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    Tarot : "Beyond Fortune Telling" with Alwyn L'hoir

    in Spirituality

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    On Today's Show: ...Tarot : "Beyond Fortune Telling" with Alwyn L'hoir
    ....Join your Host, author Kooch Daniels, each Wednesday, as she explores topics of spirituality, metaphysics & divination, in a relaxed atmosphere, over a cup of Koffee (or Tea) - with guest experts and authors!
    Life Questions? Insight & Clarity a Click Away: www.RainbowPsychics.com

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    An Open Investigation Of Gospel Singer James Fortune!

    in Religion

    Today on CFR Radio we will take a really close look at Gospel Singer James Fortune and how the church as ignored his domestic viloence victim. Read article on James Fortune on PimpPreacher.com

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    Out of the Cookie, Into the Fortune with Susy Pujiro

    in Christianity

    Susy Pujiro's life dramatically changed when she moved to America from Indonesia, with a fairytale love story and was living the American Dream. Susy and her husband, Jake, built a successful real-estate business and had 4 beautiful children and then everything changed.....after twenty-two years of marriage, her world was suddenly shaken and turned upside down as her marriage fell apart. 

    In Susy's book, "Out of the Cookie, Into the Fortune", she shares her life story, her journey through the divorce tunnel and how she emerged as an overcomer, shining brightly for God's glory. Her hope is that, "you will find little nuggets in this book that will encourage and inspire you to not only find your destiny, but the fortune that is hidden in your heart."

    Susy truly believes that, "although things in life can alter your dreams, when you make the decision to walk in your destiny, God is with you and He will direct your path. His plan is to prosper and bless you, and His ways are so much higher than we can think or imagine.".

    Through the healing power of Jesus Christ, Susy is spreading her wings for the next exciting chapter in her life as she pursues the passion in her heart in writing! Her blog is read in 48 countries and 6 continents as she expounds on life's issues and shares God's wisdom and love.


    Blog: susysthinkingplace.com
    Twitter: @susypujiro
    Email: susysblog@gmail.com

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Telling Your Life Story...

    in Fitness


    WHAT'S YOUR STORY, we've all got one.  Did you know telling your story helps you avoid past mistakes.  Write a journal, address the CHOICES you've made in your life.  CHOICES either come back to embrace you or bite you in the butt.

    How did you get to where you are in your life today.  Do you like where you are in your life today.  Are you sincerely happy about the road you chose to travel to get to where you are.  Your answer, either ways, IT'S YOUR STORY.

    Telling your story is the foundtion of how you see and understand yourself and your present life.

    Telling your story is an emotional learning curve.  Did you experience struggle, disappointments, rejection, pain, despair...talking about the unpleasant chapters in your life frees you to write a NEW STORY.


    Explain your life...etc.






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    THE GYPSY WITCH FORTUNE TELLING CARDS on The GYPSY MYSTIC SHOW This episode will be devoted to one of the oldest American Fortune Telling Decks; THE GYPSY WITCH.
    Originally created as a novelty they have become a powerful tool in the prediction of future events. We talk about their history and take your calls. Tuesday Morning 03/12/2013 - 11:00 am to 11:30 am CST 
    We will take your YES/NO Tarot Questions during the top of the show today. So prepare yourself to get the answers you seek.
    Call in to speak with Voivode Varekai (347) 838-9164 Live on the Air! PLEASE NOTE: Because of time restraints we limit your Tarot Questions to 3 YES/NO Question.

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    Stop Telling Stories that Limit Your Success!

    in Motivation

    Stop telling stories...they are the limiting beliefs, the excuses, the reasons that hold us back...and keep us safe.  As I mentioned in my first show back, we cannot begin to consider succeeding in any endeavor until we learn what it is that has kept us back.  We get our stories from our childhood, the communities we grew up in and the headlines from yesterday’s paper or internet news source.  And, they're not real!  We use stories to comfort us and justify why we didn't follow through or accomplish again what we laid out in front of us as "This year is going to be different".  Join me!

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    The Power of Story Telling as the CEO of Me, Inc.

    in Jobs

    Whether it’s your own personal bio, a summary for your company’s “about” page, or a pitch to a major client, fitting everything important into a concise yet engaging narrative is a challenging task. Rod's guest, Julienne B. Ryan is a talent management professional with 20 years of organizational development, management consulting, talent acquisition, and training experience will discuss the power of Story Telling.

    Julienne's backgroud includes human resources roles with Fortune 500 hundred companies including Avon, American Express, Diageo, Con Edison Non-Regulated Subsidiaries and Right Management.

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    Traditional Fortune Telling

    in Spirituality

    Chance Pisces returns while sharing spiritual information each of us can be open to receiving. Interested in a Private Psychic Phone Reading Email - ChancePisces@Gmail.com

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    Vague Like A Fortune Cookie

    in Comedy

    Damien, Ali, and Vlad sit down to discuss the @BlackFathers Twitter and Instagrams, and Ali discusses his son’s first high school basketball game, Top Five and Chris Rock’s press tour in support of the movie, LeBron sitting court side at the Knicks/Trail Blazers game, and the backlash against athletes making political statements, in light of the Eric Garner protests in New York. Check it out.

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    "Faith" Healers and Fortune Tellers! What Do They Have In Common???

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    What do the vast majority of so-called FAITH HEALERS and FORTUNE TELLERS have in common? Well, both groups have spotty records! Now, in the case of the former—the FAITH HEALERS—please do not think, without listening to today’s ‘cast, that Dr. Williams DOES NOT believe or teach that God can/will not heal the sick, or even raise the dead for that matter! He merely asks some penetrating questions that any and all that desire to be cured or healed should ask prior to parting with their hard earned cash! In the case of the latter, when it comes to Fortune Tellers, sometimes their predictions are RIGHT and in other instances they are WRONG!! Why is that???????? Should you place your faith in them—Biblically speaking or otherwise? Be sure to listen in on today’s ‘cast of The Word of God in Every Day Life: Str8 and Uncut!

    If you would like to hear our past ‘casts, or listen to this ‘cast LIVE, just click on this link Blogtalkradio.com/drmsw54—You’ll be glad you did!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Condition of Our Country!!

    in Radio

    Introduce the radio host : Richard Gibbs

    Discuss the topics that will be talked about on this show!!


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