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    Fitness and Valentines Day

    in Health

    Dinner and chocolates are great but giving the gift of fitness this Valentine's Day is a creative, thoughtful way to truly honor your partner or spouse.  Dr. E will talk some ways you can inject a little fitness into your Valentine's Day, including partner stretching, exercising, cooking together and other fun, healthy activities. No calls please...listen only mode.

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    Wellness & Fitness--The Happy Medium

    in Self Help

    As more and more people look for ways to be healthier and avoid obesity, extreme fitness programs seem to be popping up everywhere. Are these programs worthwhile, or even safe?  How do you find your Happy Medium, stay fit, and avoid injury as you exercise? Trainer Tracey Wilson joins us to help you stay fit and strong.

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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner #7

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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner

    You are what you eat from your head to your feet!

    Join our session to understand healthy eating options.

    Cocoa Lady, Wellness Consultant


    Join our wellness group Afrochifitness@gmail.com


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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner #6

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    In this episode, we will open the discussion to diseases commonly

    effecting millions of every day people. Worst of all many don't even

    expect to be the next target. Tune in to learn what your doing right,

    to stay on point to avoid high blood pressure, diabetes and heart

    disease. Understand your best approach to lead a healthy

    lifestyle beyond all odds.

    Diet, nutrition, fitness & relaxation.

    Presenter: Sister Re, Cocoa Lady Wellness Consultant

    Contact:  Nutrition Program, Greater Boston  516 408 2376                                                         

    To or add topics email: AfroChiFitness@aol.com  


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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner #5

    in Self Help

    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner, continues by request.

    Nutrition, Afro Chi Fitness, Relaxation, Chakra balancing and more

    Meal planning, food combining for health concerns and understanding

    personal challenges of nutrition for good health.

    You may enroll to receive monthly FREE Health Support Call.

    Local in Boston? Feel free to contact for your personal evaluation

    and consultations,

    To learn more stay tuned,  email AfroChiFitness@aol.com

    or call Sister Re, Cocoa Lady @ 516 408 2376



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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner Headaches Part 1

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                                                  Headaches & Stress

    Since 1989 Cocoa Lady also known as Sister Re, has practiced and taught headache massage therapy in area colleges, technical schools, adult education and fitness facilities, medically recommended. If you are seeking to learn more about some of the the triggers or causes for your headache pain or to help someone you love, tune in,       call in ask questions. Reaching for the medicine bottle is not your only option.

                                                  Call in 347 215 8559

                                 Nutrition, Fitness, and Relaxation techniques.

    http://youtu.be/CIzqnLnP45k   http://www.CocoaLady.org   http://AfroChiFitness.blogspot.com/

    Contact Boston Consultations 516 408 2376 

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    Wellness and Fitness Travel

    in Travel

    This episode we will discuss destinations, and resorts that focus on wellness travel.  What is fitness and wellness travel, it's going to a place that helps you reset, revigerate, and reboot your life.  This type of travel offers, fitness classes, healthy eating, quiet spaces for meditation and self reflection, and spa treatments. These type vacations are most frequented by people who value healthy lifestyles, but are also for those of us who are trying to get there, or for girlfriend getaways, and moms and dads who just need a break.

    Travel News: Marriott Launches Love Travels a campaign that caters to LGBT community. Consumers booking travel early, already into summer 2015.

    Meet  Josh Oliver who has a dream of going  to Disney World this Christmas with his family and best friend.

    Travel Trends, how millennials determine their destination choices, experiental travel, obligatory travel on the rise.

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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner #4

    in Self Help

    We are what we eat from our head to our feet.

    In this of fourth session we review all topics,

    and introduce the value of correct food combining

    an age old method used by sages, to ensure good health.

    Included are techniques to relaxation and working on successful

    goals. Visit Youtube, to review and practice our fitness practice

    "Afro Chi Sun Shu." For questions and/or FREE services,                                                     

    contact:Cocoa Lady 516 408 2376

    GUEST CALL IN # 347 215 8559


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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner #1

    in Self Help

    Afro Chi Fitness, Nutrition, Recipes, Chakra Balancing, Relaxation and More

    Call in with questions, visit our blog


    Sister Re, Cocoa Lady Wellness Consultant

    contact AfroChiFitness@gmail.com

    516 408 2376

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    Charise Stephens - Founder of Middle Georgia Wellness and Fitness Festival

    in Health

    Hello World,

    Welcome to Happy Talk Radio.  This is GG Stanley.  I am your host with the most happy news from coast-to-coast.  Happy Talk Radio is about cultivatiing positive thinking with family friendly topics that penetrate the mind, body and soul. 

    Happy Talk Radio focus on sharing happy talks and happy thoughts every Saturday at 2:00 PM EST.

    Thank you for tuning in.  Our chat line is opened, dial (347) 857-1142. 

    Happiness is a state-of-mind we choose to be.  I believe it is an imminent declaration of power within you in living a balance life.  One of Socrates' infamous quotes is "To Be Or Not To Be."  So, do you want to be happy or are you happy?

    Note:  "Every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you will never get back."

    Today, you will be challenged to be happy by my special guest Ms. Charise Stephens.  Charise is an award winner planner and marketing expert.  She is the founder of the Middle Georgia Wellness and Fitness Festival based in Macon, Georgia.  She created the Drive Clean and Green Across the State of Georgia, her own TV show and now this festival.  Also, she is a former Mother of the Year for Middle Georgia, Leadership Macon alum and an inspiring life coach and much more. 

    Her partner and fellow festival founder is Mirage McCrae.  Mirage is a physique competitor and a certified personal trainer.  He lives the healthy lifestyle 24/7 and teaches group on how to make small steps to make a big impact.

    Need I say more.  I could but I'm not because Charise Stephens will be sharing information in finding happiness in wellness and fitness and more.  So, don't you go nowhere.

    Happy Talk Radio is bringing it home to you right now!

    It's time to chat with Charise.





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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner #8

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    Cocoa Lady's Wellness Corner

    Program #8 an overview of key points to this point.

    Feel free to call in to listen or with questions.

    Fitness, Nutrition, Relaxation Techniques and more.

    Eating healthy, made easy as we review & learn to read

    lables to better serve wellness. Rule of thumb, aim for the

    least amount of unknown ingredients on food lables.

    Passive stretch Afro Chi Sun Shu (see Youtube) upon rising

    in the morning is key to support your body through out the day.

    A personal practice, reach out, taking a good deep breath, exhale

    bring arms to your center. As easy as this is serves to propel your

    body with good air and blood circulation. Are you breathing?

    Are you breathing well? Take a moment to relax and unwind with

    Sister Re Cocoa Lady, Wellness Consultant 

    Consultations only 516 408 2376   Call in or listen 347 215 8559

    http://youtu.be/CIzqnLnP45k   http://www.Cocoalady.org

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