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    The ThinkTank: Funeral Show

    in Religion


    It's Brother Leonard The TruthSeeker and I'm back!!

    After some time off, I'm coming to talk about the final party where you are the guess of honor and you are not even there. My wife and I experienced two funerals within a week. Within those services we witnessed some things and we have a lot to say about the funeral service. Tonight, the CFR will go where we haven't gone before. Join the Discussion at 661-449-9951.


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    Church Member Funeral DE-NIED! By Order of THE PASTOR?

    in Religion

    CHURCH FOLK REVOLUTION RADIO -  Why does it seem only the tithe-paying, pastor-worshipping, 'goody two shoes' people are worthy of a church funeral?  Why does the pastor try to control everything, to include even the affairs of their dead church members?  Today we'll discuss recent stories in the news where pastors refused to officiate funerals at their churches for somewhat controversial and petty reasons.  We'll also hear personal stories from callers.  LET'S GO!!!

    "15-Year Old Dies In Accident, Church Turns Away Funeral Services" | http://tinyurl.com/o3mmjuz
    "Family says Tampa church canceled funeral because son was gay" | http://tinyurl.com/ol84upq
    "'The History of African-American Funeral Service" | http://tinyurl.com/pno53xq
    "Christian Funerals" | http://tinyurl.com/oxjprya

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    Kat Downey - Dispelling Myths ABout Funeral Preplanning

    in Self Help

    Kat Downey has been a Licensed Funeral Director in Ontario, Canada since 1998. After seeing far too many families struggle and be embroiled in conflict after a loved one dies, I decided to do something about it. I developed the Executor's Companion Kit.

    Have you ever wondered about how much fun funeral preplanning can actually be?  Our speaker today knows about the sense of accomplishment and peace of mind because since 1998 as a licensed Funeral Director 1000’s of people have shared their sense of relief with Kat.

    Once you know more about funeral preplanning you will know how much a funeral actually costs and the emotional and financial benefits of preplanning.

    And remember there is no better time than NOW to know more about funeral preplanning as it’s about taking charge when you can as death is an experience we all share.


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    Funeral Service and Dentistry: An Unlikely Pair

    in Education

    Join us in welcoming Captain Alan C. Peterson - Chief Dental Officer for the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary - Atlanta, Georgia and Mr. Jeffery Seiple, Anatomical Coordinator at the Georgia Campus- Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine both seasoned affiliates of Disaster Mortuary Operations Response Teams (DMORT).  Capt. Peterson worked during the 9/11 disaster to identify the victims through the use of forensic dentistry.  Mr. Seiple has worked during several disasters embalming victims so that they could be identified by their loved ones and funeralized. Tune in to learn more about DMORT and the powerful impact that dentistry and funeral service have on one another.

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    Owner Of Funeral Home Takes Many Peoples Money And Then Files For Bankruptcy

    in News

      Owner Of Funeral Home Takes Many Peoples Money And Then Files For Bankruptcy.

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    Funeral Programs 101 with Karen Sutton

    in History


    It is an African American tradition to hold on to and treasure certain Funeral Programs because they represent a final and public tribute to the life of family members, friends and associates.  Ms.Sutton began actively collecting Funeral Programs and Newspaper Obituaries in1986. Today she has a 15 volume collection of 2" loose-leaf binders full of them consisting of at least 1000 people.  She will share with you how to decipher the clues provided therein to help with your genealogical research. 

    Karen E. Sutton is a Family Historian, specializing in African-American research in Maryland,Virginia, & Washington, DC,Medical, and Lineage Societies in general, and the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) research in particular. She joined NSDAR based on the service of her free black ancestor from Virginia.  Karen also served as National membership chair for the Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc.(AAHGS), is a charter member of the Baltimore Chapter of AAHGS, and is the first Black “National Vice-Chairperson -- African American” -- for the“National Lineage Research Committee,” NSDAR.  She holds a B.S. in Nursing and a Master's degree in Historical Studies.  After receiving her MA,Karen worked at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in colonial costume, and is currently employed as a Registered Nurse in Long Term Care.  She has also taught "African American History" and "Introduction to the African American Experience" courses in the Africana Studies Department at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and is seeking similar employment at a Baltimore Area Community College or University.

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    It's Your Funeral

    in Health

    Are you dealing with grief after a loss? Join Grief Recovery Specialist, Audrey Pellicano R.N. on Grief Talk with Audrey.
    How do you create an end of life service that expresses your values? Join me with my guest Amy Cunningham. Amy is a New York state licensed funeral director with a passion for helping families arrange dignified, distinctive funeral and memorial services. Amy lectures on funeral planning and the greening of the funeral business at the Park Slope Food Coop every six weeks

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    A Funeral Nightmare

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    The funeral of Annie Thompson should have been a time when her family could have celebrated her life and said their goodbyes to a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister and friend. However, her daughter Lacresha Steele Thompson told of  this being a celebration of life that turned into an unforgettable nightmare. She states Angel Hill Funeral Directors of Arlington, TX failed to refrigerate or embalm her mother's remains causing her body to go into second stage decomposition. Due to the condition of the body, Annie Thompson had to be placed in three separate trash bags inside of an air tight  "closed casket." Lacresha states the smell of her mother's decomposing body is something she will never forget. The family and friends feel they never got closure, due to what happened and prays it never happens to anyone else.
     My guest were Lacresha Steele Thompson, Steve Nawojczyk and Mr. Jones ( not his real name).

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    N.M.I w/ My Silent Bravery, Radio Drive, Mime Game & The Funeral Portrait!!!

    in Music

    My Silent Bravery - Rock Singer/Songwriter Matthew Wade from Boston,Ma...New album "Diamond From Coal" out now...New music video out soon...Check out his tour dates,music & more @ www.facebook.com/mysilentbravery

    Radio Drive - Altetnative Pop/Rock Singer/Songwriter Kevin Gullickson from St Paul,MN....New single "A Taste Of Heaven" out now...Check out his music,tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/RadioDrive

    Mime Game - Alternative Rock Duo Dillon Teague Devoe & Joey Brunk from Los Angeles,Ca...New Ep "Burn" ft Chris Conley out now..Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/mimegame

    The Funeral Portrait - Rock band from Atlanta,Ga...Debut EP "For The Dearly Departed" Out now on Revival Recordings....See them on Oct. 18th in Marietta,Ga @ Swayze's Venue for the "For The Dearly Departed" Release Party...Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/TheFuneralPotrait

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    The purpose of the Christian funeral process, Seeing & Feeling Spirits post life

    in Current Events

    Why do we go to funerals?  Is it for us or the dead?  When a powerful funeral service ignites us, is it the Holy Spirit moving us?  Jon will share his very recent funeral experience.  He also talks about his mother who died almost 2 years ago.  He sent her to her cousin's house to beef up on nutrition and she died there.  The coroner didn't come for 8 hours.  You'll have to hear this one.  He did not follow traditional protocol after she passed.  Bob discusses his parent's early death and seeing spirits.  Jane talks about an angel she heard after her 2 yr old died on Christmas Day.  Signs and miracles after the dead depart.