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    Tune for and healthy discussion by George Wilder Jr. of the novel Bound By Blood, writing and published by P.L. Jones. P.L Jones is a personal trainer and has a degree in Marketing and Management. She Moved back Fayettville, AR, wanting to get into Dietetics. Somehow it was too late. She is a very talented young writer of some magnitude and I am proud to present her book on this show. She has stated that she will take a trip to Rome for footage and to do research for a fourth book. Bound By Blood is now available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon (in the store and on their websites). You can also watch the trailer on YouTube.  Also checkout the five star review on Amazon.



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    Derek and George Live!

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    Jump on board,as Derek & George run with this week's hotest news stories.You don't what to be one of those people that didn't get in on the the news of the week.So, listen up,and be informed! Stay Safe!!

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    Derek and George LIVE!

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    Join Derek and George as they discuss the tough topics ripped straight from the front page of the news! It's hard hitting, edgy, and...well...it's something! Every Thursday morning at 8 AM MST LIVE on BlogTalk Radio.

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    "The Sensitivity Factor" with Janice Carlin

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    Want to live a more successful and happy life, your way, authentic to you?  Click here to get your FREE 5-Day E-Course and be on your way today!

    Today's guest is Janice Carlin, Author,teacher and holistic healer. As the numbers of children and adults worldwide who are suffering from debilitating health conditions continues to skyrocket, it is clear that a new approach is needed.  , Janice will be sharing wth us some of the knowledge from her book "The Sensitivity Factor," that you need in order to step forward into transforming your life and your children's  - naturally.  Whether you or your child is experiencing autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, depression, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, hypersensitivity, or chronic pain and illness, Her book will empower and inspire you to understand why and to do something about it!


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    George Najjar, Founder and CEO of Boresha International hosts this monthly show. George interviews the top performers from Boresha’s Customer and Distributor Referral Programs. On this show, these top producers share how they're building their businesses and insights that will help you grow YOUR Boresha business. Boresha is about sharing, caring and growing. Join us here the second Tuesday of each month, 3:00 pm PST/6:00 pm EST, to celebrate with and learn from them.

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    The late, great comic George Carlin did a 3-min./12-sec. comedy skit a few years back.

    It basically encapsulated the entire thrust of what the Occupy Wall Street movement was all about.

    Only a handful of people actually have a say in the affairs of our country and that is because they own literally everything ---> land, buildings, corporations, banks AND most importantly, the AIR WAVES!

    They therefore OWN all of the rest of us.  They have us by the BALLS!

    They tell us what to think, how to react, what to focus on or not.

    The 1% know full well that, for the most part, MOST of us will do as we're told and not bother thinking about any BIG PICTURE.  They know full well that, for the most part, we are too bogged down with our own respective daily dramas - like survival - and that we will never mount any real concerted threat directed at their monopoly of power.

    We, in effect, play the part of the victim all too well.  We allow the mighty plutocratic machine to ram us up the arse continuously and relentlessly with the Red, White & Blue Shaft.  And, we don't really work up much of a lather to offer up a real objection or complaint.  We can only muster up a tinny whine and just continue to muddle along.

    Having lost so many hard fought rights and privileges over the last 30-35 years the Plutocrats are now going after our Social Security & Carlin suggests that they will get that as well.

    He closes his skit with a complete refutation of the so-called AMERICAN DREAM.  He intones:  "It's A Dream, Because You Have To Be ASLEEP TO BELIEVE IT!

    Worker Bees Of The World Throw Off Your Blinders.  You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Own MYOPIA.




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    Derek and George LIVE!

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    Join Derek and George as they discuss the news of the day. Thursday morning at 8 AM MST LIVE on BlogTalk Radio...

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    Everything w/Kathy B, Indie Soul Saturdays, Carlin, Russel P. Brown & Paul Lowe

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    Source Nation!

    The men are shutting it down this afternoon in the studio.

    Up first at 2:15 we have R&B Singer Carlin 

    Carlin's talents are spread across the musical field in such roles as producer, composer, pianist, songwriter and vocalist. Carlin has performed and worked with several artists such as Angie Stone, Chico DeBarge, Joe, Case, Cassandra Wilson, and BeBe Winans, lending his skills and passion to the art of making music from unfinished musical projects. His talents as a pianist, organist, drummer, and trumpeter can also be heard in his compositions of children songs, gospel music, jazz, pop, R&B and classical pieces.

    At 3:15 Russel P. Brown

    Russel Brown has over 35 years experience in the entertainment field. He is a vocalist, producer, trumpeter, writer, arranger and composer specializing in Jazz. Mr. Brown performs Classic R&B, Latin and Jazz music and has performed with numerous musicians and has opened for Grover Washington Jr., The O'Jays, The Commodores, Roy Ayers, Wilson Pickett and more. Mr. Brown has been a member of “The Bell Telefunk Company” and “Psalms” bands. Mr. Brown is featured on his new CD called “The Kickoff”.

    At 4:15 P. Lowe 

    P. Lowe is an American native, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, music engineer and entrepreneur.  Professionally engaged in music for over a decade, Lowe is no stranger to the industry.  In addition to the saxophone, Lowe can play 6 other instruments.  Lowe also speaks and writes music in 4 different languages.  Lowe has experience in several genres of music and his talents are transcendent.  His band "i95" smoothly blends Kizomba/Zouk, Rock, Neo- Soul, Afro-House & Hip Hop into one energetic and harmonious performance.


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    The George Mack Show

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    The George Mack Show is back and... most likley guestless. Will George suddenly find himself with a guest? Will Stevie prevent the guest from speaking on a talk show? Will Sign Guy just be there to show merchandise? Will QT show up after a couple of weeks of hiatus? Will The Mystery Caller report on her date with Charlie Cross? Will Joe From Philly call in to discuss CZW? These and more questions will be answered on The George Mack Show.

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    George Armstrong Custer's "Summer of '63"

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    After a post-Gettysburg Campaign skirmish where he is slightly wounded, George Armstrong Custer returns home to Monroe, Michigan on leave, and sees family and "special friend" Elizabeth Bacon.

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    The George Mack Show with the guest... The Mystery Caller

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    For months people have pondered just whom The Mystery Caller is. Is it a broad? Is it a guy? Is it Darth Karta? Is it Dennis Stamp? Is it the former female WWF ref of the 80's? There is much mystery surrounding her. We will try to get to the bottom of things as she is the guest for the week on The George Mack Show.

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