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    A Christmas with John Paul McGee "Wife Next Door", Author Dr. A'ndrea J. Wilson

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    Pastor John Paul McGee, a gifted young servant of God, is the son of Pastor Steven McGee (Cincinnati, OH) and Carol Bonds (Baltimore, MD). He received Christ at the tender age of five and accepted his call to the preaching ministry at age 12. Elder McGee was licensed to preach on February 21, 1999 at the New Friendship Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Ralph D. White, and ordained an Elder on June 20, 2007 at Hope Fellowship Church by Bishop Derek T. Triplett. There he served as the Associate Pastor of Music and Ministry Development. Pastor McGee currently serves the St. James United Methodist Church as Pastor of Worship and Arts.

    Dr. A'ndrea J. Wilson is an award winning author of Wife 101, Husband 101, Couples 101, My Business His Way: Wisdom and Inspiration for Entrepreneurs, Kiss & Tell: Releasing Expectations, and the Ready & ABLE Teens Series. She also writes thrillers and mysteries under the pen name Janell (www.iamjanell.com). She coauthored He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not with Twilla Robinson Booker, and co-wrote the song "Pink Hat Day" which appears on Inspirational Singer, Carmen Calhoun's I Am CD. A lover of education and learning, Dr. Wilson has earned a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from the State University of New York, College at Brockport, a Master's of Science in Counseling Psychology; Marriage and Family Counseling from Palm Beach Atlantic University, and a PhD in Global Leadership; Educational Leadership from Lynn University.  In addition to writing novels, Dr. Wilson is the President of Divine Garden Press, a publishing company which promotes books that address marriage and family issues. Visit her specialized website for the Wife 101 Series at www.wife101.com.


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    Giving Tuesday, Hypnotherapy with Isaiah McGee, and Blogger Confessions

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    It's Holiday and gift-giving time and many of us worry if our charitable dollars are getting to the people were trying to help, Others of us wonder what more we can do to help those in need. In this edition, Rolonda talks with the nation's top fundraiser, Laura Fredricks, who shares expert advice on "How to Raise Significant Money, Efficiently and Effectively" for our Holiday fundraisers. Laura's book is a great read for the Holidays - and just before "Giving Tuesday"  this December 2nd. Visit:  www.EXPERTonTHEASK.com, #expertontheask 

    Philanthropist, Radio/TV personality, Max Tucci, shares his shocking experience with one charity that landed him in the headlines. He shares some important warnings on what to look out for when making your contributions to ensure you know to whom you're really giving. 

    In Ro's second hour, Confessions of a Therapist  with Hypnotherapist Isaiah McGee who talks about how we can train our brains for positive outcomes in the bedroom to the boardroom. www.aconsciouslifenow.com

    And, Blogger Monique Kelley shares some fun and fascinating confessions of her own from her life blogging about serial dating in LA!

    All that and much more in this edition of "Sundays with Rolonda!"

    Write comments and show ideas to Ro@sundayswithrolonda.com and follow Ro on social media.

    #rolonda #sundayswithrolonda



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    Angels on Air - Carolyn McGee & Signe Nelson - Feng Shui for every day life

    in Spirituality

    Join Carolyn McGee and her special guest Signe Nelson on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 7:00 PM eastern for an enlightening show on Feng Shui in every day life. How small changes can create amazing results!

    The call in number is 626-213-5652.  Or listen to the recording at your convenience.

    Signe Nelson has always known her purpose in life is to serve, help, support and encourage her fellow sentient beings. The tools she uses to do this with consist of a wicked sense of humor, Reiki, Astrology and Feng Shui, as well as other energetic and creative modalities. She is intuitive and sensitive to the energies she encounters. Compassion, experience, and listening have helped her to offer people guidance and good counsel when they seek direction or express areas of concern about their life.

    She is a Usui Reiki master with over 15 years of experience as well as a Justice of the Peace for the state of Massachusetts. She has worked with Feng Shui for over 20 years and earned a Master of Arts in Environmental Spirituality. She a decided Buddhist bent with a side of practical irreverence.

    She can be reached at signe.nelson@yahoo.com.

    Carolyn McGee is an Angelic Life Coach and Reiki Master.   She shows empathetic women who give too much; have problems setting boundaries, don't trust their intuition and are emotionally drained how to have healthy balance in all relationships all while being their authentic and joyful self!

    She guides her clients to heal unhealthy family dynamics, transcend patterns that don't support them and overcome adversity to start living the life of their dreams.     www.GatewayToYou.com 

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    Carolyn McGee with special guest Judy Giovangelo of Ben Speaks

    in Spirituality

    Join Carolyn McGee and her special guest Judy Giovangelo of Ben Speaks to learn how we can support our children to make empowered choices.

    Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 7PM EST, call in number 626-213-5652.

    Judy Giovangelo has been a teacher and healer of energy medicine and the law of attraction for 20 years. She is a certified yoga instructor, YogaKids & Workshop Facilitator, Reiki, Sound and Intuitive Healer and Hypnotherapist. For more information to see her privately go to: www.judygiovangelo.com

    Following the sudden loss of her middle child Benjamin to suicide on April 16, 2009, she started a non-profit organization 501 (c) 3 called Ben Speaks Louder Than Words. Ben suffered his entire life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, severe anxiety and was bullied and ostracized throughout his entire school experience.

    Ben Speaks mission is Saving Lives Through Empowerment providing tools to address the inner bully and grow kids strong from the inside out! For more information go to www.benspeaks.org

    Carolyn McGee is a master intuitive who combines angel communication, color therapy, channeling and energy work. She specializes in helping you to uncover your passion, connect with your inner radiance and follow the path of your life purpose.

    Carolyn is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Angelic Life Coach, co-author in the International Best Seller ”Embracing Your Authentic Self” and monthly host of BlogTalk Radio shows Angels on Air and The Spiritual Book Club.  www.GatewayToYou.com

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    The Turbo Nerds: Episode 1- The Worst of 2014

    in Entertainment

    The Turbo Nerds are returning to the airwaves to discuss the year that was 2014. We honestly feel it might have been the worst year in gaming history, and developers need to hear our voices.

    Qwicksilv3r and Rebecca Ash will be joined by Toaster McGee from the 16 Bit Assassins, Robert "The DCD" Workman of Retro Magazine and Josh Gray of Project Triforce to discuss this years games, and their gripes with gaming. 

    Listener Discretion: The opinions being expressed are personal opinions and do not reflect the views of any of the involved hosts/guests companies, sponsors or employers. 

    Join the discussion, use #TNWorstof2014


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    Wealth thru Health - What are you doing for you?

    in Entrepreneur

    This week we will continue our topic "What are you doing for you.  We will be talking with Nancy Garlick of Beauty Bliss Skin Care & Body Apothecary. She is a SC State licensed Esthetician who believes in holistic skin care and using all natural, non surgical treatments to provide my clients with safe and effective services.

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    Wealth thru Health - What are you doing for you?

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    Join us tomorrow morning at 11 am EST as we talk about "what are you doing for you"?  With this hectic season it is so easy to get caught up in taking care of all the details, doing all the shopping, planning holiday parties...but are you taking care of yourself?  

    Tomorrow we will be talking about how important good nutrition, proper sleep and exercise are for you especially during this time of year.  We will be talking with Kim Elko.  Owner of Elko Spas, Billiards and Pools.  She will share with us the many health benefits of spas and hot tubs.  You will be amazed to learn that there are so many benefits to treating yourself to this luxury.


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    Wealth thru Health - Let's talk with the Doctor.

    in Entrepreneur

    Have you ever wondered if nutritional supplements are right for you but did not know who to talk to?  Well, first of all nutritional supplements are right for everybody and there are medical professionals who understand and want to help treat their patients using not only pharmaceuticals but also nutritional supplements.

    Join us this Monday, 12/1 at 11 am EST for our disucssion with Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby who is director of Priority Health of South Carolina, an Integrative Medical center in Murrells Inlet.  It is so refreshing to talk with a medical professional who understands nutrition in the body and who uses it in his everyday practice.  

    Some of the many topics he will discuss is Fibromyalgia, Cronic joint pain and Inflammation...just to name a few.



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    Wealth thru Health-WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?

    in Entrepreneur

    In the spirit of the Holiday we would like to invite you to join us this Monday 11/24 @ 11 am EST as we discuss what we should be truly Thankful for.

    Are you Thankful for your good health?

    Are you Thankful for your financial security?

    I am so THANKFUL that Reliv came into my life and I want to share with you how you can be THANKFUL to.

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    Angels on Air - Carolyn McGee with Rev. Ric - The Violet Flame

    in Spirituality

    Carolyn McGee and her special guest Rev. Ric guide you to heal your body, mind and soul utilizing the Violet Flame.    Do you have a story to share about the Violet Flame?  Call in or join us in the chat room and share!  Intuitive tips, meditations and yes, readings will be in store.

    Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 7PM EST, call in number 626-213-5652.

    Rev Ric is a successful teacher, minister and entrepreneur, specializing in guiding others to reconnect with their source of Divinity & Inspiration. 10 years ago he created Healing Spirit Ministries to focus on bringing healing to long-held areas of pain and emotional discomfort. Skilled with such tools as Reiki, Human Design and Life Coaching, Rev Ric has helped 1000s of clients all over the world. He is also the co-host of BlogTalk Radio shows Human Design on Air and the Spiritual Book Club.

    Rev Ric specializes in helping people who feel stuck and dissatisfied with their lives, so they can quickly get unstuck; build their dreams; accelerate their results; and create a richer, more fulfilling life experience.

    Carolyn McGee is a master intuitive who combines angel communication, color therapy, channeling and energy work. She specializes in helping you to uncover your passion, connect with your inner radiance and follow the path of your life purpose.

    She helps women identify and transcend patterns that don’t support them to overcome adversity and/or loss and start living the life of their dreams.

    Carolyn is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Angelic Life Coach, co-author in the International Best Seller ”Embracing Your Authentic Self” and monthly host of BlogTalk Radio shows Angels on Air and The Spiritual Book Club.  www.GatewayToYou.com

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    Wealth thru Health-Knowledge is Power

    in Entrepreneur

    Please join us this Monday as we talk about how to take control of your health.  Do you struggle with what supplements you should be on?  Do you think "should I be taking a supplement"?  Would it help?  Will it interfere with my medications?  How do I talk to my Doctor about adding supplements to my diet and my meds?  What about Soy?  

    In this day an age YOU have to take up for yourself...you are the one who has the power to do what is right for your body!

    Do not miss this show and feel free to forward this to anyone you know who is struggling with these same issues.

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