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    in Spirituality

    The K-N-O-W Show  11/25/15   Dianne Wilson Onwuchekwa

    Topic: “Teachable Moments” in Spirituality & Medicine!

    My guest is my dear and long time friend, Diane Wilson Onwuchekwa, a woman who has been broken literally, with over 78 broken/fractured bones in her body, including her neck which was being held together physically only by ligaments, tendons, and muscle instead of cervical vertebrae because those bones were broken and shattered from the direct impact of an SUV that ran head on into a Chrysler Spitfire two seat vehicle that only seats two, the driver and the passenger!  Diane was the passenger and her friend Michelle was the driver of the Spitfire.  Diane Wilson Onwuchekwa, a woman whose Spirit and faith was so strong that it brought her back from death’s door and into the light of healing, health, wholeness, forgiveness  and Joy!

    Dianne’s new book is, “Teachable Moments” –Spirituality & Medicine! The Know Show host was honored to have written the “Meditation for The Medical Community.”

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    Ep. 11: Raptors vs Cavaliers, Jonas Valancuinas Injury W/ Zarar Siddiqi

    in Sports

    It's a new episode of Coast 2 Coast! On this podcast I talked with Zarar Siddiqi. Siddiqi is a writer and podcaster at ESPN Truehoop Network's Toronto Raptors blog, www.RaptorsRepublic.com

    With The 9-6 Toronto Raptors defeating the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, the Raptors return home to visit LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Raptors face a tough task filling the void at the center spot as Jonas Valancuinas fractured his hand in the game against the Lakers. He will be out for about six weeks. The Cavaliers also have their fair share of injuries as All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert, Timofey Mozgov and Mo Williams remain out. Siddiqi and discuss what to expect as two of the Eastern Conference's goliaths face off for the first time this season.

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    The Sports House Show With Sonnie Cruz

    in Sports

    Today we are recapping all the games from week 10 in the NFL. We wil lfirst take a look back to Thursday night then go into all of Sunday's games including Sunday night and Monday night. We will talk about the latest news and injuries around the NFL and give our week 11 picks. Plus, we will talk about the struggling Cowboys who have still not won a game with both Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel at QB this season. 


    NFL News and injuries: Peyton Manning will not play Sunday vs Bears. Brock Osweiler will be starting QB. Peyton Manning has tear of plantar fascia in left foot. Broncos QB Brock Osweiler will start Sunday vs Bears. Source says recent tests indicate Tony Romo fractured left collarbone has healed. As for Sunday vs Miami "He will play". The Saints have fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and promoting Dennis Allen to defensive coordinator. Johnny Manziel is expected to be the Browns starting QB for the rest of the season.



    We will of course try to squeeze in some NHL and NBA talk for tonight's show, take your calls at 646-478-5337 and read oyur tweets via twitter to @RealSonnieCruz

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    The Dyatlov Pass Incident: The Mystery of The Deaths Explained

    in Paranormal

    Friday, November 13    10pm Et / 9pm CT / 7pm PT

    FRIDAY THE 13TH SPECIAL !!!!!!!!!!

    Out of all the unexplained mysteries in the world this one is one of the strangest. The Dyatlov Pass incident was an event that resulted in the deaths of nine hikers in the northern Ural Mountains on the night of February 2, 1959.

    Investigators determined that the skiers had torn their tents from the inside out in order to escape from an apparent threat. They fled the campsite, some of them barefoot, under heavy snowfall. Although the bodies showed no signs of struggle, such as contusions, two victims had fractured skulls and broken ribs. Soviet authorities determined that an "unknown compelling force" had caused the deaths. Due to the lack of survivors, the chronology of events remains uncertain, although several theories exist, some involving a possible avalanche, a military accident, or a hostile encounter with extraterrestrial life. What really happened during to the skiers that night?

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    Is nonoperative treatment of pediatric type I open fractures safe and effective?

    in Health

    We present an article regarding the nonoperative treatment of pediatric type I open fractures.  Evidence based medicine can help guide our decisions in acute trauma settings.  As orthopaedic residents we should stay up to date on evidence based medicine.

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    Texas Republican Party Chairman, Tom Mechler gives Update & Talks Texas Politics

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight's program is our very first show with the Texas Republican Party Chairman, Tom Mechler.  In a state known by many as the last great Republican Hold-out state, growing the Republican Party is crucial to the success of the state and nation.  Many are saying the Republican Party is fractured.  Some going so far as to say the Party can never organize to win Presidential elections.  In Texas, The Democrats are doing all they can to Turn Texas Blue, an initiative launched and funded by Battleground Texas, an organization supported by Democrats and run by former Obama staff.  How will we maintain our Red status?  Where to Hispanics fit into the formula?  We talk about all this and more tonight!  Tune in !!

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    Expanded Podcast-Jessica Jones Trailer, David Walker's Nighthawk & More, Sat@6pm

    in Politics Conservative

    Howdy, good people!  Welcome to a new episode of Afronerd Radio's (expanded) Grindhouse, airing this Saturday at 6pm EST. Tune in and listen to the "Uncanny" Daryll B., Capt. Kirk and Dburt as they discuss the latest "goings ons" in the world of current events, sci-fi/comics and pop culture:  more on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and the twitter race controversy; Netflix' full length Jessica Jones trailer hits the cyberwebs; a favorite Afronerd Radio guest, writer/filmmaker, David Walker has been tapped to write a new Nighthawk series for Marvel; picking up what we failed to address from the last show (and now with even more gristle)-Avengers 2/Ant-Man actor, Anthony Mackie not only weighed in on supporting Donald Trump (and taking it back) but has also recently stated that a Black director might not be necessary for a Black Panther film; our thoughts about the Joseph Illidge (Milestone, DC, Verge Entertainment) CBR Mission piece regarding his excitement about a new Powerman/Iron Fist series and conversely his predictions concerning "Black Geek Stockholm Syndrome" creeping into the sluggish sales of Black themed books; with all of the hullabaloo over October 21st, Back to the Future Day and Nike actually producing "power" laces, isn't a reboot necessary?; and more in "Plantation Olympics" news-Aurora Perrineau gets put on Black authentication trial for her role in the new Jem and the Holograms film; we finally talk about that infamous Cosby fractured image Ebony cover.  And lastly, our thoughts about artist/entrepreneur, Sean P. Diddy Comb's choice words about the political process during an interview with Vibe magazine.  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

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    Jay Bonansinga & Sylvia Shults join Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

    in Books

    At Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!, we're continuing the Halloween celebration with Jay "Walking Dead" Bonansinga and Sylvia "Ghost Master" Shults. We'll be telling ghost stories, talking about demon hunting, and discussing all things creepy. Join us for an hour of spooky good times.

    Jay Bonansinga is the author of LUCID, a delectable tale of dreams and different dimensions, and THE WALKING DEAD novels, the basis of the hit television series, THE WALKING DEAD. Sylvia Shults is the author of FRACTURED SPIRITS, a hair-raising guide to the ghosts of the Peoria State Hospital and DEMON HUNTING, the true story of the dark side of the supernatural. Sylvia also hosts LIGHTS OUT! at TALES TO TERRIFY, and as a paranormal investigator, she has appeared on such television shows as GHOST HUNTERS and HAUNTED HISTORY OF THE PARANORMAL.

    Your hosts, Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross, are the authors of THE GHOSTS OF RAVENCREST, and the bestseller, THE CLIFFHOUSE HAUNTING. Tamara's solo work includes the novels HAUNTED, MOONFALL, and ETERNITY. Alistair is the author of THE CRIMSON CORSET. 

    This is a trademarked, copyrighted podcast owned solely by Authors on the Air Globl Radio Network, LLC

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    Ep276: Fractured Health Care

    in Health

    Ted Epperly, MD, Family Physician & Author, joins me to discuss his book "Fractured: America's Broken Healthcare System And What We Must To Do To Heal It." Download the entire episode at http://bit.ly/FMR276

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    in Spirituality

    For most of my adult life, I worked as a Registered Nurse confident in my abilities to heal and build positive relationships with others. My happy and optimistic mindset was a benefit to me in many ways. However, I was unaware of the lessons my relationships were teaching me.

    One day I found myself in a wheelchair with a fractured ankle from a fall, in physical pain and having difficulty completing the simplest tasks. At the same time, I found myself in the midst of stressful relationships that were not what I had hoped for or believed they were. How did I get here? What went wrong?

    Before I found my way, I struggled with stress and anxiety. I was overwhelmed and felt swept along with the ups and downs of this experience and felt pushed to outcomes I believed I was powerless to control. I was forced to stop and to really think about what was happening.

    I made the decision to believe that I could change my experiences and outcomes by changing myself; to let go of negative thinking and feeling like a victim. I searched for a higher, softer way of feeling, thinking and understanding which led me on a journey of self discovery and the magic of the universe.

    I came to believe that I could choose what I was feeling, which was not affected by anyone or anything around me. I became a true healer and spiritual teacher and started by healing myself.

    The wisdom I want to share with the world as a result is: You can be the change that transforms your world. You no longer need to live in fear, anxiety and overwhelm. Your relationships can be ones of love, joy and peace. You can be powerful and choose your feelings and thoughts which will change your life.


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    The Originals - "For the Next Millennium - Review

    in Television

    Join hosts Kristin (@kristin0409), Keisha (@keelime_) and Raechel (@RaechelEP) on Friday nights as we discuss the latest episode of The Originals!  Tweet us your thoughts and we'll read them on air.

    Months following their violent and deadly showdown with the powerful witch Dahlia, a rift continues to divide Klaus and Elijah, while Freya searches for a way to heal their fractured bond and return their family to the way they once were. Meanwhile, Klaus’ suspicion piques when he learns that an old vampire friend named Lucien has arrived to New Orleans with a mysterious agenda involving the Mikaelsons' remaining sire lines.

    Variety Radio Online – bringing you all things entertainment including news, reviews and interviews. Check out our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.