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    Skip gets in da mix wit False Flag Radio

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    Discussing the relevant issues of the day, False Flag events, the manipulation of society, Left/Right paradigm and general discussions of coming together under the auspices of unity and truth! Special Guest, Skip Flanagan of In Da Mix Wit Skip!

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    Ebola--False Flag--Stockmarket Crash

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    We discuss the continuing issue with the False Flag Ebola virus. As with most diseased and viruses, they are tools that Big Brother employs in its biological warfare against humanity in order to scare, intimidate, and lower the population of planet earth in accordance with the Georgia guidestones.

    We will also cover the coming stockmarket crash, which many patriots and insiders acknowledge to be the next major financial calamity to occur in the United States corporation, which obviously will send reverberations all over the world.

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    False Flag Terror: The Government's Ultimate Trick to Enslave You

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    The most powerful weapon in the governement (read: elites) attempt to enslave us is "False Flag Terror".  Basically, "False Flag Terror" is when a government attacks itself and then blames someone else.  Why does it do this?  To have an excuse to do what it really wants to do like invade another country or pass Orwellian laws.  Actions that would otherwise cause too much public outcry to be successful.

    This has been going on for THOUSANDS of years and has been used to massively change history on countless occasions.  For example, did you know that World War 2, at least in Europe, started due to false flag terror?

    To discuss this we have Ole Dammegård of http://www.lightonconspiracies.com .  Ole has exposed countless conspiracies including false flag terror incidents like 9/11, Oklahoma City and the London bombings.

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    False Flag Chicago-Navy Eaesdropping-Hitlery and Bill Financial Antics

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    We are going to cover the lies of Clinton crime family, and the various ways they are using to avoid their financial obligations. Also, we are going to cover the Navy's hacking into personal and other computers. Finally, we are going to cover the revelations of a Romanian hacker and the plans of the elite to pull off another false flag in the United States corporation.

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    Boston False Flag

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    Once again the criminals in the U.S. Corp. have perpetrated a false flag event. This one is a small one, but it will give those criminals an excuse to impose more tyrannical laws.

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    RTR: False Teachers, False Prophets, Heresy and Error

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    What is the difference between a false teacher/prophet and one who teaches error? Are teachers who teach error also false teachers/prophets? How do we recognize them and what is the importance of doing so? What should I do if I discover that my pastor is a false teacher? How should we deal with false teachers/prophets? Just pray and let God handle it? Are their false prophets/teachers within the Body Of Christ or are they in other religions? We'll tackle these questions and more on Real Talk Radio, this and every Sunday, 10am est. To listen live, just call 661-449-9951!




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    False Flag Radio will NEVER DIE!

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          We're like black mold... you think we're gone, that you've gotten rid of us and the next thing you know, we're all over the place!

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    RUN FROM False Teachings ~ False Prophets ~ Liars

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    There is so much false doctrine out here. One, if they didn't have the Holy Spirit, or doesn't really have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, could easily be duped.

    In this season of listening to those who teach the "Gospel", we must know that we know that we know what is false teaching and what is true teaching. 

    There are many wolves in sheep clothing and there are also many have a zeal without knowledge. It is our job to call on the Holy Spirit to help us to discern real from false. We must not put our complete TRUST IN ANY MAN OR WOMAN, but we must rely on God, through the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us to all truth.

    Matthew 24:24
    Mark 13:22
    1 Timothy 4

    What is the New Gospel? Is it God's Word or is it something somebody made up to sound good, but is far from God?

    Let's talk about it!!!




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    True & False Conversions

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    Episode 42 True & False Conversions

    with Guests: Remember Ministries (John Eckel & Tim Alexander)

    Ever wonder why so many people profess to be a Christian with very little to no understanding of the most essential biblical truths necessary for understanding salvation. Many people today will tell you they are a Christian and will go to heaven when they die and many of these people even attend Church every Sunday morning. Sadly when asked to share essentials from the Christian faith many of these professing believers cannot. Does that mean they are not Christians, well what does the bible say about this. How can we know if someone is truly a believer of a false convert? More importantly how can you know if you are a true believer? Well join me on this episode as I am joined by John Eckel and Tim Alexander of Remember Ministries as we take a close look at this very important issue to discuss of true and false converts.

    During the first hour of the show I will be opening the phone lines to hear your answers to a question we will be asking during the day on the G220 Radio facebook & twitter pages. So dont be afraid to call in and share your answers.

    Sermon Jam of the Week (.....)

    Open Air Preaching Spotlight (.....)

    Plus some Christmas music throughout the first hour of the show.

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    There are false brethren in the Church of the living Christ who are wolves in sheep clothing ravishing the Church just as there are false jesus's and false churches.  It is time for the Apostolic and Prophetic voices to begin to bring reproof and correction into the body of Christ.  If you do not, you will stand before God to be reproved and rebuked with ultimate rebuke. It is time out for the weak, it is time for the strong, harden Christian soldiers to appear and begin to prepare the Church of God, which looks like a social club for the most part, rather than a center of instruction unto all righteousness.  Gird up your loins in this present darkness and speak forth the prophetic voice of God to this generation that they may repent and be saved.

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    Syria chem attack - NSA - BS LIES - Next False Flag

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    Tonite (1.17.2014) we covered:

    The chemical attack in Syria was committed by al-C.I.A.da.

    Gun control scam and Big Brother media playing up random shooting by nut cases to brainwash the American sheeple into believing that if all law-abiding Americans turned their guns in there would be no more gun deaths. That is absurd because 90% of gun deaths are committed by gangsters, drug dealers, etc.

    b.s. LIES about NSA rules.

    rahm immanuel who bossed b.s. around while he was Chief of Staff.

    Next False Flag attack most likely will be in Chicago and the target will most likely be Willis Tower.

    Visit - FreeWorldFilmWorks.com - for DVDs exposing the CRIMES of Big Brother.

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