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    Kiev up in flames - Facial Recognition - FCC monitors

    in Politics

    Tonite (2.20.2014) we covered:

    The riots in Kiev, the capitol of Ukraine. Soros is backing the rioters to overthrow the government and install a puppet dictator who will bring Ukraine into the EU.

    Facial Recognition tech is here to stay and it is spreading like a virus. Within 20 years all retail businesses and public buildings will have FR tech so Big Brother can ID everyone who enters a public building.Virtually all private buildings will also have FR tech which will be linked directly to the local terrorist (police) department.

    The FCC wants to put monitors (researchers) in all TV/radio companies to interogate reporters and journalists on how they put together a story and then explain to the reporters why they should not run the story. The FCC also wants to do this with newspapers and magazines which it has no regulatory authority over.

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    Ukraine - cheney waterboarding - IBM Big Brother - Facial recognition

    in Politics

    Tonite (3.29.2014) we talked about:

    The Ukraine crisis.

    Dick Cheney said he loves waterboarding.

    IBM says Big Brother surveillance is good and do not fight it.

    Facial recognition.

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    The Science of Surveillance - Facial Recognition Technology

    in Science

    Welcome to Your Community Science Class! On our upcoming episode we are continuing to look at the Science of Surveillance, in this case focusing on Facial Recognition Technology,
    The degree of surveillance each of us is under is astounding.  From the food we eat, to where we drive, shop, travel to what we buy, how much we spend, what we watch on tv, our emails, where we surf on the internet, all banking transactions, all transactions in general, all purchases, whether with cash, debit or credit are under surveillance.
    Facial recognition technology assures that everyone is identifiable and identified.  There are few places to hide in the West in today's global society. The new bounty hunters use FRT compared with billions of faces recorded worldwide.  Age progression and super computers make this possible.  The days are quickly coming where those who are considered fugitives will have to go completely off the grid.  Hiding in plain sight won't be possible.
    Backflash technology assures that items concealed in one's vehicle or on one's person are immediately identifiable
    Drones the size of insects assure that activities inside and outside of buildings can be easily monitored.&

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    Learn How Facial Recognition Can Be Used In The World Of Marketing

    in Technology

    In today's radio episode, we fly back to the European Continent, and interview a leading Facial Recognition company known as "Herta Security", based out of Barcelona.  Herta offers a broad product line, with many features and benefits for its customers.  For example, their product line can:

    *Identify groups of people on the move in large scale setings;

    *Simultaneously identify a group of people in different external environments;

    *Identify a particular individual out of a crowd of people.

    But, Herta Security also has another product called "BioMarketing", which can be used for market research purposes.  For example, an advertising firm can gauge the success of a future product launch by how potential customers react to certain stimuli with their face.  To find out more about this, we have the honor to interview Mr. Gary Lee, International Business Development Manager.  We will also learn how their other facial recognition products are being deployed, and also discover what the adoption rate is for this particular Biometric modality in Spain.

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    Facial Recognition: Learn About The Pros & Cons From The CEO Of FaceFirst

    in Technology

    If one were to examine the Biometric Modalities which are available today, the one technology which would stand out in terms of recognition by the public is that of Facial Recognition.  Why is this so?  Well, after the tragic incidents of 9/11, Facial Recognition, received a lot attention by the press and the media as the "cure all" technology for all of the security ailments present in the United States at the time.  But when Facial Recognition failed to live up to its standards, it was ripped apart to shreds even as a viable technology.  Also, Facial Recognition can be used very covertly, thus creating claims of privacy rights and civil liberties violations by the American public.  In this radio show, we interview Mr. Joe Rosenkrantz, CEO of FaceFirst.  From him, we will find out first hand how successful or not Facial Recognition actually is, and the kinds of deployments which they have implemented.  We will also discuss with him the social implications of Facial Recognition, and what it means to the American society as a whole.

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    Facial Recognition/Does it really work?

    in US Government

    Facial recognition technology is all around us. Government and business  are using it daily. Does it violate our privacy? Is it accurate? Join us for a discussion on facial recognition.

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    Quantum Leap: Body Language, Emotional and Facial Recognition

    in Health

    It is quite common to have difficulties in understanding others feelings, emotions and body language after a brain injury. Join me in welcoming to the Quantum Leap Show Dr. Neuman from Indiana Medical University. Dr. Neuman has developed a program to help survivors whose lives have been limited by these types of deficiencies after a brain injury.  Dr. Neuman will share with us this research as well as her current project she is working currently on.  Tune in, call in and together we can make a difference.

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    Show #86: Utilizing Social Recognition to Drive Employee Alignment & Engagement

    in Business

    Special Guest: Rob Catalano, VP at Achievers

    Employee recognition helps inspire brilliant performance and reinforces the behaviours that drive results, but it has to be done right. Join us as we discuss the biggest influences and top trends for employee recognition in 2015 and beyond.   

    With key statistics and proven best practices and case studies, Rob Catalano, Recognition & Engagement Professional (REP), Certified Recognition Professional (CRP), and Vice President at Achievers, will reveal the most effective way to leverage recognition to align employees with corporate values and business goals that impact bottom-line results.
    Host: Jo Moffatt

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    Employee Recognition: Stephen's Story

    in Business

    Stephen Lynch is the COO of RESULTSDotcom and author of Business Execution for Results: A Practical Guide for Leaders of Small to Medium-Sized Businesses. We've been friends since, Stephen always reminds me, 2005. when we met at a Growth Conference hosted by Verne Harnish of Gazelles.

    You can listen to my interview of Stephen about his book here. You can read my review of his book here.

    As he heard of my plans to write a book on Employee Engagement, he offered to write a chapter. It's titled Stephen's Story. In it he shares his personal journey towards recognizing the power of employee recognition and a simple two-step plan to make it a fixed part of his day. Every day.

    I'll read Stephen's Story and let you hear the power of a simple approach to employee recognition.

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    Learn More About Voice Recognition With Ms. Sherrie Adcock

    in Technology

    As we all know, Voice Recognition is starting to become an important Biometric technology.  While it may not enjoy the "limelight" applications which Vein Pattern Recognition and Iris Recognition do, Voice Recognition is finding its specialty in specific niches such as call centers, financial trading, and specialty forensic cases.  One of the primary advantages of Voice Recognition is that it has a low cost point of entry.  Meaning, there is no extra, specialized hardware or software needed-it can leverage off of existing technology at a place of business or organization. In this radio show, we interview Ms. Sherrie Adcock, CEO of Voice Security Systems, Inc., based out of California.  They have been in the Voice Recognition business for almost 20 years, and three US patents to their recognition.  We learn more from Ms. Adcock about their "secret sauce" for successful Voice Recognition implementations, and what the future holds for it.

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    Employee Recognition - Why is everyone talking about it?

    in Business

    Why are so many people talking about Employee Engagement? We'll find out a few tips on the effectiveness of employee recognition and how it can potentially provide financial success to your company.  Zane Safrit, CEO, Business Consultant, and Author will share some of his experiences and lessons learned on building employees awareness of company goals, raising morale, and increasing productivity. 

    Zane Safri has spent his career in call center operations, many of them serving international customers and sales forces. From an entry level position as a customer service rep to team leader to Assistant Director and Country Manager to finally CEO he saw the language of employee recognition and employee engagement is a univeral language and so are the forms of its ROI. As Country Manager, he opened his company's first overseas office in Seusseldorf, Germany and used employee recognition and engagement to double sales and triple the number of new orders within the first six months. As CEO of a small conference call service provider he rebudgeted the company's advertising and marketing budgets towards employees and customers. This resulted in revenue growth of 80% while retail prices were pushed lower by over 70%, all the time generating positive cash-flows, the lifeblood of small business. In his book Recognize THEM: 52 Ways to Recognize Your Employees In Way They Value he has compiled many of the ways he used to recognize and engage employees, many of them require no financial inventment, research and data to show the positive impact on a company's performance and inspiring quotes from business leaders on the value of employee recognition. He also shares his mistakes to help you avoid them as you being this journey towards a culture of engagement.


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