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    The Mac Talk- ft. Nate Mac

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    Welcome to The Mac Talk- ft. Nate Mac where we talk about hot music, roumors and drama roaming the internet and other popular radio shows that are totally "in"...so come on in and hear the daily dose of The Mac Talk!

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    R And B Sensations Mac Four

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    WBOKRADIO / Intro To Info Proudly Interviews R&B Sensations "Mac Four"
    On Wed Feb 18th At 6:00pm (eastern)
    Call In Number 347-327-9592
    R&B Group from Baltimore, Maryland 2010 – Present

    Kevin (KJ) Mc Kenney {Age - 13}
    K’Von (Mr. Kool) Mc Kenney {Age -11}
    K-Love (The Dancer) Mc Kenney {Age - 9}
    Keith (Duck) Mc Kenney {Age - 7}


    For Booking contact Kevin Mc Kenny via email: kmoney4@msn.com


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    Devon Allman, Fleetwood Mac "Rumors" Special

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    THE KUDZOO RADIO HOUR welcomes Devon Allman to the show. Devon has a great new solo album called Turquoise, as well as a recent release with The Royal Southern Brotherhood. Of course, he still has Honeytribe as well. A busy guy! We will spin some tracks from his solo record and talk about everything, including how many interviews begin with "Tell us about your daddy."
    We are also happy to present a great syndicated radio special celebrating the 35th anniversary of Fleetwood Mac's mega-hit album Rumors. The show features interviews with Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Great, never before heard live tracks from '77 will be played as well! Get your Mac on! See y'all on the radio!

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    Voice of Albion: James Mac - World Church of the Creator

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    James Mac is a adherent of the white racial religion Creativity.

    He first became aware of Creativity in 1998 while still at school. Since then he has educated himself via Nature's Eternal Religion (1973) and The White Man's Bible (1981).

    In recent years he has raised the profile of Creativity in Britain via attending demonstrations with other Creator's, holding stalls at events such as the John Tyndall Memorial meeting, and giving speeches.

    Creativity Alliance (link)

    Free Mate Hale (Link)

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    This Bold Journey! Dialogue with Tracy Mac..

    in Spirituality

    Join me and fellow author, thought leader, and life coach Tracy Mac for 15 minutes of power, ideas, and thought provoking concepts on Life, Relationships, and Spirituality...

  • Whewwwwwwwwwwww, 1st episode with Sam Alwan

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    General kick around of a live call with Sam Alwan.

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    Live feed with Sam Alwan

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    kick around 25 minutes live talk with Sam Alwan

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    This week in the Barbershop we go home with the WWE Royal Rumble and we interview the one and only Vinnie Mac!

    Perfect Plex Talk Radio is the wrestling show for the passionate and most intelligent wrestlling fans. With our Barbershop-style approach to wrestling talk, we give you results, the best in wrestler interviews, and with our tribute to ESPN's First and 10, we introduce the world to 3 Count; where each and every week we break down the week in pro-wrestling and debate a series of questions asked from you, the Million Dollar Audience. Join the Million Dollar Host Mike Knoxxx along with Chris "Spotface" McClain, and the crew. BDSIR Network: Where Barbershop Talk Meets Radio. Each and every Monday night 6pm ET call in and join the fun 347-637-3859

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    Urban Therapy with Sun #118 Guns Or No Guns With Brother Mac Of L.O.A.N

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    Some people say that there is no reason to ever own a handgun. Others say that handguns are necessary to protect yourself from criminals that own handguns. It seems that much of the controversy is centered around handguns but not rifles but is that the way that it always was?

    This week we will have Brother Mac of The Legacy of a Nation Show as our guest. Brother Mac is a former Green Beret of the U.S. Army and an Army medic.
    We will discuss some of the ways that guns have affected our society from a Black perspective and how it came to be that crimes with guns in Black neighborhoods have become the focal point for gun control.

    Do we deserve to be targeted? Should we be held responsible for most of the gun laws that have been implemented by legislation?

    Are penalties for gun crimes more harsh for Blacks than they are for other ethnic groups?
    What about spree killings and mass murders? How do we fare with those crimes compared to other ethnic groups?

    Are you afraid of guns and should you be?
    What should be the factors that would influence a person to purchase a gun?

    Who is able to purchase and own guns?

    Are guns the best means for the protection of your family? What are some other options?

    What would this world be like if there were no more guns? What was it like before there were guns?

    Be sure to check this show out as we discuss these things as well as many other issues concerning how to protect ourselves whether it's by guns or not.

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    Big Mac Attack

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     After years of enjoying some of the most secure machines online, lately the vaunted Mac has gotten some worms in its core.  Everyone from CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson to 17,000 Macs that were recently infected with botnets were reported on media sources. To make matters worse, on October 21, Apple posted a security warning for users of its iCloud online storage service amid reports of a concerted effort to steal passwords and other data from people who use the popular service in China.  Even a trio of Google security engineers chimed in by revealong how a design flaw in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 3.0 could be exploited by criminals. Those hackers could use POODLE to steal browser session cookies, then use the cookies to impersonate victims at websites where they make online purchases, receive email or store files in cloud services.  So if you are a mac user, you need to tune into this episode of Working the Web to Win before you come down with a Big Mac Attack.

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