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    100% Free Fortune Telling with Guest Layla Master of the Tarot & Fortune Teller

    in Self Help

    By popular demand, we are going LIVE! We will be going LIVE featuring a very special guest speaker on Wednesday evenings 8-9pm CST on BlogTalkRadio. We are happy to welcome the one and only Layla Master of the Tarot & Fortune Teller. Layla has been my personal advisor for many years and her amazing accuracy has helped me with career choices, my love life, and other general topics. I really would not know what I would do without her guidance! Her accuracy WILL simply amaze you! Call in and ask Layla one FREE question any topic of your choice. Please join us and welcome Layla! Guest call in number is (213) 943-3643.

    Contact Layla directly via her website at www.laylamasterofthetarot.com or call her at (424) 281-9441.

    Follow our blog at www.thebeautifulnerd.com

    Twitter @beautifulnerd_

    Instagram thebeautifulnerd_


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    Ghetto Fortune Telling with Laqualyisha & Shaquandalay

    in Entertainment

    Kevin J. Stone and Ashley V. Bagley will allow Laqualyisha & Shaquandalay take over and tell your fortune.

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    100% Free Fortune Telling At It's BEST

    in Spirituality

    We are back at it again! We had some technical difficulties the first one...hopefully, this time all goes smoother. Evidently, we had numerous callers calling in all at once bumping a few of you off the line up. Our sincere apologies if we didn't get to you. Try back Wednesday! If you are a caller and want to ask a question, please call in (213) 943-3643 and PRESS the number 1 button..this will let us know you are not just listening and would like to speak and ask a question. After you have asked your question and would like to continue to listen, PRESS the number 1 button again.

    We will be going LIVE featuring a very special guest speaker on Wednesday evenings 8-9pm CST on BlogTalkRadio. We are happy to welcome the one and only Layla Master of the Tarot & Fortune Teller. Let us entertain you! Layla's accuracy WILL simply amaze you! Call in and ask Layla one FREE question any topic of your choice. Please join us and welcome Layla! Guest call in number is (213) 943-3643.

    Let us entertain YOU with WISDOM from the TAROT. You will get ONE question of your choice 100% FREE just by calling (213) 943-3643 on Wednesday nights 8-9 PM CST. Line up, line up, EVERYBODY line up, TUNE in, LISTEN in, CALL in, just SIT back and RELAX, enjoy the MAGIC and see what the TAROT holds JUST for YOU..readings from Layla Master of the Tarot & Fortune Teller.

    Contact Layla directly via her website at www.laylamasterofthetarot.com or call her at (424) 281-9441.

    Follow our blog at www.thebeautifulnerd.com

    Twitter @beautifulnerd_

    Instagram thebeautifulnerd_

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    Fortune Teller Ruby Ann & Clairvoyant Karolyn

    in Spirituality

    email readings at fortunetellerrubyann@yahoo.com or Skype name: rubyanntarot

    Line up, Line up Everybody Line up come one come all, Enjoy the Magic and see what the Tarot holds just for YOU. Create your very own Mini Soap Opera with Daily or Weekly Readings

    Master of the Tarot and Fortune Teller, We have been doing readings all my life, it is How you ask the Question or Wish and what you do with {free will} the information revealed to you. Let me Entertain You with Wisdom from the Tarot. We will give you a very accurate and detailed readings on any and all subjects.

    Our ancestries are French and Cherokee Indian. As an intuitive Psychic, we have over 50 years of experience in the metaphysical arena. With this wisdom,  we we are able to unlock and open up the secret of the Tarot and guide you to your path in life for love, money, happiness and any other given situation. As a very young child, my granny taught me the art of fortune telling with the use of playing cards. After years of studying the cards, I was introduced to the magic of the Tarot. Now, I am a Master of the Tarot and fortune teller. I specialize in love, romance, friendship, children, work issues and hobbies. I'm able to give you the wisdom needed, and shed light on any given situation for the best results that will lead you to happiness and success. Let's talk and get started on your amazing journey to a better and brighter fortune.

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    in Entertainment

    Multimillionaire Steven Beard, Jr. fell hard for Celeste Martinez, a shapely, blonde waitress who served him his nightly cocktail at the local country club…as well as sexual favors. In 1995, the 70-year-old widow Beard married the 32-year-old mother of twin teenagers and gave her homes, cars, and more jewelry and designer clothes than she could ever wear. But it wasn’t enough for Celeste. 

    Claiming she was depressed, she checked into a psychiatric facility, where she met fellow patient Tracey Tarlton, a prominent bookstore manager. Celeste seduced Tracey, convincing her that the only way they could be together would be to kill Steve.

    In the wee hours of an October morning, Steve awoke to a shotgun blast to his gut. Tracey was arrested but refused to implicate Celeste…until she learned the truth about her lover. In a sordid trial sensationalized even more by the antics of famed Texas defense attorney Dick DeGeurin, the depths of Celeste’s lies were revealed in a tale of lust, betrayal, and regret. THE FORTUNE HUNTER-Suzy Spencer

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    Can we read our horoscope and/ or go to fortune tellers..etc

    in Christianity

    What does it hurt to read our horoscope or to get our "cards read" or fortune told.... They are such sweet people who are in this line of work... Big lessons today, we have all read our horoscope, but can it be a "gate way drug" to someplace else?  I can remember like yesterday, when a cousin of mine read my fortune.... I was about 10 and she said you have a very strong spiritual side....  To me that Means Jesus, she said their are many forms of spirituality .... RED FLAG RED FLAG.... I am looking for eternal life, and years later another told me... don't invest in this business, one day your name will be good where as if you identify with this business... not so good.  For those that know me it was not the beer joint business, because I did that...  So, sometimes the info is good, but what does it do to the relationship with Jesus?  Jesus said," you can't serve two masters, for you will cling to the one, and despise the other.... See, we can't even be equal... What does the Bible say?

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    Secrets to Success with Founder of Fortune Gazette Magazine Moe Rock part two

    in Spirituality

    Part two 

    Have you ever felt like:
    *There has to be a better way to live....
    *you hit rock bottom?
    *needed to change something in your life, business or career?
    *you have made so much money but your still not satisfied with your life?
    *If I just had a sign that things are going to be better I'd be encouraged
    *I just want to be free, breathe and exhale and test my wings to see what's out there?

    Call in to our studio (646) 478-4001 to listen or ask our guest a question. Press 1 to "raise your hand"

     Join us today with our guest Moe Rock! He is a (Video & Music) Producer, Writer and Entertainment Consultant. He served as a production consultant for the feature film She Wants Me (2012) staringHilary Duff and Charlie Sheen. As a music producer he has collaborated with Grammy nominated and platinum artists, in 2010 he achieved worldwide fame with a string of pop songs that became a staple on international television networks. In 2014 he joined the board of directors of the Regimes Museum which is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving historical artifacts. He is the founder of Now Hip Hop magazine a publication catering to the hip-hop community of U.S and Canada.

    Also known for BET AWARDS 2014, TEEN CHOICE AWARDS 2014 and more 

    This show is brought to you by Chef Anina Radoyce -Your Food Inventor Personal Chef to the stars. To Contact Chef Anina https://www.facebook.com/anna.radoyce

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    Hidden Agendas:What the Mainstream Media Isn't Telling You

    in Current Events

    Join me, and the Deviant Artist, Ms. Teresa, as we bring you the news that is relevant to you. Learn the truth about what the government is doing, how it effects you, and what you can do to prepare yourself and your family. Find out what the main stream media is hiding from you! Callers are welcome!! Tonight's show is going to be info packed, so bring a pen, tell a friend, and join us here, only on NWO Truth Radio!

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    Talking Motorcycles telling the story of Bruce Rossmeyer/Daytona HD

    in Sports

    The story of Bruce Rossmeyer is finally told. He made a name for himself in the motorcycle industry and the community where he lived and worked that lives on today. Many people have wanted to know more about his life and we at Talking Motorcycles are amongst them. Now we hear those stories and much more.

    His passing sent shockwaves through the motorcycle industry and the Harley-Davidson community. He was killed enjoying his motorcycle and friends in Sturgis, South Dakota. Now, his daughter Shelly will discuss his life and business philophy and how the family endured the loss while remaining committed to the family busines and the motorcycle community at large. This is a story you want to hear and we hear it as well in the episode of Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone powered by Crosley Brands!

    Today Rossmeyers Harley-Davidson and Destinatinion Daytona plus their store in New Smyrna Beach, Florida are among the leaders in the industry in enhancing the buying and ownership experience for motorcyclist.

    Additional thanks to: Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires and The Harley-Davidson Motor Company.


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    in Comedy

    Hey Yall,

    I survived SNOWPOCALYPSE!!!! Did you?  What do you do when you find out there is going to be a snowpocalypse?  Binge watch T.V.?  Tonight we try to find out why that when a major storm comes into town that people run to the store and clear the shelves of bread, milk, water?  We will also be talking about reality T.V. shows, and the Oscars!  We will also talk about all the misadventures that happend to me when the big snow storm came to my city.  These topics, and a whole bunch of other stuff that comes up. Listen tonight at 9 pm to find out the answers to the questions and more only right here on THE MISADVENTURES OF MY HYSTERICAL LIFE!!!!  

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    Liz Davidson LIVE 2 Nite-What Your FInancial Advisor Isn't Telling You

    in Entrepreneur

    Join The LOVE Cafe Here Full Site Active in a Week

    Join Scott Cluthe in The LOVE Cafe Facebook Here

    LIVE tonight Liz Davidson with Scott Cluthe in the LOVE Cafe
    7 PM EST- 6 CST - 5 MST - 4 PST
    Call in: 347-308-8478

    A stunning and highly educational personal finance book aimed at everyone who has a financial advisor or has ever considered hiring one. This book will serve as your Rosetta Stone to interpreting financial jargon and will enable you to ask the tough questions to protect your money and your financial well-being. - See more at: http://www.hmhco.com/shop/books/What-Your-Financial-Advisor-Isnrsquot-Telling-You/9780544602304#sthash.jxXq5BRk.dpuf

    LIZ DAVIDSON, founder and CEO of Financial Finesse, is one of the nation's leading financial education experts. She has been profiled in national publications, on radio broadcasts, and on television shows, and maintains a Forbes blog. At twenty-eight, Davidson left a successful career running a hedge fund to establish a financial education firm that would provide the information people need to make sound financial decisions. Today, Financial Finesse is the country's largest provider of unbiased financial wellness programs. She holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Business at UCLA.