesday of each month, 3:00 pm PST/6:00 pm EST, to celebrate with and learn from them.

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    Healing School w/ Dorothea George

    in Motivation

    Discussion on how to Heal.  Wisdome Word and Prayer.

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    The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 1.6: Duquesne And George Washington

    in Sports

    Another week, another episode of the BSD Basketbro Show! This week, the guys are confused, because after narrowly beating Duquesne (or, rather, duqane) and beating up George Washington, Penn State hoops may actually be pretty good. Bill DiFilippo, Eric Gibson and Chad Markulics discuss the two games from this past week, preview the upcoming games to finish the non-conference slate against Drexel and Dartmouth, talk about some of the major players from the past few games -- we're looking at you, Geno Thorpe and Jordan Dickerson -- and try to answer a simple question: at 10-1 with votes in both the AP and Coaches polls, is Penn State basketball good? There's also the general silliness that comes from the podcast, but you already knew that. So sit down, turn your headphones up, and get ready for the latest episode of the best damn Penn State hoops podcast on the Internet.

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    Breakdown of the 1789 Letter to Sultan of Morocco from George Washington

    in Social Networking

    The letter to the Sultan of Morocco, from President George Washington is one of the Documents of American History that clearly indicate the newly formed “United States of America” corporation, under the first Masonic President, George Washington, that was subordinate to and dwelling on the dominions of the Moroccan Empire. Anything other than that holds no standing, as to why George Washington would write a letter as such to the Sultan of Morocco. It indicates without contradiction that the Moors were in the superior position, that George Washington was the newly appointed – not elected President of the United States of America Corporation - in the North (Al Moroccan) American Continent, under the rule and Dominion of the Sultan of Morocco.

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    Healing School w/ Dorothea George

    in Motivation

    Great Conversation about the healing promises of God!  Did you know that God can, is willing to, and in most cases already has healed your finances!  Say what!?!  Tune in!  Don't miss your blessing!

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    Just Breath w/ Dorothea George

    in Motivation

    Great Conversation about how to not be anxious for anything!

    Scripture and prayer to refill you and fortify you!

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    Healing School w/ Dorothea George

    in Motivation

    Great Conversations about the healing promises of God!  Getting your "Believe" right!

    Guest;  James Cannon

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    Tonight Pastor Vincent Xavier interviews Patrick Mangon after meeting at the steps of the Supremem Court in Washington D.C. Patrick Mangon is an amazing man of God who has stood for marriage and life for many years. His full interview can be seen next week on Sunday June 13th at 8:00am Central Standard Time on www.ar1.tv  Also, following the interview a very forceful and clear presentation of the events that took place in Washington and the consequences that will follow the Supreme Court Ruling this month of June, 2015

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