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    Andrew Hanney Live from Tom Crawford's Eviction in Nottingham UK

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    Andrew Hanney Live  from Tom Crawford's Eviction in Nottingham

    Hundreds expected to gather in Carlton as Tom Crawford prepares to fight off eviction for second time

    Hundreds of people are expected to turn up in support of cancer patient Tom Crawford as he prepares to defend his home from the bailiffs for the second time.

    Mr Crawford, of Fearn Chase, Carlton, has been embroiled in a lengthy battle with Bradford and Bingley bank over his mortgage.

    The 63-year-old, who has lived in the house for 25 years, says he has been told he still owes more than £43,000 – but claims he doesn’t owe a penny.

    In July last year, more than 200 strangers travelled from across the country to help stop him being kicked out of his home when he was served with an eviction notice.



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    First Eviction.

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    First eviction of the season kicks off what a surprise HOH comp winner in Devin. I talk to the fabulous weekly caller Mrs. Chicago as she gives me her great notes from Thursdays show. Who will Devin and Amber put up, and will Ambers group throw the Battle of the Block comp to back door Devin? We will discuss it all tonight on the Big Brother After Show with your host Sam!

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    Serve an Eviction Notice to Your Past

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    Join Dr. Carolyn Hall and Coach Nanci Deed of B.O.S.S. CHICKS RADIO as they talk about why you need to "SERVE AN EVICTION NOTICE TO YOUR PAST...We want to talk to you about "letting go and MOVING ON UP." As always, Coach Nanci and Dr. Hall will help you "take out the garbage" of negativity from your life and crack a few jokes in the process . We also want you to call in and tell us your story. We love hearing from our listeners and hope to hear from you.

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    The Eviction

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    Join us each Monday for the best of old time radio*
    TONIGHT: The Eviction
    We also have fun in chat, so be sure to sign-up with Blog Talk Radio for your unique user ID!
    *Please note that all copyrights are retained by original copyright holders, and played here for 'fair use' with no monetary return.

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    9/4 Double Eviction Extravaganza! Is Derrick The New Puppet Master?

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    WE RETURN LIVE TONIGHT AT 10 PM EASTERN 9 PM CENTRAL! Tonight we return with a vegence for the second Double Eviction of the season and discuss the happenings in the house over the last week, the new HOH and the POV. Also a bonus "Final Thought" ...is Derrick the NEW Puppet Master? Tune in, call in, send a chat and discuss tonight LIVE!

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    8/14 Eviction & NEW HOH. Plus Is The Frankie Grande Hate Justified?

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    Tonight 10 PM Eastern 9 PM Central We talk LIVE about the Eviction, the drama leading up to it, and the new HOH. Is Nicole or Donny the right move to go home tonight? Is Derrick one of the greatest players in Big Brother history, and is the Frankie Grande hate justified? We discuss tonight! You do NOT want to miss this episode!

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    Homeless and Broke: How Can You Keep Your Family Together?

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    In this season of frigid weather, there is one segment of the population that truly suffers, although they are too often ignored: The homeless. Statistics show that most working families are only one paycheck away from homelessness. Any unforseen disaster, such as a house fire, can plunge a family into a state of financial ruin that lasts for years. What happens if you suddenly lose all your possessions and have no savings to put a months rent and security down on a new apartment? What happens if you get laid off and can't find work for an extended period of time and lose your home to foreclosure? Will you and your spouse tough it out together in a shelter or on the street, or will it be too much for them to take? Will they leave you and move in with their own relatives? Will your spouse's relatives make room for you both and your children, even if you don't have money to pay rent?  What happens if you a a veteran of war, returning home with injuries and no job prospects? What if your family can't cope with your emotional trauma and ask you to leave? Today we look at homeless couples and those who provide shelter for adults as they try to pull their lives back together and reconnect with their loved ones.


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    Covering a Nation of Hurting People : Ebola Eviction

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    As we know the virus Ebola has been getting alot of attention in the news striking fear in the hearts of those around the world. Well I believe that this is a spirit of Infirmity that can only be stopped by the church and God Ordained prayer warriors this is demon that has risen its head against the Body Challenging us to do something about it.

    I want to invite serious intercessors to join me in prayer for victims of the virus and those families and people who have lost people because of this we must fight back with sure power from God. Call in @ 347-826-9940

    Callers will be screened we are taking serious callers only the rest will be booted out if you are not in accordance with the nature of the broadcast.

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        T. H.O.R a/k/a/ The House of Restoration Ministry is a Private Member Association and Ministry designed to provide educational, entertainment, Civil, Economic, Civics and Consumer Protection information that can be used to create awareness to the unscrupulous debt collection/buying industry.  Debt collectors for years has been oppressing and abusing the American People/Consumer solely based upon the ignorance and lack of education of the People. Debt Collectors often lack any moral integrity, character, respect, and or compliance with the laws that govern them which is the FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, and your state consumer protection laws.

          THOR was created to Arm the Consumer Laws that governs the behavior and conduct of the Debt Collectors, whether they have a legitimate debt, or not, they must, and will fully comply with the Consumer laws. We will discuss recent news of such as foreclosures, debt collection, recent Cases, Testimonials and of course a Lesson of the day from our Master Teacher Brother Sharif. One topic will be the Halloween Party  going on in Florida with so called Foreclosures and the recent State, Appellates Court decisions.  Also a few court cases on debt collection will be decoded on FCRA and FDCPA for the Communities listening pleasure.

         JOIN US THOR, Co Host Laela and our founder the Lion of Judah, Brother Sharif for ANO-THOR-EXPERIENCE! 

    "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance or conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr. "The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate." Dr. Wayne Dyer


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     We are here again on another Tuesday on THOR Radio Network. Today will be an Illuminating Day, as our Host and Founder they refer to as the Lion of Judah, our own Brother Sharif' will be in rare form. We are told Brother Sharif is restored after a freak accident scare and will be bringing some serious information for the Land of Babylon.

        Coming fresh off an Amazing THOr Private Webinar Clasess " Stop Your Foreclosure/Debt Collection Cases!!" The Lion of Judah is still in roaming the Jungle of Babylon.

        We will continue with how Debt Collectors do more than collect debt, they gather confidential information of every consumer they then sell. Todays show will also demonstrate to you how the mainstream Media purposefully and intentionally, misleads, deceives and teams up with the Corporate Debt Collection Industry to convince you to pay debts you may not owe. Why would the Media promote the Debt Collection Industry. Would the media lie to the American People and put you and your economic stability in danger. JOIN US today for one of those THOR-CRUSHING shows as our LION of JUDAH is back in due form. This is will be one of those THOR-DICULOUS shows only Brother Sharif' can bring. Get to class early, the seats will be filled as this show is going to expose you to some information you wont forget. This is a THOR-Exclusive.!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

    Disclaimer: THOR Network/Ministry, neither its Hosts or Guests are attorneys, or licensed by a BAR Association. We do not give any legal advice. However we do not promote any entity and or party that offer such advice.

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    Paul Webster @ Tom Crawford on the common law court of Wales Show

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    Todays Guests. Paul Webster  Utillity Bills 

    Tom crawford is talking about his eviction on friday.

    The Common Law Court Of Wales On The Freedom Talk Radio Network

    Email  thecommonlawcourtofwales@outlook.com

    The aim of the common law court of Wales is  an open forum. Discussing solutions for the injustices’ forced upon us all by an unaccountable government that no longer represents the interests of the people.

    Government instead represents odious private corporate interests which facilitate them in thieving our land, our resources, our labour, time and energy. Even our children are bought and sold within this debt slave system which is enforced by colour of law. A system, of fear, fraud and deceit and other dishonourable tactics, is employed by the corporate slave masters and their puppet government and agents.





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