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    Comedian Jim Florentine

    in Entertainment

    Funny man Jim Florentine talks about upcoming projects

    From terrorizing telemarketers to Crank Yanking on Comedy Central, comedian Jim Florentine always makes us laugh. Jim will be dropping by "Night Views" to talk about his successful VH-1 Series "That Metal Show" and his upcoming film "A Little Help" where he plays the love interest of The Office's Jenna Fischer.

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    Computer America - Symantec- Carey Nachenberg; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Author Carey Nachenberg, Chief Engineer, Symantec Corporation.

    Our guest tonight is the Chief Engineer for the Symantec Corporation, however, he's not here tonight to talk about Symantec…

    He's an Author of a new book entitled "The Florentine Deception." Here's the premise:

    You never know what secrets you’ll find buried inside an old computer. On a whim, a cyber-security expert engages in a bit of digital snooping while cleaning up an old PC for a charity. To his surprise, he learns that the computer’s deceased owner, a shady antiquities smuggler, had been trying to unload a priceless object known as the Florentine on the black market. But what starts out as a seemingly innocuous pursuit quickly turns into a nightmare, as he discovers that the Florentine may not be a lost treasure after all, but a weapon that, in the wrong hands, could bring the developed world to its knees. Will he unlock the secrets of the Florentine in time to prevent a catastrophic attack? 

    Please welcome Chief Engineer, and now Author Carey Nachenberg to the Show.


    Hour two: News, brought to you by SlimWare Utilities!

    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

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    Lampredotto - Florentine Street Food

    in Travel

    Jennifer Schwartz hosts this delicious segment on the How to Tour Italy radio show with Fabio Giolli and Slim Chtioui - they are the managing owners of Nerbone Due known as "da Nerbone" located in the Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo - where you'll find the tastiest lampredotto in Florence.

    This distinctly Florentine dish is discussed with two masters as they share the secrets to a perfect panino, how to order one, why it's so Florentine, and the different variations of this fabulous dish.

    An Italianati knows how to find, order, and enjoy a traditional lampredotto sandwich just like a local.

    Jennifer does a great job as the host and will have you lining up for your fix during your next visit to Florence.

    Remember, there is no such thing as Italian food and this segment proves that yet again.


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    Dr. Richard And Bonney Schaub, "The Florentine Promise: A Seeker's Guide"

    in Health

    The Florentine Promise speaks to any of us who ask questions and seek answers to the uncertainties and mysteries of being alive. Since so many spiritual seekers in every time and culture have come before us and left clues to the mysteries, we can say with certainty that the answers are known to exist in your deeper nature. All that is waiting for you to do is to consciously choose to become a seeker of these answers. Let this book honor and awaken your deeper nature and lead you on a journey of new personal understanding and liberation. "Bonney and Richard Schaub fell in love with Florence when they came to visit the city where Dante wrote his Divine Comedy and where Roberto Assagioli developed psychosynththesis. What they offer here are the fruits of their 35 years of experience - a true journey of the Soul and a precious opportunity for practicing creative meditation as in the best traditions of psychosynthesis." 

    Richard Schaub and Bonney Gulino Schaub are directors of the Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center and the New York Psychosynthesis Institute. They are also on the faculty of the Italian Society for Psychosynthesis Therapy, Florence, Italy.



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    Jim Florentine Interview

    in Comedy

    Jim Florentine is a comedian and popular prank caller from the show Crank Yankers on Comedy Central. Jim will be joining us for an interview, and of course some prank calls.

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    Jim Florentine Interview

    in Entertainment

    Jim Florentine is an American comedian best known for his characters "Special Ed" and "Bobby Fletcher" created for a series of prank phone calls featured on the Comedy Central television show Crank Yankers.

    He was featured on the series premiere of “Down and Dirty with Jim Norton," a stand-up comedy series that aired on HBO on October 3, 2008, at 12:00-12:30 a.m. ET/PT. The series spotlights new and established talent, including Artie Lange, Bill Burr (“Chappelle Show”), Patrice O’Neal (“Scary Movie 4”) and Andrew Dice Clay. Lemmy Kilminster, leader of the heavy metal band Motörhead, serves as musical director.

    He is also co-hosting "That Metal Show" on VH1 Classic with Eddie Trunk and Don Jamieson. The second season will premiere on March 7th.

    Florentine has been seen on The Apprentice, Comedy Central's “Mother Load,” HBO's "Inside the NFL,"Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, The Howard Stern Show, Spike TV’s Video Game Awards, MTV Music Video Awards, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Last Call with Carson Daly, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn on Comedy Central, VH1's "The List," and Louie Anderson's "Comedy Showcase." He also voiced the redneck radio host "Bobbie Ray" in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

    He has a series of prank call CDs known as Terrorizing Telemarketers Volumes 1-4. The CDs feature a series of recorded telephone conversations, often with Florentine receiving calls from telemarketers, wherein he turns the tables on often aggressive salespeople by being deliberately difficult and creating awkward situations.

    On more than one occasion, Florentine has had police show up at his home because the victims of his pranks, believing the fictitious and often heinous scenarios he presents (including allusions to murder and conducting home abortions) were true, call-traced the prank-calls and then contacted authorities.

    Florentine has recently come out with a series on www.comedycentral.com's "Motherload" called "Meet

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    Alex Cardinale Show on ACE Network: A.C.F. Chef George Norrell Hour # 2!

    in Cooking

    On this episode of A.C.F. Certified Chef George Norrell Hour, Chef George Norrell and Chef Alex Cardinale will be talking about Spring foods!Spring is finally here and there are some awesome foods that come in during the spring! Produce is well known during the spring. Fresh Strawberries, fresh watermelons, asapargus, and more are some common spring produce.

    Chef Geroge and Chef Alex will be discussing the fresh produce of the Spring, and give out some delicious Spring recipes for you the listeners! Chef George's Recipes will include lettuce wraps, crab tuna towers, Southwestern fajitas salad,a melon salsa and more! Chef Alex will have the following recipes: Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Romaine Salad, Pasta Florentine, and more!!!

    Feel free to call in at 1 347-989-8142 with any questions!

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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Comedian Jim Florentine

    in Comedy

    Jim Florentine is a nationally touring, well-known comedian who can be seen performing his stand-up act at comedy clubs and theaters all over the country. Jim Florentine is known for co-hosting VH1 Classic’s hit heavy metal talk show series, “That Metal Show” with Don Jamieson and Eddie Trunk, which is now in its 7th season! Jim has become an “Emmy Award Winner” for his work on HBO’s “Inside the NFL.” Jim  and his long-time comedy partner, Don Jamieson are known for writing, producing and performing sports-themed comedy sketches, collaborating on the hidden-camera DVD and Comedy Central web series “Meet the Creeps” as well as a series of prank call CDs, “Terrorizing Telemarketers.” His prank calls have also led to him being hired for a show on Comedy Central called “Crank Yankers.”. Jim has been featured on "Down & Dirty" with Jim Norton on HBO as well as will appear in the upcoming film called "A Little Help" starring Jenna Fischer (The Office) and Chris O'Donell. Jim has made appearances on the following: The Apprentice, The Late Show with Craig Kilborn, The Opie & Anthony Show, The Howard Stern Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Last Call with Carson Daly and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn on Comedy Central. Jim Florentine has also signed a deal with legendary metal label Metal Blade Records.  He has numerous comedy CDs available including “Anger is a Gift” and “Get the Kids out of the Room.”  For more information on Jim Florentine, visit www.jimflorentine.com.

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    The Alex Cardinale Show Ep.34 Cooking With Alex 2 Valentine's Day Recipes 2015!

    in Cooking

    On the 2nd episode in the series Cooking With Alex Cardinale, Chef Alex will be getting you ready for Valentine's day tomorrow! Chef Alex will teach you how to cook a delicious romantic dinner for your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Valentine's Day is meant to be a day filled with love, and great food. If you are single, just  like Chef Alex have no fear you can celebrate Valentine's Day with your family and still have delicious food.

    Chef Alex will discuss some foods you can make for Valentine's day including a Valentine's Breakfast, Valentine's Lunch, and Valentine's Dinner, he will share his Valentine's Menu, he will discuss going out to eat on Valentine's Day, and more!

    Recipes for this show include: Mushroom Omelette, Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Icing,  French Toast, Pasta Florentine, Baked Haddock, Steak Tips Marsala, Chicken Marsala, Chicken Parmesan, Red Velvet whoopee pies Chocolate Lava Cake, Chocolate covered strawberries and more!

    Questions? Call in at 1 323-642-1605!


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    Milling About the Bath Street Inn

    in Entertainment

    Milling About visits the Bath Street Inn in Santa Barbara, California. Host Robin Milling chats with co-owner Deborah about this lovely 1895 Victorian home which was gifted by Mr. Hales to his wife Abigail for their 50th wedding anniversary. In fact, Deborah tells Robin that The Abigail Room is the former master bedroom where guests have reported sightings of a white-haired woman sitting on the edge of their bed. This however was 15 years before their time with the inn so Deborah jokes that perhaps she's moved out!

    The Bath Street Inn is a mixture of the old and the new with eight guest rooms. We stayed in The Rose Room, aptly named for the wallpaper which has a jacuzzi; perfect at the end of a long day walking downtown Santa Barbara. The newer Summer House with fireplaces and jacuzzis is adjacent to the wisteria covered courtyard where breakfast is also served. And breakfast is a healthier vegetarian alternative which Deborah says was put into place because the former owner wasn't exactly a morning person! Each morning homemade granola with seeds and nuts is served along with fresh fruit complimented by gourmet-style meatless dishes. You will never miss the meat or taste the difference as they are delicious as well as nutritious. During our stay we were served peach-topped croissant french toast, baked pear with ginger sauce, eggs florentine with raspberry muffins, and pain perdu with cherry berry stuffing...yum!

    For more information visit www.bathstreetinn.com


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    Today On The Boochcast, Booch talks about being a Chauffeur for Comedian Jim Florentine, The Impact Robin Williams had on his life, recaps Monday Night Raw, and pays tribute to Legendary Robin Williams with clips of some of his best performances onstage and on film.