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    Momma Joyce Messages of Hope California Fire Foundation Fundraiser

    in Spirituality




    project one hospitality

    invites you to experience an evening of


    Please  Please tune in tonight for a very special show promoting our firefighters here in California Tonight!

    benefiting the california fire foundation

    an epicurean journey of artistic cocktails made with unconventional & rare ingredients, featuring trendy techniques to surprise your palate with today’s most forward-thinking drinks led by industry experts at the forefront of the craft revolution.

    experience pure talent, passion, and quality through unique beverage design, gastronomic bites & java creations to top the evening!



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    Smadar Palace Food and Wine Vacations

    in Wine

    Smadar has been working as a certified Travel advisor for over 20 years. Her favorite thing to do before the internet era, was to design day by day itineraries for her clients and she would literally send them with a little guide to follow. After experiencing many changes in the travel industry, Smadar decided to go back to what she loved best, combining her knowledge and contacts and founded Food N' Wine Vacations, a boutique Tour operator firm. The vision of the company is to provide cultural experience that will create lifetime memories. Food N' Wine Vacations programs feature in-depth exploration of a particular region. From visiting a local market, stay in a private estate, cooking with a local chef, mingling in the Piazzas and winery visits.   Smadar was Epicurean Friend's first member.   Visit her website

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    Food News Friday

    in Art

    It's the first installment of Food News Friday! I cover all current news from the food world and of course exactly how I feel about it. Part  "just the facts" and part colorful opinion, I'm excited to introduce this new format. Call in a let's talk about the epicurean buzz of the day. 

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    Guest: Tammy Fallon, Founder, Tammy Golson Events

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    Tammy Fallon, Founder, Tammy Golson Events

    With teams in Massachusetts and New York, Tammy Golson Events cater to clients planning milestone events that celebrate their love and lives while thoughtfully acknowledging their relationships with family and friends. With priority placed on culture, quality food, the overall aesthetic and the personalized details, Tammy Golson Events is inspired by incorporating their clients' stories into the design of their weddings and events.


    Tammy Golson Fallon combines her Midwestern values with an East Coast edge to bring sincerity and style to every event. Tammy specializes in planning weddings for jet-setting urbanites that are excited to celebrate their story. Tammy does this in thoughtful, creative, delicious and innovative ways. Tammy is known for her track record of providing a high level of personalized service for clients who appreciate her practical values, and her skillful way of sensibly managing their investments. She has been featured in New York Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, The Knot and 100 Layer Cake. Tammy has a degree in hospitality and tourism management from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She flexed her epicurean muscles when she created a culinary program at a castle in Scotland. Tammy has planned events for many prominent organizations including The New York Times, The Penn Club of NY and Lincoln Center. While Tammy thrives on the energy of life in the city and adores the endless gastronomic possibilities that come with it, she is happy to share her vitality and sophistication with couples everywhere.



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    OutSkirts Science Fiction Theatre: Debbie Manber Kupfer

    in Books

    Debbie Manber Kupfer is a U.K. author transplanted in cities all over in places like Israel, New York, and North Carolina. Ending up in St. Louis, MO and a fellow epicurean of tea and dark chocolate, Debbie Manber Kupfer reads a portion of Griddlebone on this episode. Besides writing horror, Debbie also writes Young Adult Fantasy books (P.A.W.S.). 

    "“Griddlebone”, in Sins of the Past, is a tale of genetically-altered werecats in World War II Europe."


    Follow Debbie Manber Kupfer on FACEBOOK

    Follow @avidreadershows on TWITTER 

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    Event Jeannie's 2015 Winter series; Restaurants, Private rooms & Catering too!

    in Lifestyle

    We are back and more excited than ever to kick off our winter 2015 show series, which will examine restaurants that have catering arms too. It’s a growing segment of the industry and one that has not been properly explored – how to create a great relationship with a restaurant (for smaller private parties) that also has a catering arm for the larger ones.

    “Restaurants, Private Rooms and Catering too!” will cover the small but burgeoning market of restauranteurs that do it all and well.  Tune in on Wednesday, January 14th at noon as BOTH the Director of Catering Sales, Sarah Weisman, and in-house Director of Private Events, Jodi Lynn, for Epicurean Events join us.  Wondering if you should host your next dinner in a private room or at home? We will answer that question, explore cost structures and private space possibilities in the Epiucrean group, which also owns four restaurants in New York: dell’anima, L’Artusi, L’Apicio and Anfora. The Italian inspired cuisine is driven by seasonal products and high caliber service that focuses on being friendly rather than formal; the Italian seeking guests are driven by the amazing tastes, homemade burrata and exceptional customer service.

    After covering everything you ever wanted to know about liquor in our last series, it is time to discover where to find the best food to pair with those cocktails you now know all about!

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    Chef Brian Duffy Cooking Up Conversation

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    Chef Brian Duffy is most recognized for his starring role on the hit television series Bar Rescue.  On the series viewers watch Chef Duffy completely transform failing bars and restaurants into successful neighborhood eateries.  Brian has appeared Food Network, and is currently a recurring judge on Beat Bobby Flay; he is also a constant guest on The Today Show for their St. Patrick’s specials and has been featured on the DIY Network, Fine Living Network, and HGTV. Chef Duffy was among the first chefs in America to elevate modest pub food to epicurean status, and today, he works as a consultant helping restaurants stand out and be profitable in a saturated market. Chef Duffy travels countrywide, giving culinary facelifts to restaurants. Follow Chef Brian Duffy on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and check out his website.

    We'll also talk with Christine Firehock, Master Motorcycle Trainer and CEO of KickStart Motorcycle Training Series about baby vroomer bikers and how older riders can be extra safe. 

    Diner of the Week: Plain Jane's Diner in Rumney, NH. We'll talk with woner Jeff Day.

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    White House CrasherCeleb/RenaissanceMan Tareq Salahi on Tamara Leigh's TREND ON

    in Business

    How much moxy does it take to crash the White House for a Black Tie Soire?  We'll find out how the Bravo celebrity, Tareq Salahi of The Real Housewives of Washington DC made his way to Obama and the media spolight with the surprising security breach on Tamara Leigh's TREND ON with Heidi Feemster LIVE Wed., 11/19/14 at 10:00am CT on the Linked Local Network.

    Also a man of many more talents, Tareq also talks about real life run in politics, his vineyards in Virginia, and Epicurean Travel and Tourism, with a little bit about horsing around as an accomplished Polo player.

    Follow us on twitter: @tamaraleighllc  @heidifeemster @linkedlocalnet and tamaraleighllc.com and linkedlocalnetwork.com; and @SalahiTareq; tareq@oasiswine.co

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    BYO Brilliance: The Brilliance of Cooking

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    While many people cook because of obligations, sometimes cooking can become an esoteric process just like writing, exercise or meditation.  If you believe you are a bad cook, maybe you just haven't allowed yourself the freedom to use your kitchen to your advantage.  Think back to a time when you had the freedom to create something without constraints and how good it felt.  Instead of looking at your kitchen activities as obligations how about seeing it as the lab of yoru Mad Chef-tist self!

    While working oh my graduate studies there were times I felt uncertain of my abilities and cooking helped me to feel more confident about me.  I began to see cooking as a lovely reprieve from the rest of my life, but only when I was in control of the choices.  If you always cook the same thing every week, maybe it's time to bust free of your mind-numbing habits.

    Try making old time traditional foods that most people do not make from scratch anymore without fancy appliances etc. Attempt recipes that poeple may consider difficult, just be sure not to attach to the outcome--don't worry how it looks or works out the first time you do it.  Here are  some suggestions:

    Homemade bread
    Pie from scratch (including the crust)
    Egg Rolls
    Phad Thai
    Shepherd's Pie

    Take some time to look through recipe books or recipes online and make a date with yourself to try soemthing new!

    Today we have special guest Nina M. who will share with us many cooking tips and some wonderful recipes. She has catered affairs and delighted people for years! She can answer many of your cooking questions too!

    Bring your imagination and let's cook some vittles

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    What's Your Travel Personality?

    in Travel

    The Traveling Eye will follow up on a recent article by Brian Jewell, Executive Editor at Bank Travel Management on the six types of Travel Personalities. Bonnie & Ja'Vonne will look at all six and help diagnose the best Vacation selections for each type, or combination of types.

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    For the first time since the end of June, the Circle Jerk Circus is back baby!  Boris, Morris and Horace are ready to feast on this Thanksgiving special 2013-style with their own brand of delicious man gravy!  They're bellies will be full of turkey and all the fixin's and they'll be rarin' to disperse some of that white-roped cream that'll make grandma's mashed potatoes look like free form spew.  Oh my!!  This is sure to get your holiday cockels raging and up at attention.  The ringmasters will have their belt buckles undone and it ain't because of the previous night's epicurean delights!  No, ma'am!  These freaks will be watching the usual XXX vids and their poles will definitely be pointed NORTH!  HO HO HO.... Santa is on the clock and the fellas will be counting down the days to Xmas with a pud spankin lube partay!  Join them... won't you?