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    Show 40: Mark Murtha - Financial Executives are Leaders, Too!

    in Finance

    Today Mark Murtha joins John to talk about why he decided to enroll in the MSOL program while involved in the financial services industry as an accountant. Along the way, he will also discuss why he is involved outside of his job in a professional organization called Financial Executives International. There may also be time to talk about his church involvement and his experience with the MSOL program.

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    8 steps in how to engage your executives in your digital projects?

    in Marketing

    8 steps in how to engage your executives in your digital projects by Ted Malucci, CIO of Tridel

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    SwCA Episode 036: Make your managers and executives HR fans and supporters!!

    in Business

    SITE: http://www.courtneyanderson.com/swca-episode-036-hr-heroes-hangout-series-make-your-managers-and-executives-hr-fans-and-supporters.html

    SHOW NOTES: Our HR HEROES HANGOUT™ series is dedicated to those who serve our societies each day, toiling in the bowels of the human capital infrastructure issues that fuel all organizations (hiring, retention, engagement, training, etc.); our HR HEROES! These are the unsung heroes that ensure that organizations achieve and sustain maximum human capital competitive advantage! In this episode our topic is, “Make your managers and executives HR fans and supporters!!”

    HR is a glamorous and exciting field (it really is) where every single aspect of an organization is addressed. It deals with money (compensation, promotions, benefits, etc.), power (promotions, etc.) and respect (the concept of being valued). Our HR HEROES understand that they are not going to simply be a peripheral “administrative” entity but are instead the very heart of the organization. HR toils to ensure that people and resources are distributed and circulated throughout the entire organization. The HR HEROES are proactive and strive for their managers and executives to be fans (not simply reluctant participants).

    A fan (or even better a “super-fan”) is eager to hear from HR, they look forward to their input, they are excited to be part of their initiatives. They know that their lives are better (easier, less stressful, more enjoyable, etc.) with their HR HEROES leading them, supporting them and looking out for them each day. We explore why our HR HEROES should strive to make fans of their managers and supervisors and the basic framework for how to do so (proactive, enthusiastic, assessment and pruning of interaction from the perspective of the recipient executive or manager). They are always asking, how does this make their lives better?

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    State and Local Public Executives: Point Guards of Politics

    in Politics

    On a basketball court, Point Guards direct the team's offense under the leadership of the coach. Similarly, Government executives direct, lead and manage departments, agencies, and municipalities under the auspices of the governor, county board of supervisors, city council, and school board members.  Most  executives are hired or appointed. However, a few are elected. Who are these Point Guards? Which agencies, departments or municipalities do they lead? Who are the top Point Guards in the State of California?

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    Unveiling Leadership through Sports Coaching

    in Self Help

    Jim Howard is the co-founder of LIVE LIFE Revolution, a company dedicated to helping people be successful while Never sacrificing the things they hold dear. As a business owner/consultant, parent  and coach, Jim provides invaluable life lessons. Jim's dedication to football coaching has led his teams to win multiple championships, enjoy undefeated seasons and more importantly enable his athletes to understand life lessons for success. Many athletes were able to secure college scholarships and moe onto NFL. His focus on performance rather than winning is the key to Jim's and his students' success in all areas of life.

    Divya Parekh, CEO and Founder of The DP Group (www.divyaparekh.com), has over 25 years of experience as a university associate professor, scientist, biotechnology professional and global leadership wellness coach.  Through inspired leadership, focused and tailored plans, she helps executives, professionals, coaches and youth embrace their inner confidence and endeavor for continual enrichment to achieve desired potential and success.

    In this show, Jim Howard will share his expertise show how to:

    ·         Develop leaders as a sports coach

    ·         Motivate and impact the youth to a bright future

    ·         Live and teach life lessons while climbing the success ladder

    ·         Embody who you are into your business

    ·         Educate, encourage and entertain during speaking

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    The Jeff Foxx Radio Show with the marketing executives of The Little Black Book

    in Entertainment



    Little Black Book Inc premieres today on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. The Little Black Book was created to bring business together in a unique way. An executive way for businesses to network. Smart advertisement with a twist. Are you in the book??? TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Show Online.

    Contact info                     www.thelittleblackbookny.com



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    Diane DiResta - Are you Asking for What you are Worth?

    in Entrepreneur

    Diane DiResta is a media trainer, speech coach, and certified speech pathologist who works with executives in Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, and sports figures, to get them communicating with clarity and precision. She trains business people to communicate with greater impact in the marketplace and coaches leaders to project their power to influence in order to achieve the result they want.

    She’s also the author of the Amazon.com best-selling guide to public speaking and communicating from the platform, Knockout Presentations: How to Deliver Your Message With Power, Punch, and Pizzazz. She has coached and consulted a vast number and range of clients, including executives at AT&T, Chase Manhattan Bank, Warner Bros., the US Army, the NBA, Merck, and IBM.


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    Bold: Helping Your Unleash The Hero Within with Melissa Krivachek

    in Business

    Bold: Helping Your Unleash The Hero Within with Melissa Krivachek is out guest today to talk about her book on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. BOLD Is The New Sexy! Everyone dares to be great but very few ever have the courage to step into their greatness. Have you ever wondered what it was like to jump off a cliff and soar or take a leap of faith knowing it will work out? 13 extremely BOLD entrepreneurs from across the globe have done just that to create the life and lifestyle they truly desired. But it wasn’t the titles, accolades, power, or money they’ve acquired that has made them BOLD because when they first started they had none of that yet they jumped anyway

    Melissa Krivachek is the President of Briella Arion, Inc. As the International Best-Selling Author of Be A Baller! The Blueprint To Have It All, BOLD! Helping You Unleash The Hero Within and, Be Ballsy! How Not To Suck At Love, Success, and Happiness. she loves teaching entrepreneurs across the globe how they can have it all —, all at the same time. Love, Success, & Happiness. Chosen as Evolution Magazine’s “2013 Power Player Under 40” honored by the National Council of American Executives as a Top US Executive in 2014 and featured on CNN, Forbes, ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, and FOX, in addition to receiving dozens of other accolades, Melissa’s passion for growth resonates with entrepreneurs looking to break-through the ceiling of complexity to build sustainable million dollar + businesses. 

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    Humor in Marketing - How BetaBrand's CEO Built His Company

    in Marketing

    Welcome to Jargonorrhea Live – A viral marketing show with serious tips and a sense of fun.

    I am Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping it Human, coming to you live from San Jose, CA, in Silicon Valley. This show airs Thursdays at 3:30 PM PDT.  We help marketing executives and their teams tell their most important company, product and customer stories to the world.

    This podcast is all about making marketing communications and content more human, fun and effective. We are a jargon-monoxide-poisoning free zone. Leave a comment on the blog.

    Humor in Marketing - BetaBrand Style

    Betabrand CEO Chris Lindland built his company using funny memes on the Internet to sell pants! With humor and fun, he turned BetaBrand into an organization well known for being different, fresh and current with Internet-inspired themes. How did they do it? What tips can marketing organizations glean? Join me Thursday, Feb 26 for a conversation with BetaBrand CEO Chris Lindland.


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    Building & Engaging Your Connections on LinkedIn with E2S Host Debrah Mathis

    in Social Networking

    In the first series, host and life coach Debrah Mathis hosted a panel of career coaches: Tajuana Ross, Divya Parekh, Ben Carter and Trina Ramsey to discuss how to create a purposeful profile on LinkedIn.

    On this episode, we will discuss the benefit in growing your network. You will learn the importance of connecting with people, why you should join groups, along with the difference between endorsements and recommendations.

    Ben Carter is a certified Life Transformation Coach and founder of L.I.V.E, LLC (Leap Into Victory Every day). Ben will soon release his first eBook about his journey. Visit Ben's Facebook page:TheBenCarterCoachingExperience.

    Debrah Mathis @EngagetoSuccess: radio host, career, spiritual enrichment coach & consultant in Dallas, Texas, is becoming a world-class, high-sought after for interpersonal leadership development. Visit EngagetoSuccess.com for details how to work with her.

    Divya Parekh is CEO of The DP Group. She has over 25 years of experience in higher education & career leadership coach. She helps executives, professionals, coaches & youth harness their drive to succeed by building skills for constant improvement. Learn more at divyaparekh.com.

    Tajuana Ross is the CEO of Get Over Yourself Career and Life Coaching, Inc. After 18 years in the telecommunications industry, Tajuana left the corporate world to focus on helping people develop their personal brand by incorporating LinkedIn into their strategy. Visit getoveryourselfcoaching.com to schedule your free consultation. 

    Trina Ramsey, founder of Perspectives Plus Coaching, is a career and life coach specializing in personal transformation and career transition. With 20 years experience in business & management, Trina's is a "people person" and a change agent. Visit trinaramsey.com for details.

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    The Unknown Zone : Dead Bankers Tell No Tales

    in Paranormal

    Have you heard about all the strange deaths of Bank executives in the last three years? Since Jan 2015 alone there have been 37. Did you know that this is happening internationally, many are from JP Morgan, and all had life insurance policies taken out on them by the banks they worked for, beneficiaries are the banks, the people the policies are taken out on have no idea the banks have done this, and the benifits are tax free. The amount of money is in the billions of dollars and the benefits can be 100 times what it shows...even two to three times that. Why?

    Judy Sellins and Dave Turco bring you the extraordinary truth.

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