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    All About The Cookie

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    Tell me what you vaule, what you love and what does intimacy and faith mean to you? Are there any benefits to theses things?

    Speak your Mind, Free your Mind. Open live talk show. NO Boundaries. Expierence life, love,real,truth, and openess.

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    Special Episode: Monster X with Tim Fasano

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    Join Monster X hosts Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson for a Special Episode of Monster X Radio as we talk with Bigfoot researcher Tim Fasano from Tampa, Florida. He is part of The Seminole Project (http://www.timfasano.com/p/the-seminole-project.html). 

    Tim will be on Monster X to discuss possible Bigfoot evidence that is coming out of  Lettuce Lake.

    This is an episode no Bigfooter will want to miss, so join us for this special edition of Monster X Radio at a special day and time, Tuesday February 10th at 4p.m. Pacific!

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    FTW Network Radio: WWE Royal Rumble Radio Preshow

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    FTW Network Radio is Live and in effect at the new FTW Network Studio while its under construction. Tonight, we will be discussing tonights WWE Royal Rumble Pay Per View. 530 PM CST / 630 PM EST 

    We will be discussing the Superstars, the matches, and giving predictions to the Royal Rumble PPV and the WWE itself. 

    In addition, we will be hearing YOU, the wrestling fans on your thoughts on certian subjects. 

    Tune in to hear MWG's own Tony "Motown" Allen, and FTW's own "The Mastermind" Bob Rogers predictions and anaylisis on the event right here on The FTW Network Radio, the Future of Sports Entertainment and News !!!

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    All About The Cookie

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    Tell me what you value, what you love and what does intimacy and faith mean to you. To these things are there any benefits?

    Speak your Mind, Free Your Mind. Open live talk show with no boundaries. Experience love, real, truth, and openess!

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    Monster X Radio with Members of The Falcon Project's Ground Team

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    Join Monster X Radio hosts Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson as they talk with members of The Falcon Project's ground team, Kirk Brandenburg and Randy Harrington.  They'll be discussing the ground team's mission and why The Falcon Project is unlike any endeavor that has come before it in the search for Bigfoot.

    Call in number (347) 326-9859.



    Gunnar Monson is a long time Bigfoot researcher. A past investigator with the BFRO, he is the Lead Investigator of the Tillamook Forest Research Project as well as a member of The Olympic Project and Bigfootology.  He is also the founder of The Sasquatch Coffee Company (www.SquatchCoffee.com)

    A native of Scotland, Shane has had an interest in Cryptids since his youth.  Fate brought him to Oregon where he dove head first into the subject of Bigfoot.  Shane had a sighting in the Mt, Hood National Forest in 2013 which only deepened his passion in his pursuit.  He is a core team member of both the T.F.R.G. as well as The Olympic Project.  He is also a member of Bigfootology.  In addition to hosting Monster X Radio, he can be heard Wednesday evenings on Cryptologic Radio.



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    Monster X Radio: Q&A with The Falcon Project

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    Join Monster X hosts Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson as they discuss preparations for the Falcon Project as the date nears for its launch.

    Gunnar and Shane will be joined by project founder, William Allen Barnes as well as Jason Valenti, part of The Falcon Project's management team.

    The Falcon Project proposes to conduct an extensive aerial search for an unrecognized North American primate, a.k.a. sasquatch or Bigfoot, by means of an helium-filled airship, upon which a platform supporting thermal-imaging and high resolution wireless videography equipment is mounted.

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    Monster X Radio the Shane Corson Interview

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    Join Monster X Radio host and Sasquatch Coffee founder, Gunnar Monson as he interviews his Monster X cohost, Shane Corson.  It took a little arm twisting, because Shane does not generally do interviews.

    Shane is a Bigfoot researcher from Portland, Oregon.  He spends many, many hours not only out in the field, but studying all things associated with the Bigfoot phenomenon.

    Shane is a member of the Tillamook Forest Research Group, The Olympic Project as well as Bigfootology.  He is a cohost on Monster X Radio as well as Cryptologic Radio.


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    Monster X radio: Live from HopsSquatch with Guy Edwards

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    Join Monster X hosts Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson as they broadcast live following this month's HopsSquatch event hosted by Guy Edwards.

    HopsSquatch is a Bigfoot and Beer event dedicated to the latest Bigfoot news and research.

    A unique speaker’s series held every month. Previous speakers have been a Finding Bigfoot TV Host (Cliff Barackman), History Channel's go-to Anthropology Professor (Dr. Jeff Meldrum), creature fx expert (Bill Munns), acclaimed novelist (Kirk Sigurdson) amd many legends in the bigfoot community.

    Each month we bring a different expert in the field of Bigfooting. From anthropology professors, TV stars, book authors, movie directors, hypnotist, psychics and even interspecies communicators.

    Nothing is off the table!!!!

    Get behind-the-scenes information from the experts and become Bigfoot insiders learning what is on the horizon of Bigfoot research.

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    FTW Network Radio: WCWO - Reality Check

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    New WCWO Territorial Champion? Mr. Kemp showing his cruel intentions? The Young Guns tournament being set and announced !!! The Ring Generals match for the vacant WCWO Outlaw Title? 

    Things are getting crazy, no pun intended, at the WCWO. We will be talking about these subjects and more tonight on the FTW Network, The Future of Sports Entertainment and News !!!

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    Monster X Radio with Rhettman Mullis, President of Bigfootology

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    Join Monster X Radio hosts Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson as they sit down with Rhettman Mullis, President of Bigfootology.

    Team Bigfootology is a team of experts in their field (academic scientists) and field experts. It takes a multidisciplinary team to discover evidence and analyze that evidence under the scrutiny of modern science. Our international team continues to grow and we are adding members by invitation and team consensus. The mission and goals of Bigfootology require a multidisciplinary global effort which requires the talents and intellect of many in order to analyze evidence and data to establish the species. By utilizing the masterminding principle where a multidisciplinary team gathers to seek solutions, Bigfootology is able to provide logical results in order to develop the record of the Bigfoot species, by any other name, in terms of physiology, psychology, history, sociology, and more.

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    FTW Network: WCWO "The Start of a Revolution?"

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    FTW Netwrok Radio will be talking a little about upcoming events for The FTW Network, and also discuss about tomorrow nights WCWO Friday Night Thunder. 

    WIth the announcement of the Young Guns Tourney, the arena is getting hot. Check out the show to just get a taste of what you will see live at the Outlaw Arena on Friday Nigh!!!!

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