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    5/21/2015 On the show I am talking on the topic of FOCUS. How many times have we not completed a task that we set out to accomplish, simply because we allow things and/or people to get us off FOCUS?  I will tell you the enemy of focus and how we can learn to stay Focused. 


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    Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live

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    Thank God It's Friday.  Seeking God and Success.  How much time do you seek God and Success.  What is your Focus?

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    Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live

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    Changing lives through enrichment. Monday, Wednesdays and Thursday .

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    Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live

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    Thank God it's Friday!

    On Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live. Rev. Al Williams of Growth Ministries, share from the heart and from personal relationship spirtual enrichment for spiritual growth.

    Tune in every Friday from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

    A media outreach of Debra A. Jackson Evangelistic Outreach Ministries.


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    Focus, Vision, and Motivation

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    Monday 9 p.m pst
    Hosts: Simply D & Jules
    Call in talk Live 347-857-1344

    Hello everyone!! And happy Monday :-) tonight on the show we are talking Focus, Vision, and Motivation.  It is widely understood that most of us have dreams and ambitions and goals but many of us have difficulty balancing the normal everyday activities in our lives with those goals. the plain truth is most people's goals start off as something they can only do part time and those part-time passions become full-time dreams realized. so the question tonight is... How do you take your part time dream and turn it into your everyday reality?

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    Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live

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    Are you thinking of becoming an Entreprenuer?

    What is your Focus?

    Tune in every Friday for Kingom Strategies to launch your business, minisstries or plans to adance the Kingdom.


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    Evangelist Debra A. Jackson, is the author of "Fulfilling my Destiny from the runway to the pulpit. She shares in her book about her journey on the runway and behind the scene as a model and promoter. She battle with depression and suicide , taking the time from the runway to fulfilling destiny, She shares how she spent time to seeking the word through journaling and listening to the word through music, finding gifts within untapped and she says she received a "healing for her spirit, soul and body. On Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live she speaks from the heart with words of exhortation and inspiration.  She ministers music to soothe the mind and heals the soul. She invites her listeners to call in , inviting guest authors, special guest artist, and people from all backgrounds.  Evangelist Jackson inspires her listeners to read, write and share their stories, Entering into 2015 her goal is to challenge and mentor 5,000 souls, Her next book is entitled Destiny Fulfilled, success stories shared by inspired author..  This book will be release in spring 2015. Self published through Kingdom Puplisher , founded by Evangelist Jackson. 

    email:djlive.kingdompublisher@gmail.com visit www.kingdompublisher.org


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    What you Focus on is What you Get

    in Self Help

    In today's show Paula will be talking about What You Focus On Is What You Get.  What is this concept, why is it important to have focus in your life, and how can you create focus, so you can have what you really want.

    Focusing on what you want will assist in bringing life to you and what your desires are.  To create a space so that you can have more of what you want in your life so what you don't want disappears into the nether as it were.  

    Paula will give you tips and tricks of how to bring this about into your life.  Listen in to this show if you want to create something special in your life.  Paula will assist you to bring focus and move towards your compelling future, whether that be that you want a better job, the relationship that you really want, or you want to have a baby.


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    "Maintaining Focus As Kingdom Builders" 

    This is our theme for the year 2015 and in this month of May we will hear teachings from ministers of Wholeness Empowerment Ministry International encouraging us in the Word. We must establish and maintain focus on that which is vital to God - building His Kingdom and not our own. The distractions and temptations to focus only on ourselves are very great in this age. However when we press into the Word which ignites true worship these things fall away. 

    Join us as we encourage you in the scriptures to set your sights on God and exhaust yourself in pleasing Him alone. 


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    Monday Morning Mojo: Focus, Faith and Follow Through

    in Spirituality

    Morning Beautiful Peoples. This is a perfect topic for the Monday Morning Doldrums! :) Whats next? Whats the next step? Singular focus, always with Faith, always with Follow Through.




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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Anny Tenbult of Power Focus Coaching

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    Ottawa, Ontario – Anny Tenbult is an executive coach and the founder of Power Focus Coaching where she assists individuals and small businesses in reaching their potential. Through her individualized coaching, seminars, workshops and keynotes, Anny provides her clients with proven, successful and concrete tools and skills to dramatically enhance the overall quality of their personal and business life.

    “Anyone who does well in life is always looking to do better,” says Anny. “So anyone who sees me is someone who is interested in personal development, interested in bettering themselves.”

    The people Anny works with are people who are responsible for other people: managers who want to move to the next level; small business owners who want to improve their productivity; even the CEO or president of a midsize corporation.

    No matter who you are everyone has areas where they lack confidence. By asking knowledgeable and creative questions, Anny encourages, motivates and inspires her clients to celebrate their own self-worth and develop more meaning and balance in all aspects of their lives. This will allow them to gain insight into the challenges and strengths of their business, so they can focus on their priorities and plan Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based (S.M.A.R.T.) goals.

    “The thing I do as a coach that’s a lot different from other coaching is I teach managers how to coach themselves and in some cases how to coach others,” says Anny. “By understanding their own behavior and how to communicate with others, they will learn to lead. They will learn how to be an owner, a boss and a coach. I don’t have the answers. They do. And I’m pretty tenacious. I’ll keep digging.”

    For more information on Power Focus Coaching, visit www.powerfocuscoaching.com