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    BLD Podcast: Bills/Fitzpatrick reunion

    in Football

    Join Brad "The Bruiser" Eichkorn and Sean Eichkorn tonight at 8 p.m./7 central for the Buffalowdown.com Podcast.  Topics of dicussion:

    Previewing Bills at Texans
    A reunion with Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Will we see a different performance from Bills offense?
    If they lose this game, is it too early to start panic?

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    The Lisa Bousson Show: Guest, Psychic Medium Deanna Fitzpatrick

    in Spirituality

    Join me as I chat with psychic medium Deanna Fitzpatrick. Deanna is internationally known for her accuracy in the fields of spirituality and mediumship, not to mention her compassion and devotion to those she reads for. Call in for a mini reading at 347-426-3338. One question per coller please!




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    RC Radio - Walter Fitzpatrick Sentencing Hearing 08-19-2014

    in Politics

     Walt Fitzpatrick was sentenced today in Athens, TN following his conviction for aggrevated perjury and extortion, We will have a same day report from none other that Foggy. Join us at 9 PM ET/ 6 PM PT. Call 1-347-324-5546 with questions or comments.

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    Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick, author of GOING ON NINE

    in Lifestyle

    Joy Radio is honored to be interviewing Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick at 11 AM, EDT, on May 20th, pub date release of her newest novel, GOING ON NINE:

    On a sweltering St. Louis afternoon, a child swipes her mother's ring, snatches her sister's nightgown, and runs outside to play "bride." She promptly loses the ring, rips the gown, assumes it’s about to rain daggers, and runs away from home to find a 'better' family. What happens next is a summer-long journey around her deceptively sleepy neighborhood, during which Grace Townsend travels on foot and by horseback, rides shotgun in a shiny new Plymouth Belvedere, hunkers in the back of a rattletrap vegetable truck, crawls into a crumbling tunnel, treks out to a fire in the hinterlands, explores the closet of a prom queen, keeps vigil in the bedroom of a molestation victim, and helps tame a killer dog. Those are a few of the reasons Grace will remember the summer of 1956 for the rest of her life, and why adults and older YA readers will love Going on Nine (May, 2014, Familius).

    Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick was born, reared, and schooled in St. Louis, the second of six children. A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism, she has been a staff feature writer for daily newspapers in Hannibal, St. Louis, and Milwaukee. Her articles, stories and essays have appeared in newspapers throughout the United States, and in St. Louisan Magazine, Lessons From My Parents (2013, Familius), Ruminate, The Vocabula Review, Prick of the Spindle, Sew News, Fan Story, Yesterday’s Magazette, Reminisce Magazine, All Things Girl,  and in four Outrider Press Black and White anthologies.
    www.goingonnine.com, www.amatterofhappenstance.com, her debut novel.


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    The Lisa Bousson Show: Guest Deanna Fitzpatrick

    in Spirituality

    Join Internationally Known Psychic Medium Lisa Bousson as she chats with Deanna Fitzpatrick.

    Deanna is also an internationally known psychic medium. As far as Deanna knows, she wasn't born with Mediumistic ability.  It was a visit to a hypnotherapist that literally changed her world.  She began to see and hear from those in the world of Spirit that very same day.  Never afraid of what she was experiencing, she began to seek out others and take classes to gain a better understanding of what was happening to her.  Today, Deanna has been working as a Medium for the past 7 years and enjoys every opportunity she has to be the connection between the living and the dead.  Her unique style combines not only connecting to Spirit but also educating through mediumship and empowering others to find their own ability to connect.

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    Art Cry Radio - Guest: Charles Fitzpatrick of Equilibre Partners/Art Possible

    in Art

    ART CRY RADIO is a show dedicated to featuring the Arts and creativity in all forms.

    Join us as our host interviews:

    Charles Fitzpatrick from Equilibre Partners/Art Possible !

    Equilibre Partners is a strategy firm that works with emerging businesses and non-profits to provide them with a number of services to sustain and expand their entities. Art Possible is an "arts" community initiative by Equilibre Partners to stimulate, cultivate, and support creativity among the diversity of Creatives (what we fondly refer to our members), which includes artists, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and aficionados.


    Everyone is welcome!


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    Terror Fi Radio-Michelle Fitzpatrick

    in Paranormal

    Join The Paranormal Outlaw, Tasha Starr, and Melissa Duck for a night of fun and craziness!  They will discuss everything from paranormal to UFOs to current news in the world. Our guest tonight is Michelle Fitzpatrick.  Michelle Fitzpatrick has been an active Paranormal Investigator for 25 years. She is the Founder of W.I.T.T Paranormal that resigned in 2010. She is now the Founder of the Kentucky Paranormal Research Team. This team has been together for 4 years now and is still actively researching. They have researched countless locations over the past 4 years and done several residential investigations. The team is known for having a flawless cleansing record. Michelle is now a MUFON Field Investigator and is currently working on cases. Michelle is a graduate of ITT-Technical Institute with a degree is Criminology and Forensic Science and is currently enrolled in Sullivan University working towards her next degree in Criminal Justice and Public Safety. Michelle also is a Clairvoyant who operates a website that does readings as well as a Facebook page that gives it's member's free annual readings. Michelle has investigated a location that she fully believes is an active, functioning soul trap or as she calls it: A Lesser Key of Solomon. She was followed home from this location and is dealing with this entity to date. This is the FIRST time that she has had difficulty ridding a location of an entity and it turns out to be her own home.

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    Sonya Fitzpatrick-Animal Psychic-A Best of Repeat with Scott Cluthe

    in Spirituality

    The Positively Incorrect Newsletter:HERE 

    Join Scott Cluthe on FACEBOOK HERE

    A best of P I Radio Re-broadcast: Scott Cluthe with Sonya Fitzpatrick and your calls as they discuss her new book, There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven.
    Call in: 347-308-8478

    Sonya Fitzpatrick is widely regarded as the most experienced and trusted animal communicator in the world. Her extensive work helping animals handle adversity has distinguished her as an expert in the field of animal communication. 
    Sonya hosts Animal Intuition, a popular call-in radio show on Sirius-XM, on Sundays from 5pm-7pm ET, where thousands of listeners call in each week to discuss their animal issues. Sonya is the author of three books on animal communication and behavior, her lastest,There Are No Sad Dogs in Heaven,is available now online and at your local bookstore.
    The Pet Psychic: What the Animals Tell Me and Cat Talk: The Secrets of Communicating with Your Cat are available at Amazon.com.   She also contributes a regular column to the newly launched website www.ALetterToMyDog.com.

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    Labor Day Celebration with Kurt Fitzpatrick and Celebrities

    in Entertainment

    You are hereby invited to Joyce Barrie and Friends Labor Day Celebration Party.  We are joined by Kurt Fitzpatrick and his favorite celebrities.  Join the festive barbeque, talk to the celebrities, have fun; just don't drink and drive!  "ENJOYCE"

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR - Kurt Fitzpatrick and Celebrity Friends

    in Entertainment

    Happy New Year to our friends around the world.  Join us today in celebration with our Most Talented Guest, Kurt Fitzpatrick who brings along his famous celebrity friends to provide the FUN and entertainment.  Hear from the celebrities as they share their New Year's resolutions.  Call the show today if you want to share yours.

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    Shady's StarRe Nights w/ Helen Kim Fitzpatrick

    in Television

    Ever wanted to know the Reality behind the Star? That is what host Shady Sykes attempts to get to on his weekly night time show. Shady Sykes this week will attempt to get to know one half of BB15's Mom Squad Helen Kim Fitzpatrick! This will NOT be your typical BB15 convo, matter of fact BB15 will not be brought up! This is an exlusive 1 on 1 interview with Helen. This is Helen's forum to talk about this issues that matter most to her! :). So want to know what matters to Helen? Then come on in, take a seat, and lets get to know Helen not of the Mom Squad, but Helen, the mom, the wife, the politician, and of course, espescially, the woman herself! The host Shady Sykes will look to try & bring us stars from different walks of life each week & get to know the person & not just the character they play/played on TV, whether reality television or a sitcom, Shady looks forward to bringing in those who the fans love & respect. Want to know who his next guest is going to be? Follow him on twitter @djstweetarazzi for all the exciting news as he schedules guests every week. This is Shady's dream come true & he has many people he wishes to thank who wish to remain anonymous but Shady wants to say Thank you to those people, they know who they are. Tune in weekly to hear the Reality behind the Stars & find out what your favorite Celebrity is up to & what projects they are now working on! :)

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