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    Inside MLB - MLB Offseason 100: Top 15 Available Relievers

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    Today on Inside MLB your host Benson Fechter will be discussing many topics including MLB Offseason 100: Top 15 Available Relievers, Griffey; Hoffman Headline '16 MLB HOF Ballot, Inside MLB's Final Gold Glove Predictions, Predicting Impact FAs Who'll Sign Quickly, Yankees Should Target Top Relievers Instead of SPs, and more! Fans remember you too can be a part of the show if you call in at (713) 955-0677

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    Inside MLB

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    Today on Inside MLB your host Benson Fechter will be discussing many topics including Clues on Where Top FAs Will Land This Winter, Nats Name Dusty Baker New Manager, Strasburg Is Yanks' Shot to Get Back on Top, Giants Can Change the Game by Stealing Greinke, and more!

  • Go Fast Radio from White House, TN

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    Join CEO Jonny Showtime and Owner of SlotsCars-R-Us Tracey Brown aka Mr. Go Fast as they discuss Slot Car Racing. Join them on Thursday night at 6:30 pm Central for another EXCITING AND ELECTRIC SHOW to discuss some of the Newest Products and Cars that are out. Don't forget to call in (347) 857-1043 to win NOT 1....NOT 2.....BUT 3... DIFFERENT THINGS THIS WEEK!!! We also will taking ideas on what to name the show...You got an idea??....CALL US!!!


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    Slot Cars -R- Us The Track: Episode 2

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    Join CEO Jonny Showtime and Owner of SlotsCars-R-Us Tracey Brown aka Mr. Go Fast as they discuss Slot Car Racing. Join them on Thursday night at 6:30 pm Central for another EXCITING AND ELECTRIC SHOW to discuss some of the Newest Products and Cars that are out. Don't forget to call in (347)857-1043 with a question or comment to enter your name to win a BRAND NEW GFR-1 Go Fast Product Roller Retro Chassis. It's gonna be another RECORD BREAKING SHOW!!!!  DON'T MISS IT!!!!


    Also...Don't Forget about our HUGE INTERVIEW with Gary Gerding. Gary is known for building the G21 Track.

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    What are you doing right now? And where are you at right now?

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    What does this ex athiest know? A lot now... here is some ways that you can know the truth without being confused by a robe wearing, wafer eatin, liar or a prez that has all the means to destroy all that was righteous, which he's done already by making sin the law of the land, just like the Israelites did once they continued to rebell. Jesus is for everyone... a murderer, a rapist, a torturer, the man or woman who has done some of the most sickest and evil sins against themselves or others, a pimp, a street prostitute, a tribe in the jungle who practices sadistic witch craft, a man or woman sitting in prison for something that no one wants to forgive them for, a person addicted, an unsaved church goer or preacher, an atheist, a satan worshiper, etc... the list goes on and on and on... listen and see what Christ is telling you... why? And one more thing that mankind needs to know is that God will make sure that not one person has had the chance to repent in Him so do not believe that if man hasn't heard the gospel then he goes to hell.. this is a lie and you will see the truth through the Holy Bible or the Holy Spirit will reveal this to you, if you would like. God is a just God and would never be unjust, not giving all mankind the chance to know to repent in Him... but in the mean time, if your listening to this, you'll find out, because He loves you and satan hates you. satan will give you what you think you want to turn from God or he'll take everything from you in order to get you to turn from God... all he is here to do is build his pathetic army that wont stand against Christ in the final days... if satan can get you on his side then he is just using your body for all his sick deeds of lust, perversion, murderous thoughts, suicidal thoughts, and all out to kill, steal and destroy.

  • Talking in Circles: Rick Mast Interview, Chicagoland Review, New Hampshire Previ

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    On this episode of Talking In Circles, we will break down the MyAFibRisk.com 400 from Chicagoland Speedway. Kevin Harvick vs Jimmie Johnson. Who was right, who was wrong? Will we see retalition from either one? 

    Also former NASCAR driver Rick Mast joins the show to talk about his career and give some opinions on today's NASCAR. 

    We'll also discuss the penalty at Michael Waltrip Racing. Coincidence or just a trend with this team. Will they win the appeal? Should they have the right to appeal? 

    Also the first significant news of the NASCAR silly season came out last week when it was announced Jeffrey Earnhardt & Bobby Labonte driving next year at Go FAS Racing. We'll give our thoughts. 

    Jimmie Johnson signs 2 year extension with Hendrick Motorsports. We'll give our thoughts on why it's just 2 years. 

    MWR selling stakes indvidiually in the team. We'll give our thoughts. 

    Plus so much more, and we'll take your phone calls at 917-889-8280. 

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    CandidFrankLive #258 CFL IZ Let's Talk FAs that stayed, moved on, or still FAs

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    Here is the link>>” http://tobtr.com/s/7430663. #BlogTalkRadio”<< CandidFrankLive's CFLIZtheBest#254 Richmond Spider Jacob Ruby

    Half hour before the Show join our live chat to offer your opinions on the subject matter during the show by clicking the link and selecting live chat.  Invite your friends or other CFL Fans to make your appreciated contribution.

    Mon & Wed 10pm – 12am

    Join in the Conversation call in Phone# 714.242.5250

    The "LINK" for the Show is the triangle in the middle of the picture and so are the light blue words and numbers to log into the show.

    Subscribe to the Candidfranklive Show on ITunes.


    CHAT ROOM opens a half hour before the show for your input. Opens even before the player starts. Make friends with fellow CFL fans.

    SKYPE into the live show for your opportunity to join the gang in the Studio

    Difficulty Logging in or Listening to the Show, UPDATE and / or refresh your browser (Firefox, Google, Internet Explorer etc.)

    Wish to be called by the show and listen or participate saving long distance charges,  Facebook Message "Candid Frank Stanisci".


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    Being property, goods and chattels personal, to all intents , constructions and purposes whatsoever, they have no claim on each other no security from separation no marital rights no parental rights no family government no family education no family protection.  The Family relation originates in the institution of marriage, and exists not without it. We have already   proved that slaves cannot have families or be members of families, by proving that they cannot be married.  To this latter point, in its connection with the former, we cite the words of Judge Jay: 'A necessary consequence of slavery is the absence of the marriage relation.  No slave can commit bigamy, because the law knows no more of the marriage of slaves than of marriage of brutes.  A slave may, indeed , be formally  married, but so fas legal rights and obligations are concerned, it is an idle ceremony.' Of course, these laws do not recognize the parental relation, as belonging to slaves.  A slave has no more legal authority over his child than a cow as over her calf. (Jay's Inquiry,p.132)

    The fact that the slave, as a chattel personal, may be bought, sold, transported from one place to another, mortgaged, attached, leased, inherited, and distributed, in the settlement of estates, shows plainly that slaves cannot constitute families.

    " In the slaveholding States, except in Louisiana, no law exist to prevent the violent separation of parents from their children, or even from each other. (Stouds' Sketch, p.50) "Slaves may be sold and transferred from one to another without any statutory restriction or limitation, as to the separation of parents and children."  In all the problems we have experienced as a people we still have no respect for family or the sense of behavior around our children


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    PODCAST: After missing on Aldridge, Rockets focus on trades, re-signings

    in Basketball

    Houston GM Daryl Morey has yet to hit a home run in 2015 free agency, with LaMarcus Aldridge spurning the Rockets to sign with the rival Spurs. But as Houston enters 2015-16 coming off its first conference finals appearance in 18 years, is an overhaul essential?

    Josh Reese of CBS Radio in Houston joins Sheridan Hoops writer Ben DuBose to share takeaways from Houston’s busy week of free agency, which included failed negotiations with Aldridge and Spanish guard Sergio Llull while retaining swingman Corey Brewer (3 years, $24 million) and point guard Pat Beverley (4 years, $23 million).

    Beverley, of course, was one of two injured starters absent from the Rockets during their extended playoff run. Josh helps me break down whether the additions of Beverley and forward Donatas Motiejunas, assuming health, could be enough to compete with other elite Western teams like the Spurs and Warriors.


    Why cap flexibility, rather than cap space, is becoming the new NBA model
    Could Beverley’s deal be one of the steals of free agency?
    Does Aldridge landing in San Antonio put pressure on the Rockets to upgrade?
    Examining the West’s hierarchy after Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan’s departures
    Why didn’t Llull make the leap from Real Madrid to the NBA?
    With Llull off the board and the free-agent pool dwindling, who are Houston's possible PG targets and what players might Morey offer to land one?
    Is Josh Smith coming back? If not, what alternatives are out there?
    Among their FAs, the Rockets seem to be prioritizing K.J. McDaniels ahead of Smith. Right call?

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    NBS Show 6-30-2015

    in Sports

    Tonight's topics


    NBA Draft
    Quick recap of the lottery picks (1-15)
    Winners and losers of the draft (2 each)
    Potential busts
    Potential ROY candidates

    Bobby Portis or Larry Nance, Jr.: Who had the more negative Tweet? Do you believe athletes should be more carefully with social media?

    Free Agency starts July 1st. What players do you see changing teams?

    Knicks or Lakers: If you are a FA, which team is more attractive?

    Do you believe LBJ will resign with Cleveland? If so, what FAs could Cleveland sign to complement LBJ and make a run back to the NBA Finals?


    NFC South preview
    - What QB in this division is on the hot seat?
    - What coach is in the hot seat?
    - Will any team get 10 or more wins?
    - Team records and predictions

    The Road to Fantasy Football 2015 preview segment ( Powered by fanupnetwork.com)

    Auction Draft vs Snake Draft: Which one do you prefer? Which one is more competitive?

    Top 5 QB in Fantasy Football


    Are You Kidding Me?