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    TCRN presents TRIVIUM CAFE Episode 034: Abortion v. Eviction

    in Education

    Join the Conductors tonight as they tackle the abortion issue.  In ths episode the Conductors will define terms, observe reality with their 5 senses, and ask & answer the question who, what, when, where.  They will also gather as much raw data in order to facilitate a healthy conclusion.

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    Tonight we open the phones lines to talk calls. Becky gets injured in a competition. Some people are swaying to get Johnny Mac out over Becky. Is Johnny Mac the best move for the house? Plus we see the new HOH! Join us LIVE ONLINE tonight! 10:30PM Est /9:30 PM Ctrl 

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    TCRN presents TRIVIUM CAFE Episode 036: Abortion v. Eviction Pt. 3

    in Education

    Please join the Conductors as they finish up this series on Abortion v. Eviction. Mass Formatic and Da' Bull will take your calls and get your thoughts on the subject. This is the Rhetoric part of the Trivium Method of Learning.

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    Double Eviction! Shelli or Vanessa? Bonus- Best Runner-Ups of All Time!

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    Tonight we have Double Eviction! Who went home first Vanessa or Shelli? Did the survivor make it through the second half of the quick eviction or did James and crew hold on to continue their run at power? We got a week of Big Brother so we will have more than enough action to talk about. Also who goes home next week, and what happened in the house that got players uncomfortable with Shelli. Is Vanessa playing the game or is she truly a mental breakdown waiting to happen. PLUS a bonus tonight! We list our top Runner-up's of all time, should they get another shot at $500,000? We discuss in the closing of the show. Join us 10:30PM Eastern and call in to 917-889-7084 and get on the air live with Sam!

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    How Do You Handle The Stress of Homelessness?

    in Women

    in this winter season there are many who are fighting for their very lives every day, forced to find shelter from the bitter cold while they desperately seek food to eat. They are homeless. How did this happen? Many things can lead to a person being forced to live on the street - the loss of a job, an eviction, a foreclosure, having no nearby family, having no friends with space in their homes to share, a drug habit, an alcohol addiction, mental illness, poor money management, a house fire, a building fire, a fight with family members, fleeing domestic violence. Once a person is without a place to live, finding shelter can be a difficult task, especially if children are included. How does one deal with the stress of homelessness? Have you ever been homeless? Are you in danger of becoming homeless due to a lease not being renewed, a raise in rent, a marital breakup? Do you have a game plan to seek help from other family members or friends? If not, where will you go?



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    in Legal


            THOR continues with its Series on the "Destruction of the Debt Collection Terrorists". We will continue to provide this Community with the proper Energy, Education, Uplifting, Attitude, Techniques and Skills to avoid Oppression and Terrorism by Debt Collectors and their sophisticated team of Debt Collectors who Re-Present them in these Tribunals many call Courthouses.

            THOR has been informed by the Community that we are the premier source of education when it comes to Debt Collection and Consumer Protection in the entire country. When it comes to Debt Collectors, THOR is not the type to softly or passively approach these matters. THOR is your average turn the Cheek, Polite, going with the Flow rhetoric. THOR also empowers the Consumer Creditor to be superior in their endeavors dealing with "ILLEGAL ACTS" perpetuated by Debt Collectors and their Attorneys who are nothing more than Debt Collectors themselves subject to the same liability as their co-conspirators. If you are looking for a No-Nonsense Instructor and Master Teacher who will impart with most potent, raw delivery of Consumer Education.....then BROTHER SHARIF, a/k/a the "LOJ" THOR, is the one to be a student under.



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    Flame Throwers Aint Got Nothing to Lose?

    in Politics

    Voters at all cost has serious and not so serious consequences. Vote seekers are culprits in the matter of voters at all cost. Vote seekers are in it for self. Vote seekers who other than being human beings have nothing in common with the voters they seek. These vote seekers are able to talk language including themselves, saying us, when many vote seekers have never been apart of the us in America than know if there is not pay check next month, there is not shelter cost, and eviction stares them and their loved ones in the face. Republican and Independent presidential candidates are indoctrinating the public with hate to get them to cast votes. Americans are showing themselves naive by falling for all these different tactics to get people to vote. Does it take encouranging people to harm others to get voters to cast votes in 2016 America? Could this all be the GOP autopsy report brought to life pruposefully for this 2016 primary election?

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    SEG13 Healing Sessions - Law & Spirituality

    in Energy

     There are a lot of people that are learning Law from desperate situations, eviction, foreclosures, child support, traffic violations, situations that affect your NOW!  Learning in the energy of fear compromises the discernment of information. There are people that are making careers out of your needs your fears. They sell you information and paper work that promise you freedom, they create illusions, showing you how they live so that you can believe that THEY themselves are free. People get caught up in thinking that someone on the outside of them determines their freedom. If you do not know for your self that you are a Natural Soul Being born FREE, no amount of paper work and legalese organized Affidavits could make that real for you.You Must know who you are to attain your Freedom.

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    Church of Reality 40: Mass Eviction

    in Music

    Mass Eviction happens all the time and the Bay Area is not immune to the havenots being disgarded like pieces of trash by the rich scumb at the top of the pyramid! 

  • 01:48

    Eviction #5 Rumors, Spoilers, New HOH! Plus Best Big Brother Fights!

    in Pop Culture

    What a week! Jason goes up on the block over Austin. Vanessa has several trust issue meltdowns. The house begins to divide and the 6th sense is begining to crack. Is the house going to flip? Will the new HOH's change up the pecking order for the week? When Julia enters will it completel push Austin to an island on his own? If the house can flip and keep Jason, can the half flip things and win the power back from Shelli and Vanessa? Will Jason be saved? PLUS I list the best BB fights in all the seasons! Join us tonight! 10:30 PM Eastern LIVE!

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    in Legal


       The Debt and Economic Show with Brother Sharif & Team. The word is out, THOR is the leading Consumer Advocacy Education Group on Radio. THOR focuses on the Superiority of being a educated Consumer, known as a Natural Person legally. The laws of Nature only applies to Natural Persons (Man & Woman) and not artificial entities, for example Debt Collection Agencies and the Debt Collectors posing as "Attorneys" who re-present this artificial society. To allow a Debt Collector to Re-present another Debt Collector, is absolutely ridiculous, but many Guru's fail to focus on this significant legal Issue of Fact.

         This is what separates THOR from others, THOR teaches Man & Woman to be superior and maintain this superiority even in their Consumer and Commercial Activities. Many others teach you how lose by using the very Strategies, Tactics, Pleadings, and formats. THOR teaches you how to not fall for this trap and always maintain the High Road of Power by avoiding the endless trap of Arguments, which will lead you a huge LOSS. You can't win by mimicking, duplicating, plagiarizing the same Words (Swords) they're using against the Consumer. Instead THOR by and through our Master Teacher Brother Sharif  teaches you to be the Creator (Creditor) of all things and demonstrate the Power, Authority and Protections of the Consumer Laws in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, (FDCPA) Fair Credit Reporting Act, (FCRA) and Telephone Consumer Protection Act, collectively. These are Protections for the Natural Man & Woman who engages in commercial activities as a Consumer. WELCOME TO THOR. Stop wallowing and Lying in your Debts, learn how to deal with your Debts at THOR.

    JOIN US each & every Tuesday at 11a EST. Dial: 657.383.0332 or logon: www.blogtalkradio.com/thorministryradio