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    The Whitening of Black Sam Fraunces - Fraunces Tavern NYC

    in History

    Samuel Fraunces was a Cook for George Washington. Born in Caribbean of black and white parents.  Fraunces owned one of the finest taverns in colonial New York City. When Washington arrived in Philadelphia in 1790 as President, Fraunces came with him as his personal cook and established a business referred to later as the Golden Sun Tavern. Fraunces's Tavern was the social center of the New York City. It was there in 1768 that the Commerce was organized. It was here in 1774 that the Sons of Liberty planned a New York "Tea Party." http://www.kitchensisters.org/hidden_kitchens/herculeshemings_story27.htm
    Sam's daughter Phoebe is credited with saving Washington's life and spying for him. The father and daughter's racial identity is recorded as Negro, colored, Haitian Negro, Mulatto, "fastidious old Negro" and swarthy. Fraunces was immortalized in Philip Freneau's 1786 book of poems as "Black Sam." He was familiarly called by his nick name because of his tan complexion and his tight., curly hair. The Son's of the Revolution (SR), are on a mission to change Sam's Tavern into a Museum, and remake him into a white man.  Several of my ancestors were classified as mistakenly classified as White, because of their light coloring, then reclassified as Mulatto.  Look at the first and last pictures,  posted to this site. The first picture is of  (Black), Sam and the last is my relatives, Aunt Dot, Uncle Chester Ruth, who was identified as, "Colored" another form of Mulatto.
    Dedicated to the Memory of My beloved Grandson Kerry Baxter Junior! You are always a part of our lives & Family. Your spirit is alive and Well!

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    Budget Weddings NYC 4U

    in Self Help

    Join me as we explore more wedding elements by talking with an industry professional.

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    StreetcredMusic, Independent Music, From NYC

    in Music

    This episode: Music from~~Indie artists

    Abby Ahmad, NYC  ~~ Lawra, Italy and

    Kiss Slash Crooked Smile, Brooklyn, NY

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    'Kickoff NYC 2015' STATE OF THE BLACK PARENT w/ Shaunes Richardson

    in Television

    Dial in, Monday at 6pmEST (661) 554-9123    Topic: Chatting Back!  Empire, R&B Divas, & Whitney Houston Biopic

    Are you desperate to get into the music industry? 

    What means are you willing to get into it as a career? 

    What are your responses of the recent medias of music biopics and tv shows?  How does this relate to Our community? 

    Does it affect Our Education, Economics, & Enterprise of the Alkebulan bloodline?  #statebp #bpnow    

    Y'all tell me why everybody rush to tune and engage  into the title of the video "Kevin Gates have Sex with his Cousin (incest)"?

    Do you want to talk about the TLC fundraising?   

    Have you shared and invested in Our crowdfund for Our event, advocacy, research and further invest in the community?


    We are on Instagram.  Share & Engage with us on there.  STATE OF THE BLACK PARENT

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    StreetcredMusic, Independent Music, From NYC

    in Music

    all Indie Music today::: New York City


    Champian Fulton...and

    Jazz Man Joe Alterman

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    Feast On This w/ Jennifer Runyon & Venus Quintana

    in Food

    Join popular New York food critic Venus Quintana & actress/ fellow foodie Jennifer Runyon as they take you on a culinary hour you won't soon forget!

    On tonight's show we will be gearing up for the 2015 Superbowl Madness! We want to hear from YOU! We are excited to hear your best dish and drink recipes and snack ideas that will make you the host of the year! Call in at 914-338-1917!

    Listen to Jenn & Venus Every Monday at 9PM EST/ 6PM PST


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    'Kickoff NYC 2015' STATE OF THE BLACK PARENT w/ Shaunes Richardson

    in Culture


    This Monday's Topic is:  Martin Luther King and Other Community Contributers  ALKEBULAN

    This is a great radio show that you would not want to Miss.  Do Join us on Monday at 6pm East Coast/ New York/ Atlantic Time.     Do Share!    Is Martin Luther King the only 1 or the few of 10 people in the Struggle that You Know for Our Community?  What would his reality show be like or would it not have the strategy enough to do a reality show?     Hashtag with us on #statebp #bpnow   

    Do Share Our Flyers, Reply and Review  Our Archive Shows Until We Air Live!    Do Respond of Your Attendance on this Invite and Share.?

    Call us for booking, vendor, sponsorship or media support opportunites at (225) 395-1792


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    Lloyd W. Phillips ~ HPV Vaccine Researcher on NYC Res. 532 in support of A1528

    in Politics

    "In The Know with Sallie Elkordy" radio program.  Guest is HPV Vaccine Researcher Lloyd W. Phillips.  We are discussing Resolution 532 that the NYC Council has sponsored, in support of A1528 (formerly A497) for 2015: http://assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?default_fld=&bn=A01528&term=&Summary=Y&Text=Y

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    F.L.U.I.D. 17 Starring Willie Aames, Susan Olsen and Jennifer Runyon

    in Pop Culture

    It will be a Cindy sandwich as Mike Lookinland joins Susan Olsen and Jennifer Runyon.   Not to be missed!

    F.L.U.I.D. is an innovative, first of its kind Iradio show,  starring Willie Aames, Susan Olsen and Jennifer Runyon.  It’s our hope that in the spirit of audio books, internet radio and all else you download, you’ll be able to enjoy voices you’ve loved for years in a whole new way. Exactly as they are, unfiltered.

    F.L.U.I.D. – Every Tuesday evening at 7PM PST and 10PM EST of WBAR NYC IRadio.

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    Feast On This w/ Jennifer Runyon & Venus Quintana with guest Michael Schwartz

    in Food

    Join popular New York food critic Venus Quintana & actress/ fellow foodie Jennifer Runyon as they take you on a culinary hour you won't soon forget!

    Tonight, we talk with Michael Schwartz- co-founder of BAO ( Bad Ass Organics) who produce fermented foods and drinks. Michael also manages the Organic Food Incubator in Long Island City. Michael shares with us his interesting background and how he found himself on the road to success!

    Listen to Jenn & Venus Every Monday at 9PM EST/ 6PM PST


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    Matt Pare Prospect Of The SF Giants Live On 27outs At Legend Tavern Sports Grill

    in Baseball

    On this episode Frank and Claudia sit down with SF Giants prospect live at Legend Tavern Sports Grille in Sunrise FL, to talk everything baseball, MiLB, MLB, SF Giants, fans, the game, and life. Come #MeetTheFuture of the MLB on #27outs on TuneIn Radio..

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