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    Fathers and Daughters

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    Fathers play an important role in their daughter's development. Learn how to improve your father-daughter relationship on today's episode of Living Well with Dr. Peg with my guest, psychologist, Dr. Keith Hinderlie.

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    Celebrate Fathers and Daughters - Pastor Timothy Henderson

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    We celebrated FATHERS’ DAY on Friday, the 13th with three very special  families when they talked about their loving father/son relationships.  Three families – three different types of relationships between father and son.  You heard from these fathers and their sons in genuine and candid interviews.  http://www.tobtr.com/s/6559339

    Today's show, Pastor Timothy Henderson is joined with his brother George and they will talk about their loving relationships with their daughters.  How is a father's relationship with his daughter different than the relationship with his son?  What makes the relationship special?Listen in and be moved and inspired.

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    Ep. 1: The Daughters & Sons Initiative

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    In 2003, Maggie Jarry and Joe Donovan began a series of discussions, which led to the development of a national network of daughters and sons of parents with mental illness.  In time, this network would come to be known as The Daughters and Sons Initiative.  On this, our inaugural episode, Joe and Maggie are joined by Cheri Bragg Acker and Mike McCarthy.  We will be discussing this Initiative; it’s history, achievements and hopes for the future.  We will also explain how this new show, The Daughters & Sons Hour, will seek to support and expand on the efforts of the Initiative.

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    Daddies & Daughters: Why Girls & Women Need Their Fathers

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    Brown Girl Collective celebrates BOLD, Brilliant and Beautiful women and girls of African descent by paying homage to our past and sharing our present, while preparing for our future. 

    Hosted by BGC founder Marcie L. Thomas, this show focuses on the relationship between a girl and her father and the lifelong impact that it can have on her life: for better or for worse.

    Special Guests include:

    Janks Morton: Janks is a groundbreaking and award winning filmmaker and advocate for Black Americans. As founder of iYAGO ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC, he has been in the edutainment industry for more than 20 years and is a much sought-after teacher, lecturer, commentator and motivational speaker. Janks is the producer of Dear Daddy, a feature-length documentary about the lifelong effects of fatherlessness on women. 

    Fred Goodall aka MOCHA DAD: A Top 50 Dad Blogger, Fred created Mocha Dad in 2008 to chronicle his life as a father and to counter the negative stereotypes regarding black fatherhood. Through his platform, he provides a first hand account of a black father who is intimately involved in his children’s lives. In addition to sharing his experiences as a father of 3 (two boys and a girl), he also motivates other fathers to be more actively engaged and involved with their children.

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    Ep. 4: The Impact of Mental Health Stigma and Discrimination on Daughters/Sons

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    Myths, misunderstandings and stereotypes are common when discussing persons who have been diagnosed with a mental illness.  The "stigma of mental illness" can lead to the adoption of discriminatory and abusive practices. Over the last decade, much has been written about "stigma", but not it's impact on children.
    Tonight, Mike leads us in discussion on the impact "stigma" has on Daughters/Sons. We'll be reviewing a few themes: the messages young children receive; the messages that D&S tell themselves as they form identities separating them from their parents; the messages we receive from service providers and others involved in mental health advocacy. We will also share how discriminatory practices can impact the lives of children.
    We will finish by addressing positive experiences and messages, which can lead to resiliency and improved self-esteem.

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    Juvenile delinquency is a pressing problem in America, with a rise in the number of
    single parents that are raising children without the financial, emotional, and relational help of
    another adult. Unlike studies conducted in the past, many researchers have begun to focus on the
    influence of a father-figure, not just the influence of the mother on his/her child. Whether the
    quality of relationship or amount of time that is spend with a father-figure has a positive impact
    is unknown. However, it is clear that the subjects who have been adjudicated are in need of
    effective prevention and programming efforts.
    It is important to empathize that father-absence does not necessarily lead to delinquency,
    developmental deficits, and/or render the child with an absent father-figure inferior in
    psychological functioning to the child with a present father-figure in their lives. Children who
    have absent-fathers are far from a homogeneous group with almost an infinite number of patterns
    that can be specified. Many factors need to be considered in evaluating the father-absent
    situation including the length of separation from the father, type of separation, cause of
    separation, the child’s age and gender, the child’s constitutional characteristics, the mother’s
    reaction to the father’s absence, the quality of mother-child interactions, the family’s
    socioeconomic status, and the availability of surrogate models.
    The number of family risks to which children are exposed often best predicts how well
    children will be able to adjust in the world and conform to social norms.

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    Fathers Raising our Daughters

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    The important role the fathers play in the lives of our daughters.
    Upcoming First National Father Daughter Dance June15 at Hotel Pennsylvania

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    Fatherhood App-Helping Fathers Through Technology

    in Self Help

    President/Founder of nationally recognized program Fathers With Voices shares the reasons an App for non-custodial fathers involved in child support, visitation and custody cases is needed!

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    Naomi's Daughters: "Prepared for the MORE"

    in Spirituality

    Next on "Naomi's Daughters"

    "Prepared for the MORE"

    A Broadcast brought to you by Kingdom United Ministries Network


    Call in for the LIVE broadcast @ (914) 803-4491 and press (1) to speak with the hosts

    Happy New Year to ALL!  As we enter into a new year, for many of us, it is a time of hope for better days and an attitude of "good writtens" to the old.  We reflect on what  is behind us and take assessments of the fragmentsleft behind.  Was there a purpose for our pain?  Can anything good come out of the heartache, adversity and misfortune of previous years?  Will we ever see the "best days" promised us before the season of adveristy came to try us?

    Join us on the next "Naomi's Daughters" broadcast as we discuss this as well as other topics of this new year.  Invite others and visit our wepage by going to Kingdom United Ministries Network website @ www.kingdomcomenet.com.  You are welcome!



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    Teaching On The Fathers Love

    in Christianity

    tonight will be focused on the heavenly fathers love for you and how it changes your life

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    Naomi's Daughters: "The Ultimate Gift"

    in Spirituality

    Next on "Naomi's Daughters"

    Brought to you by "Kingdom United Ministries Network"

    Call (914) 803-4491 and press (1) to speak with the hosts

    The Holidays are upon us and many will be about the business of shopping for that special gift for that special someone.  While some will go to great lengths in search of the ultimate gift, others will be praying for the food, shelter, medical care to save their dying child or even simple things like toiletry items that many take for granted everyday. 

    On this broadcast of Naomi's Daughters, we are honored to be joined by our very special guest Christian singer/recording artist and published author "Maranda Forney."  Maranda will be sharing her gift as well as her hearts passion with us.  For more information about Maranda, visit her page by clicking on her name on the Naomi's Daughters page or visit her website @ http://www.marandaforney.com/

    Invite others and share, You are welcome!

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