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    I've done it! I finally STOLE a blog from my friend Yao Khepra Felix Wilson I tried to warn him that I was going to do it and now I have! Join me as I read from his blog and discuss the content. We will discuss what it means to create eveolution through fusion! 

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    Ford Fusion wins AutoJudge award as Hybrid Vehicles for 2014 at SEMA

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    Automotive Journalist ALAN GELL was part of the team that gave out the AutoJudge awards at the recent SEMA show in Las Vegas.  The FORD FUSION was named as the HYBRID VEHICLE for 2014.  ERIC PETERSON, representing the Ford Motor Company, accepted the award at a special Press Conference at the SEMA show.

    The Ford Fusion Energi is classy and stylish and certainly achieves terrific gas mileage.  GELL discusses the attributes of this vehicle during this radio program.

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    Poetic Fusion: Happy Holiday

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    Poetic Fusion is hosted by Poet Unplugged, an online radio station that supports The Arts.Here on Poetic Fusion we have open mic so all artist can express themselves and wide range of topics that keep callers ON-THE-LINE! Tonight's topic will be a night of creativity with a twist of the holiday spirit! Join us for a joy filled show!

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    Fusion Talk Show (Technology Education)

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    Fusion Teen Talk Show is a show that is totally for teens. The mission of Fusion is to open the lines of communication and bridge the gap between teens and adults. Fusion, by definition, is the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity. Those two things, for Fusion Teen Talk Show, are teens and adults, the entity being the relationship between the two. To learn more about Fusion Teen Talk Show, visit our website www.fusiontalkshow.com

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    Cuñao: Latin, African rock fusion. Joanna Borromeo : alt soul from Canada

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    Cuñao is a Los Angeles-based, Latin Folk group with roots in New York City. Founder and songwriter Julio Montero, born in Ecuador, brings his South American background & influences to create evocative, poetic songs that transcend time and leave listeners with lush images.  A group of multi-ethnic musicians, Cuñao puts a global twist on their Latin sound combining  African rhythms, Eastern European melodies and American Rock.

    Joanna Borromeo is a alternative R&B/Soul artist/songwriter from Canada who is no stranger to the US, especially to California.  A superb R&B and blues singer-songwriter who fuses jazz, gospel, hip hop, pop and R&B, She graces the stage with a keyboard and her band and wows audiences and critics with her crystal smooth voice and lively songwriting.  On tour right now, she will be playing dates in California, including the prestigious State Social House Champaign series. Her first EP, Kaleidoscope, was nominated for a Juno Award as the best R&B recording in Canada. She is comfortable in a jazz club, a hip hop scene, rock venue or a medley music showcase- wherever people love music.

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    Poetic Fusion: Artist Love

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    Poetic Fusion is hosted by Poet Unplugged where ALL artist can come together and build each other up in their craft and in their communities. This show is open mic and conversation show. We have the hottest topics around and the hottest talents! Call in to share your gifts and meet other artist!

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    Poetic Fusion

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    Poet Unplugged is a place where ALL artist can come together share their talent, network with other artist and unplugg themselves from the stage and talk about real issues in Artistry n in the world! Poetic Fusion is a sub radio show of Poet Unplugged that is LIVE and full of excitement with not just poets, singers, comedians, etc; but great conversation on great topics! Please join us in the fun!

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    Poetic Fusion: Creative Arts Programs

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    Tune in! Here on Poetic Fusion (presented under Poet Unplugged) we have LIVE open mic shows and conversation! With no restrictions in expressive art and hot topics to discuss this show is defintely worth the listen! Tonight's topic will be on what to do with creative arts programs being shut down in schools and communities and how that effects our children and what can be done about it? Join us to share!

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    Poetic Fusion

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    Poet Unplugged presents: Poetic Fusion! This is a radio show thats caters to ALL ARTIST! That means Poets, Singers, Musicians, etc! This is a place where aritsit can share their talent and discuss the real topics of The Arts! Join us to share and converse! Let's take The Arts beyond the mic and stage!

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    Clay Benjamin began playing guitar at age 13 in a musical family, which brought him great support. He joined his first band, One Accord, at age 16, the youngest in a key group of experienced musicians. There he started doing live recording sessions while perfecting his onstage presence. Then in 1997, Benjamin became the touring lead guitarist for smooth jazz artist Paul Howards as well as the fusion jazz group Segue. He spent years opening up for legendary artists like Chuck Loeb, Four Play, The Rippingtons, James Brown, Kool and The Gang, Ray Charles, The Commodores and even The Yellow Jackets, the band from that fateful clear cassette tape.

    Benjamin went on to play for the show band Diggin' before most recently having the opportunity to tour as the rhythm guitarist for Rev. Al Green. He has graced the stages of The Royal Albert Hall in London; The Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, California; The Manchester Coliseum in Manchester, England; Red Rock Amphitheatre in Colorado; and the BB King Blues Club and Madison Square Garden in New York. His in-studio talent has been secured by gospel stars Uncle Reece and Tito T'Juan and featured on Troy Sneed's charted gospel hit “My Heart Says Yes” and Donald Hayes's album Reflections Vol. 2.

    Benjamin is currently embarking on his first solo jazz instrumental project, wearing the hats of performer, writer and producer with equal grace and deftness. The project's first single “I Need You” was met with resounding approval when it debuted at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival early 2014. “I Need You”, as well as his 2011 album Intervention is available on iTunes, Amazon and most music web stores.


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