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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0041 Guest Charlie Garza & Judeo-Christian Principles

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    LatinoTalk Texas is news, issues and interviews important to American Latinos.  This is America's only daily indepedent political analysis from the Latino perspective.  Today, Charlie Garza, was my guest. Charlie was a member of the State Board of Education in Texas and at the time of his election a few years ago he was the only Latino Republican elected to statewide office in Texas. I actually helped with his campaign those few years ago and I'm proud of my involvement with his campaign. Charlie called to mention how the left is working hard at every turn and especially concerning the selection of textbooks in Texas to eliminate any reference to our common judeo-christian principles in the founding of our nation and the basis of our common laws in America. I explained why the culture of death, represented by the Democrats in America seek to use euphemisms to cover the truth about their actions. I went on to give the example and read a news article about Planned Parenthood's claiming they offer pre-cancer screenings when the evidence is clear that PP does NOT offer any such screenings. The news indicates the Pro-Life effort to remove all public funds in Texas from Planned Parenthood. I agree that is the best policy and those funds should go to agencies that actually do provide women's healthcare. Then Charlie and I discuss the anti-immigration effort and I inform him of the true importance of immigration reform, that America needs MORE immigration and not less but that the very same forces of the culture of death are also the same types of people who bring the anti-immigration efforts and that they are motivated by an anti-Latino fervor. Finally I read two news articles about a federal lawsuit brought by Texas AG Greg Abbott over Obama's executive action on Immigration reform and mention that Arturo Carmona, a guest on this show, was quoted in the article.

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0037 Daniel Garza & Pending Immigration Action

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    HUGE SHOW, TODAY!!  Daniel Garza with The LIBRE Initiative called the show along with David R Gonzalez and Elias Bemudez who are Immigration Reform Activists from Arizona.  They, along with myself, are all Independent Latino Political Activists who seek better representation for Latinos in America..  We discussed the terrible situation for DREAMERS and those in their families who live in fear of arrest and deportation unnecessarily due to Obama's harsh policies and they demand relief.  However, if Obama gives such relief it would eliminate any possibility that the Congress will act on CIR in any meaningful fashion.  Daniel Garza seeks to address this and obtain real legal relief and address the great need for MORE immigration to America and not less.  At the same time the DREAMERS are drowning and must have relief.   But I warn and my callers agree that Obama is blame and will only act if he can do so for his own political benefit.  Callers agree that the Democrats take the Latino vote for granted and the Republicans are bullies and that Latinos must have their own leaders.  We lament that Jose' Jose Peñalosa for Arizona , another Independent Latino, was not elected in Arizona.  My callers were; however, surprised, although Daniel Garza was fully aware, that the main source of the anti-immigration effort in America derives from the John Tanton Network of radical environmentalists from Planned Parenthood.  They have major leaders and activists at the leadership of both major parties and thus, Latinos have not political party on their side.  Great show today!! Tell your friends that LatinoTalk Latino Talk Texas is America's only daily political analysis from the independent Latino perspective.  

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    Garza Strip 2: The Dark Shit

    in Entertainment

    Another chat with Mike Garza

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    Tdoe and Garza discuss league matters and preview games; and are joined by a special guest.

    in Football

    Heavy Hitters Radio is a radio broadcast dedicated to a Madden PS4 league

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    Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep - The Starting Pitcher Sleepers

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    This episode was originally recorded on 3/2/15. Listen in as the Living Legend Joe Gallina uses his unique style to analyze fantasy baseball's starting pitchers. Anyone can tell you to draft Kershaw and King Felix. Joe focuses on the sleeper and value picks. He talks about the fringe guys, the guys that fantasy baseball owners who think outside the box will have on their fantasy rosters. Educate yourself as you get draft preparation advice designed to help you stand out from the crowd. You never know who is going to stop by the show. Joe always features a myriad of eclectic guests. This show is fun, fast paced and informative all at the same time!!

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    Aumenta tu éxito en un SPA

    in Entrepreneur

    Charla sobre temas de Liderasgo y Emprendimiento con el Coach y Conferencista Ricardo Garza

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    Tiempo Tejano Ep 55

    in Music

    Check out the latest Tiempo Tejano Ep 55.  Listen to your favorite music and Tejano artists hosted by your friend and DJ Armando. Escuche su musica y artistas favoritos de la musica Tejana incluyendo musica Tejana del recuerdo y musica del momento (Ram Herrera, Marcos Orosco, David Lee Garza, Jay Perrez,  Ruben Vela, Grupo Alamo, Grupo Mayo, Retono, Ramon Ayala, Little Joe, Flaco Jimenez Y muchos mas) con su amigo y locutor Armando. Tiempo Tejano lla se encuentra en iTunes tambien.  Lla puede llevar Tiempo Tejano a donde quiera que vaya con iTunes.

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    Your Vision Torch~a Lifestyle Radio Speaks to a Star.... Jessica Garza

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    The Princess of Suburbia, host of Your Vision Torch, a Princess in Suburbia Lifestyle TV Show, Princess Fumi Hancock interviews an uprising star in Hollywood (singer, actress), Jessica Garza:

    Jessica was born and raised in Mexico City . Since she was little she has constantly been involved in artistic activities including ballet at The Royal Academy of London, jazz, and singing lessons. Her first professional acting experience was in a High school National Theatre competition where she played Sugar, in “Sugar” the musical. She has a BA in Theatre and she has worked as an actress, Stage Manager, writer, and director on several productions in Mexico including : Beauty and the Beast Broadway, Mexico; several Soap Operas for Televisa and TV AZTECA including “Hasta que el dinero nos separe”, “Pobre rico pobre”, “Secretos del Alma” and “Quiéreme” and over 20 theatre plays. She came to L.A. to pursue her Master’s in Acting for Film at New York Film Academy, Universal Studios and since then, she has been acting in several short films including “Nighttime” and “Oblivion” winners of the merit Award of Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood

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    Tiempo Tejano Ep 54

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    Check out the latest Tiempo Tejano Ep 54.  Listen to your favorite music and Tejano artists hosted by your friend and DJ Armando. Escuche su musica y artistas favoritos de la musica Tejana incluyendo musica Tejana del recuerdo y musica del momento (Ram Herrera, Marcos Orosco, David Lee Garza, Jay Perrez, Los Roberto Pulido, Grupo Alamo, Grupo Mazz, Retono, Ramon Ayala, Joel Guzman Y Sarah Fox, Tejano Boys Y muchos mas) con su amigo y locutor Armando. Tiempo Tejano lla se encuentra en iTunes tambien.  Lla puede llevar Tiempo Tejano a donde quiera que vaya con iTunes.

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    Ruthie Report: Al Garza & Andy Ramirez

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    Please join Ruthie this week July 18th, 2013 with two awesome Guests:   Al Garza and Andy Ramirez http://www.choa.us/
    Andy will give us details on how March on Washington DC went July 15th and Al and Andy and I will be discussing Conservative Hispanics of America (CHOA) http://www.choa.us/ Conservative Hispanics of America demand border security & enforcement of our immigration laws now today, without further deceptive double-talk from corrupt politicians with deep pockets. It is compulsory we immediately circumvent the flow of illegal activity at the border by any means available to us.Political rhetoric is no longer an option our citizens can afford to entertain. There have been voices of reluctance to deploy a Special Missions Unit (state guard) to the border for reasons which are neither new nor sensible.  

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2015, 0013 Lent, Morality & Growing Immoral Culture

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    LatinoTalk Texas is news, issues and interviews important to Latinos in America.  Guest Andy Bravo calls in to discuss the issues today. Today, I discuss the vast differences in the Culture of Life and its nemesis, the Culture of Death also known as the Culture of Anti-Life or the Culture of New Morality of Immorality. I introduce this topic as being important in these days of Lent especially for Latinos who are mostly Catholic. Today, I compare the issues of Abortion, Homosexual marriage and euthanasia as being examples of the new morality of immorality. For example, Homosexuality is clearly immoral but by seeking through the courts under the pretense of "Equal Protection under the Law" to nullify enumerable state laws the set the guidelines for the state to sanction marriages the homosexual community hopes to gain such sanctions and make their relationships "normal" and part of a new morality. In other words they have sought to cast anyone who disagrees with them as a bigot and immoral themselves for defend their own moral standings. Thus, I point out the "New Morality of Immorality" which is not unrelated to other machinations of the culture of death or anti-life which also favors abortion on demand and euthanasia. How many cultures have practiced these horrific and immoral behaviors? Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, America in the days of the Indian Wars and many more. Today, in America, as I read there are expanding efforts to promote euthanasia which my caller, Andy Bravo mistook for End of Life Palliative care. That is why I discuss these issues so that Latinos in America will be well informed.

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