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    Marketing Pulpit - Charlotte (MPI-NC)

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    Tune in to Sharon Bennett, host of The Marketing Pulpit Radio Show, each Tuesday at 10:30 am (EST).  Today's episode is "Social Media, Teen Dating & Domestic Violence." Digital tools like social media, text messages have given abusers a new way to control and frighten their victims anywhere at any time - even when they are apart. Sharon will interview Melissa Siegal-Barrios, Information and Education Coordinator, and Mike Sexton, Domestic Violence Awareness Specialist.

    The Marketing Pulpit Radio Show is the creation of expert marketer, Robert Gatewood MBA, president of Gatewood Marketing.

    The show’s mission is to build strong businesses in the community in order to put people to work.
    The show provides crucial knowledge in the areas of sales, branding, pricing, media buying, Internet, social media, music, entertainment, franchising, networking, event planning, accounting, business development, workforce development, industry trends, business news and more.
    The show offers sponsorships, advertising, membership opportunities, and a robust website for its listeners and visitors.

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    Prophecy about Damascus (Isaiah 17:1-14)

    in Christianity


    The oracle concerning Damascus.

    “Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city
    And will become a fallen ruin.
    “The cities of Aroer are forsaken;
    They will be for flocks to lie down in,
    And there will be no one to frighten them.
    “The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim,
    And sovereignty from Damascus
    And the remnant of Aram;
    They will be like the glory of the sons of Israel,”
    Declares the Lord of hosts.

    Now in that day the glory of Jacob will fade,
    And the fatness of his flesh will become lean.
    It will be even like the reaper gathering the standing grain,
    As his arm harvests the ears,
    Or it will be like one gleaning ears of grain
    In the valley of Rephaim.
    Yet gleanings will be left in it like the shaking of an olive tree,
    Two or three olives on the topmost bough,
    Four or five on the branches of a fruitful tree,
    Declares the Lord, the God of Israel.
    In that day man will have regard for his Maker
    And his eyes will look to the Holy One of Israel.
    He will not have regard for the altars, the work of his hands,
    Nor will he look to that which his fingers have made,
    Even the Asherim and incense stands.
    In that day their strong cities will be like forsaken places in the forest,
    Or like branches which they abandoned before the sons of Israel;
    And the land will be a desolation.
    For you have forgotten the God of your salvation
    And have not remembered the rock of your refuge.
    Therefore you plant delightful plants
    And set them with vine slips of a strange god.
    In the day that you plant it you carefully fence it in,
    And in the morning you bring your seed to blossom;
    But the harvest will be a heap
    In a day of sickliness and incurable pain.

    Alas, the uproar of many peoples
    Who roar like...

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    Kathy Porter: Earth's Ultimate Conflict (Sci-Fi) Author LIVE!

    in Entertainment

    Get ready for the most fun you'll have in the next hour of your life right here on Rated G Radio!

    Special Guest Star, Kathy Porter joins the show to talk abour her writing of 2 cool new sci-fi novels the Earth's Ultimate Conflict SERIES!  

    If you'd like to ask Kathy a question, please call in!  323 657-1493 is the hotline!

    Kathy Porter grew up in Endicott, New York, the birthplace of IBM and only a short distance from where one of her favorite TV series creators, Rod Serling, was raised. Kathy's lifelong interest in science fiction ignited when her father, a science teacher, showed her craters on the moon and taught her about the constellations. She grew up watching science fiction movies and TV shows. Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles was her first delve into a science fiction novel, and she has been hooked ever since.

    "I think I was born telling stories," Kathy explained during a recent interview. "As second to the oldest of seven children, the girls all slept in one bedroom. I loved making up bedtime stories with an eerie edge to frighten my sisters: tales about fairies, leprechauns, and aliens."

    Visit Kathy's page on Amazon to purchase her books by clicking this link!

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    SC EP:46 Blowing up Sasquatch

    in Science

    To watch the live unedited video interview visit https://www.facebook.com/BigfootHotspotRadio

    Bigfoot witness-turned-researcher, Todd M. Neiss has been an active investigator for more than 20 years.Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, he grew up hearing of these legendary creatures, alternately known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, but gave it little credibility beyond that of Native American lore or a good old-fashioned campfire tale designed to frighten young campers. All of that changed for Todd in the spring of 1993.

    As a Sergeant in the Army's 1249th Combat Engineer Battalion, he came face to face with, not one but, three of the elusive beasts in the temperate rain forest of Oregon's Coast Range while conducting high-explosives training. His sighting was independently corroborated by three fellow soldiers who also witnessed the creatures.

    We will also include an interview with an aggressive sasquatch a man had in Colorado. This encounter borders just short of an attack.

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    Alzheimer's Disease: Facts We Should Know

    in Lifestyle

    This is one program you can't afford to miss. Few things frighten us more than dementia and Alheimers Disease, so education is so important in providing facts and support for the families and victims. 

    Today we will see this disease through the eyes of an inspiring caregiver and later in a panel discussion with a very generous and caring expert, as well as with our own co-hosts, award-winning authors Mark H. Newhouse and Lois Podoshen and our program coordinator, Pat Jocelyn

    Pat was a caregiver for her mother and has extensively researched the subject. 

    As for a change in pace, we return to our adventurer who traveled across North America in an RV. We'll also have some fun discussing women's self image. 

    Our contact form can be found on our web site at http://www.boomersplusradio.com. Let us know if you have a subject that you'd like to have discussed on this program where only adult is spoken.



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    THE DETECTORS RADIO NETWORK With Bob Jones on Immigration

    in Radio

    The facts plain and in your  face, that many American's are realizing that we are becoming more and more like a third world nation, with more and more lost resources, jobs which are overseas and  held by foreigners. Americans are not happy about what is happening within their own country because of the governments refusal to act on the concerns of the people. Now within the proverty stricken states we are being impacted by a growing number of forien children being tossed into our country.

    The reason - Parents in these countries are frighten for the safety of their kids as we would be whereas the children within are being used as free labor and made to go into white slave rings as others are openly being murdered. 

    Tonight Bob Jones will talk about the issue as seen my Americans who have little,  the folks on the street homeless, without for their families as a result of more and more foreigners allowed into the United States policies which does not include taking care of its very own people.

    This is a tale of two viewpoints one coming for the Heartland of the United States and the other coming for the people who are fleeing the very thing the United States is becoming....

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    Are Psychic Powers an extension of my Higher Self?

    in Spirituality

     Psychic powers and phenomena have accompanied the life side of existence for thousands of years. The both fascinate and frighten people because of their paranormal untouchableness, so to speak.

    But, we have to ask ourselves, what exactly are we dealing with when we start seeing psychic phenomena. Is it safe to engage the psychic realm, or is this a vibrational territory we enter  with too much vulnerability?

    Do you have appropriate understanding of the differences between the astral spirit realm of emanations and the Christos-Spirit realm emanating our existence? 

    . Please tune in to today's show and begin to educate yourself from an ongoing Pure Awareness viewpoint understanding about the differences and sameness of subtle energies we are currently lumping into one hodgepodge of energy we call psychic powers.

    We welcome you to call in or join our chat room with your questions. Questions lead the way to needed knowledge so you wil be safe in appropriately exploring your discoveries of the unknown becoming known.  Light leads us to recognize Eternal Love and the Christos-Spirit side of Life that is our HOME and always safe and our guiding Light.  Come chat with us during this Enlightening show.  Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    LIVE! with Cathi-----DREAMS!

    in Fitness

    If you can DREAM it, you can accomplish it!

    DREAMS, series of thoughts or visions during sleep...dreamlike vision.

    LUCID DREAMS, mentally sound, easily understood.

    SCARY DREAMS, meant to frighten.

    DREAMS can be forgettable or odd.

    DREAMS can reflect the thoughts and concerns of a dreamers waking life.

    DREAMS are said to be your mind's way of making sense of the various issues it deals with on a day to day basis-whether it's work, family, health or relationships.  DREAMS  help sort out all the information and events that you are subject to during your day creating a way for you to understand what is really going on.

    Did you know down through history, many events have been revealed in DREAMS.

      Do you believe that events in you life are being revealed to you in your DREAMS?


    SWEET DREAMS are made of...etc.

    DREAMS can be...etc.

    DREAM content can...etc.

    DREAMS can be so...etc.

    DREAMS do have meaning...etc.

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    New Poet Laureate, Stokely a Life, The Art of Losing, Robert's From the Heart

    in Current Events

    Join Marie to discuss books, epublishing, indie authors, independent best selling books, and share original short stories. What's on your Spring/Summer reading list? What's your favorite book? Do you have a favorite author you can't get enough of? We welcome calls from listeners and want to hear from you. If you enjoy the segment, follow @talkwithmarie and the show on BTR to get notices.

    Music by dragonfly

    Books Discussed:

    From the Heart: Seven Rules to Live by Robin Roberts

    Stokely A Life by Peniel E. Joseph

    The Art of Losing Poems of Grief & Healing Edited by Kevin Young

    Poetry for Young People by Dr. Maya Angelou

    Life Doesn't Frighten Me by Dr.  Maya Angelou

    Kofi and his Magic by Dr. Maya Angelou

    On the Pulse of Morning by Dr. Maya Angelou

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    Demons 2: more stories with the damned, darned & doomed #33

    in Entertainment

    We return to talk about more experiences with the demonic, more tales of the damned, darned, doomed, & get into why we let things frighten us in the first place. There are many different belief systems out there, many different types of people, and many different types of living. Lifestyles, environments, belief systems, it all ties in together on our show, because we welcome all, talk to all, support/encourage all, especially when it comes to telling their tales.

    This is that tale. Rather, the continuation of it.

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    This episode is about a man who ate his own shoe.

    in Movies

    True story. In 1980 Werner Herzog ate his own shoe. This is a 30 minute show that is going to be about a gentlemen who ate his own shoe. Now, either that is going to interest the livin' lovin' hell out of you, or you'll tremendously have no want to listen. It's your call, but just remember...As the ancient story goes... If you anger Werner Herzog, he'll appear under your bed and wait quietly in the dark until you're not suspecting, then he'll grab you with his gold icey hands and frighten you so terribly that you'll look like Klaus Kinski for the rest of your life! SO appease the mighty Herzog and listen tonight!

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