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    Angels on Air - Carolyn McGee with Fiona Orr - Magical Manifestation Formula

    in Spirituality

    Join Carolyn McGee and her special guest Fiona Orr on Wed, May 6, 2015 at 7:00 PM eastern for the Magical Manifestation Formula~      Call 626-213-5652.  

    Want to be even MORE EPIC than you are right now?
    Learn the #1 Law of Attraction mistake?
    Crush fear and unlock hidden energy in only 68 seconds?

    As part of a plan to sell more Girl Scout Cookies when she was 13 years old, Fiona Orr began her life-long love of studying success and motivation. She is an accomplished EPIC Life and Success Coach, motivating people to step through their fears and release their limiting beliefs to create an extraordinary life that they love filled with energy, enthusiasm and confidence!

    (feel free to take out this next roller derby part if it’s not useful to your audience) She uses lessons learned from her experiences as a former captain and MVP of a nationally ranked Women’s Roller Derby team to infuse high-octane energy, fun and inspired action into her transformational mindset coaching. 

    Fiona is an Authorized Tapping into Wealth Coach, a certified QSCA Law of Attraction Coach and a certified Reiki Master Teacher.

    Carolyn McGee, Master Intuitive Healer, Coach and & Teacher helps you release your blocks & turn on the faucet of abundance so that your life will flow with ease & grace.  By helping you identify & transcend patterns that are preventing you from achieving the life of your dreams, she guides you to align with your inner power & wisdom so that you easily recognize your intuition & trust your guidance!   

    Carolyn is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Life Coach utilizing EFT ,co-author of the International Best Seller ”Embracing Your Authentic Self”, co-author in “365 Days of Angel Prayers”.    www.CarolynMcGee.com

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    Interview with Scholar and Novelist Robert W. McGee

    in Politics

    We are pleased that Robert McGee has accepted the invitation to be on our show.  Mr. McGee holds 13 doctorates from U.S. and European universities, is a writer, educator, a Taekwando National Champion and commited to libertarian principles.  This should be a truly insightful show.  We will start by discussing personal rights in every facet of society.  Please do join us and call in with your questions, or comments, now toll-free 888-773-4496.

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    BROTHAMAN REVELATION Crowd Funding Campaign ft Guy Sims & Brian McGee

    in News

    Join us tonite for our ongoing discussion about crowd funding our elite creative class. We are joined by the esteemed creators of BROTHERMAN COMICS, one of the most heralded and successful independent comics of our genre, EVER!

    This team, consisting of real life brothers are returing with a follow up Graphic Novel to their smash hit offering, BROTHERMAN, which was introduced in 1990 at the NYC Black Expo.

    Join us tonight as we gear up to fund this EPIC project.


    For funding go to the IndieGoGo... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/brotherman-graphic-novel-revelation#description




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    Angels on Air - Carolyn McGee with Maureen Huntley - Optimize your health

    in Spirituality

    Join Carolyn McGee and her special guest Maureen Huntley on Wed, April 1, 2015 at 7:00 PM eastern for an informative show: optimize your health and vitality using the best balance of energy and great nutrition!  Call 626-213-5652.  

    Maureen Huntley,Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, member of the American Assoc of Drugless Practitioners, graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She holds BFA from DePaul University, Chicago with certifications in Reflexology, Reiki, EFT, and the Law of Attraction. She is the Founder & CEO of Vital Health for Life LLC & creator of Mo Green Juice.

    Having experienced a family health crisis, Maureen went back to what she knew in her heart and soul…”by starting within, all else flows and falls into place”.  As the mother of 4, she totally gets the pressures of motherhood…juggling a family, work, healthy eating and living.  Finding health & balance in her own life, Maureen created, Mo Green Juice.    www.mogreenjuice.com   

    Carolyn McGee, Master Intuitive Healer helps you to release your blocks & turn on the faucet of abundance so that your life will flow with ease & grace.  By helping you identify & transcend patterns that are preventing you from achieving the life of your dreams, she guides you to align with your inner power & wisdom so that you easily recognize your intuition & trust your guidance!   

    Carolyn is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Life Coach utilizing EFT ,co-author of the International Best Seller ”Embracing Your Authentic Self”, co-author in “365 Days of Angel Prayers”.    www.GatewayToYou.com

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    K. S. Oliver talks Flat-lined with CherryBomb & BlackSapphire in The Cherry Spot

    in Books

    You want to know what Author K. S. Oliver aka Ebonee Oliver has been up to lately? Then I suggest you make sure you don't miss her tonight in the Cherry Spot with Rosalind Cherry and Kristi McGee! She has got something for you!!!!

    Life was all fun and games until the day 25 year old Kai Davis walked into a UK hospital passing out from an unknown disease that threatens her life. Just moving from Japan to England, not knowing many people and her military husband in Iraq on a 6 month deployment. Kai must learn to live with the cards she was dealt.  Will she embrace the challenge or give up without a fight?

    Call in #773-897-6297

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    The Inspired Personality w/Mia McGee

    in Relationships

    Personality Speaking welcomes MIA G. MCGEE - The Minister, Author, Visionary & Entrepreneur  to speak on the topic "The Inspired Personality".  She is known as “Dr. MGM”, is a multi-faceted professional speaker whose mission is to help individuals in business, ministry, and education sectors receive pertinent knowledge to advance by using wisdom, speech, and thought processes to activate what is within them to create change within their environment. She is a successful entrepreneur, published author, licensed/ordained minister, and educator. She is one of the contributing authors featured within the Nationally/Internationally recognized “Fullness of God” 4-book series. The books are entitled, And He Still Speaks (Book 2) and the Final book in the series, And He Still Waits.
    Dr. “MGM” is well versed in the areas of business management, human resources, business ethics, as well as, subjects in the areas of leadership and entrepreneurship with non-profit and for profit sectors. In her role as a daily motivator, she is a believer and testimony that “Words Have Power”, and often states, “What is spoken can determine the direction that your path may take, so use them wisely.” As an Entrepreneur, she uses her knowledge, gifts and abilities to help other realize and activate their purpose.
    Dr. “MGM” can be found using her own success as Owner of AHP Business Consulting and President of W.A.V.E. International Outreach Missions, to encourage others to follow their dreams. Mia helps her clients as serving as a mentor and catalyst to instill effective strategies to help them realize their full leadership potential through fervent coaching. She also serves as an Adjunct Professor for various Colleges and Universities nationally. And is a corporate recruiter in the business and medical sector. Contact number 877-406-0730. Website: www.miamcgee.org

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    in Entertainment

    Poetry helped Imani conquer depression:

    Poetry, Imani McGee-Stafford says, saved her life.

    She was still in middle school when she began putting the words rumbling through her head onto paper, filling notebook after notebook in search of a voice to break free of the depression that was choking her.

    After being sexually abused as a child, the promising young basketball player attempted suicide three times by age 17. But she kept writing as part of her daily "dogfight" of emotions.

    Eventually, that writing pulled her out of depression. She found her voice at slam-poetry competitions, where she could stand up and use poetry to tell her story.

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    Miss Radiance joins The Cherry Spot to talk about that "Gangsta Lovin"!

    in Books

    Author Miss Radiance will grace the Cherry Spot with Host Rosalind Cherry and special CoHost Kristi McGee to talk about her release GANGSTA LOVIN! She is new to the Lit Game and we would love to hear her story and how she was inspired to put pen to paper and become an author. Every book has a writer and we love to get to know the person behind the pen so we welcome each new author and new experience, so make sure to join us as we learn about Author Miss Radiance and her "Gangsta Lovin..."

    Call in # 773-897-6297

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    Angels on Air - 4/22/15 Archangels Celebrating Birthdays with a twist

    in Spirituality

    Join host Nanette Ellis and her amazing co-host Carolyn McGee and Dawn Pinke Anderson to continue kicking off AngelsTeach.com (our sponsors birthday) on 4/22/15, Wednesday at 7PM EST.  The Angels want to play and continue with this wonderful topic of Birthday Celebrations and this week the discussion will have a twist.  Should you be able to listen live or via chat, please give us your views on birthday celebrations.  Time permitting we shall do a few mini Angel Readings.  Now remember if you can not listen live, please listen to the replay there will surely be a message in the episode for you.

    We wish to thank Rev Elvia Roe founder of AngelsTeach.com to sponser our show and highly reccommend you  browese over to her site AngelsTeach.com as there are so many tibits of information on her page....

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    Author Tonya Barber talks "Not Like My Mama" with Cherry Bomb & Black Sapphire

    in Books

    The Cherry Spot with Host Rosalind Cherry and new CoHost Krist McGee welcomes Author Tonya Barber to the interview platform.  She is a writer/poet with several books under her belt and we are glad she will be talking about her latest creative work "Not Like My Mama." We will travel this road with Rainy as she finds herself breaking a promise she made when she was only a child. Will she really end up like "her mama" or have the strength to break the cycle before it's too late.

    Rainy’s mantra is that she will not grow up to be like her mama, but will she be strong enough to recognize the signs and stay clear of present dangers or will she recognize true love and leave the bitter past behind in hopes of the brighter tomorrow waiting just past the rain? 

    All calls and comments are welcome

    Call in # 773-897-6297

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    It's All Write Radio 4-10-15

    in Writing

    How to Develop Unforgettable, Moving Characters... This edition of It's All Write Radio features writer and filmmaker David Wisehart and author J.B. McGee discussing character development, tips for new writers, and some of their most memorable characters that they've created and ones that they read, saw on television or in a movie. The show is hosted by author, filmmaker, and publisher C. Nathaniel Brown. Join the conversation at 646-787-1799.