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    The Politics of Filmmaking: The Plight of the Filmmaker

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    The art of filmmaking is to tell a story through film.  Films influence culture and societies.  How are stories developed?  What are the challenges of raising capital through such vehicles as Kickstarter compared to traditional means?  Has the power of the internet made it easier to market and distribute? 
    Guests:  Ryan Walker, New York & Regina Griffin, DC

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    Happy 40 years of filmmaking, Georgia!

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    2013 marks 40 years of filmmaking, starting with the formation of The Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment Office in 1973, by Gov. Jimmy Carter.  The office is a division under the Department of Economic Development.  Various venues around Georgia will host screenings and festivals.  Get a chance to see "Zombieland", part of which was filmed not too far from me, here in Paulding County.  The Coca-Cola Festival and the Peachtree Village International Festival will also host events. 
    For more information:
    Like gafmde
    The Fox Theatre
    Peachtree Village Int'l Film Festival
    Dragon Con
    Amari will discuss Cartoon Hangover.  Come join us, Saturday, August 10 at 1:00 pm.  Hope to see you then.

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    Documentary Filmmaking with Michele

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    Host Lori Wilk welcomes Michele, a documentary filmmaking of the most recent film called "Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?" and she shares with our listeners about her latest film and her process of fillmmaking. http://www.filmat11.com Also joining us is Line Producer, philanthropist, and fundraising specialist Jennie Walker.

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    Astro Radio Z - Ep 10 - Indie Horror Filmmaking Part 1

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    Astro Radio Z - Ep 10 - Indie Horror Filmmaking Part 1

    Join Derrick Carey tonight to discuss Indie Filmmaking and check out other episodes on http://fearcast.net/fcn-radio-astro-radio-z/

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    Jared Cohn/Joe Grisaffi

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    Join Jonathan Moody as he chats with Jared Cohn and Joe Grisaffi all about filmmaking 

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    Contemporary Filmmaking

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    Contemporary Filmmaking:  Commerce vs Art Indie vs Studio.   2D vs 3D. Vampires vs Werewolves. What's a contemporary filmmaker to do?  Decisions, decisions.  This week we're talking about the most successful and/or influential films and filmmakers of the past 5 years.  Real friends, real talk.

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    A Kind Voice on Sports

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    This week on A Kind Voice on Sports, filmmakers Dan Hedges and Dave Murphy discuss their inspiring documentary, Street Soccer. Find out what happens when twelve homeless men in New York and street soccer cross paths.  What happens next is nothing short of amazing. Discover what inspired Dave and Dan to create this enlightening film and the message they hope to convey from it. 

    Join the conversation and ask our guests about their documentary, filmmaking, and how they have been impacted as a result of Street Soccer. The Call In line will be open during the live show at (347) 850-8907. Hosted by Elisia Owens Mumford.

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    Jennie Walker and documentary filmmaking

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    Host Lori Wilk interviews singer songwriter, filmmaker, and philanthropist, Jennie Walker about her newest filmmaking experiences http://www.filmat11.comand her global humanitarian efforts. Jennie Walker has had international acclaim with her album "Night Flight to London." http://www.JennieWalker.com   Live call-in 347.237.5638. Follow on Twitter@Successipes.

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    Why I'm producing the film Once Upon a Time in the Congo?

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    This short episode, I answer emails and texts that I've recieved since the journey to produce this project. What caused you to produce the project? How has the journey been since it began as an idea in 2000? What have been its rewards and heartache? Join me as I answer your questions, and prayerfully give you some insight into the business of filmmaking.

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    Shriekfest Radio! Denise Gossett interviews Alex Bram!

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    "Best Director Award"(2012 LA Film, TV and Webisode Festival) winner, Alex Bram is on a mission to bring suspense, surrealism and quality back to horror.

    Gaining support as a new voice, his various projects have been able to attract legendary figures of the genre rallying behind him. For his werewolf epic, “NEW BREED,” Special Creature Make-Up Effects legend Steve Johnson (“American Werewolf in London,” “Species”) has joined to deliver on the concept of applying the latest technology available, in the most tasteful yet terrifying way, to bring to life beasts like we’ve never seen before.

    Eduardo Sanchez (Blair Witch Project Director) will bring Bram’s “CLOUDLAND” to life. That project is being spearheaded by Jeffrey Reddick, the creator of “Final Destination.” Reddick is both co-screenwriter with Bram and Executive Producer. 

    Alex Bram’s award-winning psychological thriller "Body of Work" honors the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock, while at the same time, using modern technology to bring about a new wave of suspenseful filmmaking. That film brought two "Best Cinematography" awards and one Canadian "People's Choice".
    For three years, Bram founded and ran the "Carnival of Darkness Film Festival," which showcased the very best short horror films from around the world. This yearly event was held at Los Angeles Film School and was put on like a twisted carnival experience. 



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    Filmmaker and Slam Poet JD Glasscock

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    A part of the 90's movement to Slam Poetry, JD Glasscock has help write songs and book throughout his career. He had his own blues rock band "Sofa King".

    His creative edge has been translated to short movies, which several have been featured in festivals across the the U.S. His use of light has made his movies "shine".

    We will talk to JD about the transition to film, his career as a poet, and making his directorial debut.

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