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    Life Full Circle

    in Lifestyle

    It is a show that will feature provocative topics, covering the interests of the full spectrum of its listeners. Current news, entertainment, sports, faith, entrepreneurship, health issues, etc. will all be featured topics of the discussion.

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    Life Full Circle Anniversary Show

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    Tonight on Life Full Circle Radio, we are celebrating our 1st Anniversary!! Were going to grab some of our BEST interviews and segments! David and Tamela Mann, Bishop George Davis, Kermit Buggs of Penn State and Mr. Solutions will all be apart of this show!
    If you like those "reunion" shows when they give you all the highlights that you've missed, well this is the show for you. You will get a snap shot of who we are and why this is appointment listening and reading, week in and week out!

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    Meditation Series - Circle Healing for the Heart

    in Spirituality

    Full Circle Consciousness Meditation Series - Powerful meditations brought to you by energy intuits, Melody Tune and Robyn McClendon. You will be guided each week with powerful meditations to help you create joy and balance into your life.

    This 7 minute Circle Healing Meditation for the Heart will help you focus and center on the energy field around your heart and bring passion and love to you from energies that serve you. Today, Robin McClendon will guide you with a unique and powerful meditation that will heal and refresh your being. Choose Love and Light and send it to the darkness.

    Join us each week as we lovingly guide you with powerful meditations that will generate abundance and love in your life. Like us on Facebook at Full Circle Consciouness and follow us on Twitter @Melody_Robyn

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    Full Fledged Reality News

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    *We Are Live Now* 11:30 Est. Pm. Call In # is 347-826-9733 Again welcome to The Full Fledge Show ... As usual the call in number for topics that you want to talk about & have be discussed is 347-826-9733 You know we'd like to hear from you the listeners - ! We are having these shows to make people aware of what is going on and stuff! Obviously for real this ain't no time to be care free and everyone knows this right? Seriously it is, ultimately up to you. There are important current news events that - The Full Fledge Show team shares with you because we care about y'all and people can either learn lots of stuff or shut it out. It's up to you. But you cannot say you did not know in the end. "In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." --- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    Full Circle Movie Talk: Scandalous

    in Entertainment

    Listen to NYC indie guerrilla filmmaker, Sean Weathers as he interviews a different underground, counter culture artist every week, this week’s guest Delven Adams: http://fullcirclefilmworks.com/fullcirclemovietalk.html

    SEASON 3 - Episode 8 (3/05/14): I get roasted by my former cohost, Aswad Issa & my cousin, Delven Adams. Aswad exposes my tryst with a sexy unnamed actress, during the casting for my upcoming film, ‘Mandingo Sex Addict.’ Music by Glenn ‘Illa’ Skeete – Scandalous from ‘The Trade Off.’

    Thanks for listening and supporting; please share, like, embed, comment, follow, rate, and retweet our show.  For more on this podcast, my films and myself, you can go to my website: http://fullcirclefilmworks.com/

    We're also available on the free Stitcher app so can listen on any smart phone on the go at any time. http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/sean-weathers/full-circle-movie-talk?refid=stpr

    Friend me on http://www.facebook.com/filmmakerseanweathers to chat.

    For more on 'The Trade Off': https://www.facebook.com/thetradeoffmovie

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    Taurus Full Moon, Planets and the Chakras

    in Spirituality

    Join Nicole Smith and Susan Scofield as they discuss the Taurus full moon, planetary energies and the chakras. Please feel free to call in with a question or type in the chat box.  Nicole and Susan are available for private sessions, group sessions, classes and more.  To contact Nicole, please email her che@chenergy.us or go to her website http://www.chenergy.us . To connect with Susan, email her barnstormerastrologyandtarot@gmail.com  or go to her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/barnstormerastrologyandtarot .

    A special thanks to the amazing lightworker Janene Cummings of http://www.myinnerharmony.net for the intro music.


    Thanks for listening!

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    Full Court Podcast - Episode 1

    in Basketball

    Real Sports Entertainment Network has brought you their #1 Basketball Podcast, Full Court!

    The host is none other than Tyler Spence, and co-host, Brad Miller!

    Full Court is here to entertain you! A podcast about the fantastic world of sports, but mostly, basketball!

    This is the first episode, and a lot of work has gone into making it, so we hope you enjoy!


    Listen to Full Court, as it turns into your favorite basketball podcast!

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    Full Moon, Planets and the Chakras

    in Spirituality

    Do you have questions about the upcoming full moon and planetary energies?  Then please tune in for more information!  Nicole Smith of Chenergy LLC and Susan Scofield of Barnstormer Astrology and Tarot both have private practices in Olympia, WA.  Nicole's website is http://www.chenergy.us  Susan can be reached at  barnstormerastrologyandtarot@gmail.com or on facebook http://www.facebook.com/barnstormerastrologyandtarot 


    A special thanks to the amazing lightworker Janene Cummings of  http://www.myinnerharmony.net for the intro music.

    Thanks for listening!

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    The Full Fledged Show - Glitch in the Matrix Part 2

    in News

    Full Fledged Show – Glitch In The Matrix part 2 Revealing whats blatantly been shown through the veil of deceipt. In no way does this show seek to defame anyone person, but to bring to light the matters of darkness which are permeating every facet of our daily lives. Are we to not bring light to those whom are still imprisoned?The mission of Glitch in the machine is to remind folks of what is blatently being shown by the “Machine” world and the “Glitch” are those facts that aren't expounded upon.

    Calls are welcomed during the show. The guest call in line is (347) 826-9733. This is for anyone who wants to call in to share any breaking news or who has any topics to discuss.





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    Life Full Circle Radio talks Education with Dr. Todd L. Kitchen

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    This week we will focus on education. Among many stories that have dominated the headlines, one that has stood out is President Barack Obama proposing "free" education at community colleges across the country. On the surface many would wonder why wouldn't all americans think this is a good idea? As much as we sufffer through unemployment, there are many jobs that go unfilled, becuase we don't have enough qualifed candidates to fill them. 

    Our guest today will be Dr. Todd Kitchen. Todd is vice president for earner support services at NorthWest Arkansas Community College. He is also veteran, pastor and product of the community college system. He's going to give us his insight on this proposal on this episode of #LFCRadio. 

    Join us every week for provocative talk radio about everything from God to Hip Hop. From the stock market to the Android market, your mind is to big to be thinking about so little. Join us every week for the conversation! 

  • Healing The Divine Feminine....Balancing The Goddess Energy

    in Spirituality

    This week Robyn and Melody will explore the purpose of the Divine Feminine in all of us, with an approach to how it can be healed. Yin and Yang, Male and Female, are present in us all.  However, as we have been guided, for the most part, by patriarchal societies, the Divine Feminine has been suppressed with little regard for its importance. This has promoted imbalances in both the Masculine and Feminine nature in all of us.

    This is the second part in this series, we hope to open up your thinking by finding your own inner nature and discover ways to appreciate these two forces to love, heal and heighten awareness. This can be a very intense moment when you discover you may have suppressed your own divine nature and you learn to embrace who you really are and live to your fullest potential in life. As always Melody and Robyn will discuss solutions and share their experiences and stories. We encourage dialogue so please call in with questions and/or life experiences.

    You can follow us every day in this new paradigm when you join our Facebook group at Full Circle Consciousness and follow us on Twitter @Melody_Robyn. You can also find Melody and Robyn on their own business websites. Find Robyn at YourCreativityCoachbyRobynMcClendon.wordpress.com and Instagram @rarebirds. Melody can help you start a blogging business at Designwrx.com