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    The Importance of the Sabbath and Eschatology

    in Religion

    The Sabbath is very much neglected in the study of eschatology (end times teaching). Many who do speak of the Sabbath as central to their theology often fail to undersrtand and or acknowledge the typical nature of the Sabbath and its relationship to the fulfillment of all things.

    In other words, not until all types and shadows are fulfilled, does the Sabbath cease to have relevance and signficance in redemption. "So let no one judge you in food or in drink or regarding a festival or a new moon or sabbaths, which are a shadow of things [about] to come, but the substance is of Christ." (Col. 2:16-17)

    Of the elements in the text, all of them were the types and shadows of the true realities in Christ. To list them for futher clarity they are: 

    new moons

    These belong to a group categerized as the shadow which prefigured the reality in Christ. As goes, one, so goes them all. For those who claim the Sabbath(s) is binding, they should be consistent and bind the food, drink, festivals and new moons. In other words, they should acknowledge they are but practitioners of a fractured Torah ministry.

    As long as these are joined together in Scripture, no man has the right to rend them asunder. Yet, so many have done so to create a new theology of the church. Their doctrine in essence is, unless you keep the law of Moses, you cannot be saved.

    Can you imagine these modern Judaizers at the Jerusalem conference where Peter stated concerning the Gentiles that they (Torah-keeping Jews) would be saved even as the non-Torah keeping Jews? (Acts 15:1f)

    Further, Stephen died by stoning for teaching that that Jesus Christ would come and destroy the temple and change the customs delivered to Moses. (Acts 6:13-14) Were the customs listed above spoken to Moses? Join us today at 6pm.


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    Review of Jerry Brewer The Nature of Prophecy Bellview Lectures on Eschatology 2

    in Religion

    On  last week wwe began  a review of Jerry Brewer's presentation on the nature of prophecy. Mr. Brewer began his lesson charging that Max King and Don K. Preston were the he equivalent of Hymenaeus and Philetus. He saw no problem with his abuse of the text in that application.

    It is obvious that Jerry Brewer is ill-informed on the teachings of King, Preston and the Scripture as it relates to eschatology. He cites his views as having been taught him years ago, and it doesn't appear that he has added much to his repetoire on these texts since.

    Today we will discuss more of his comments from Matt. 24-25, the destruction of the literal cosmos from Psa. 102, and the alleged division of Matt. 24, which he divides in verse 36.

    He claims because all things are fulfilled per King, nothing remains for us today.  See DonkPreston.com and AllThingsFulfilled.com


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    Review of Johnny Oxendine's 1 Thessalonians 4 Bellview Lectures Eschatology

    in Religion

    Join us for the continuation of our review of Johnny Oxendine's Bellview Church of Christ Lecture on the resurrection of the dead. We'll examine the context and the correlations between Matthew 24 and 1 Thessalonians 4. Both text contain the same constituent elements of the parousia, the trumpet, clouds, with temporal parameters of "this generation" and "we who are alive and remain". 

    We'll also examine additional contextual evidence from both epistles as time permits. This is a great opportunity to study the difference between the Amillennial biological focus of the resurrection versus Covenant Eschatology. 

    For more information visit DonKPreston.com and AllThingsFulfilled.com. In addition, our youtube channels contain hundreds of videos on the subject. 


  • Deuteronomy 28 And How It Should Be Understood In Eschatology

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    The Huddle With Israel Doctrine

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    Every human being, especially society’s leaders, has a God-given moral duty to protect fellow human beings from social injustices whenever and wherever it is practical.
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    A look at Eschatology: Amillenialism

    in Christianity

    Continuing with the series on Eschatology, my guest will be Moses Flores, this time looking at the views of Amillenialism. What about the Rapture? So do Amillenials not believe in a thousand year reign of Christ? What about Israeal and the Church? If its spiritual kingdom will Christ return physically? What about the 70th week of Daniel? Are all Amillenials partial preterists? All this and more as we look at the end times view of Amillenialism.

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    Review of Dub McClish & Bellevue Church of Christ Eschatology Lectures

    in Religion

    Today, Don and I will be reviewing the lectures from the Bellview church of Christ beginning with Dub McClish. We will critque the speect notes and other info gleaned from the speakers to give you a point by point response to what is said as we hear it and gain access.

    This will be a great opportunity for you to hear the distinction between Covenant Eschatology and Amillennialism as taught by these men and to test the claims of whether they are serious about dialoguing concerning their views.

    Join us in for a full one hour discussion. Remember, these broadcasts are available in the archives within 15 minutes of completion.

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    1 Thess 4:13-18, Review of Johnny Oxendine Bellview Church of Christ Eschatology

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    Johnny Oxidene of California approaches the text of 1 Thessalonians from a contemporary time frame. He claims the same type of error perpetrated then is perpetrated today. He speaks of those who remain alive in Paul's day as though they are alive today. The following are the claims made for the futurist view of eschatology. He reads texts but does little if any exegesis.

    The world is over.
    The text applies to everyone.
    Has anyone made an improper application of the Scripture.
    Argues "those who sleep' refers to physical death
    If there is no hope the Bible is useless
    Claims preterists are splintering, hyperpreterist, consistent preterist, redirectionalist
    Second coming happens at unexpected time as a thief in the night
    Says Chist would not come soon, per 2 Thess. 2:3
    What would people do if they knew exactly when that day was. All kind of sin till a day before.
    By the word of the Lord, prophetic word spoken by the Lord to Paul
    We who are alive and remain (that seems to be us, i.e. 21st century Christians
    Acts 1:11, No hermeneutic could allow for a figurative interpretation of these verses
    We know not the day or the hour
    Calls it blasphemous indignance
    2 Thess. 1:7-10
    2 Pet 3:10-12 reserved unto fire and judgment (can't reconcile with destruction of Jerusalem)


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    Ep# 63 Go Therefore & A look at Eschatology: Post Millennialism

    in Christianity

    Welcome to G220 Radio, where we discuss many different topics and issues from a biblical worldview. Our goal is to equip, edify, confront and at times correct the saints as we journey together striving to be more and more ike Jesus Christ!!

    >>Here is what you have to look forward to on this episode of G220 Radio.

    (Hour One) -- Go Therefore

    During the first hour of the show you will hear a message given by the host Ricky Gantz from the Go Therefore Evangelism Conference.

    (Hour Two) -- A look at Eschatology: Post Millenialism with guest Seni O. Adeyemi

    It's been awhile since we have been back to this series on eschatology, and now we continue with looking at post millenialism. Seni O. Adeyemi will join me to examine the book of Revelation from the perspective of one who holds to the post mill view. Be sure to stay tuned to learn about this eschatological view.

    Be sure to look us up on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/G220Radio?ref=hl

    on Twitter: https://twitter.com/G220Radio




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    Review of Daniel Denham and Bellview Lectures and Word Studies in Eschatology

    in Religion

    Daniel Denham makes several observations on various words used in the New Testament related to eschatology. Some of which are the terms such as mello, cosmos, aion, oikoumene and others which he misapplies in his attempt to respond to Covenant Eschatology. For example, he argues that if cosmos refers to the Jewish order then "lust" ceased in 70. This is an example of the trivial approach he has taken on such terms. We will examine whether his assumptions about cosmos, aion and others are correct in such passages to expose how he misunderstands and miscontrues the meaning of these terms in their respective contexts. 

    For more information visit BibleProphecy.com and AllThingsFulfilled.com

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    Four Blood Moons and Extreme Eschatology

    in Religion

    You have probably heard about the controversy surrounding the "Four Blood Moons." Some popular teachers proclaim that these four blood moons represent the imminent coming of Christ. On a similar note, others online commentators are delivering some shocking messages pertaining to the return of Christ. In this episode, Pastor Brian will evaluate the "Four Blood Moon" teaching, will answer whether there is any validity to such popular prophetic codes, and will confront the issue of date-setting when it comes to the return of Christ (or "Extreme Eschatology"). Call in at (323) 784-9617.

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    Ep# 34 A look at Eschatology: Dispensational Premillenialism

    in Christianity

    We continue our series on Eschatology with the Dispensational Premillenial view. My guest tonight will be Pastor Dean Good of Grace Chuch of North Olmsted. With the new LEFT BEHIND remake movie coming out in October this sparks talk about the end times. And the view that is represented in this movie starring Nicolas Cage is the dispensational view. So what is dispensationalism? What about the Rapture? The Tribulation and the Millenial Reign of Christ? What does this end time view believe when it comes to the events that will happen? How important is Eschatology? Does are salvation depend on it? Find out when you tune in to G220 Radio.