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    Farmers Thoughts - by Farm Fresh Media

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    A special One Hour Edition of Farmers Thoughts -  brought to you by Fram Fresh Media - Straight From the Horses Mouth!

    Special Segment Talking about the Sustainable Community Training Farm We are Launching, as well as our new www.FundourFarm.us program to promote investing with a conscience in sustainable agriculture related projects. 

    Be Sure to Listen in to this Great Show.

    Want to discuss all things related to:

    GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisims
    Urban Agriculture
    Off the Grid
    Food Independence
    Energy Independence
    Perma Culture
    Family Farms
    Natural Agriculture
    and more!

    Call in and discuss these topics LIVE on the Air!





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    Farmers Market weight loss and Healthy Eating

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    Losing weight in a healthy way means one need to change a diet. Many time to many in between meals or snacks cause weight gain. Eating two meals and maybe two snacks a day can help to get off a few unwanted pounds. Fod and where it comes from fresh Farmers Markets are a great place to shop for fruits and vegetables some markets sell fresh meat for meat eaters. Farmers Markets have local grown produce, it support the local farmers in your area, and the produce are seasonal. Children can take a part in market visits some times as a family field trip.

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    The Neonicotinoid View: Should Oyster Farmers Use Neonicotinoids?

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    Recently, in the Pacific Northwest, oyster farmers were granted a permit to use the water soluble toxic chemical imidacloprid in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor. What prompted the Washington Department of Ecology to move forward with this decision? How will this protect oysters and other marine life? In this special series called “The Neonicotinoid View”, host June Stoyer and special guest co-host, Colorado beekeeper, Tom Theobald will talk to Rich Doenges, Water Quality Manager from the Southwest Regional Office, Department of Ecology, State of Washington about this decision.

    Later on in the show, scientist, Rich Andrews will join the discussion to talk about Colony Collapse Disorder otherwise known as CCD. Lately, there have been a number of discussions about CCD and there still is a great deal of confusion as to what exactly the term means. Stay tuned!

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    We are pleased to welcome a first time guest DWIGHT ARMSTRONG Executive Director of FFA. Let me put it this way....it ain't your fathers farm anymore. Learn more for  your school district. Their member have the skills to build healthy, sustainable world.

    www.ffa.org  @nationalffa

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    www.cevmultimedia.com  @iCEVonline

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    Black Farmers United with President, Gary R. Grant

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    Inventor and Farmer, Andrew Beard~Born in Alabama in 1849, Andrew Beard spent the first fifteen years enslaved on a small farm in Alabama. A year after he was emancipated, he got married and became a farmer in a small city outside of Birmingham. While in Birmingham, he was able to develop and champion his first invention (a plow). Three years later, he patented a second plow. These two inventions earned him almost $10,000, with which he began to invest in real estate.
    Tune in tonight to The Gist of Freedom as we discuss the history of Black Farmers with Gary R. Grant. Mr. Grant is the president of The Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association.  


    Read Mr. Grant's paper "Black Farmers United: The
    Struggle Against Power and Principalities"


    The authors are the President of the Black Farmers
    and Agriculturalists Association, Tillery, NC,
    Assistant Professor of Sociology at Kansas State
    University, and doctoral candidate in Sociology at
    Kansas State University, respectively.
    Please address any correspondence to tillery@aol.com.

    Following his stint in real-estate, Andrew Beard began to work with and study engines. In 1892, he filed a patent for an improvement to the rotary steam engine.

    Mr. Beard was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio for his work on railroad coupler design.Andrew Beard invented the JENNY coupler for railroad cars.

    Little is known about the period of time from Beard's last patent application in 1897 up until his death. He died in 1921.

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    National Back Farmers Association Helps Homeowners Become Food Producers

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    When it comes to government funding to grow food on your property, the difference between those who get it and those who don't get it boils down to one word: Farming. An urban garden might produce food that the property owner eats, feeds a family and even sells to others, but as the founders of the National Association of Black Farmers explain, gardening is a hobby. Farming is a business, and for those homeowners who want to grow food, they can tap into the many financial resources available from the Deparment of Agriculture if only they refer to their food growing activities as "farming."  Empowerment begins with land ownership and the ability to provide ones own food , clothing, and shelter. Today we learn from Dr. John Wesley and Kara Boyd how to capitalize on the power we have in our hands right now, to become producers and sellers of food.

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    The Gist of Freedom and host Natasha Demosthene is pleased to present to you  Mr. Gary Grant President of The BLACK FARMERS, AGRICULTURALISTS ASSOCIATION &THE LAND LOSS FUND. Natasha and Mr. Grant will discuss topics such as preserving Black Heir Property.

    The struggle for the survival of the Black farmer is not over. During the lead up to the now historic settlement of the Black farmers lawsuit, Pigford v. Glickman, Secretary of the USDA, Howard University was working with the Black farmers’ leadership to host a "mock trial" that would have exposed the racial discrimination and other atrocities inflicted by the agents of the Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) - now the Farm Service Agency (FSA) – on Black farmers across the nation. The USDA could not afford for these stories to be told for they would show the limit to which this government would and will go to keep a people dependent and not able to raise their standard of living or be able to safely feed themselves. African American people are becoming a landless people in the United States. We are losing the land and wealth that our parents, grandparents and great grandparents worked, fought and died to acquire for us. We owe our ancestral warriors a debt and our youth an opportunity for safe and healthy food. USDA has not helped us and certainly the courts have proven more devastating than we ever dare thought. So, who will help us? WE must help ourselves by insuring that the next generation is ready to maintain and conserve the land. Come and let us reason and plan together, our enemies do.

    For Additional Information - contact: Mike Stewart at 202-607-0436 or the
    BFAA office at 252-578-4729 or E-mail bfaausnow@aol.com or TILLERY@aol.com

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    Ben Slayton of Farmers' Gate Market for Local, Pasture-Based Meats

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    ENVISION THIS: Meat that fills your soul as much as your belly

    Our guest, Ben Slayton lived abroad in Tuscany on an organic farm specializing in pastured pork. There he developed a passion for well-raised meat and craft butchery. After a couple of years raising his own animals here in Maine, Ben switched his focus to building a network of several small farms to support Farmers’ Gate in an effort to bring more locally raised meat to the Maine marketplace.

    Farmers’ Gate Market bridges the gap between local, pasture-based livestock farms and the growing number of families who are looking for good locally-raised meat. They work with a network of Maine farms to provide their customers with grass fed beef, pastured pork and lamb, and free range poultry. They work only with farmers who produce pasture-based livestock, and they process all the meat in-house. As a result, they can ensure safe handling of all their products and retain complete knowledge about everything they sell – from farm to table.

    Like their customers, Farmers’ Gate butchers are hungry for good homegrown food – meat raised locally on pasture by farm families who are thinking about the future. They also look for creative ways to build awareness about local, sustainably raised and craft-butchered meat. Therefore, they share the stories of their farm partners, preserve the skills of whole carcass butchery, and incorporate old world traditions with new technology.



    Coming soon: Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature by your Envision This co-hosts, Burl and Merry Hall


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    Dont miss out on this Special Edition of Farmers Thoughts All about your 2014 Garden and Home Stead -  How to Take back your food independence and become your own urban farmer. 

    We will discuss plants, planting times, seed sources, when to plant, the three sisters planting method, and more. We will also cover backyard dwarf goats, and back yard chickens.  So Dont miss this exciting show and get some great ideas for christmas gifts for that gardener and homesteader in your life...

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    Farmers Thoughts - by Farm Fresh Media

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    Want to discuss all things related to:
    GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisims Homesteading Urban Agriculture Sustainability Off the Grid Food Independence Energy Independence Aquaponics Gardening Perma Culture Monsanto Family Farms Natural Agriculture and more! Call in and discuss these topics LIVE on the Air!

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    Help Black Farmers Part 2

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    Join the independent black farmers at their rally for support and justice in Jackson, Mississippi on June 30 and July 1st. Please listen to the show for more details.