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    Black FreeThought PreShow

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    Coming 2014:
    The Facebook group administrator AG3 of Black FreeThought (FreeThinkers)  brings the group alive with a talk show.  AG3 will discuss on this pre show before the real show's true premier in 2014  his 11 year AM radio career in Mississippi, make group announcements, talk about becoming an Atheist and Freethinker. Mixed with some music,PSA's and just dusting off the old radio DJ. cobwebs since he hasn't been in radio since 2001. Hopefully he hasn't lost his radio edge so come join us for this pre show. 
    Feature Songs  from
    Erykah Badu with The Roots
    Raheem Devaughn 
    Today's Announcements links:
    Dr. Hutchinson's WLP link: http://startsomegood.com/Venture/womens_leadership_project/Campaigns/Show/empowering_girls_of_color_in_south_los_angeles
    Riana Rhodes Fund: http://www.gofundme.com/4kpl24 
    Tonights Topic: Are the so called Black Channels like BET, TVone, CentricTv, and can't forget Bounce TV the first African American own network truly catering to the needs of the African/Black American community? Let'

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    Growth in Freethought and Humanism - Losing My Religion Pt. 3

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    Please join us Sunday @10AM CST as we discuss losing our religion part 3. 

    This is the third episode of a three part series in which we explore how we identified, shed, and grew from leaving the fold of religion.  We will discuss how we benefitted from our growth in freethought and humanism.  We will discuss how shedding the cloak of religion allowed us to view life, love, and freedom from a much broader perspective.

    Please join us for this very important topic.  You can dial 310-982-4273 and press 1 to speak with the hosts.  You can also Skype into the show.

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    What is Freethought?

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    Please join us Sunday, June 10, 2012 @ 10AM PST/12PM CST/1PM EST as we discuss the freethought community and our roles in the community.
    What is freethought? What is atheism? What is humanism?
    Why do I care and why you should care...
    Where do we go from here?  What roles, if any, should we play in our respective communities?
    Is it in our best interest to work alongside the religious community?
    Let's talk.  (310) 982-4273

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    Black Non-Believers of Atlanta

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    On November 9 2013 Black FreeThought (Talk) will be live again here at blogtalkradio with our special guest Mandisa Thomas Founder of Black Non-Believers in Atlanta Ga. http://blacknonbelievers.wordpress.com 


    The Call in number is 323-410-0098 so join us this Saturday with AG3 and Mandisa Thomas. 

    Black FreeThought (Talk) FreeThought from a black perspective! 

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    Women's Leadership Project Empowering Girls of Color in South L.A.

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    Black FreeThought (Talk) will be live Saturday November 16th 2013 as we talk with Secular Woman's Woman of the Year and Founder of The Women's Leadership Project in South L.A. Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson. We'll talk indepth with Dr. Hutchinson about The Women's Leadership Project in South L.A.. Join us for this informative conversation. 




    Black FreeThought FreeThought from a black perspective! 

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    Freethought in Action: Two Deistic Views on Morality

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    Freethinkers reject authority and dogma, especially in religion. Freethinkers form their own conclusions, based on reason and logic, not group think. And that’s one of the beauties of Deism, a form of theistic freethought: Deists are not expected to uniformly believe the same things.An example of this involves morality, where the World Union of Deists' Jayson and Tim hold two different views.As Jayson explained last month, he believes that Utilitarianism (the ethical theory that every voluntary human action should attempt to achieve the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest amount of creatures, especially humans) is the best ethical theory.  But his co-host Tim Wingate disagrees, arguing that Utilitarianism or its variations has historically brought paternalistic, hierarchical, and authoritarian efforts -- sometimes violent -- to achieve the greatest good for all.  For Tim, examples provided in Nature should provide the foundation for ethical theory and morality.Do both moralistic views lead to the same result? Is one better than another, or do you have something else in mind?  Find out what both freethinking Deists have to say on this subject, and feel free to call in with your opinions or questions.For more information, please visit the sponsor page at GodDiscussion.net.The God Gave Us Reason, Not Religion podcast is a service of The World Union of Deists, a global network and educational outreach for Deism.

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    Freethought Thursday - No Matter How Many times you say "Bye Felicia"...

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    Freethought Thursday - No Matter How Many times you say "Bye Felicia"...

    SHE WON'T GO. 

    Let's open with our morning freethought and then we'll go into our program of news and comment. 

    Jessa Duggar of reality television fame brings us the real deal about a holocaust and evolution. 

    4 cops tipped over a portable toilet while somebody was inside. 

    Louisiana Rape victimes charged up to 4,000 dollars for emergency care. 

    New York Cop, Pedro Serrano has been testifying about unfair targeting of color'd folk

    Life support system for a mustach.. Steve Harvey wants Paula Deen (ya'll!!!) to work with the negro youth. 

    Oh yea... and the ideas of our most official "bye felicia" ever, Joan Rivers live on. 
    Some right wingers have PROOF, that Michelle Obama was born a lad. 

    Arizona School District fires a teacher for not letting some upstanding anglo-american angels put their Africanized classmates in thier proper place. 

    Grand Jury considering the Darren Wilson has an investigation going on within...  maybe it's just about funions or something. 

    Police Chief who done speak'd up and said he sexually assaulted that woman who was unconscious won't be subjected to stuff like... going to jail. 

    And some folks that just wanted to have thmeselves a pretty little princess done ended up with a nappy headed jezebel and now they gots to sue that sperm bank.  

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    Can't rape a sex worker myth and freethought conversation

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    Hey gang. 
    This is more freethought conversation with my young friend. 

    We start out with the "can't rape a sex worker" myth and organically let the conversation flow from there. 




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    Freethought Conversation - How to treat each other.

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    Hey gang. 

    This is one of many freethought conversation episodes with this individual. 

    We spend this first half hour getting the conversation started with corporal punishment and how we treat each other. 

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    Monday 9 pm est.


    Episode 2: Smoke n mirrors and other parlor tricks played by mainstream and social media to trick the eye and poison the mind. We will take a brief over view of words to avoid and be aware of the double meaning when you hear them on t.v. also about vetting the information we collect and share on social media.

    Also, we will begin a 3 part series:  MASS INCOCERATION: The caging of a nation. We will tackle this very dangerous and powerful tool used against the Afrikan in America, the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!!  Why they cage our black men? What impact does it have on our community? How do we dismantle it?

    As always our Culture Freedom family will be in the house. The call in number is 347.850.8030

    Producers: MrSavannahblack and Sun-re9

    Let’s build!!

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    A Conversation with 1/3 of The Unholy Trinity, and Ra-Men Podcast Host, Aron Ra

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    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit has the pleasure of welcoming to the show, Aron Ra! Yes, one third of the Unholy Trinity,Texas State Director of American Atheists, freethought contributor to the Global Secular Institute, host of the Ra-Men podcast, and producer of the Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism video series. I love it when intelligent an insightful guest stop by the studio to help shed some much needed light on the ignorance in science and blind belief in religion. With a voice like Aron on the side of Free thought and Science, the scales of enlightenment are tipped ever so closer in our favor. This should prove to be yet another show that will be catorgorized as Must Listen to episode. Buckle your seatbelts and hang on tight, this will be a ride to remember.

    Please call in to participate and/or just listen at 347-202-0492 or just use Skype

    Please email us at AppleBrain@Live.com

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